Scheming Woman

Rui meets Delun in the hallway, “Do you want to go to the Black Lotus Club with me tonight.”

    “No. That was a bullshit excuse you gave Feng LiMei so I would leave with you. What the hell is wrong with you?” He knows by his actions he got his memory back he wants Rui to admit it.

   Rui glares at Shen Boyin as they pass him wondering if Delun might know who the man is LiMei is seeing. After all he took her to the Black Lotus Club that night. “I don’t want to discuss it here I will tell you when we get home, I have to shower and change.”

   “I want to hang out with LiMei I was planning on showing her some cheats for the game we both play. She must be bored.”

   “I need some answers from you, she can watch television.” Rui impatiently pushes the button on the elevator, the door opens, after they enter Rui can’t conceal his frustration his first words are, “How did I lose my memories of LiMei? Why isn’t it the entire block of time only her.”

   Since Delun really has no idea how Woo Xixin removed the specific memories he can be honest, “I don’t know.”

   Rui’s knits his eyebrows feeling betrayed he accuses Delun, “But you know I was in a relationship with Feng LiMei and didn’t tell me.”

   “Hey Bro that is between you and Feng LiMei. It’s true I knew but you need to ask her about the situation. I don’t know many of the details so I could give you the wrong information.  Have her explain what happened.”

    Earlier Rui fought back the urge to confront LiMei because he needs to know more about the circumstances,“I want to have more information before I do.” When they reach the lobby, Delun gets out of the elevator his car is in the parking lot Rui’s sportscar is parked in the underground garage. 

     He looks back at Rui’s distraught appearance, his voice subdued,“I will see you at home.”  Delun feels conflicted from being caught in the middle of the situation on one hand he wants to warn LiMei but Rui is his elder brother he can’t interfere.

     Rui normally appears emotionless but from the hurt expression on his face he is worried. He has never had Rui look at him with such a deep and emotional expression.

   Rui becomes more agitated as he gets into his black Porsche stepping down hard on the accelerator the sports car moves fast out of the garage. His phone rings,what the hell does Jianyu want? Jianyu sounds impatient, “Where are you? I thought you were coming at seven.”

    “I will be there I got held up at the hospital.” Disconnecting his bluetooth he races down the highway going 140mph all he can think about is LiMei right now, he mutters to himself, “ I can’t wait until Saturday I will explain my fake marriage to you when I come back to the hospital then little girl you better tell me the truth.”

    After he arrives at his house he takes a shower then puts on a black shirt and charcoal gray pants. Sitting on the couch in his living room looking out at the patio while he is waiting for Delun he pictures LiMei laughing and sharing some cake with him. He looks at his watch Delun should be back by now.

   He decides to call,“Delun,where are you I need to leave soon.”

     “Sorry Rui I was about to call you. I’m not trying to avoid you but I forgot grandfather has a Matchmaking date set up for me for tonight. I’m at the mansion now. I promise I will tell you everything I know when I get home later.”

   Rui kicks the coffee table,“Dammit Delun!”

   “Bro do you think I want to meet this girl? She is the daughter of one of his old friends I can’t back out or I will never hear the end of the bitching. He said he will cut me off if I don’t start going on these damn dates.”

   Frustrated Rui knows how his grandfather likes to hang money over his brother’s head to force him,  “Whatever but you better be prepared to tell me everything you know.”

  “I will.”

   Rui grabs his tailored gray suit coat and leaves anxious to find out who the bastard is that LiMei has been seeing.

   The Chen brothers, Henri Armand and Xiaobo are surrounded by several beautiful scantily clad women in the private room at the Club. Xiaobo is drunk laughing as the woman sitting on his lap whispers something into his ear, then he says “When is Demon Lord coming anyway I thought he was in a hurry to find that person’s identity.”

   Chen Jianyu has a sip of red wine then asks,“What are you talking about?” Rui usually has no interest in anything but his hospital and right now becoming the CEO of Qiao Corporation. “Does it have something to do with the board meeting on Friday?”

   “No, he called me up to look at the tapes from the auction, when I told them they were all destroyed he wanted some information.”

   “The surveillance tapes were all destroyed?”

   “I don’t want to fucking discuss that debacle. My men finally replaced the equipment and I barely reopened the Club tonight.” The whole mess is why he is drunk right now trying to forget his loss of face from the incident.

   Henri Armand has his long legs crossed in a leisurely manner leaning on the opposite couch. He is looking at his phone checking his messages when he overhears their conversation. Who is Qiao Rui looking for that was at the auction?

    Chen Jianyu opens his mouth about to pursue the subject when Rui comes into the room. Glancing at the people sitting on the two couches no way is he asking Xiaobo in front of these people.

      Not wanting to appear anxious he sits down, “Jianyu pass me the whiskey.” Tense from the last couple of days he decides fuck it… I will relax for awhile then ask Xiaobo now is not the time. He glares at Henri Armand another lost memory surfaces suddenly being reminded of LiMei’s ambiguous actions towards the Frenchman that night.

   One of the women wearing a short black skirt and a silver sequined halter top quickly takes the bottle of whiskey swaying her hips seductively she walks over to Rui,“Allow me handsome.” She has worked at the Club for a month and this is the first time she has been sent to the owner’s private room, these men must be VIPs. This is a good opportunity for her to hook up with a rich man. Bending down her large chest is almost in Rui’s face he grimaces, her perfume is too heavy and he doesn’t want to be touched by this woman. “Scram.”

    He picks up the crystal glass taking a gulp he feels a fiery sensation down his throat. “This is good whiskey is it from your private stock.”

   “Of course. Rui about..” Before he can say any more Rui quickly interrupts, ”We can discuss it later I’m hungry did you order the food.”

    “We were waiting for you. Fei go tell the kitchen to start serving.” The pretty girl who is sitting next to Henri Armand stands up and quietly leaves.

   Chen Jianyu and Chen Huan are discussing the audition earlier today when Chen Jianyu remembers Wang Li mentioned Feng LiMei is in Rui’s hospital, “Hey Rui do you have a patient at your hospital in the VIP wing named Feng LiMei?”

   How does Chen Jianyu know Feng LiMei? He couldn’t be the man could he? No besides being a shrewd businessman having some enemies he wouldn’t hide the incident at the intersection and he has no Underworld ties.

    He finishes his whiskey then is about to pour another when the woman who served him puts her hand on his, “Please let me, I want to serve you.” She rubs the top of his hand, he knocks her hand away sounding disgusted he growls, “Get the fuck away from me.” The only woman he wants to touch him is LiMei. Insulted by his cold refusal she pouts sitting back down on the couch next to Chen Jianyu. She touches her pocket, if I can put some aphrodisiac in his drink I can seduce him after while. He definitely won’t push me away after he is drugged.

    Watching him silently drink she decides even though he is rude he is the most handsome man out of the group. Although each one is handsome his eyes are dark as obsidian and his face is flawless. Looking at his limited edition watch and the handmade designer suit he must be extremely wealthy.  

     She has a sinister smile as she obediently sits on the couch pouring wine for Chen Jianyu. He isn’t paying attention to her either while he texts Lau An. She called leaving several messages while he was at work. He has put off calling all day knowing what she wants.

   When Chen Jianyu doesn’t get a response from Rui he says, “Rui, I asked you a question.”

   Rui’s voice is sarcastic,“Do you think I know every patient that is admitted to my hospital?” Annoyed he wants to know how Jianyu knows LiMei, “Who is this woman to you?”

   “She is my assistant. Wang Li took an actress from Hushang Entertainment to your VIP wing to have an injury examined while he was waiting he overheard the nurses saying she is a patient and mentioned your name.”

   Rui’s face darkens what else doesn’t he remember about LiMei… she works for Jianyu​​? The fucking nurses were gossiping about him…they certainly have guts! His voice is emotionless although inside his anger is boiling up.“What time was Wang Li at the hospital? I can check.”

   “It was about four o’clock he called me.”

   “Give me a moment.” He takes out his phone texting Bai Chiyu. 

    Bai Chiyu is out to dinner with her cousin she has a piece of chicken in her mouth when she sees the notification from Rui on her phone. She sets her chopsticks down it must be an emergency at the hospital otherwise why would Dr. Qiao contact me at this time of night.

    [Immediately fire the two nurses who work at the desk on the VIP fourth floor they were on duty between three thirty and four thirty today.]

    She knows not to question him but that is too vague. She can check their names from the schedule he probably has no idea, but she needs the reason. [Reason, I will need to give one]

    [Violation of the nondisclosure section of their contract.]

    [Will do.]

    Rui sets down his phone, “Bai Chiyu will check.” This will give him some time to consider the situation. If he lies then that seems strange but LiMei must have a reason if she didn’t inform Chen Jianyu of what happened.

   Henri Armand tightens the grip on his wine glass why would Daiyu be in the hospital? Did Yun Shi have the balls after I warned him to do something to her? He can’t be too obvious but he wants to know, “Jianyu what happened at the audition? Was the audition for the Fresh Faces Variety Show?” He is an investor so asking is normal.

   The door opens and three women carrying trays of food enter, Xiaobo tells them to set it up on the side table. Motioning to the women on the couch they know what to do, they go to fill plates for the Young Masters then they will feed them.

   Rui’s mind wanders if LiMei works for Chen Jianyu he might know something about her relationships but why do I get the impression he doesn’t know about me and Feng LiMei.

   The women sit on the couch next to the men holding the plates of food. Xiaobo allows his favorite woman to feed him as does Chen Huan but the other two men refuse motioning to them to put the food down on the table. Chen Huan has a devilish look on his face, “Why are you guys not enjoying being pampered?”

Chen Jianyu responds, “Fuck off Huan.” While Rui ignores the comment, he isn’t interested in eating right now and these women are annoying.

     Rui knows Jianyu never pays attention to his employees a woman could fall down in front of him and he would step over her body.“This woman Feng LiMei is your assistant? Since when do you care about your employees?”

   Chen Huan almost spits out his food Qiao Rui has a point. Henri Armand listens while the beautiful woman next to him gives him a bite of steak he acts uninterested in the conversation.

    “I don’t but I don’t like to be lied to by an employee.”

    Rui drinks some more whiskey nonchallantly pursuing the matter , “Why? She didn’t tell you she was hospitalized?’

   Chen Jianyu has had some drinks and feels like venting irritated he is even concerned about Feng LiMei for some reason.“This little plain girl you would have to see her, it is unbelievable with her ordinary looks she was Leng Shuai’s girlfriend before. Seriously this girl’s appearance is a mess. I had to tell her to get an appropriate wardrobe, she would come to work in a baggy old fashioned sweater. She still won’t take off her big black glasses and get contacts and she styles her mousy brown hair like an eighty year old.

   Feng LiMei is a genius so I value her abilities but told her to improve her attire and I can’t tolerate her attitude.She was adhering to my rules until yesterday.{He isn’t going to say she needs to keep her as part of the Shingu Island deal.}

    Yesterday she didn’t call Han Nuying and just didn’t show up for work. Then get this shit…  that conceited bastard Leng Shuai calls me personally to say she is working for him for a few days and will be back to work for me on Monday. He is such a fucking arrogant asshole. Now this afternoon Wang Li tells me she is in your hospital.”

   Rui has been listening to what Chen Jianyu is saying they can’t be the same person, the Feng LiMei he knows is gorgeous, her rare beauty is unparalleled. Imagining her flawless face, snow white soft skin, long silky black hair and her perfect body he has a hint of a smile on his face. While he is thinking about LiMei his facial features soften making his face even more handsome The woman sitting next to Chen Jianyu becomes mesmerized as she looks at Rui longingly should she put the drug in his drink now or wait.

    Henri Armand realizes she must want to appear ordinary that is why she dresses like that. It probably is Daiyu in the hospital but what happened to her, he needs to find out, “Excuse me I need to make a call.” The woman who has been leaning onto him is pushed away as he stands up from the couch. Once outside the room he calls one of his associates not affiliated with the Black Sky Organization. “I want you to find out if there is a patient in the VIP wing of Qiao Rui’s hospital by the name of Feng LiMei and her room number as soon as possible.”

    When he enters the room again Chen Huan and Xiaobo are discussing his new Club opening in Paris and Rui is quietly drinking lost in his thoughts. Henri came to dinner this evening to find out more about Leng Shuai’s business activities in Pushong City now he is even more interested hearing Daiyu has been involved with him.

    “Jianyu I heard you mention Leng Shuai, I received an invitation to his banquet on Friday night I’m not familiar with him.{Actually I know the bastard well and hate him.} Do you know him?” 

   Chen Jianyu has black lines forming on his forehead, “I have had dealings with him.”

   “Isn’t his relocation of some of his subsidiaries to Pushong City sudden?”

    “Since they have entered the Entertainment business it makes sense.”

    “Do you expect heavy competition from them with your Hushang Entertainment division?”

    “No so far no one has been able to challenge us I don’t foresee any problems.”

    Chen Huan is drunk he has a woman on either side of him his hand slipping under one of the women’s short halter top. He leans over and seductively whispers to the other beautiful girl, “Feed me.” Her bright red lips curl up and she kisses him feeding the wine into his mouth. Stimulated by her action he presses her closer to him deepening the kiss while the other woman places her hand on his thigh.

   Xiaobo starts laughing, “Huan go get a room!” 

   Chen Huan shakily stands up pulling the two women towards the door,“Henri come to the studio tomorrow at ten o’clock they are rehearsing for Fresh Faces. I hired a new girl you will like her name is MoMo, not exceptionally talented but her face is to your taste.”

    Henri leans back stretching out his long legs, “Just send her picture to me I’m busy tomorrow I leave for Paris in two days.” He smirks as if I don’t have enough beautiful women surrounding me but not one compares to little Daiyu.

    Chen Huan staggers down the hallway then opens up a room with his VIP card as he kisses the woman hanging on his arm while the other woman follows behind them. They are trained to serve the VIP customers but seldom get to entertain such a good looking man. Both of them cling onto his hard body as they start undressing him hoping if they please him they will be well rewarded.

   Back in the private room Chen Jianyu tells Henri what he knows about Leng Shuai. Xiaobo listens thinking if they only knew how dangerous that man is they would stay far away from him as possible.

      Henri’s phone rings he sees the name Harry Vargas the man he asked to check on Daiyu. He doesn’t answer, “Well I have something I need to attend to I will see you at the Leng Enterprises banquet Friday night.”

    Henri glances over at Qiao Rui whose face is flushed and his eyes look glazed. The woman he rejected not long ago has a satisfied smile on her face not taking her greedy eyes off of him.  Henri’s lips curl up in a faint smile apparently the scheming woman drugged the good doctor’s drink. 

     Rui has been listening to the conversation but now is having trouble focusing on what they are saying. 

    The woman on the couch next to Chen Jianyu smiles watching Rui finish his drink, now she only has to wait…

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