Trouble Coming

Exhausted from being tossed by Rui, LiMei lays looking drained, her naked body sprawled  on the bed unable to move. Rui smiles at her with a satisfied expression, although he didn’t allow himself to fully possess her body, LiMei is becoming more adventurous which pleases him. He pulls her body into his strong arms, “Let’s take a shower we should be landing soon. “ LiMei surprises him further when she hugs him coquettishly whispering, “Carry me.”  He kisses her forehead, “Too tired?”

   LiMei answers, “Hmm..tired.” 

     Rui wishes he could keep her in bed all day when he hears her sweet voice, LiMei seldom acts spoiled. He hugs her to him into the shower then washes her body gently running the washcloth over her smooth skin paying special attention to her sensitive area. He leans her up against the tile kissing her, seeing the water drops sliding down her petite body excites him again.

      LiMei puts her arms around his neck as he supports her body with his arm around her waist. “Baby you are too tempting.” As his kisses move down her neck LiMei softly moans, “ tired.”

   Hearing her weak plea he comes to his senses, realizing her delicate body can’t withstand more right now.  Damn… her sweet fragrance and taste is  addicting I can’t get enough. He finishes washing her hair then carries her out of the shower as he wraps a towel around her soft body. Taking her to the bedroom he puts LiMei on his lap carefully drying her long silky hair with the white towel. 

     While he is drying her hair he glances at the ruined dress on the floor that he tore when he was angry. Feeling guilty he couldn’t restrain his jealous reaction when he overheard her talking about Henri Armand he kisses her forehead.  “LiMei I will give you my  black card, go shopping in the hotel boutique and buy anything you want.” 

   LiMei leans into him inhaling his unique scent of ambergris as she enjoys Rui drying her hair,“I’m good, I brought another dress and clothes for hiking.” 

  “Well I will give you my card in case you change your mind.” Any other woman would snatch the card without blinking. Why is she so stubborn.

   “I have my own money, you don’t need to buy me things.”

   He nibbles on her ear while inhaling her fresh scent, “Baby, let me spoil you.” He hugs her body and the towel slips down exposing her creamy white chest. He touches her breast then kisses her lips prying her mouth savoring her sweet flavor until LiMei becomes breathless. Gasping for air LiMei reminds him, “Rui… we should get dressed, we will be landing soon.” I don’t know if I can resist if he continues and I am sore all over.

   Rui stares at her flawless face flushed red, her thick black eyelashes fluttering as he touches her eyebrow, she is so beautiful, he runs his finger down the contour of her face then says, “LiMei you remember what you promised you will stay in the hotel and wait for me.” Still bothered by the nightmare he had earlier he thinks, I should have told her to stay in Pushong City. I selfishly don’t want to be apart from her especially with that bastard Leng Shuai stalking her, I haven’t neutralized him yet.

   LiMei can see the worried look on his face, “I promise Rui.” She puts her arms around his neck then kisses him,” I am a little familiar with Phnom Penh even if I went out I know the sections of the city to avoid.”

    He grips her hands tightly in his, she can feel cold sweat on his hands, “No..No..Baby you can not leave the hotel!”

   “Rui you are hurting my hands.” His grip is crushing her small hands. What the hell is he so worried about? 

   He loosens his hands, “LiMei I just worry about your safety in a strange city. I need to concentrate on the surgery if I thought you were out in the city I might lose my focus.”

   “Didn’t you say you have two bodyguards to protect me? You don’t need to worry.”

   Recalling his dream with a domineering tone,  “LiMei, It isn’t up for discussion… you promised me that is why I allowed you to come.”

   LiMei smiles up at him then lays her head on his chest,“Rui, you really don’t need to worry about me,of course I will wait for you in the hotel.”

   “Good.” Relieved he finishes drying her hair. She takes out a dark blue silk dress from her bag, “Rui have you ever met Chloe from Chloe Designs?”

   “I met her when I was visiting Delun in Paris why? A friend of his studies fashion design and interns at Chloe Designs.”

   “All the clothes she designs are so beautiful. She must be an amazing person.” The weather is hot in Phnom Penh this time of year so the dress she chose is sleeveless with delicate embroidery around the scoop neckline. Several multicolored flowers seem to float across the full skirt.

   She slips into the dress and turns for Rui to zip it up. He brushes his fingers across her skin and LiMei quivers, why does this man make my heart race every time he touches me.

   Rui buttons his shirt watching LiMei brush her ink black hair. When he is done he takes the brush from her then runs his fingers through her hair bringing it up into a high pony tail she likes, “Hand me the hairpin.”

   LiMei hands him the white jade hair pin, he studies the intricate engraving on the jade before he puts in her hair, “This is a rare piece of engraved white jade , you say your grandmother gave it to you?” For some reason he feels he has seen this white jade engraving somewhere before.

    “Yes, she said the carved jade has magical qualities.” She smiles,  “Grandma could be a little eccentric.” LiMei laughs thinking about the cryptic tone her grandmother had when she said that. She said she would tell her on her sixteenth birthday but unfortunately she died before LiMei’s birthday.

   Once they are dressed they walk to the forward cabin holding hand. as they pass Cui Liquin. What kind of spell did the little fox girl put on CEO Qiao? I heard he was cold and didn’t let women close to him. Thinking about what she heard and witnessed the rumors were very wrong.

   While LiMei and Rui are awaiting permission to land at the Phnom Penh airport,  at the Black Sky Organization Kuang Fu has been planning his revenge on Viktor. He sits behind his desk smoking a Cuban  cigar talking on the phone when a man named Logan rushes in the door speaking breathlessly,“Boss..Boss..

    Kuang Fu throws an ashtray at his head, “Get the fuck out!”

   Logan knows better than to dodge allowing the ashtray to hit him squarely on his forehead. Blood rushing out he holds his head dazed, If I don’t report now someone else might get wind of the bitch’s whereabouts and I will lose the reward.

   Kuang Fu glares at him snarling, “Not leaving?” He picks up his gun off his desk aiming it at Logan’s bleeding head. He chuckles, the moron must have a death wish barging into my private office.

   Logan stands firm blurting out,“ Found…found Qin Daiyu..”

   Kuang Fu slams down the phone. Glaring at Logan with a murderous gleam in his eyes, “ If you are lying!” I haven’t heard any news of that. little c**t since she escaped.

   “Boss, I would never lie! Luz spotted the little bitch then she tried to call Scorpion.”

   “Kuang Bo knows?”

   “No she called Scorpion you know your brother wouldn’t take a call. He didn’t answer that’s when she called me.” Logan smiles,  Luz  thinks I will split the reward what a stupid bitch.

   “Where.. Where is she?” he clenches his fist recalling  Qin Daiyu costing him millions and his reputation when she botched the assasination of that fucker Han Tingfeng.. Not to mention she is the first person… man or woman to escape the Black Sky.

   “Is the reward still ten million?”

    Kuang Fu’s veins bulge on his neck as he grabs Logan by the throat. “HA! Once I have that scrawny bitch in my hands we can talk about rewards. If your information doesn’t pan will regret walking through my door interrupting my negotiations.”

   Logan has a reputation as a cold blooded killer but standing in front of this demon his legs feel a little weak. He isn’t afraid of death but Kuang Fu’s methods can leave a man as a living corpse. For a moment he regrets impulsively rushing into Kuang Fu’s office. 

    Logan straightens his back showing weakness would not be good right now. I must act assured and confident I can bring her in. He gulps, “My information is rock solid.” He checked out Luz’s information before coming to Kuang Fu, he is greedy but not stupid.

   “So where is the little traitor?”

   “You are not going to believe this but she will be landing in Cambodia in fifteen minutes… Phnom Penh to be exact.”

   “Where was she?”

    “Pushong City, going by the name Feng LiMei. When Luz saw her she was wearing a brown short wig and had brown contacts working as a server at a banquet last night.”

    Kuang Fu takes a puff of his Cuban cigar, his face darkens, wasn’t that asshole brother of mine in Pushong City recently. If he was hiding his little girlfriend from me..

    He touches his chin, “Are you sure? That doesn’t make much sense. A fucking server arriving in Cambodia on a private plane. If you are fucking with me..” He presses the gun on Logan’s crotch with his hand on the trigger.

  “No! I would never dare. It’s true! It turns out she is the CEO of Qiao Corporation’s girlfriend.”

  “That old man Qiao Muzhe..right.. Unless she was scamming him no way would that uptight little prude be with that perverted old man. Get the fuck lucky I don’t shoot your balls off for bothering me.”

   “Let me tell you it isn’t old man Qiao, yesterday Qiao Rui became the CEO of Qiao Corp.” I’m surprised you aren’t aware but you have been preoccupied since Viktor screwed you.

   Kuang Fu recalls Qiao Rui from when he was forced to be a doctor in the Underworld to pay off his student loans. He is that arrogant pri*k doctor who saved Bo’s life. He walks back over to his desk, “Grab me that ashtray.”

   “…” Logan looks down at the floor at the bloodstained ashtray then hands it to him. Kuang Fu crushes his cigar and a stench permeates the room of blood mixed with cigar ash.

   “Pour me a drink.”

   Logan walks over to a table and pours Tequila into a glass then walks over to the desk setting it down.

   Kuang Fu downs the tequila in one gulp, his eyes reddening, “Sit down tell me more.”

   Logan tells him what he knows ,Qiao Rui is coming to Cambodia to operate on a high profile patient. He wasn’t able to determine the identity of the person.” He must be possibly a high ranking official or someone able to hide their identity even from my sources. I have my men waiting by the airport to intercept them when they get off the plane. “

  After listening Kuang Fu eyeballs Logan, he isn’t stupid but he might not be a match for Qiao Rui and his elite security team, not to mention there is no reason to upset whoever he is here to operate on, obviously the person isn’t someone who should be fucked with if it isn’t needed.To ensure there isn’t a problem they could send their own security to protect the doctor.

“Qiao Rui isn’t to be underestimated, most likely he will leave Qin Daiyu at the hotel while he goes to perform the surgery. They won’t be expecting anyone to snatch Qin Daiyu if she has been keeping a low profile as a server. Which is surprising if she is his girlfriend… But the girl always was strange.

   ” But, I have my men waiting by the airport to intercept them when they get off the plane.”

   “Change plans. Grab her from the hotel or wherever they are staying after you are sure Qiao Rui has left.” 

   “Then bring her to the Black Sky?” 

   “That won’t work. “

   “I thought you would want her brought to you immediately. ” Anytime something or someone reminds him of the little slut he goes insane..bitching..throwing shit around.

   “I do. but I will be in Milan tomorrow to take care of Viktor on Monday. ” 

   “So what do you want me to do with the little bitch?”

   “Bring her to me in Milan of course.” 

   “Milan?”That will make it difficult, to bring to the Black Sky Organization’s Compound it would be a twelve hour drive, to fly to Milan it is fifteen hours time wise not much difference. But I need a private plane and clearance.

    He thought about it why not get some use out of the little traitor before he tortures her until she admits her mistake. Biting the hand that trained you little traitor, I clothed and I generously fed you for five years..disobedient and ungrateful girl! His eyes light up at the thought of having Qin Daiyu back.“I could use the little temptress to seduce Viktor then lure him into a trap. The ugly old fart salivated every time he saw Qin Daiyu.”

   “With your permission then I will fly to Phnom Penh.”

   “Do it. Remind your men not to touch her if they want to live. I don’t want a scratch on Qin Daiyu.”

   “I will let them know.”

    He waves his gun around, “I think that answer sounded too casual, you realize it will be.. your balls I chop off…right?”

   “I will take charge as soon as I arrive and my man in Phnom Penh knows his boundaries… what to do and what not to do.”


   At the airport Rui and LiMei walk to a black Rolls Royce that has been waiting for them. Standing outside the car Rui’s bodyguard Cheng steps on his cigarette staring at Qiao Rui laughing as he  walks towards the car with a delicate looking young girl. He is holding her hand and brushing her hair back affectionately.

   The girl barely comes up to his chest and she looks like the gust of wind would blow her away. What the fuck! Ming Jian said his girlfriend looks like a little doll but I didn’t expect her to be so petite and beautiful. No wonder Jian said the Boss is crazy about her, he warned me not to get close to Feng LiMei if I don’t want to anger Qiao Rui.

    When they arrive at the car LiMei smiles at Cheng as he opens the door for them, “Thank You, Mr..Cheng.” then ducks her head sliding into the back seat, Cheng looks away as her dress rises up exposing her snow white thighs. He can feel his Adam’s apple roll at the sight, he lowers his head quickly hoping Qiao Rui didn’t see his eyes on his woman. 

   Rui gives him a warning look then gets into the backseat placing LiMei on his lap fixing her dress. LiMei’s stomach growls, she blushes dammit! Those peanuts didn’t do it for me.. I’m starving!”

   Rui’s lips curl up when he hears her stomach grumbling, “Baby are you hungry?” He puts his large palm on her stomach rubbing it.


   “I know a little restaurant I think you will enjoy.” He looks at his watch, “We have time before I need to leave.”

   “Cheng drive to 1350 N. 78th. St.”

    LiMei leans her head on his warm chest, she can hear the sound of his heartbeat through his shirt. She smiles touching the ring he gave her,  I feel safe when I am with Rui…I love everything about him. Could we have a future? She wraps her arms around his waist gazing up at his handsome face, “Rui..”  Caught up in her feelings  LiMei is about to say ‘I will marry you’ but she stops. No,  I can’t I’m not Feng LiMei I am Qin Daiyu.

 He touches her hair then lifts her chin staring into her beautiful green eyes , “What Baby?” 

   LiMei lightly kisses his lips then hugs him tightly. “Nothing…”

      Cheng sees this scene when he looks in the rear view mirror to acknowledge he heard Rui, “Yes CEO.” Damn the girl looks like a furry kitten curled up in the CEO’s lap. So cute and innocent.  Cheng makes the decision to prevent any misunderstandings he puts up the glass partition between the front and back seat. I am not usually affected by beautiful women but Feng LiMei certainly is a rare natural beauty no wonder Ming Jian said Qiao Rui is extremely possessive, what man wouldn’t be.

   Cui Luquin watched as Rui and LiMei walked to the Rolls Royce, that should be me. She takes out her phone, I know they are staying at the Royal Hotel. I need Uncle Shi to get rid of that little slut for me I can find the aphrodisiac myself. He can have his men hold her for a few days by then I will have  Qiao Rui and he will forget about Feng LiMei. 

   Dialing her Uncle she smiles, he has never turned down a request of mine. Yun Shi is sitting in a warehouse watching a man tied up in a chair struggling to breathe when his phone rings, he looks at the caller ID, Hmm.. Little Liquin hasn’t called me in awhile, I wonder what she wants.

   “Uncle Shi, I need a favor.”

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