Where Is She!

LiMei during the night can’t sleep she formulates her plans while nestled into Rui’s chest as he has his arm laying across her waist. She wants to always remember the feel of his body next to hers and his unique masculine scent.

   When she looks at the clock it is five in the morning. She stares at Rui’s peaceful expression he appears to be in a very deep sleep. She has made up her mind she is going to stay away from him while she is in Pushong City. First, she needs to retrieve the Golden Dragon from the bathroom by the auction room in the Black Lotus Club, she grimaces thinking about having to go back to that Club. Maybe she should burn it down before she leaves the city, she laughs to herself.

   If I buy a throw away phone I can contact the old man in Bashu City to see if he can sell the statue for me on the black market, I will probably need to meet him in Bashu City he is too old to travel. 

     When I sell the Golden Dragon I will travel to the countryside outside Paris I should have enough money not to worry about a job. Her eyes have a murderous gleam, also I am going to contact that stupid Leng Shuai before I go to give me back the White Jade Necklace that Rui gave me! I have done enough shit for him if won’t give it back I will steal it back!

   Even if Rui’s memories have returned his actions last night were most likely from the effects of the aphrodisiac not his true feelings for me. She slides out from under his arms when she got the pajamas out last night she noticed there was a black track suit in one of the bags and some tennis shoes. 

     Her injured arm is throbbing again from but she can move it better than yesterday. She touches her arm the bandage will need to be changed but I can do it myself later.

   Walking over to the bags she pulls out the track suit, damn Dr. Woo even ordered me underwear he is taking his identity as my cousin a little too seriously. She takes the clothes to the bathroom. After washing her face she then brushes her teeth. I can take a bath later at her apartment no way am I going to be here when Rui wakes up! She can’t brush her hair very well with her left hand but she gets it up as well as she can into a pony tail.

   LiMei doesn’t feel weak as she did yesterday and can lift her right arm  but it still is painful. She decides she should use  acupuncture again to relieve the pain before she tries to get dressed recalling the fiasco yesterday with the hospital gown.

   The bodyguard outside the door will need to be dealt with he will try to stop me knowing Leng Shuai gave him instructions. She inserts the needle in her slender arm, after a moment she takes it out rinsing it she sets it by the sink.

   Putting on the track suit is not easy but surprisingly her dexterity is much better and she gets dressed without too much difficulty. She could even use her right arm, maybe the treatments Uncle Xinghi gave her in Cambodia last year really did enhance her ability to recover from an injury at a remarkable rate.

    Thinking about Uncle Xinghi she sighs, if it wasn’t too dangerous she would like to see him again. When he was in Pushong City briefly she only saw him the one night at the Crescent Moon Hotel. Jeez one of his face masks would be great to have, maybe the old man in Bashu City could get me a couple they wouldn’t be as high quality as Xinghi’s but they could come in handy.

   As LiMei makes these plans she feels more like Qin Daiyu than Feng LiMei. She will choose a new identity when she relocates to France. The old man gave her two more complete identities to choose from in case the identity of Feng LiMei needed to be discarded. Looking back at the time she thought he was being overly cautious who knew in such a short time she would run into so many problems as Feng LiMei.

   Once she retrieves everything she needs from her apartment she is going to St. John’s orphanage to see Father Lam. Hopefully he will allow her to stay there for a couple weeks while she works out all the details of her plan. 

     The aspect she is most worried about is retrieving the Golden Dragon that will take preparation that floor of the Club doesn’t seem easily accessible. Satisfied with the place she hid it she smiles who would look in the tank of a toilet in a seldom used ladies restroom. 

   Dressed and ready to go LiMei walks over to the bed staring at Rui’s handsome face afraid if she kisses or touches him he will wake up.

      Her heart tightens as she grabs her purse from the nightstand, after she leaves the hospital she will call Delun to bring Rui fresh clothes. As she walks towards the door her voice soft almost inaudible she gazes adoringly at Rui, “Good bye my love.”

   LiMei takes a deep breath circulating her internal energy a silver needle clutched in her hand. The hallway should be quiet right now and Delun told her there is a private elevator down at the end. Opening the door the bodyguard is sitting in a chair half asleep, he becomes alert when he hears the door open.

   “Miss Feng what are..” Before he finishes the sentence she has hit him in his Zhedu point with the silver needle rendering him unconscious. She props him up in the chair then quickly moves down the hallway. 

     Pressing the button as the door opens she quickly gets inside. I will walk down the street to a Western style coffee shop I went to with Du Chang to call a taxi.

   Once outside LiMei shivers the wind is blowing and it is freezing hurrying down the street the coffee shop should be open for all the people on their way to work.

      When she enters she finds a seat in the back, she might as well have breakfast and a coffee while she calls Delun. Oh right,  my phone is dead. Shit!

   A pretty girl in a black and white outfit comes over to take her order, “What can I get you Miss?”

   LiMei doesn’t look at the menu she says, “I will have a cup of coffee and do you have waffles?”

   “No but we have pancakes.”

   “Okay I will have pancakes, scrambled eggs, sausage and a glass of orange juice. Thank you, and Miss is there a public phone here? My phone is dead.”

   “No but at the counter you can ask if there are any chargers that match, people forget them once an awhile. There should be an outlet by your table.”

   “Great! I will see if you have the right one.”

   LiMei is shivering even inside the coffee shop it is chilly. She slowly approaches the counter waiting while a customer pays, then asks the man by the cash register, “Could I see if you have a charger that fits my phone?”

   He pulls out a box of chargers from behind the counter. She sees one that fits, “I’m going to borrow this one.” The man reminds her, “Just bring it back when you are finished.”

   “Sure.” LiMei can smell the delicious aromas coming from the kitchen her stomach is grumbling from hunger.

   LiMei looks out the window she will miss Pushong City when she leaves, she is lost in thought when the server comes over to her “I served your food you should eat it while it is hot.”

   “Thanks.” Returning to her table she plugs in her phone she should call Delun as soon as there is even a little charge. LiMei starts eating her hot breakfast… so delicious! Sipping her coffee looking at her phone she sees she has some charge. Dialing his number it rings a few times… answer Delun! 

     He is sleeping when he hears the phone, his voice is hoarse, “LiMei? Why are you calling so early ?”

   “Delun I left the hospital and Rui is asleep in my bed…” He cuts her off, “What! You left the hospital? Why?”

   “I can’t explain now but Rui was drugged with an aphrodisiac last night when he went to the Black Lotus Club and his clothes are a mess. He is asleep on the bed. I don’t think it would be good if he is seen in his condition. You need to bring him clean clothes right away. I can explain everything to you later just hurry up, get over there with his clothes.”

   “Where are you? Are you all right?”

   “Don’t worry about me I’m fine. Go take care of your brother.”

   “Alright but call me later.”

   “I will.”

   Delun gets out of bed putting on some clothes, after he is dressed he races upstairs to Rui’s bedroom.  He picks out a shirt and suit to bring him at the hospital. Dammit! What is going on with him! Drugged? Worried he runs down the stairs to the garage to leave. The board meeting is tomorrow for fuck’s sake!

    LiMei feels relieved she got a hold of Delun she can count on him to take care of Rui. She finishes her breakfast and calls a taxi, “Can I wait inside the coffee shop it is too cold outside.”

   “Yes, is this your number? The driver will contact you when they arrive.”

   “Miss, could I have a little more coffee?” LiMei is mentally and physically exhausted she wants to go home and go to sleep but what if Rui comes looking for her to find out why she lied to him. Her heart skips a beat thinking how angry he will be with her for lying to him.

  Drinking some more coffee she calms down… I must figure out my plan further and concentrate on what I need to do.  I will need to grab a few things from my apartment and go to Father Lam’s. She dials his number, “Father Lam this is Daiyu I wondered if I could stay at the orphanage for a week?”

  He and his wife are setting up breakfast for the children, when she calls,“Of course when are you coming?”

  “Would an hour or so be alright?”

   “I will be expecting you then.” She hasn’t contacted him since she donated that large sum of money he wonders why she needs a place to stay. He tells his wife to prepare a room for LiMei after the children finish eating.

    LiMei warms her hands holding the coffee cup, sighing  she admits to herself this is the only way to protect Rui, he is married so they have no future and as proven by last night’s wild abandon I can’t resist him. Even though I knew he was drugged I didn’t care I wanted him to kiss me and touch me. I would be shameless and become his mistress to be with him but if he is to be the CEO of Qiao Corporation he can’t have any scandals. 

    Thank God for Father Lam, I can sleep and recover undisturbed for a few days then go get the Golden Dragon. No one would think to look for me there I have never mentioned the orphanage to anyone.

   The taxi driver calls he is outside. LiMei pays her bill and returns the charger then goes outside to the taxi. When she gets in the backseat she asks the driver to turn up the heater. The bodyguard outside her door should be out for awhile and if anyone sees him he looks like he is sleeping. Delun is on the way to take care of Rui so I can relax and go sleep. I’m so damn tired!

   When they get to her apartment it is about six thirty she doesn’t want to run into Du Chang he leaves for school at seven thirty if he stays at his grandfather’s downstairs. “Driver keep the meter running I need to pick up a few things then have you take me to St. John’s Orphanage on Cedar St.”

   “That is across town it could take awhile with morning traffic,there is an extra charge at rush hour you know.”

   “That is fine I will be down in ten minutes.”

    LiMei remembers Du Chang said someone suspicious came out of her apartment she hesitates as she opens the door putting a silver needle in her palm. Slowly opening the door she peeks into her apartment. It looks safe she walks in carefully surveying the small interior. 

     Her heart is pounding it has been a long time since she felt afraid but if Kuang Fu sent some one they could stay in there for days waiting for her to return if he ordered someone to kill her or drag her back.

    She turns on the light the hair on the back of her neck standing up, she looks around maybe I am just paranoid. Grabbing a duffle bag she goes into the bathroom grabs her lotion, toiletries and her bunny charm necklace on the shelf. Throwing some clothes into the bag she takes the coffee can with all her important papers out of the cupboard deciding to take one identity packet placing it under her clothes. The coffee can should be safe in the back of her kitchen cupboard.

   Should she grab the gun under the mattress? No she can dispose of it another time. Throwing on a heavy coat she puts a wool scarf around her neck. She sees her mangas on the nightstand , oh..the charger she unplugs it from the wall tossing it into her bag. She pulls the zipper closing the bag. The taxi driver is looking at his watch if she doesn’t come down soon I’m leaving.

   He looks to see LiMei coming down the stairs pushing a large bag it rolls to the ground. she drags it to the taxi,  out of breath she smiles at the old driver, “Sorry it took a little longer than I anticipated.”

   “I was about to leave, what is the address again?”

   LiMei gives him the address and sits back in the seat it will be awhile before they reach the orphanage it is across town from her apartment.

   She holds the cashmere coat tightly around her trying to warm up. Closing her sleepy eyes she dozes off dreaming about Rui as the motion of the moving car lulls her to sleep.

   At the hospital Delun has arrived carrying the black suit and shirt for Rui. He has an access card in his wallet from when their grandfather was hospitalized a couple months ago so he walks to the VIP entrance swiping the card to enter. Delun is not looking forward to facing Rui he can only imagine what his reaction will be to LiMei leaving the hospital.

   Delun is surprised the bodyguard is asleep by the door, but that is good he doesn’t want any problems right now. Or he thinks, additional problems!

    When he enters the room he gets a good picture of what happened last night the bed is messy and Rui’s shirt is buttoned wrong. His brother seems to be sound asleep still, Delun is not in a rush to wake him up.

   He sets the suit over the chair then looks at his watch, it is close to seven o’clock. Sitting on the couch Delun stretches his legs, what the fuck! What a mess. Knowing Rui he is going to explode when he finds out LiMei left not to mention if he remembers being drugged… pity the poor person who decided to drug him they are as good a dead.

    While he is deciding his course of action there is a knock on the door, “Miss Feng, it is Nurse Ding.” Delun breathes a sigh of relief that he locked the door as he hears her trying to turn the knob. Rushing over he replies, “Nurse Ding, Feng LiMei is sleeping Dr. Qiao said for no one to disturb her until he returns.”

   DuoDuo knits her eyebrows a little suspicious, Dr. Qiao told her specifically to be here at seven. “Who are you?”

   “I’m her boyfriend Dr. Qiao’s brother.”

   “Oh. Well if those are his instructions have him contact me when he returns I guess. I will take care of other patients in the meantime.” DuoDuo thinks the situation is odd but doesn’t want to get into trouble with Dr. Qiao the salary he is paying her to follow his orders is too high to jeopardize.

   She takes a sidelong glance at the muscular man in the chair he is snoring. This bodyguard must have been on duty all night to have fallen asleep, she wonders if Su Ryan will be his relief to guard Feng LiMei today. DuoDuo touches her curly hair, she took extra time to get ready this morning hoping to see him at the hospital.

    Delun has sweat beads forming on his forehead as he hears Rui stirring in the bed. He listens at the door it sounds like the nurse left.

    Turning around he catches a glimpse of Rui trying to sit up holding his head. Taking two long strides to the bed worried he asks, “Rui are you alright?”

   Rui looks at Delun then the bed and his rumpled clothes. His dry throat makes his voice sound hoarse,“Delun what are you doing here? Looking around the room, “Where is Feng LiMei.” He can’t remember anything right now about last night. He doesn’t understand why he is in the bed and his clothes are a mess.

   Delun grabs a bottle of water, “Here drink this Bro.”

   Rui takes the water from him gulping it down. Then swinging his long legs over the side of the bed he tries to get up but feels dizzy. What the hell! He holds his head with his two hands the pain is intense. 

    He tries to stand up, “Where is she?”

   Delun has decided the best course of action is to avoid the subject of LiMei right now and concentrate on Rui getting himself together.“Listen Bro you need to get your head together. Someone drugged you last night at the Black Lotus Club.”

   He vaguely recalls being drunk and coming to see LiMei. He stands up rushing to the bathroom opening the door looking for her. “Where is Feng LiMei?” Rui holds his head, distraught about LiMei diappearing his voice is full of concern, “Did I do something to her last night?” He has a knot in his stomach wondering what happened between them.

   “I don’t think so she called me after she left the hospital worried about you told me to bring you clothes. Said she would explain later.”

   Frantic thinking he might have hurt LiMei while he was drugged Rui heads for the door, “I need to find her.”

   Delun quickly blocks the door pushing Rui back. Normally he would be no match for his brother but Rui is disoriented and weak from being drugged. “Rui I just told you man… get a grip on yourself! If you go out like this rumors about the two of you are going to fly around the hospital. If you don’t care about yourself you should at least have respect for Feng LiMei! She called me because she is worried about you! Take a shower and change we can drive to her apartment.”

   Rui’s dark eyes are still glazed and lit up with killing intent, he growls , “Did she leave with Leng Shuai?”

   “Is he the man who has her guarded?” Thank God the guard is still outside if Rui thinks another man took her away he will lose his mind. “Definitely not his guard is outside, if he took her away the guard wouldn’t still be there. Also, she called me  from the coffee shop down the street while she was  waiting for a taxi to go to her apartment.”

    He holds Rui’s shoulder looking into his brother’s terrifyingly dark eyes, “We will find her, go take a shower.”

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