You Are Mine

Rui is asleep when his phone rings he reaches over to answer it, “Hello.”

   “Dr. Qiao this is Nurse Ding in the Recovery Room your patient Miss Feng woke up.”

    He sits up in the bed, “I will be right down.”

    DuoDuo feels a sense of relief having informed him she is awake, “Miss Feng Dr. Qiao will be right down to check on you. Then I will take you to your room it will be much more comfortable for you.”

    “En.” LiMei’s heart begins to beat rapidly thinking about seeing Rui. “Nurse is there a mirror?”

    “No I’m sorry. I can wipe off your face for you with a cool cloth if you would like.”

    “Yes please.”

    DuoDuo takes a cool wet then she gently wipes off LiMei’s face. Her fingers touch LiMei’s  skin..her skin  is incredibly soft, I wonder  what skin products she uses. 

     The door opens Rui tries not to seem too anxious as he enters but seeing LiMei on the bed he can feel his heart tighten she is very pale.He walks over to the bedside restraining himself from taking the cloth from the nurse’s hand and wiping off her pale  forehead himself. 

     He picks up her chart and looks at it, “All you vitals are normal you can be moved to a room. How are you feeling Miss Feng?”

    She smiles up at him her voice is hoarse and weak,“A little tired but not too bad.”

   Rui hides his emotions and  his voice is calm, “The nurse is going to take you to your room then I will examine you.” No way am I calling Woo Xixin he will take care of  LiMei myself!

    LiMei is surprised by his indifferent attitude, well that is a good thing. She closes her eyes trying not to become upset.

   “Nurse Ding I am going to check on something I will come back after she is situated in her room.”

    Rui leaves the Recovery Room his heart is pounding in his chest, he desperately wanted to hold her frail body in his arms. When she is in her room he will tell the nurse to leave so they can be alone. He needs to tell her how he feels even though they just met he can’t stop thinking about her all the time.

    DuoDuo thinks Dr. Qiao seems to have returned to his normal cold appearance maybe she was wrong thinking there is something between them. “Miss Feng I am going to wheel you to your room now.”

    LiMei thought Rui would mention the bodyguard out front. Hmmm…maybe I was imagining him caring about me. Delun brought him along to the alley and he is a doctor of course he was concerned about my injury.

    DuoDuo wheels LiMei out of Recovery as they leave the room DuoDuo sneaks a peek at Su Ryan standing outside the door. Should she tell him the room number where they are going? He will probably follow along after the confusion in the Recovery Room she doesn’t know if she should speak to him or not.

    When they get to the room Su Ryan holds the door for them, she smiles up at him. If  I could stare at him everyday life would be sweet. She is considering working a double shift so she can see him all day. Her shift is over in an hour, maybe she should see if Nurse Fu wants the day off. 

     Once they are inside the room she helps LiMei stand up to get into the bed LiMei’s legs are weak, she is about to fall when Su Ryan reaches out and grabs her to steady her.

    Rui is walking in the door he pushes Su Ryan away from LiMei Rui holding her body to his chest in an overtly possessive manner. Then in a domineering tone he says, “Who are you? Miss Feng is not allowed visitors today.” Is this the man that she has been working for at night?

   “…” Su Ryan isn’t sure what to say right now. He thought Qiao Rui was married now why is he holding onto Feng LiMei like that?

   LiMei quickly says, “He is an undercover policeman here to protect me until they find out who shot me.”

   Rui is still holding on tightly to LiMei, his eyes are blazing he didn’t like him touching LiMei.“Well,you need to wait outside I need to examine Miss Feng.” He carefully lifts her up gently placing her onto the bed.

   Su Ryan replies,“Miss Feng I will be outside.” Damn why did I get stuck here, if anyone finds out I am impersonating a police officer I could be in big trouble. Of course I never said that Feng LiMei did.

    “Nurse Ding I think they are short handed on the third floor go help I don’t need you here. I will have you paged when you need to return.”

    “Yes Dr. Qiao.”

   DuoDuo leaves the room that was weird, in the Recovery Room he was cold as ice then when he saw Su Ryan holding Feng LiMei he looked very angry. I actually didn’t like that myself. As she walks past Su Ryan he stops her, “Nurse Ding where are you going?”

   “Ah… they are short of nurses on the third floor so I need to go there.”

   “What about Feng LiMei?” He might need more information for the Boss.

    “Dr. Qiao said when he needs me to return he will have me paged.”

    “Is it usual for a doctor to examine a female patient without a nurse present?”

      DuoDuo does think it is odd but doesn’t want to gossip with him .The way Su Ryan caught Feng LiMei when her legs gave out made her think obviously he is a gentleman, she was deluding herself that he might be interested in her earlier.“Mr. Su I helped you all I can I need to go.”

   He watches her away the little nurse seems angry for some reason. I hope she didn’t get into any trouble because of me.

   Inside LiMei’s room the atmosphere is strange Rui has come back to his senses and is now acting in a detached manner as he examines LiMei. 

     She is confused when he grabbed her into his arms she could feel his heart beating rapidly does he like me? He seemed jealous of Su Ryan holding her or is she imagining it because she wants it to be true.

   Rui notices she is grimacing as he checks her arm, “Does it hurt?”

   Tears are forming in her eyes, it is very painful but she doesn’t want to have pain medication. “No I am fine.”

   This girl she doesn’t know how to take care of herself obviously she is in pain, “I will add some pain medication to your drip.”

   “No Dr. Qiao I don’t like pain medication.” When he leaves she will use her silver needles to relieve the pain.

   “I can use acupuncture to help with the pain.”


   He gets his silver needles out of his bag, then inserts them two by her clavicle and two by her wrist, LiMei can feel the pain leaving she sighs, “Ohh..much better…” her voice is soft and seductive as she is sighing. 

     LiMei’s eyes are half closed and her pink lips are parted, Rui wants to kiss her very badly as he stares at her beautiful face. She needs to be mine…only mine…

   LiMei opens her eyes, “Thank you Dr. Qiao for saving me in the alley.”

   He wasn’t sure if she remembered what happened in the alley she had a fever from the hypothermia.

   “Feng LiMei why did you leave my house and go to the Black Lotus Club?”

   LiMei’s green eyes widen, startled he would bring it up. “Dr. Qiao it is a long story and I’m tired.” I am  not going to tell him about Leng Shuai.

   He realizes he shouldn’t have asked but it has been bothering him all night, if she had stayed with him she wouldn’t have been hurt. Rui can’t let it go, “Feng LiMei this man you are involved with is no good you should stay away from him.”

   LiMei doesn’t know what to say she doesn’t respond this bothers Rui, “Why aren’t you saying anything? You love this bastard so much you are willing to die for him! One night covered in someone else’s blood the next night shot!”

   LiMei’s mouth is hanging open does he still care about me? Rui is really angry she isn’t answering and looking at him with those big green eyes that are hiding something, “ANSWER ME! SAY SOMETHING!” Placing his hand on the back of her head pressing his eager lips onto hers he suddenly kisses her, a fierce kiss, his tongue invading her mouth wanting to drive the thought of another man from her mind. 

     LiMei is shocked at his aggressiveness although she wants to yield to his kiss she knows this is bad. He is married to Wang Rebecca and Delun said the vote is coming up for him to be the CEO of Qiao Corporation on Friday.

   She is too weak to push him away she can’t even lift her injured arm, all she can do is resist the urge to entangle her tongue with his and give in to her own desire. He savors the sweetness knowing she isn’t responding to his kiss he doesn’t care he continues plundering her mouth with his tongue then kisses and bites her neck whispering “LiMei…I want you…” 

      LiMei can’t help but let out a little moan she fights the fire rising up inside her body at his feverish kisses. Using the little strength she has in her left arm to try to push him away. Feeling her little hand trying to push him away he comes to his senses. His dark eyes are full of passion as he stares into her misty green eyes, these bewitching eyes are what suck his soul out making him want to ravish her. He gets off the bed walking away, his voice low he mutters,“I’m sorry…”

    LiMei wants to tell him how much she loves him but holds back holding tightly onto the quilt, she doesn’t want to hurt his feelings but what can she say? 

     LiMei’s voice is trembling,“You saved me and I owe you a great debt but..but… we can’t do this. You are a married man.” She can feel tears welling up in her eyes as she says these words.

   He turns around to see her crying, quickly sitting on the bed he takes his finger to wipe away her tears, “I don’t know what came over me, I am truly sorry.” Rui affectionately brushes her hair behind her ear. “But, I want you. I can’t control the way I feel.” And…” He hesitates should he tell her the marriage is fake? No he can’t until he becomes CEO. LiMei stares up at him wanting him to tell her Wang Rebecca means nothing to him, “And what?”

   “Nothing… You should rest.” Staring at her red and swollen lips he hates himself for taking advantage of her… Rui you are a fucking beast! How could you not control yourselfI need to stay away. “I am calling your cousin Woo Xixin to take over your care.”

   LiMei wants to hug him and tell him there is no one else only him but she says, “ I think that would be for the best.”

   Rui wants to pursue his questioning, is it because of the dangerous man she is seeing? Does she love him? No! She can’t absolutely can not love anyone but me. He can feel his emotions are out of control he doesn’t want to scare her away.

   He tightens his grip on his phone dialing Woo Xixin’s number when he doesn’t answer he leaves a voicemail, “Feng LiMei is in my hospital I need you to take over her care. I will explain everything when you get here, meet me in my office.”

   LiMei can’t take her eyes off his back as he is on the phone, her heart is aching, but she needs to be strong for his sake so he can become the CEO of Qiao Corporation. She closes her eyes pretending to be asleep.

   When Rui gets off the phone he turns around to see her sleeping he walks over sitting on the edge of the bed. He runs his finger down her soft cheek thinking, when this is all over you will be mine. I know you were holding yourself back when I kissed you I could feel you want me too.

    He pulls the quilt up of her petite body then stands up, only a few more days I will be the CEO, I can expose the marriage for the ridiculous sham it is then I can pursue Feng LiMei openly. As he leaves the room he stops glaring at Su Ryan, “ Do the police have any leads on who shot Feng LiMei?”

    Su Ryan is thinking no they don’t even know there was an incident last night. He calmly replies, “We have a good idea who did it but we are still investigating.” He could hear Qiao Rui raising his voice, he might not let this go easily. 

     He should inform Leng Shuai that it looks like Qiao Rui hasn’t let go of the little chick. Then again maybe he should let him fnd out on his own, the bearer of bad news never has a good ending.

   Rui doesn’t want this man going into LiMei’s room, “Stay outside the patient is sleeping. No visitors while she recovers.”


    Rui leaves thinking I will need to call the police station, didn’t Delun say Dong He works there. Su Ryan is not a policeman, no policeman can afford to wear an Armani suit. He has the appearance of an elite bodyguard and since he is here to protect Feng LiMei the man who sent him is the one she was with last night

    When he returns to his office he makes a call, “Investigate a man named Su Ryan see who he works for, do it immediately.”

   Xiaobo is still cleaning up the mess from the auction he only picked up the phone because it was Qiao Rui calling, “What the fuck, not even a hello first. Or a how are you doing Xi?”

   Rui grimaces, “Since when do I need to kiss your ass?” Rui is impatient to find out who this man is Feng LiMei likes. Someone who can afford a ten million dollar bracelet and have a high tech locator chip placed inside it shouldn’t be hard for Xiaobo to find.

    Xiaobo laughs Rui is still the same Demon Lord from High School, should he tell him who Su Ryan works for right now or let him stew for being rude first thing in the morning. I know exactly who that asshole works for his main client is Leng Enterprises. “Hey Bro I am still cleaning up the mess from last night I will let you know later.”

   “What mess? What was going on at your Club last night?”

    “ I knew you never look at your invitations, it was the auction. I told you about it also the last time we went out for drinks also with the Chen Brothers.”

    Rui figures whoever the man was with Feng LiMei he had her meet him at the Black Lotus Club to go to the auction. Fuck! She must have been surrounded by numerous unsavory characters. That little girl has no common sense whatsoever!

   “I’m coming over to look at your tapes.”

    “What tapes, that is what I’m cleaning up now my entire monitoring system was destroyed last night.” Xiaobo knows if he didn’t have a strong family background and backing from various Underworld Syndicates he would be dead today for losing the Golden Dragon and the Sacred Stone.

    Rui now knows the situation last night is even more complicated than he thought. “What are you doing later?”

    “I’m meeting Henri Armand and Chen Huan for dinner to discuss my Paris nightclub opening next month.”

    “I’m going to join you I want to ask you some questions and you can have that name for me then. I could tell when I asked you know exactly who Su Ryan’s clients are and didn’t want to say.”

   “…” Qiao Rui is a scary man under that polished Young Master persona.

   “We are meeting at the Fire Phoenix Restaurant at seven o’clock.”

   “Meet me at 6:45 at the bar I want that information.”

   “What are you giving me?”

   “I have a small bottle of Silver Leaf Elixir and those herbs you wanted from Nepal. That of course is if it a fully detailed report.”

   “When have I ever been less than efficient?”

   “Obviously last night.” Rui has a devilish grin as he hangs up the phone.

   Xiaobo kicks a monitor that is on the ground, “Fucking asshole!”

    Rui is satisfied he could have pressured Xiaobo for the name but he wants an indepth report. He walks into his office Bai Chiyu is sitting at her desk, “Chiyu didn’t you get my message I don’t need you this morning.”

   “I lost my phone last night.” Actually the insane man who tossed me around smashed it when I tried to call 120.

   “Go get a replacement.” He hands her a card, “I don’t need you to work today.”

    She reaches out and takes the card from him, “Thank you Dr.Qiao but this afternoon you have a meeting with your brother Qiao Xiaotong don’t you want me to record the meeting for you?’

   “Reschedule it, I had a an emergency surgery during the night and am resting this afternoon.”

   “Why did you do the surgery?”

   “You can go now. “

     If she wasn’t in so much pain from the beast last night she might care he just ignored her question.She is about to grab her purse and leave when the phone rings she sets it down, “Dr. Qiao Rui’s office May I ask who is calling?”

    “Tell him to get on the phone now!”

      Bai Chiyu covers the phone with her hand,“Dr. Qiao it is your father.”

   “ I am not in the office.”

   “I’m sorry Mr. Qiao he is not in the office.”

   “Hmmph..” Rui’s father slams the phone down. Damn that brat avoiding me with one day until the vote for the CEO position.

   Bai Chiyu can see the black lines forming on Rui’s forehead, “I will be leaving then.”

   “En.” What does the old bastard want? He calls Delun, “Did you go the mansion yet?”

   “I’m here now in the kitchen reminiscing with the old cook. “

    Don’t forget the cedar box.”

   “I won’t I’m waiting for grandfather now he was at the company.”

   “The Chairman went to the headquarters?”

   “Yeah Father said he was meeting old man Wang there.”

   “Do you know why?”

    “No idea but when he rushed out he was very angry.”

   “I can find out when he returns, I’m stuck here until then he told me not to leave. How is Feng LiMei did you call Dr. Woo?”

   “Yes he should be here soon. She is sleeping.”

   “Is she out of Recovery?”

   “Yes, call me when you go back to the house.” Fuck it I’m going back to her room. Whatever those two old farts are planning it won’t matter when the board meets I will be the CEO.

   Rui leaves his office heading down to LiMei’s room his phone rings it is Woo Xixin, “Rui I am in Cambodia, what is going on with Feng LiMei?

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