What Happened To Me

Rui finishes looking over his email containing Xinghi’s test results and other pertinent information then leans back in his chair with his long legs crossed. The operation tomorrow will be complicated but if there aren’t any unforseen problems it shouldn’t take longer than five hours.I need to make sure LiMei stays in our hotel suite until I return it can be dangerous for a woman alone in the city. LiMei and I can then go searching for medicinal herbs in the mountains on Sunday. 

   Tired he rubs his eyes then chuckles picturing her small body in those green and brown camouflage pants and black hiking boots in her suitcase, she will look adorable… like a miniature soldier. Ha..Ha..There is a knock at the door, Rui walks over to answer, Ming Jian is standing outside holding LiMei’s purse and clothes.

   When Rui opens the door he tells him to enter quietly LiMei is asleep. Ming Jian comes into the room setting LiMei’s things on a table.

   “Did you have any problems getting her stuff.”

   “No I paid the Banquet Manager to use his key to open the locker. But her phone has been going off non stop. I didn’t open her purse.”

   Rui wonders who has been calling LiMei, “You can go. I leave at six o’clock I won’t be available until after the operation. Morgan is meeting me there so if you need anything call him. I’m using him and Cheng for security while I’m there so you can take care of the situation here.  His eyes narrow dangerously, “Have you located Rashid and his brother…found the hospital treating him?”

   Ming Jian responds, “No I’m working on it, I did find out who erased his information in the police system, a hacker named Viper, I found a money trail from Madam Olga to an account in Switzerland. 

   That crazy old witch spent a fortune on that loser kid of hers Hamid. Whoever helped them escape from Pushong did it both swiftly and without leaving a trace. I shouldn’t throw out my suspicion without facts but..”

  “Just spit it out.”

   “It looks like fucking Kuang Bo is in Pushong City, he has the power to manipulate the situation and I heard a rumor from a friend of mine that still works in Intelligence ..he is closely connected with Viper.”

   “Why would Kuang Bo be in Pushong City?” With the problems Black Sky has had in the last few months I would think he would be helping his brother sort things out.

  “ My source told me he is in the city looking for a woman.”

   “A woman? Who is she?”

   “I have no idea, but you know that bastard for him to come halfway across China she has something he wants or he is here to kill the bitch.”

   “I don’t give a shit about his reasons for being in Pushong but you are right with his resources he could have facilitated Hamid’s escape. Keep investigating until you find the Hamid brothers.”

   LiMei woke up thirsty and wanted to get a bottle of water from the small refrigerator by the bar. When she opened the bedroom door she heard voices then stopped in her tracks her face pale as she listened to their conversation.

      Clinging onto the door handle her knuckles turn white, Kuang Bo is in Pushong! She has a sick feeling in her stomach, does he want to take me back to his brother? Or kill me for betraying his trust. No… Uncle Xinghi told me Bo understood me leaving the Organization… but then again he can’t go against his brother. Well at least I will be far away from Pushong this weekend..although I might need to keep a low profile in Phnom Penh no one would think Qin Daiyu would be have the guts to be in Cambodia. 

     Too many of Black Sky operatives are located there. not to mention Uncle Xinghi’s Compound. I wonder how Uncle Xinghi is doing… I wish I could visit him.while I’m so close to his Compound.

  She takes her hand off the door handle carefully closing the crack in the door.How can I find out who is looking for..it might not have anything to do with me. I could call Father Lam see what he knows. Daiyu don’t be paranoid.. wait…how does Rui know who Kuang Bo is and the Black Sky Organization, is it because of Ming Jian’s investigation? 

     LiMei dejectedly leans on the door feeling a chill down her spine. I need to find out if Rui knows Kuang Bo..I don’t see how he would maybe this information was from Ming Jian’s report because of the Hamid brothers. Yeah why would Rui have any connection to the Underworld?  He is a distinguished doctor and a member of a respectable elite family. LiMei laughs..that’s ridiculous Rui knowing Kuang Bo..haha..Must be because of Rashid..Ming Jian trying to find him.

   Upset by the thought of being caught then being punished by Kuang Fu or being forced to change identities LiMei touches the delicate diamond ring on her finger. Her eyes are covered by a thin layer of mist as she presses her lips on the precious symbol of Rui’s love. I certainly was born under a bad star... I need to treasure the time I have with Rui.  We are from two different worlds and have no future.

     Filled with a sense of gloom LiMei gets back into the bed pulling the quilt over her head. At least I will have the money I need to relocate after I sell the Golden Dragon Statue. I can never let Rui find out I am Qin Daiyu..NEVER!

    Rui and Ming Jian finish their conversation as Jian walks to the door he says, “One more thing, I don’t know if the woman is telling the truth but a woman at the Black Lotus Club said she has a picture of the thief who stole the Golden Dragon that Leng Shuai wants. Xiaobo said Leng Shuai’s man has been by a few times to the Club for information wanting to see any restored tapes. He has been quietly sending feelers out since the auction.”

   “Hmmm..well.. meet with her, use our discretion I don’t want my anyone to know I am interested” I know that bastard Leng Shuai wants the Golden Dragon Statue but why? What makes that statue so valuable.”

  “Will do.”

   After Ming Jian leaves Rui closes his laptop then gets two bottles of water, lazily striding back to the bedroom. When he looks at his large bed he smiles all he can see is a tuft of LiMei’s shiny black hair sticking out from the fluggy covers, she completely buried herself in the comforter in the corner. He changes into black silk pajamas then sits on the edge of the bed sipping his water. Tomorrow they will be in Cambodia he thinks that will be a good chance to ask her again to marry him. He reaches over touching the top of her head..I arranged for a romantic night LiMei I hope when I ask this time you say yes.

   He finishes his water then gets under the cover reaching over pulling LiMei’s soft body close to him. When he hugs her he hears her stomach growl. Ha..ha the little girl must be hungry. He looks closely noticing  she is pretending to sleep when her stomach made those gurgling noises she furrowed her brows and purse her lips like she was cursing it for making noise.

   He whispers in her ear taeasingly, “Baby are you hungry?”

   LiMei opens her eyes timidly nodding her head, “Hungry.” He hands her the bottle of water. LiMei thirstily gulps the water, “Ahhh..”

   Rui picks up the phone to order room service, turning to LiMei, “Anything special you want?”

   She shakes her head no continuing to down the refreshing cold water. Rui orders several dishes, the kitchen operates until two o’clock in the morning to accommodate VIP guests. After he hangs up the phone he hugs LiMei tenderly touching her cheek “Shouldn’t be too long.”

   His hand slides under her nightgown between her legs, “Do you have any pain?”

   LiMei’s face turns crimson red when he touches her sensitive spot, “ Ahh ahh..I’m good..”

   Rui smiles his hot breath on her face as he teases “How about here.” 

   “Ummm Rui..” LiMei feels a stinging warmth when his finger gently enters her flower cave.

   He kisses her soft lips as his hand slides up her nightgown caressing her breast seductively saying, “I’m hungry too.”

   LiMei feels her body heating up as he pinches her pinkness while plundering her mouth with his tongue. She hears an urgent knocking at the door, she pushes Rui’s chest, “I think the food is here.”

   Rui kisses her again then rolls off of her, dammit!

   He answers the door, Han Wu wheels in the cart Rui points to the table, “ Put it there.”

   “Do you want me to serve?”

   “No.” I don’t want you looking at LiMei. He signs the receipt, as he does LiMei comes to the bedroom door. When he sees her he tells Han Wu, “Get out.” He moves over blocking his view of LiMei. Han Wu leers at her standing  in the doorway, wait..isn’t that the little bitch who screwed me over a few weeks ago. He smirks at LiMei then leaves. Fucking bitch now she hooked up with a VIP? She acted so self righteous what a joke..little slut!

   LiMei recognizes Han Wu, looks like the creep hasn’t got fired yet.

   Rui turns around to see LiMei, irritated at Han Wu staring at LiMei’s body only clothed in a thin nightgown he growls, “Do you know him?”  What was she thinking walking out of the bedroom in that flimsy nightgown? Does she have no idea of how alluring she looks with it hanging off her shoulder exposing her delicate collarbone? Dammit! I need to LiMei to quit her job at the hotel, I can’t have her working with lecherous men.

   “No.” She pulls him coquettishly brushing her breasts across his arm, “Let’s eat I really am hungry.”

   LiMei starts to sit down and Rui grabs her putting her on his lap. She laughs, “ Rui.” She tries to get up and he tightens his grip on her waist, “Be good, sit.” You are mine LiMei..don’t look at other men!

   He picks up his chopsticks putting some noodles with spicy chicken on his plate then he feeds her “Aren’t these your favorite.”

   She slurps up the noodles her eyes sparkling, so good! “Yes!”

He feeds her some more chicken. she looks so cute with the oil glistening on her lips, Rui leans down licking and nibbling on LiMei’s lips. Picking up a piece of shrimp Rui places it in her mouth, watching her chewing she has a smile on her face while makes little satisfied sounds. I have never seen anyone enjoy food the way she does, savoring every bite like she never ate before.

   LiMei realizes Rui hasn’t eaten any of the delicious food. She picks up a piece of the fish, “Rui this looks yummy.” She feeds him, he watches her move her chopsticks towards him, her hands are so white and small. After he swallows he kisses her then says, “Delicious.”

   LiMei sets down the chopsticks and puts her arms around his neck, her face close giving into the impulse to kiss him. Rui surprised by her sudden intimate action feels his heart pounding faster as she nibbles on his lip then pushes her small hot tongue into his mouth he tightens his hand around her waist. She wiggles on his lap inciting him further, his body responds as she touches the back of his head, his neck tingling as her soft hand plays with his hair. LiMei actively swirls her tongue around his then sucks the saliva from his mouth, I love you Rui so much. 

He responds to her kisses as flames rise in his eyes,“LiMei stop moving around…” If she continues I won’t be able to control myself her body needs to rest.

   Rui picks her up taking her to the bedroom, “Get ready for bed, everything you need is located by the second sink.”

   “…” LiMei goes into the bathroom and brushes her teeth then washes her face, she calls out, “Rui could you hand me my face cream from my purse?”

   He picks up her purse, looking for the face cream he sees her two phones tempted to look at them because of what Ming Jian told him earlier he hesitates then takes out the pink container of face cream. 

   LiMei thinks Rui didn’t hear her so she calls again too lazy to go back to the bedroom,“Rui?”

   He walks in with her face cream, “When Jian brought your purse he said your phone was ringing.”

   “My purse?” Did I leave my purse in my locker and sent Ming Jian to get it so I have my ID to travel? I wonder if the Old Man called me? I told Chang I wouldn’t be back until Monday so it probably wasn’t him. I will check in morning it’s one thirty now. What happened to me for that missing period of time. Why hasn’t Rui mentioned anything about it?

   He ignores her questioning expression, he knits his brows, she really doesn’t remember anything from earlier.“Here is your face cream.”

“Thanks.” LiMei begins to put the cream on her face gently rubbing the creamy moisturizer into her delicate skin

   Rui stands in front of the other black marble sink and picks up his toothbrush. After he brushes his teeth his lips curl up staring in the mirror at the small love bites LiMei left on his neck. Touching the red marks he teases LiMei, “ Baby, come here I want you look I think a mosquito must have bitten me.”

    LiMei has a serious expression washing the face cream off her hands, “Really? Let me see.”

   She steps over then stands on her tiptoes to check his neck clearly, her face turns bright red. Speechless she mutters, “Ahh..ahh.”

   Rui laughs when he sees her embarrassed expression, grabbing her around her tiny waist he bends over then kisses her lips, licking the little bit of mint toothpaste she has on her lips. “ LiMei Baby, don’t be shy..it felt good.”

   LiMei puffs out her cheeks and scrunches up her little nose as she pushes him away, “Ruiii!”

   He laughs his smile going all the way to his eyes, she is so damn cute..Taking her hand into his he leads her back to the bedroom, wondering if she will check her phone to see the missed calls.

    When she lays on the bed Rui walks to his medicine bag when he returns he tells LiMei who is curled in the corner of the bed, “ Turn this way, I need to apply ointment for you.”

   LiMei sees him holding the tube of vaginal ointment, “I can do it.”

   Rui’s tone sounds professional but LiMei can see the gleam in his eyes when he says,“I’m a doctor,I think it will be better if I do it so I can apply the medicine deeper.”

   LiMei blushes after all they have done together she shouldn’t feel shy but …“Well okay.”

   Rui lifts her thin nightgown to her chest touching her slender thigh, “Spread your legs.”

   He puts some of the white cream on his finger then inserts it deep into LiMei smoothing it around. The cool feeling instantly makes her swollen tunnel feel much better, but a sudden surge of jealousy makes her heart tighten impulsively she softly asks, “Rui do you apply this ointment for your patients? or..or..Lau An”

   Is LiMei eating vinegar? Rui suddenly feels a little happy, the thought Limei is jealous of him touching another woman warms  his heart. LiMei never acts possessive or has even asked me about other women. He wants to chuckle Little idiot..I’m not a gynecologist so I would have no reason to apply vaginal ointment.

When he doesn’t answer right away LiMei pouts her pink lips thinking it is true. “Never mind Rui!  I can do it myself!” LiMei reaches down taking his hand to grab the ointment away.

   He stops then leans over LiMei’s face, taking her cheeks in his hands looking deep into her beautiful green eyes  he smiles, “Baby, no I haven’t..only you.” He kisses her gently savoring her sweet taste as his tongue tangles with hers, happy she seems angry thinking about him touching another woman.

   LiMei’s aggrieved expression changes, her tone soft and coquettish, “Okay you can continue.”


   LiMei sighs, his fingers massaging the cooling cream soothes the soreness she has been experiencing after he continuously invaded her body.

   Rui’s finger is covered not only with the ointment but her honey dripping as her body reacts to his touch.He continues to apply the cream to her red and swollen petals.“Does that feel better?”

   “Mmmm..” LiMei bites her lower lip so she doesn’t moan from the sensation of him caressing her sensitive spots.

   ”…” The little bunny has no idea how that innocent and shy expression on her face makes me want to bully her again until she can’t walk at all. Rui applies more ointment until he has spread it everywhere satisfied she will be healed by tomorrow. He has plans to toss her all night after completing Xinghi’s surgery.

   When he finishes he goes to the bathroom to wash his hands, LiMei’s too curious and decides to see who called while he is in the bathroom. I won’t reply just see who called me. Reaching over to her purse on the nightstand she gets out her phone, why was Delun texting me.

   9:45 [LiMei where are you?]

   9:47 [Text me my brother is looking for you]

   9:50 [He’s really angry!]

   9:53 [ I see him with Leng Shuai come back here ASAP!]

   9: 54 [ HOLY FUCK! He is fighting with that asshole!]

    Delun was hurrying over to the bar area when he was stopped by his father. Delun didn’t want to expose Rui so he turned and walked the other direction with his father listening to his grievances about Rui taking over the company. He turns his head to see Rui leaving with his bodyguard Ming Jian

   10:15 – 11: 30 10 missed calls from Delun.

   LiMei hears Rui coming out of the bathroom, her hands shaking she shoves her phone into her purse she tosses it back on the table. Quickly laying down she pulls the quilt up then closes her eyes. Rui and Leng Shuai! Shit! What the hell! Pretending to be asleep LiMei’s mind is chaotic, Why wouldn’t Rui tell me what happened.. where was I after I went to the kitchen?

   Rui gazes lovingly at LiMei thinking she is asleep he doesn’t want to disturb her they need to leave early in the morning. He quietly climbs into the  bed next to LiMei wrapping his arm around her petite body. Inhales her sweet fragrance he slowly drifts off to sleep… LiMei I want to spend every night of my life sleeping with you in my arms.

   When LiMei hears Rui’s breathing sound steady she moves his arm off from her waist and carefullyslides out of the bed so as not to disturb his sleep. I need to know what happened to me, I wonder if Delun will wake up when I call it is two thirty. She tiptoes quietly over to her purse then hurries into the bathroom. Sitting on the edge of the bathtub she dials Delun’s number he doesn’t answer, dammit he probably is sound asleep. Rui was fighting with Leng Shuai…I wonder why? He seemed to believe me when I said there was nothing between us. Did the stupid tyrant provoke him?

    She taps her slender finger on her phone, what happened during the missing time I can’t remember? Not knowing is driving her crazy, she dials Delun again still no answer. It must have something to do with that jerk Leng Shuai. Tightening her grip on her phone with a determined look on her face she dials ‘Stupid Tyrant.’

    Furious after Su Ryan told him that Rui took LiMei away he continued drinking when he went back to his hotel suite. After smashing a table and destroying half of the living room while cursing Rui he passed out in a broken chair. Snoring with with a half burnt cigarette in his hand and the glass of whiskey spilled in his lap he is awakened by his phone that keeps ringing. FUCK …WHO THE FUCK .. he fumbles in his pocket, the phone slips out of his hand falling to the floor. He leans over in the chair opening his bloodshot eyes to see ‘Little Idiot’ on the lit up screen. He can hear  LiMei’s muffled voice,“Leng Shuai.. Leng Shuai..? When he doesn’t answer he can hear her mumbling, “stupid tyrant ..are you there? Answer me you idiot… damm you asshole!  I need answers…”

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