This is Bad

Cheng comes back to where Morgan is standing on the sidewalk. “How the hell did she disappear? “

    Morgan towers over most of the people walking along the street, he searches through the crowd for a sign of LiMei.”We need to find her, she could be anywhere in this crowd.” 

   “Why the fuck would she take off like that. What happened between you two?” He looks at Morgan’s arm dangling down at his side, “What is wrong with your arm?”

   Morgan has a serious expression,”Feng LiMei stabbed me with a silver needle in my acupuncture point, with a great deal of accuracy she hit my Vishu Point. “

   “You are saying she intentionally was able to insert a needle in your Vishu Point. It would take an expert..ha ha .. that is ridiculous.”

   Morgan grimaces “I think my arm proves I’m correct, My hand went numb immediately, then a sensation of pins and needles went up my arm leaving it useless for now.”

   Cheng scratches his head, that accupuncture point is located between two small veins , “It was a fluke, it had to be.”

  “Well, right before she stabbed my hand she said ‘let me go or you will regret it’. Anyway, we don’t have time to worry about my arm right now, eventually the effects will subside. Do you know anyone on the police force that will give us access to the CCTV  along this street.”

   “I do know a guy, but don’t you think she is playing around and will go back to the hotel on her own.”

   “Do you want to take a chance of CEO Qiao coming back and she hasn’t returned? Or for something unforseen to happening to Feng LiMei while we are supposed to be guarding her.”

   “Let me call Hong.”

   When he gets off the phone with his friend Hong he tells Morgan, “ Hong said he would send a feed to us.”

  Morgan thinks about her whispering a man’s name,“I think she slipped away to meet a man whose name is Bo.”

 “No fucking way, I don’t believe it.”

    LiMei catches her breath, they must be frantcally looking for me right now. Well, serves Morgan right for dragging me along like a little kid. She looks in her purse at her phone to see what time it is. I will go over watch the street performers then go back. I don’t want Cheng to worry though he has been really nice to me. She scrunches up her nose, what should I do? Call him…tell him I will come back at ten thirty?

    The little gangster with Huang Chen coughs  then spits on the ground,“Where do you think the  bitch went?”

  “I saw her dip into an alley by Sesame Ramen Bar. I didn’t see her come out, she must still be in there or she went down the alley to the next street.. So I’m having Big Ji block that end of the alley and we can try to trap her at the entrance on this street.”

   Huang Chen calls his men, “Have Snake drive over to the end of the alley at Monivong St. Send the Yi Brothers in to grab the girl. Fucking hurry before she comes out.”

   The little gangster picks his teeth with his finger, “What about the two bodyguards?”

    “It will take them time to search, we can snatch her before they find her whereabouts. Let’s go.”

   LiMei clutches her phone, should I call?..hmmm..I did promise I wouldn’t slip away but when I got angry I went with my first impulse to escape Morgan’s grip and make him regret treating me like a child. I will call.. Rui put Cheng’s number in my phone, let’s see, okay.. Here it is..

   Cheng answers the phone thinking the caller is his friend Hong. “Yeah.”

   LiMei laughs faintly, “Ah Cheng..It’s LiMei.”

    Shocked LiMei is on the phone, he nervously says,“Feng LiMei, where are you?” 

   “Is Morgan mad?”

   Cheng glances over at Morgan whose veins are popping on his forehead. Morgan recognizes LiMei’s soft voice and wants to grab the phone but can’t lift his arm. “Let me talk to her!”

  “Oh, I can hear him in the background. He does sound angry.” She decides it would be best to let him cool off. “ I will go back to the hotel before Rui returns. Umm..Morgan’s arm, do you guys know any acupuncture.” Cheng looks at Morgan’s arm dangling down. “Nah, not really.”

   “Listen to me if you press on his shoulder with three fingers together right where the scapula…  you know the shoulder blade, meets the clavicle… on the joint there , exerting some pressure for thirty seconds exactly, he will regain the use of his arm. Ahh… he might have some residual soreness.”

   “Tell me where you are. If you want to stay longer..go see the flame eaters..fine,  but you need to tell me where you are right now so we can guard you.” He sounds worried, “You could get yourself in trouble, a pretty girl alone on the street.” He fidgets, what the fuck, she needs to tell me where she is!

   Morgan motions to him with his left hand, his voice low, “Give me the goddam phone.” He looks at the location from where she is calling, he points to Cheng. They start down the street.

   Cheng hands him the phone, Morgan controls his raging temper. “Miss Feng, I realize my attitude towards you was disrespectful. But you did promise me you wouldn’t try to escape. We should put this incident behind us. We can meet you then the three of us can go to watch the performers.” He talks as they quicken their pace down the street.

   “I’m glad you realize that my running away was your fault.”


   “Alright.. I am at.. Ahhh..who are you…Uhhh..let go of me!”

   “Feng LiMei!.. Feng LiMei!” What the fuck just happened! He starts running down the street looking at the locator on the phone. Cheng chases behind him.

   In the alley LiMei shoves her phone into her pocket leaving it turned on as three men dressed in black try to subdue her. She kicks the first man in the leg and he buckles, then swings her leg around hitting the second man in the face. He stumbles back as a third man tries to grab her from the back. She flips the muscular man behind her body over her shoulder onto the ground as the other two men recover and lunge towards her tripping on the gangster on the ground.  

     She quickly turns and runs the opposite direction, noticing a black SUV parked at the end of the alley she tries a few doors as she moves past them with the three men chasing her. Shit!

   Huang Chen’s ‘s men on  Sekong St. get out of the car walking into the alley, Big Ji has a sinister smile, turning to the shorter man next to him,, “Call Huang Chen we have the woman trapped.”

   Huang Chen picks up his phone as it rings, when he hears what Big Ji’s driver says, he grins, “We are two minutes away on foot.”

   LiMei takes two silver needles out of her hair by her ponytail. Waiting until she gets closer to the two men leisurely walking towards her she flings them at their necks, caught off guard thinking grabbing LiMei would be a piece of cake, both men scream in excruciating pain as their bodies fall to the ground writhing around unable to control their limbs. Two men behind her are rapidly approaching the third man is limping at a slower pace from her forceful kick to his knee. 

    Not wanting to waste a moment she decides not to bend over and grab her silver needles from the men on the ground. Dammit! I only have three needles left in my purse. Turning the corner as she exits the alley she runs directly into Huang Chen and the little gangster. 

   Huan Chen grabs her by her arms, “Ha..ha..gotcha.”

   LiMei struggles to free herself, she lifts her knee connecting with his crotch, he lightens his grip on her arms, about to kick him again she swings around but before she can the slimy man behind Huan Chen moves quickly reaching around placing the ether soaked cloth on her face. LiMei falls unconscious. Still holding his balls Huang Chen grits his teeth spitting out, “Throw the little bitch into the backseat.”

   Morgan can hear muffled sounds and voices from LiMei’s phone in the pocket of her pants, what the fuck is going on! He and Cheng arrive at the alley and see the black SUV parked blocking it with no one in the car. “The men who grabbed Feng LiMei must have got her as she ran down the alley to escape.” He tries the door on the car it is open,covering the phone he says, “Cheng get in.You will need to drive. Open the passenger door.”He looks at his useless right arm, goddamm  little idiot!

   There are no keys in the ignition, Cheng exclaims, “FUCK! How are we going to start the car?”

   Morgan smashes the steering column with a gun he pulled out from his boot. “Get the pocket knife out of my right pants pocket.” Cheng leans across the seat reaching in Morgan’s pocket.

   Morgan’s face turns black his voice has a  threatening tone “Get your fucking face off my d**k.”

   “…” I’m not too happy myself I have to practically lay in your lap to put my hand in your fucking pocket to get the knife!

   Once Morgan has the pocket knife he uses it to flip a microchip from the ignition. Taking a similar chip from his wallet he replaces the one he removed, then puts a key into the ignition. The car starts up. His voice is low so the men who have LiMei can’t hear.”Go I will tell you which direction.” He looks at Cheng’s phone in his hand still connected to LiMei’s. Fuck that would have been a hella lot easier if I could use my fucking right arm! He mutes the phone on his end but can still hear what is going on.

   Morgan I almost forgot, Feng LiMei said if you take three fingers and exert pressure….he repeats what she said. You can regain the use of your arm.”

   “You motherf****ng idiot! Do you think you could have told me that earlier?”

   Morgan follows the instructions, yeah arm is still useless. It was a fluke she hit me in my Vishu Point. Suddenly although his arm is sore he can feel his fingers and he is able to move his arm.

   Cheng glances over, “Man, it worked! I wonder where Feng LiMei learned that shit!”

   “Pay attention to the road, it looks like they are heading down Sekong St. maybe we can cut them off.”

   “Doesn’t that road lead to the airport where we landed in CEO Qiao’s plane. Do you think they are going to the airport with her? Why?”

   Morgan furrows his eyebrows while he thinks,, ”How the fuck would I know why! We just better get her fucking back.”

   The voices are indistinguishable, but it sounds like two men talking. “I didn’t hear Feng LiMei’s voice did you?”

    “No, do you think they gagged her?” Cheng doesn’t want to think of the other possibility. His handsome face pales considering the kidnappers might hurt LiMei. He pictures her cute appearance while she was laughing at dinner. 

    “I know what you are thinking Cheng but we need to assume she is still alive. If you think about it, if her kidnapping is for a ransom they need to give proof of life and why else would someone kidnap an ordinary girl like Feng LiMei. Even is it is for sex trafficking they need to keep her alive and unharmed to get full value.”

    Cheng doesn’t want to consider the last scenario, if it is for ransom CEO Qiao will pay to rescue Feng LiMei.

   “It looks like they are turning on the next street. We should be not far behind them, so hang back they might recognize this car.’

   “Wouldn’t that be a good thing, they will think we are their partners.”

   “That is stupid, by now the men called saying their SUV was stolen.”

   “There they are up ahead, I only see two men.The driver and a man in the passenger seat.Where is Feng LiMei?”

   “I can still hear noise her phone so she is in the car, maybe tied and gagged laying on the back seat.’

   Cheng tightens his hand on the steering wheel, “If they are taking Feng LiMei to a plane… this is bad Morgan..We should ambush them as we pass over the river bridge over the river”

   “Not a good idea. What if the car goes over the bridge there is no way to save Feng LiMei. We will wait until they get out of the car at the airport with Feng LiMei. I will think of a plan.”

   “What about CEO Qiao? “

   “He is either still in surgery or just finishing, do you really think we should tell him now? Tell him what exactly? That we lost his precious little girlfriend he dotes on, she was fucking abducted?” He rubs his arm to circulate his blood then flexes his fingers loosening them up. “Just stop talking, I need to think.”

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