Valentine’s Day Part 3

Do you know what I would really like for Valentine’s Day?

   Rui softly kisses LiMei then whispers in her ear…

   LiMei blushes and giggles, “Rui..”

   He hugs her into his embrace then pushes her down on the bed, “What do you say?”

   “I say No!” How embarrassing would that be!

   He plays with her long black hair twisting it around his fingers, his voice is low and seductive whispering in her ear,“Why not baby? You look would look so cute and I need to punish you for disobeying me earlier”

   “…” What does he have in mind?  LiMei gazes up at his handsome face that is too close to hers, she can feel his hot breath on her cheek, “Because..because..”

   Nibbling on her tiny ear as he teases her, “I don’t hear a good reason my little bunny…and you might enjoy it too.” He starts to unzip her pink track suit under the bunny apron as he kisses her neck. LiMei can feel her resistance leaving her as he licks and sucks on her skin. The heat from his wet lips is giving her the tingling sensation that makes her lose control.

    He gently slips the track suit top down her arms leaving only her bra and the loose  bunny apron. Rui gets excited as he sees the pink lace bra only covered by the apron, he has been fantasizing about taking her clothes off since he was watching her dancing in the kitchen while he was in the board meeting.

    His hand then slides inside her pants rubbing his large hand on top of her pink lace panties, LiMei softly moans as her body responds to his touch. Oh my god he makes me feel so damn good. Rui removes the soft pink velour pants until all she is wearing is the bunny apron and her underwear. 

     His obsidian eyes are filled with desire as she lays there, her cheeks are flushed red and a little drool is on the side of her mouth anticpating his seduction. Rui bends down over her his soft hair falling on her face as he licks the saliva from her lips tasting her sweet flavor,then bites her lips.When he sees her running her small tongue over her lips after he stops his lips curl up and his eyes are riveted on her lips, Naughty little girl what are you thinking.

   She can smell Rui’s intoxicating unique scent as he gets closer to her so LiMei closes her eyes and opens her mouth slightly expecting him to kiss her. He has a devilish grin on his face he whispers, “Are you that anxious for me to kiss you?”

      He rubs his finger on her lips then puts his finger in her mouth. Instinctively LiMei begins to suck on his finger as she does they are both getting hot.

      She silently looks at him her eyes full of undisguised lust asking him to take her to the heavens again. He looks down at LiMei’s expression and has the urge to take a picture of her innocent face flushed pink and the lustful haze on her beautiful green eyes.      

      Impulsively, he takes his phone out of his pocket and snaps a couple pictures, LiMei tries to reach with her short arms to grab the phone from him but he holds it up higher, she squirms under him, “Rui what are you doing?”

   He laughs his handsome face lighting up as he teases her, “You look too adorable… I want to be able to look at you in your cute bunny apron when I go to Cambodia.”  LiMei tries to sit up but his legs are preventing her from getting up as he straddles her hips with his muscular legs. While she struggles he takes a couple more pictures laughing at the variety of expressions on her beautiful face.

      The loose apron is falling off her shoulder exposing the side of her creamy white breast as she is pounding her tiny fists on his chest, “Ruiiiiii! You bully!” Laughing at her cute expression, she is pursing her pink lips and scrunching up her little nose he decides to stop, “LiMei, I told you I want to remember our Valentine’s Day this afternoon since I have to leave later today.”

   LiMei gives up struggling Rui seems really happy, she teases him “ Listen, don’t let anyone look at them! Only you!”

   Rui wants to laugh out loud at that statement like I would let anyone see my little bunny.  He puts his phone back in his pocket .Now to continue enjoying my Valentine’s present. His voice has a sexy low tone.“LiMei baby, take off my shirt.”

   While he is leaning down on top of her she obediently begins to unbutton his black shirt with her tiny fingers, he is watching her and can tell she is enjoying touching him, her breathing is getting heavy and her chest is rising up and down.

     LiMei runs her soft fingers across his chest to take his shirt off, staring at his strong chest and firm abs she gulps, how did I get so lucky to meet this man. He is like a beautiful dream everything about him is perfect. Once she slides his shirt off she lightly touches the tight muscles in his arms, Rui is on fire as LiMei explores his body her eyes admiring his taut muscles as she runs her fingers over his skin.

   He lifts her chin with his finger unable to resist teasing her again he thinks her reactions are priceless, making her look into his smoldering dark eyes he playfully asks , “Am I handsome enough?”

   LiMei’s face turns bright red then she buries her head in his chest, why am I being so shameless!because he is too damn sexy! Under her breath she mutters,  “Mr. CEO.. you are just too handsome.”

   Rui satisfied with her answer kisses her passionately prying her mouth open with his tongue then entangling them together, tasting every corner of her sweet mouth. 

     Sucking on her small tongue his breathing is getting ragged as he presses her body onto his. He puts his hand up under the apron unhooking her bra, he wants to leave the pink bunny apron on for now, he is looking forward to spanking her bottom with the fluffy bunny tail above it on the apron tie.

   Rui is getting  hard picturing what he is going to do next. He slips his fingers under her pink lace thong and starts to rub her sensitive area. LiMei is moaning as his finger plays with her, “Ahhhh….Rui…Ummm…” Her supple body is arching back as his long slender finger enters her moving around finding her sweet spot then thrusting his finger in and out while his thumb rubs her pearl driving her insane as he plays with her body. 

   LiMei can hardly stand the intensely pleasurable sensation coursing through her, she clutches onto him tightly  her fingernails pressing into his back as she writhes around on the bed under him. She whimpers “Rui..” A thin layer of sweat is glistening on her slender body as a fire within her is ignited by his touch.

      Watching her unrestrained response to his actions Rui smiles at how sensitive her innocent body has become, he continues to tease her, she is dripping honey down her soft creamy white thighs.

   Rui suddenly stops what he is doing LiMei is in the throes of pleasure and pleads in a soft alluring tone, “Don…don’t stop…” She opens her limpid  green eyes glazed over with desire, he leans over her his face close to hers as he licks his fingers. Now she needs to be punished for teasing me this morning when she was with my brother {???…Rui! LiMei has no idea you were spying on her earlier…} “Little Bunny, I told you I need to punish you.. but I think we will both enjoy it.”

    “…” Punish me?

   He picks her petite body up and lays her across his knees as he sits on the edge of the bed, The only thing on her lower back is the little fluffy white bunny tail on the pink tie of the apron and her tiny pink thong underwear exposing her round cheeks. 

    First, he reaches around playing with her breasts under the apron, pinching  and fondling her breasts until she is squirming in his lap. What is he up to?  Her perfect snow white bottom suddenly is smacked not too hard by Rui, LiMei feels both a little pain and pleasure from his large palm striking her. This isn’t too bad.

   He leans down and in a hoarse voice warns her, “You can’t let any man touch you or watch you dance LiMei only me.” He spanks her again slightly harder and she lets out a moan “Ahhh..” while looking at the fluffy bunny tail he smiles and says with a hint of jealousy in his voice, “Tell me you only want me LiMei.” He smacks her ass one more time, “Tell me..”

   Breathless her voice sounds sexy, barely able to talk she admits it, “Only you Rui..only you.” She is really excited from him touching and squeezing her breasts then spanking her. He used the right amount of strength so it didn’t hurt..strangely it felt so…so good.

 His hardness is pressing on LiMei’s lower abdomen and she wiggles around arousing him even more, LiMei’s mind is chaotic,   I never would have thought getting spanked could feel so good…

    When he sees the light red handprints on her smooth white skin he feels this is enough. He touches her soft hair hanging down her back grasping it in his hand he smells her intoxicating fragrance. Then kisses the back of her neck sending shivers down her spine. With his hot breath on her neck his voice is seductive “LiMei you have to be mine… only mine do you understand? You are the only person I want. You can’t be with anyone else.” I want to make love to you right now my little bunny.

   LiMei can feel her body heating up from his words, he really only wants me? An incredibly handsome man like Rui could have any woman he wants…why me? Well, I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts.

   He turns her over so she is sitting on his lap then kisses her passionately making her heart melt when he stops Limei puts her arms around his neck, she softly tells him, “I only want you one else. ”

    Rui looks deep into her beautiful eyes full of affection  and with a pampering tone he says, “Then marry me LiMei this afternoon… come to Cambodia with me. You don’t need to don’t need to ever work again, just stay by my side.”

   LiMei looks at the ring on her slender finger and tears form in the corners of her eyes, her head still lowered she says, “Rui, I can’t marry you right now, but you are the only man I ever want.”

   Wiping  away her teardrops he then kisses her lightly on her soft pink lips. “I won’t pressure you.”  I will convince her to marry me. He gently lays her down on the bed brushing her hair back he kisses her face starting with her forehead then  tenderly kissing her eyelids. He  caresses her cheek  then kisses  her tempting lips , “Let’s take a bath.” Leaving her breathless he gets up from the bed walking to the bathroom.

  LiMei watches him walk away thinking about him spanking her she smiles thinking that wasn’t a bad punishment he can punish me again if he wants. Haha..

      There is a knock at the door, “Rui, LiMei,  lunch is ready.” Delun, didn’t think it was a good idea to come get them but Sheng Nuan insisted.

    LiMei turns bright red and hurries to put on her track suit, “Just a minute!” Once she is dressed she opens the door, Delun gazes at LiMei her hair is messy and her face is flushed. I knew this was a bad idea. Rui is going to be pissed why did I listen to Nuan!

   Rui comes out of the bathroom he has no shirt on and black lines are forming on his forehead. Delun gulps blaming LiMei in his head.. why did you answer the door!

    LiMei hurries over and hugs Rui around his waist,”Lunch is ready we should go eat!” She drags him over towards the bed where his shirt is on the floor. “Go on down Delun we will be right there.”

   Rui’s covers on his bed are messed up and Delun can see his timing was bad…very bad. “Okay.” He turns around and quickly leaves.

   Rui glares at LiMei, “Why did you answer the door?”

   “Ah.. Well Sheng Nuan and Delun worked hard on the meal and…” She rubs her stomach, “I am really hungry.”

    “…” What I want to eat is you! Rui looks at his watch, they can eat a quick lunch then come back up here before he needs to leave for the airport. “Let me get a clean shirt.” He walks to his closet and decides on a gray cashmere sweater.

   When he comes out LiMei hugs his waist putting her head on his chest, “I love you Rui.” She doesn’t want him to be angry while they are eating lunch and ruin it for Delun and Nuan she still wants to get them together.

   “Take the apron off.” She looks too cute in it and I don’t want Delun or anyone seeing her with that little fluffy bunny tail but me. He smiles thinking about giving her the little spanking. I didn’t want to go overboard and scare her but looking at her cute white ass with the bunny tail and pink thong as I spanked her was.. he stops himself there or they won’t be going downstairs to lunch.

   “…” I guess I don’t need to wear the apron anymore since they made lunch. She consoles herself,Well I did make the chocolate covered strawberries anyway.

   LiMei tosses off the apron onto the couch. I will need to wash it before I return it to Nuan. She goes into the bathroom to wash her face and brush her hair, when she comes outRui thinks he liked her better with her hair messy and her flushed cheeks.

   She holds his hand,  “I’m starving!”

   He smiles down at her with an amused expression, she is such a tiny girl but she loves to eat.

   When they get downstairs they walk to the kitchen LiMei sees Sheng Nuan is talking to Delun as she puts some lettuce for a salad in a bowl. LiMei tries to let go of Rui’s hand but he holds her hand tightly. She looks up at him, I want to see if I can help. I was supposed to make the food but I did nothing but dip some strawberries in chocolate. “Can I do anything?”

   Delun turns around, “I think everything is almost ready you could set the table it should be ready in about fifteen minutes.”

   “Okay, Rui get the dishes down I don’t know where they are.”

   Both Sheng Nuan and Delun stare at LiMei in disbelief she is ordering around the iceberg Qiao Rui like it is the most natural thing to do.

    Rui isn’t sure himself where the dishes are but walks over to the cupboard…”…” wrong one those are large bowls. Delun helps him out and reaches for some and puts them on the counter while LiMei is getting out the chopsticks and napkins. Rui carries the plates over to the table placing them down then watches LiMei put the chopsticks and napkins in place.

    He comes up behind her and places his head on her shoulder then kisses her neck. LiMei smiles it would be great to be with him all the time like a couple setting the table eating meals together in their home. She turns around, “Let’s pick some flowers from your greenhouse for the table.”

   “LiMei it is too cold for you to go out.” The greenhouse is in the far back area of the garden.

   “I have the coat here you bought me yesterday, can you get it for me?”

   Rui goes to a closet by the living room where Butler Wu hung her coat. He brings it over and puts it on her then buttons it up for her, pulling her in close and kissing her forehead. Sheng Nuan is watching from the kitchen, how did that little girl capture the cold Qiao Rui? No one would believe the pampering expression on his face as he gazes at her lovingly. Who is this girl? Who is her family? Where did she come from? I need to ask Delun.

   LiMei calls out to the kitchen, “We are going to get some flowers we will be right back.”

   “Rui get a coat for yourself, hurry up.”

   When he comes back he is wearing a black cashmere coat he brings two scarves and wraps a plaid one around LiMei’s neck. He opens the door a blast of cold air hits LiMei she shivers and Rui picks her up holding her in his arms, “Rui what are you doing?”

    “It will be faster if I carry you, put your face in towards my chest so you don’t get wind burn. The wind is whipping through the trees LiMei does as he says. He takes long strides through the garden when they reach the greenhouse he opens the door and sets her down inside. LiMei only saw it from the outside the night she had dinner here on the patio so beautiful, she instantly feels warmer, the temperature in the greenhouse is very comfortable

    Rui and her walked through the garden but didn’t go inside. LiMei’s eyes are sparkling as she looks around in amazement, “Oh my god Rui!  I have never seen so many beautiful peonies before and are those orchids? She spins around to see an area with what looks like herbs? “Are those medicinal herbs?” She walks over and looks at the herbs damn is that a rare Khmer Five Leaf Red Durfra. Her eyes light up Xinghe used this plant the first time she was in Cambodia. She had a cut on her hand from a dagger coated with poison.

     Her hand was turning back from the poison when he applied the leaves directly onto the gash the poison was expelled within minutes it literally saved her hand. Rui can see the obvious delight on her face does she know what this plant is? It is not a pretty plant that would draw someone’s attention. “LiMei do you know about medicinal herbs?”

    LiMei realizes she should have controlled her excitement but Xinghe told her he had a limited supply and wanted to find more. It looks like Rui has two rows of it growing. “I do know a little I told you my grandmother was an herbalist and studied Chinese Traditional medicine along with Western medicine. I know this plant is called Red Leaf Durfra I saw it in one of her books.”

    Rui studies LiMei’s face why would she lie? As far as he knows this plant was only discovered by Xinghe about three years ago and no pictures have been published of it because of Xinghe’s eccentricity . But her face doesn’t look like she is concealing anything. He chuckles to himself,there is no way she could know Xinghe, my imagination is running away with me. There must be a reasonable explanation, maybe her grandmother saw it and drew the picture herself many horticulturists would do that. That is probably it.

    LiMei moves down through the rows of herbs, “Rui you really have an awesome assortment of medicinal herbs in here.”

   “Dr. Woo and I collect rare herbs if I can grow them I do, some I dry for use in my lab.” He has never met a woman who shared his interest.

   “That is so cool! My grandmother used to send me into the forest and to the mountain to gather herbs for her, she would draw a picture for me then send me to find it. It was like a mystery game for me trying to find them. I really enjoyed searching for them.”

    Rui suddenly hugs LiMei, “Do you want to go to the mountains with me in Cambodia this weekend after I finish the operation, we can camp and look for some medicinal herbs if you want.”

   LiMei looks up at him she would love to do that but… I need to get the Golden Dragon from the Black Lotus Club. The longer I delay the more of a chance it is found, although I think where I hid it is pretty safe.. I really want to go camping with Rui I haven’t done that in so long.

   Rui can see all the emotions running across LiMei’s face, when she is thinking about something it is funny to watch her changing expressions. He laughs to himself then picks her up as though she is weightless,“Whatever you are thinking about forget it and just come with me. I’m telling Chen Jianyu you are quitting.”

   LiMei shakes her head, “No Rui I told the kitchen manager I would work the banquet he has been very considerate of me. I can’t quit. But I promise I will meet you in Cambodia Saturday.”


“Promise. Let’s pick some flowers and get back.”

   LiMei picks a variety of pink and white variated peonies, then sees some fuschia colored ones she snips a few that will look romantic on the table. “Finished! Her hands full of the peonies, Rui picks her up to carry her back to the house. He touches her nose,”Tuck your head in.”

    When they get back Nuan and Delun are sitting at the kitchen island, Nuan sees Rui carrying LiMe into into the house holding the peonies. They look so beautiful together and happy she decides to snap a candid picture she had her phone out taking a picture of the food Delun is putting onto plates.

    Rui takes off LiMei’s coat then his coat tossing them onto the couch. LiMei apologizes, “Sorry we took so long the greenhouse has so many beautiful flowers and plants inside.” Her cheeks are flushed from the cold and her eyes are smiling in a crescent shape admiring the beautiful peonies. “Look what I picked for on the table”

   Delun can’t conceal his shock, Rui doesn’t let anyone into his greenhouse some of the flowers and plants in there are priceless. When Delun looks at LiMei she is clutching a bunch of.. holy shit! ..are they Rui’s rare hybrid variated peonies. “Rui aren’t those..”  Rui gives him an intense cold look that freezes him before he says another word.

Rui smiles as he lovingly gazes at LiMei’s happy expression holding the rare peonies. There is no more precious or beautiful flower in this world than LiMei.

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