Yun Shi’s Bluff

DuoDuo hums a song as she walks back to the nurses’ station she resists the urge to glance back at the elevator her heart is still pounding from being with Su Ryan.

     My God I can’t believe I have his cell number, of course it is only for information but… She smiles at the nurses behind the desk, “I’m back from break.”  She giggles what came over me in the elevator I actually had the nerve to stop the elevator and agree to his request! 

     That was very impulsive of me…the look on his face when the elevator stopped… I must have found the courage because it is for love, there should be no harm in passing a little non sensitive information to him for his boss.

    “Good you are back Nurse Ding, the patient you are assigned to take care of has been taken to the Recovery Room. Go there immediately.”

“ Yes Ma’am.” She hurries down the hallway towards Recovery,she isn’t watching where she is going running directly into a hard chest. Looking up she realizes the person is Dr. Qiao, her face turns beet red, “Oh my! I am so sorry Dr. Qiao!”

   Rui scowls having her body on his then recognizes her as the nurse who is in charge of taking care of Feng LiMei he shouldn’t be rude or it might impact her care of Feng LiMei. His tone is pleasant, “Are you assigned to Recovery?”

   “Yes Doctor I’m in charge of your patient Feng LiMei.”

    “You need to pay careful attention to the patient if there is the slightest hint of a complication you need to notify me immediately. As soon as she awakens you need to inform me first, do you understand?”

    DuoDuo can sense his imposing aura as he gives her the instructions. His phoenix eyes are bloodshot and he has black circles under them, his handsome face etched with worry. She has only seen him a handful of times in the past two years up close but she never saw him in this disheveled state. He always has an aloof and detached expression on his perfectly sculpted face, right now he appears distraught and anxious, his hair is messy and he has a stubble on his chin.

    “Of course Dr. Qiao.”

   He looks directly into her eyes in a domineering tone he instructs her,“Without a moment’s hesitation.”

  “Yes.” She can feel a chill to her bones his aura is very scary giving the impression if she hesitated for a moment she would lose her job.

   “Very good.” he continues down the hallway, he will go to his resting room in his office take a shower maybe lay down. It has been a long night and she will be in recovery for two hours before she is taken back to her room. He takes out his cell dialing Delun’s number.

   Delun had fallen asleep on the couch waiting his voice is groggy, “Rui how is Feng LiMei?”

   “The operation was a success she is in Recovery she will be back in the room in two hours. There is no need for you to stay, you can take my car back to the house then come back later this afternoon.”

    “What about you?”

   “I am waiting until she is out of Recovery, I am on my way to my office to rest.”

   “What about calling Dr. Woo?” He wants to remind Rui he said he would have old man Woo take over her care.

    Rui looks at his watch it is only seven, “After I rest I will call him.”

   “Don’t decide otherwise. Grandfather called me yesterday to come to the Mansion to discuss the board meeting.”

    “What does that bastard want to discuss?”

   “I will tell you afterwards Bro right now you should get some sleep.”

   “When are you leaving to return to school in Paris?”

   “Not until after the holidays.” Delun doesn’t want to tell Rui he is worried about him so he took a brief leave until after the holidays. Basically he needs to do his final presentation before the next session begins.

   “When you go to the mansion see if you can go unnoticed to my old room and retrieve a small cedar box that is in the back of my closet. The cedar box is behind a stack of books.”

   “ Okay. I will be back this afternoon.”

   “She will need to rest maybe you shouldn’t come back.” He can’t pinpoint why but he doesn’t want Delun getting too close to Feng LiMei.

   “I only want to make sure she is alright.” Rui has no idea he and Feng LiMei are friends that could complicate matters leading to questions that can’t be answered.

  “Alright but the visit will need to be brief.See you then.” Rui reaches his office happy Bai Chiyu won’t be in until nine he wants to be alone. He sends her a brief message. [Chiyu you don’t need to come to the hospital until one o’clock today.]

   Rui takes a shower letting the hot water run down his body, what a night… Thank God that last bone fragment didn’t slip away when he grasped it he felt his fingers shaking because he made the mistake of looking at her face for a brief moment.

   Leaning his back against the tiles with his eyes closed his head is throbbing again from mixed up images in his mind, it must be the mental exhaustion. Now it is the snowy day in the mountains five years ago, why the fuck am I thinking about those two people the man hanging on for his life covered in blood and the beautiful blonde woman in the white fur coat. He opens his eyes then turns the water off. I need some fucking sleep.

   He wraps a towel around himself and takes some clothes out to wear. After he gets dressed he takes the headache medicine when he sees Dr. Woo today he is going to tell him about these episodes he has been having lately maybe he can find an answer if he hypnotizes him.

    It is obvious he is having these terrible headaches because he is repressing memories of someone. Who could she be? Is the same woman or two different women?Exhausted from the intense surgery he lays on the bed in the blink of an eye he is sound asleep.

    DuoDuo sits on a chair by the edge of LiMei’s bed she has taken her vitals everything is normal. She studies LiMei’s face she is extremely pale,  her smooth white skin is almost translucent and she has long black eyelashes covering her eyes while she is asleep,  giving the impression you have walked into the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty. Her eyebrows are perfectly shaped and her lips full and pink,  long black hair is spread on the pillow and a small cute ear is peeking out. No wonder these men are bewitched by her appearance even  as a woman I am enthralled by her beauty.

   She holds her phone inside her pocket,there is nothing really to report she is still asleep from the anesthesia but she wants to contact Su Ryan to let him know she is resting comfortably so he can reassure his boss.

   Su Ryan has stepped outside for a smoke when his phone dings he has a message. It is an old school flip phone he opens it to his messages [This is Nurse Ding is this Su Ryan?] She wants to make sure she has the right number before she reveals any information.

   [Yes, how is Feng LiMei ] 

   [She is in recovery and resting. The nurse who brought her in said she was lucky Dr. Qiao was the surgeon or she could have suffered nerve damage]

   Su Ryan feels sweat beads on his forehead he takes a long drag from his cigarette. If any lasting damage happened to the little chick he doesn’t want to think of the consequences. [nerve damage?]

    Shit wasn’t it a simple gunshot wound to her arm?

   [not to worry Dr. Qiao is the best surgeon in this part of the country. I will let you know more when she wakes up]

   [thank you]

    DuoDuo slips her phone back into the pocket of her uniform thinking I wish I could call him to hear his throaty sexy voice. Oh well maybe I can talk to him later.

     She doesn’t have much to do while Feng LiMei is sleeping. She fixes the quilt around her tucking her hands underneath the cover. For the first time she wonders who Su Ryan’s boss is how could he compete with Dr. Qiao and why can’t he come visit her in the hospital. Is there a love triangle between the three of them. What about Wang Rebecca? Dr. Qiao did seem agitated about Feng LiMei his voice was definitely filled with concern. Hmmm… this situation is really like a television drama. Beautiful girl injured by a bullet, handsome doctor saves her arm from being paralyzed…handsome man wants information for his Boss who can’t come see her or ask about her condition. The Boss probably is handsome also all the men tonight were extremely handsome…ha..ha..

   While DuoDuo is speculating about Leng Shuai he has arrived at Yun Shi’s villa. The SUV in front of him smashes through the gate, it is immediately fired upon by the men guarding the house. Four other SUVs follow and spread out on the spacious lawn the men lowering the windows and firing at Yun Shi’s men.

    Yun Shi inside the villa is asleep on the couch in the study he hears the noise from outside waking up, What the fuck! One of the mercenaries rush in, “Boss it is the Ghost Blade. I think I saw their boss in the second SUV.”

   He sits up, Fucking Shuai? He came personally? I didn’t think he would react so violently to being abducted. I thought he would negotiate for the Sacred Stone. He rolls off the couch crouching behind it.”Toss me a gun. How many men?”

   “I would guess there are five SUVs so fifteen to twenty.”

    “How does it look out front?” He can hear round after round of gunfire. “The SUVs are like tanks, bulletproof glass blast plates probably, Juan threw a grenade and the first SUV kept moving forward.”

    “I know Shuai I’m not sticking around for him to kill me. Is the helicopter ready?”

    “You are going to escape? Why don’t we take care of the motherf****r right now.”

    “Are you stupid? In less than two minutes Shuai will be inside here, let’s go.”

    Out in the front yard Leng Shuai’s elite Ghost Blade squad are engaging with Yun Shi’s guards three of them have fallen and one of Leng Shuai’s men is hit in the chest but is protected by his vest only knocked down by the impact of the bullets.

  Leng Shuai lowers the partitian in the car,“Yi drive through where the wall to floor window is to the right.” How unprepared having an easily compromised area in the front of the house. Laughable.

   “Yeah Boss.” he presses the accelerator to the floor heading directly to the window. Yun Shi’s men can only watch as the black Escalade sails through the window glass flying everywhere. The SUV lands in the living room. Leng Shuai unbuckles and exits firing at two men coming at them from the right. Shouting to Jason as he rolls out of the car, “Cover me!” He runs like a cheetah towards the back of the house knowing Yun Shi he isn’t sticking around for the confrontation he has some means of escape.

    When he gets to the backyard he sees Yun Shi and another man running towards a helicopter. He fires his gun at them as he is running towards them his long legs moving swiftly weaving a path through the wet grass The man turns firing at him as he is running but because of the erratic pattern of Leng Shuai’s steps he can’t hit him.

   “Hurry up you stupid fuck! Stop trying to hit him and get to the helicopter!” 

    Yun Shi opens the door to back of the black and silver helicopter quickly closing it. The pilot gets in his hands shaking as he puts the key in the ignition the propellers begin to whir. Leng Shuai is a short distance away as their eyes meet Yun Shi smiles, the helicopter windows are bulletproof he waves at Leng Shuai who smiles backat him with a gleam in his eyes then shoots at the gas tank of the helicopter gas starts pouring out and flames start leaping around. You think you are escaping..ha..ha.. not this time fucker.

    He is about to fire again to ignite the helicopter further Yun Shi realizes what he did Motherf*****g shit! He scrambles over to the other door and gets out running towards the forest behind his property away from the helicopter as it explodes. The helicopter pilot is still unbuckling his seat belt to escape when his body is suddenly engulfed in flames. Screams of excruciating pain can be head as his body is turned to a pile of charred bones from the intense flames.

   Leng Shuai curses running towards the forest following Yun Shi. Once he enters the woods he is on alert Yun Shi could be hiding anywhere. He cautiously moves forward shouting, “Shi give me the Golden Dragon and I will only cut off your arm.” The bastard needs to at least lose an arm for injuring Feng LiMei. “You know Zhou Jason and my men’s ability by now your men are all dead and you have no escape.”

     Yun Shi is hiding down a short slope behind some boulders hoping Leng Shuai goes the other direction he has no weapon he dropped the gun as he struggled to escape from the helicopter. Wait, Shuai thinks I have the Golden Dragon? That is why he attacked? Why wouldn’t he try to negotiate for it he seems exceedingly angry unlike his usual demeanor. Yun Shi can see a motorboat at the edge of the lake it might be his best chance to escape.

    Leng Shuai surveys the area listening for any movement, his martial art skills are very high but he can’t hear any sounds except a few birds chirping and the wind whistling through the trees. He stands behind a tree with his gun ready he can wait him out Jason should be looking for him soon when he sees the helicopter wreckage in the back.

   Yun Shi is sweating one on one combat with Shuai will be difficult in his still weakened condition. It is taking all of his internal energy to make his presence diminished luckily he took the rejuvenating pill not long ago or he would be totally fucked.

   Leng Shuai looks to the right here is a brook that runs through the woods flooded from the rain he would have heard him moving through the water, to the left is a slope then an expanse of tall reeds that leads down to the water. 

     If it were him he would lay at the bottom of the slope and wait for the enemy’s approach. He looks at his gun he has three bullets left and in his jacket he has another clip. If he fires to the right as if he thinks he sees Yun Shi that might give him the courage to make a run for the lake.

    Yun Shi takes out his phone texting Kuang Bo. [I need your help. Cornered in woods behind my villa by Leng Shuai.]

    Kuang Bo sees a notification on his phone, what the fuck! I’m not getting involved with his shit. [Busy]

   [If I die the Sacred Stone is gone]

    Kuang Bo is sitting at his desk hacking into the computer of the bank where Kuang Fu hides some of his money. This asshole Yun Shi is really getting on my nerves.

    [give me your location I will send men and a helicopter]

    Yun Shi sends him the coordinates.[hurry]

    [you need to hold him off for ten minutes that is the fastest one can get there.]

    Yun Shi breathes a sigh of relief as he crouches down listening to see if Leng Shuai moves towards him.

    Leng Shuai decides to try his plan out  shooting his gun towards the right of the forest. Yun Shi momentarily considers running for the lake but with Kuang Bo’s men coming he is better off staying where he is, they can cover him while he climbs up into the helicopter to escape.

    His plan didn’t get any reaction from Yun Shi, he doesn’t hear any movement. Fuck! What is Yun Shi doing waiting for him to step out? They are both playing a waiting game, Yun Shi waiting for the helicopter and Leng Shuai knows Jason will be coming with the men soon.

   Impatient Leng Shuai decides to move towards the slope he wants to finish this. Yun Shi can hear the sound of leaves crunching under Leng Shuai’s boots, he is coming closer. He looks up to the sky dammit where is the helicopter! Yun Shi is hidden behind a large rock he can see Leng Shuai at the top of the slope he is looking down towards the lake.

    Yun Shi resigns himself to the fact he is going to have to fight Leng Shuai even if the helicopter can hover close he could easily shoot him as he attempts to climb the rope ladder. 

    The helicopter hovers overhead and one of Kuang Bo’s men throws down a ladder. Yun Shi’s heart is racing how the fuck am I going to make it to the helicopter Shuai is standing right above me.

    Leng Shaui realizes Yun Shi must be close by when he sees the helicopter, he must be staying hidden by suppressing his presence,  he laughs, “Shi do you think you can make it?”

   Yun Shi thinks probably not. Shit! What can I say to stop Leng Shuai from killing me. He decides to take a chance, “Shuai if I die you will never find the Golden Dragon, best to let me leave.”

   “I don’t plan on killing you right away, you will give up the Golden Dragon.”

   Racking his brain for ideas he remembers Feng LiMei.“Then your little girlfriend will also die.”

   Leng Shuai’s face darkens as he tightens his hand on his gun, “I don’t know who you are referring to I have no girlfriend.”

   “Then  you won’t care if Feng LiMei doesn’t leave the hospital alive after surgery.”

   His voice cold as he responds,“She means nothing to me she is an employee, an inefficient one at that.”

   Yun Shi grew up with Leng Shuai he detected he had feelings for the young girl in the car. A few times he caught him glancing at the girl shivering with an uncharacteristic look of concern on his face. “Then take your best shot and the moment I die so does she and the Golden Dragon is lost forever.” 

     He is bluffing he found out Leng Shuai had the scene cleared and the girl’s name is Feng LiMei she was taken to the hospital. Yun Shi is nervous without a weapon he has no chance to escape.“You really don’t care if she dies? I already texted my man at the hospital if he doesn’t hear from me within a half hour she is dead.”

    Leng Shuai fires a shot at the rock where Yun Shi is crouched behind. Dammit can he afford to wager with her life? Could Shi have the ability to kill Feng LiMei?

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