Rui Is Too Close

Across the river in Yun Xing’s luxury apartment Yun Shi is laying on the leather couch “Fuck! Are you almost done?” Yun Shi narrows his eyes shooting daggers at the middle aged doctor stitching up his arm.

  “Yun Shi are you fucking kidding me crying like a little bitch over this small wound! The bullet barely grazed your arm. It only penetrated the third layer of your epidermis, after the reconstructive surgery on your face how can this even faze you?”

      He continues to stitch up his arm. “Stop squirming…you should have let me give you an injection for the pain then when I asked you if it hurt.”

   “Are you finished? Get out before I give you a taste of pain! Kang! Fucking pay this quack.” 

“…” The doctor grabs his bag, “Next time you can find Rani to come you little shit!”

    Yun Shi starts laughing, ” You greedy old fuck you won’t give up this type of cash!”

     “I have plenty of money I only came because of your father. How he raised an insolent brat like you… he would be ashamed, you should learn to respect your elders, asshole!” He grabs the money and leaves muttering under his breath.

     Yun Shi disregards his insult the old fart always annoys him. Grimacing  in pain he wishes he had a fat shot of Demerol but he needs to keep his head together Kuang Bo is supposed to smuggle the Sacred Stone out in two hours.

   Yun Xing isn’t aware her husband Shi is in her apartment she unlocks the door laughing with a feminine looking young man. When she sees Yun Shi in the living room it is too late to retreat she whispers in the little white face’s ear to follow her lead as they enter the foyer.

   She rushes into the room feigning concern, “Honey, what happened!” Yun Shi looks past her to see the man dressed in tight jeans with a striped pink shirt unbuttoned standing by the doorway. So this is what she has been up to in Pushong City putting a green hat on him. Great!

      He stands up before she can say anything he slaps her cheek knocking her to the floor, “Didn’t I tell you to go to your father’s mansion! Here you are to fuck some little punk!”

   The terrified young man tries to escape out the door when he sees Yun Shi slap Yun Xing. He barely met her at the salon he works at downtown not knowing she is married… to a fucking gangster no less!

   Yun Shi yells at one of his men, “Grab that little punk.”

   The young man is scared these guys look dangerous. Kang grabs him from behind holding him like a weightless rag doll.The unfortunate gigolo is practically crying, “Hey man I just met her I didn’t know she is married!” He twists his scrawny body trying to avoid the muscular man’s large hand.

   Yun Xing is still on the floor holding her face, what an idiot! She was going to say he was an interior designer. Now there is no salvaging the situation, the only thing she can do is hope Shi doesn’t hurt her because of her father.

   “Take him away, teach him a lesson but don’t kill him.” Yun Shi is in no mood for this shit. He kicks Yun Xing in her side, “If I didn’t need you I would give you to my men to play with until you died from their abuse. Count yourself lucky I have some plans for you. Go back to your Uncle’s mansion if I find out you even stepped one foot out before the LE banquet I will fuck up that pretty little face.”

   Yun Xing is  petrified staring at the cold man in front of her knowing he never loved her in the first place it was all one sided. Holding back her tears as she holds her side. “Shi! He works at a design studio the owner recommended him, I want to redecorate this apartment for you.”

   Yun Shi starts laughing, “Right! Keep talking and I will forget I need your father. Do you think I am stupid? I’m going to find out if you were involved in Marnie’s death, if you were there is no way I will let you or your scumbag of a father off the hook.”

    “Kang get her out of my sight.”

    Yun Xing can barely stand she lost one of her 10cm heels when she fell down. One of the bodyguards kicks it over to her, it lands by her feet. She glares at him as she puts it on her foot, then as she stumbles along towards the door.

    She turns her head with a few tears running down her cheek looking at Yun Shi laying on the couch. “Shi how can you treat me like this? I don’t know what that bastard Leng Shuai told you but I loved Marnie, she was my only sister! I had nothing to do with what happened to her that day. I was in New York.”

   He angrily strides over grabbing her arm,“How did you know Leng Shuai told me?”

   She stutters, “Who else would want to stir up the past but him? He always hated me and my father.”

   His eyes are blazing with anger as he stares intently into her eyes, “Bitch, as much as I hate Leng Shuai he has no reason to lie to me.”

   Yun Xing has always been pampered and arrogant looking at the hate in her husband’s eyes because of that little slut Marnie she can hardly control herself from blurting out the truth. But she smiles, “Shi, I’m sure he wanted to anger you and sow some discord between us. You will see I had nothing to do with her death and your injuries then I hope we can stop having her ghost between us.”

   He flings her away, “Make sure you stay at the mansion. I will pick you up for the banquet Friday night as planned.”

   Yun Shi walks back to the couch after they leave picking up his phone, “Kuang Bo when are you picking up the merchandise.”

   Kuang Bo has made the arrangements to smuggle the Sacred Stone out of the country but is still working on his computer, he looks at his watch, “I will send my man over in an hour, do you have the statue also I can find a buyer for it.”

   “I never saw the statue after it went out to be displayed, why does everyone seem to think I have it?”

    “…” Probably because you stole the Sacred Stone. “Do you have any idea who might have it?” He has heard a rumor the Black Jade Amulet is hidden inside of it but is not going to tell Yun Shi that information. Everyone seems to think Leng Shuai has the Amulet, whoever possesses it on New Year’s Day at the meeting of the Old Men will be the New Master.

   “My only concern at the time was getting out of there with the Sacred Stone, I assumed it was in with the other auctioned items waiting to be picked up. Why do you care?”

   “I have a client that is interested in it.”

   “Who that French designer guy Henri Armand?”

   Kuang Bo wants to laugh since he is Henri Armand. “No. When you were in the room before you killed Tang and the blond woman was anyone else there besides your men?”

   “No..huh… that’s right the chick who carried it out to display it.” The little secretary of Leng Shuai…what the fuck could she have stolen it for him? Why would he steal it? “There was a chick that was working for the auctioneer, I was going to get rid of her but I got interrupted.”

   Kuang Bo tightens his grip on the phone, that was Qin Daiyu! His tone is cold and indifferent, “There is no need to pursue it I will find out what happened to the Golden Dragon. You shouldn’t kill anyone else, Pushong City isn’t like the Eastern Coast, they have a task force and Han Weisheng has been hanging around looking for a reason to arrest you according to my sources.”

   “Well I don’t give a fuck about the Golden Dragon I only wanted to antagonize Leng Shuai.”

   “Yeah speaking of which you owe me for that rescue,  Ling got shot and you pissed off Huang. How is your arm Huang said a bullet grazed you as you climbed into the helicopter.”

   “It is nothing. I will give your man the cash for the rescue with the Sacred Stone.”

    Kuang Bo reminds him,“I need to go, remember what I said don’t leave any corpses around you should keep a low profile while you are here.”

   After Kuang Bo hangs up he kicks the table, it is a fucking good thing you didn’t kill Qin Daiyu or you would be left without your body intact. He rubs his temple would she have been foolish enough to steal the Golden Dragon? He makes another call, “Huan, it’s Henri do you want to go to the Black Lotus Club for dinner and drinks?” Maybe he can find out some information about the whereabouts of the Golden Dragon.

   “I’m meeting Xiaobo and Qiao Rui is coming also do you want to join us?”

   “What time?”

   “Seven o’clock Xiaobo’s private room.”

    “I will be there. Did you get a new star to join the cast for the upcoming Fresh Face Variety Show?”

   “Kang Jin suggested a woman he knows that will be in his new movie for Leng Entertainment, Meng QiQi, I’m auditioning her this afternoon.”

   “Kang Jin is going to work for Leng Entertainment? Isn’t he under contract to Hushang Group?”

   “He is but we are lending him to Leng Entertainment for a movie that they are producing. I didn’t want to do it but Kang Jin is good friends with CEO Leng. 

     Our lawyers negotiated a decent deal we will get a fair share of the profits. Jin’s contract is up for renewal and it was compromise or have him sign with Leng Entertainment at the beginning of the new year. I’m not familiar with Leng Shuai I have met his brother, he is amiable. I’m looking forward to meeting Leng Shuai at their banquet Friday night.”

   “Don’t let your guard down around Leng Shuai he is a cold and ruthless bastard. He uses his brother as the face of the company but he holds the real power.”

   ”You know him?”

   “I have had dealings with him in the past. I know him well enough to be cautious when dealing with him.”

   “I will keep that in mind, okay so see you at seven I’m going to the audition room now to see what the Director thinks of this actress and her singing ability.”

   After Kuang Bo hangs up the phone he is wondering why the name Meng QiQi sounds familiar to him. He knows many actresses because of Chloe Couture’s popularity but if she is going on Fresh Faces she wouldn’t be one of his clients she couldn’t afford his designer clothes.

   Chen Huan leaves his office to go to the audition his assistant Ma Gouzhi stops him in the hallway, “Director Chen you weren’t picking up your phone there is a problem with the audition.”

   “What problem?”

   “The woman that Kang Jin suggested hurt her ankle…it was Chen Hua… she pushed her down…”

   “What the hell! That little brat! What was she doing there anyway?”

    “Her friend  also is auditioning and there were words spoken, I’m not sure how it escalated from there.”

   “It is good you caught me before I went in there, I don’t want any part of that scene. I’m going back to my office send Hua to see me, send Meng QiQi to Qiao Rui’s hospital to be examined. Dammit, was the friend of Hua’s any good? I mean shit this segment is for next Wednesday.”

   “I will talk to the Director I didn’t see any of the audition I was busy in Accounting  when I got the call.”

    Chen Huan turns around to return to his office muttering, “One more incident and I am going to kick that little brat Hua out of Hushang Entertainment even if grandfather objects!”

    Ma Guizhe hurries down to the audition motioning to Chen Hua to come over to him. She reluctantly steps through some chairs that were knocked over and approaches him pouting, “Tell Uncle it wasn’t my fault that slut started it!” She points to where Meng QiQi is sitting rubbing her ankle.

   “Miss Chen go see the Director.”

   “What about Momo?”

   “Who is Momo?”

   “My friend who came to audition.”

   “That is up to the Director.”

   Ma Guizhe remains calm and points at the door, “I wouldn’t keep him waiting Miss Chen.”

   Che Hua stomps out of the room as Ma Guizhe approaches Meng QiQi, “Miss Meng, I have sent for someone to take you to Dr. Qiao’s hospital to be examined. Of course the company will take care of an expenses incurred from your injury.”

   Meng QiQi smiles up at him with a few tears forming in her eyes for effect, “Thank you.”

   Wang Li comes in the door, “Guizhi, the Boss sent me down here to take someone to the hospital.”

   “CEO Chen  is here?”

   “Yes he is in with Chen Huan.”

    Meng QiQi perks up getting pushed down by that bitch might work out alright, this handsome man must be Chen Jianyu’s bodyguard. If she can get close to him maybe she can meet Chen Jianyu. She tries to stand up and pretends to fall, Wang Li quickly catches her holding onto her arm, “The car is right out the back door I will help you.”

    She winces as though she is in a great deal of pain but she actually didn’t get hurt at all. “I will be troubling you then.” She gazes up at him with a pitiful expression, surprised his face remains emotionless most men fall for that helpless look.

   Wang Li calls the Peng Wei to pull the car around to the back of the studio, then he calls Chen Jianyu, “Boss I’m taking her to the hospital now.”

   “I will ride with Huan to dinner you can go home from there.”

   “Should I wait for her to be examined?”

   “No, Huan can send someone to take her to her home.”

   Wang Li didn’t want to come do this at first but now he gets off early he is excited he has a silly grin thinking about surprising his wife.

   Meng QiQi sees him smiling maybe she misread him and he is interested in her she leans into him as they walk along brushing her chest onto him. 

     He frowns is she that weak leaning on him like that, he positions her body away from his as they step out of the back door. I need to hurry and dump this chick off at the hospital. I never get off early.

   At the hospital the technician delivering the healing lotion arrives at Qiao Rui’s office he knocks, “I’m from the lab Mr. Huang sent me.”

   “Come in.”

   The technician hands him the package then leaves, Rui opens the box thinking LiMei should be waking up soon he needs to get down there and apply this lotion. He grabs the bottle and puts it in the pocket of his jacket.

   When he arrives back on the fourth floor his phone starts ringing dammit! It is Chen Huan, “Huan what the hell do you want I’m busy.”

   “This is going to take two minutes. A woman got injured at an audition at Hushang Wang Li is bringing her over I need you to examine her, from what Hua says she is faking her injury.”

   “What the fuck! I don’t have time I will tell Dr. Lee to examine her. What is her name?”

   “Meng QiQi…she might bribe him. I only trust you, I don’t want to get sued Hua is the one who pushed her but she said this woman deliberately fell into some chairs.”

   Rui is hurrying down past the nurses station,“Do you actually think some low level actress could bribe one of my doctors? Ridiculous. I will have him give me the results before I leave, you are going to dinner right in Xiaobo’s private room. I will bring you the results.” He reaches LiMei’s room and hangs up the phone.

   Shen Boyin is guarding the door Rui glares at him, “Who the fuck does your Boss think he is changing guards without notifying me.”

   “Miss Feng gave permission.”

   “She is awake?” Rui starts to panic what will she think when she sees the love marks he left on her body.

   “No, earlier she signed off on the rotation of the guards.”

   Rui breathes a sigh of relief, “Did the other guard inform you she is not to have visitors and you are not to enter the room?”

   “Yes.” Su Ryan told him to comply with the doctor’s instructions the Boss would be back later and deal with the situation.

   Rui walks into the room LiMei is still peacefully sleeping he sits on the bed staring affectionately at her beautiful face, leaning over he gently kisses her pink lips savoring the flavor. 

     Smiling thinking about regaining his memories of their time together he tells himself I will have you but for now I need to keep up the charade that I don’t know we were together. His fingers play with her silky black hair as he whispers, “Soon you will be mine again.”

    Reaching into his pocket he takes the healing lotion then begins to apply it to each of the marks. Touching her warm soft skin Rui can feel his heart beating rapidly his willpower wanes as he caresses her creamy white shoulder kissing her again. 

     He then continues to gently apply the lotion as he does the red marks are rapidly disappearing from her body, when he finishes he examines her skin impressed at the results it worked faster than expected.

     LiMei’s skin looks white and unblemished, satisfied he nods his head, this lotion Huang David created is remarkable she won’t have any idea in my crazed state I covered her in love bites. 

    As he  straightens her gown he thinks although the material for the hospital gown is top quality I’m going to have some prettier and more comfortable pajamas sent over for LiMei.

   Looking on his phone he locates an exclusive shop not far from the hospital, calling the store he places an order for several both nightgowns and pajamas in the latest styles. 

     The sales woman who answered the phone smiles he said to make sure they were the finest the store has available. She looks through the new arrivals the store picking out the most expensive, her sales has been slow this week this commission should pay her next month’s rent. Excited she rings it up using the credit card number he gave her then wraps them for express delivery.

    Rui places the bottle back in his pocket then he looks at his watch she should be waking up in the next half hour then it will be time to change her bandage again. Rui wishes he hadn’t made plans to meet with Xiaobo but he needs to find out who the man in LiMei has been seeing. His phone rings moving away from the bed he answers, “Did you get the cedar box?”

   “I did, I put it on your desk in the study of your house. How is Feng LiMei?”

   “She is sleeping are you coming to the hospital?” It occurs to Rui if he was seeing LiMei why didn’t Delun say anything when he lost his memory? Did something happen? It would explain the familiarity between Feng LiMei and him.

   “Yes, what happened at the mansion when I came downstairs father and grandfather were cursing you.”

   Rui sneers,“Isn’t that usually the case when I return to the mansion?”

   “Old Man Wang and his son bolted past me when they were leaving almost knocking over the Oriental vase as they rushed down the hallway.”

   Rui smiles recalling putting Wang Kai in his place, “I’m meeting the Chen brothers at the Black Lotus Club bring dinner for Feng LiMei nothing spicy or heavy.”

   “I will cook her some light food and bring it.”

   “You don’t need to cook stop by the Red Phoenix on your way to the hospital, I want you here before I leave.”

   “As soon as I shower and change I will be there.”

   “I will wait for you.” Rui hangs up he notices LiMei slightly moving in the bed she must be waking up.

   LiMei opens her eyes slowly seeing Rui standing by the bed, still groggy she says, “Dr. Qiao what time is it?” She has no idea how long she was asleep and looking out the window it is dark outside.

   “It is almost six o’clock.”

   “Wow… I slept so long.” LiMei’s stomach grumbles, embarrassed her cheeks turn red thinking I hope Rui didn’t hear that!

   Rui can’t resist teasing her she looks so cute, “You must be hungry.”

   “ really!”

   Rui wants to laugh at her adorable expression, “Delun will bring you dinner but I will have a nurse bring you some fruit.”

   “Delun is coming? That is great!” Being alone in the room with Rui is not a good idea that dream I had was too realistic. I can feel my heart racing now looking at his handsome face, when he is close to me I’m not sure I can keep pretending.

   “…” Why is she so excited he is coming? Maybe I should stay…no I need that information. Obviously they are friends so I should not say anything she might become suspicious.

   “After you have some fruit I need to change your bandage.” He calls the nurse’s station to bring a plate of cut up fruit to LiMei’s room.“Do you want me to adjust the bed so you are in a sitting position?”

   “Thank you.”

   Rui pushes the button to raise the bed then he lifts her head off the pillow to fix them. LiMei can smell his distinct fragrance and starts to blush feeling his hand on the back of her head. What is he doing! Where is Nurse Ding! She can’t adjust it herself because she can’t lift her right arm yet and her left arm is weak still. 

     Rui’s dark eyes have a mischievous gleam in them seeing her reaction to him touching her neck, in a low voice he seductively says, “How does that feel? Comfortable?”

    LiMei’s skin is tingling from the sensation of him touching her she wants to scream, No! It’s not comfortable… it is very uncomfortable having your hands on me. I want to kiss you so badly! Calmly she says,“Uh..yeah much better.”

   The nurse knocks on the door with the fruit when she brings it into the room Rui takes it from her hands then walks over towards LiMei. He can’t help but smile looking at LiMei’s eager expression.

   The nurse stares at him what is Dr. Qiao doing here taking the fruit plate and he has a warm smile on his usually cold and indifferent face. 

     She stands there stunned for a moment… who is the beautiful young girl in the bed?

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