Rebecca’s Revenge

Wang Rebecca had her assistant apply makeup for her when she got to her apartment and choose a dress that doesn’t reveal her chest that is badly marked by the Hamid brothers. The design of the dress is well suited to her body hugging her curves and tight around her large breasts.

      She turns around looking at herself in the mirror the deep purple color of the dress she thinks gives her a royal appearance. After spraying the latest perfume by Chanel she slips on her 10 cm matching purple slingback heels. She looks in the mirror again touching her right eye glaring over at her assistant, the incompetent bitch didn’t do a very good job with my eyeliner!

    Her assistant impatiently stands to the side waiting for Rebecca to dismiss her, unhappy she had to come to the apartment this time of night. She hates Wang Rebecca but because the pay is too good she can’t quit. Lately the bitch’s behavior has been bizarre to say the least, not calling for a couple days then returning at odd hours calling her to apply healing lotion for various wounds on her body she has received from obvious intense sex.

    Now she is in the news because of the fake marriage with Qiao Rui how can she be getting dressed to go out when she will be swarmed with reporters. It is almost as though she has no clue. Should I tell her? No, I don’t need her throwing anything at me.

   Dissatisfied with her makeup Rebecca’s voice is shrill,“Rachel, get the hell over here and fix my eyeliner you did a terrible job with my right eye. I should dock your pay!”

   “Yes Miss.” She hurries over and reapplies the black eyeliner. Holding the mirror up for Rebecca to check, “Is that better?”

   Rebecca pushes the mirror away, “It will do. Leave.”

    Rachel quickly takes her coat leaving before Rebecca can change her mind again. This job has become a pain the ass but after she was let go by Lau An a couple months ago as her savings dwindled she agreed to work for this witch. What a mistake! Getting a cab home to the suburbs this time of night won’t be easy.

   After her assistant leaves Rebecca takes the cocaine from her purse and without the little spoon she left at the Hamid brother’s hotel suite she puts some on her fingertip. She inhales the white powder then moans in satisfaction. 

   When she changes her purse to one that matches her outfit she is sure to put the little plastic bags into the side pocket. As she is about to leave her phone rings, what the hell does my father want this time of night. When she looks at her phone she has a dozen missed calls from him, she composes herself with great difficulty, “Father, it is late shouldn’t you be in bed?”

    “ Shameless girl! How can I sleep with your face plastered all over the news.”

   “What are you talking about?”

   “Are you so out of touch with reality you aren’t aware of the situation? Ungrateful brat! Wang Electric stocks are plummeting!”

   “Dad, calm down and tell me what this is about.” Rebecca’s mind is racing from having just snorted the cocaine and her heart is racing. It is hard to remain calm listening to Wang che’s tirade.

    “You lying slut! You told me you married Qiao Rui, so now I find out the night before we are to close the deal with Qiao Corporation you lied to me! It was a scheme by you!”

   Rebecca is having a hard time digesting what he is saying. Fake marriage? “I did marry Qiao Rui, I have the marriage book to prove it.”

    “Right! Did you have someone forge that while they were photoshopping pictures of you and Qiao Rui together?”

   “…” Rebecca’s heart sinks and her stomach is in a knot, yes she had pictures of them together that were fake but the marriage is real.

   “ I had pictures and the story embellished but trust me we went to the Marriage Bureau together.”

   “Stop lying to me dead girl! Turn on the news. Did you think you had the ability to manipulate a man like Qiao Rui? He fucked the whole Qiao family when he came back to Pushong City, and that wily fox Qiao Muzhe is not an easy person to manipulate.

      Stupid girl, I sent you to fucking Harvard I thought you were smarter than this, do you not know your limits?” Wang Che’s paunchy face is beet red and the anger inside of him is causing his heart to tighten.

   Rebecca has turned on the television, the story is breaking news and there are interviews with the photographers she bribed to fix the pictures and fabricate the story. 

     Her legs feel weak and the color drains from her face, that fucking bastard Qiao Rui how much humiliation does he plan on heaping on me! Flaunting the little slut now calling our marriage fake! Leaning on the couch she stutters, “Dad, I can explain! The marriage is real!”

    “I heard you have been seen at bars looking for men and doing drugs… I didn’t believe it but now listening to your feeble denial I am beginning to believe the rumors.” 

    “I wouldn’t do drugs Dad, what kind of nonsense is that? It is Qiao Rui spreading rumors to bully me.” Rebecca is about to lose her mind over the scandal. “Dad! I am telling you I have the marriage book, he is my husband! Yes, I wanted to paint a picture of us being blissfully happy but that is all I did!”

   “Bring the marriage book and get the hell over to the mansion! We need to think of a plan to diffuse the situation before all our investors panic.”

  “Yes..yes I will be right over.” She hangs up then throws a large vase against the wall, ‘Fucking Feng LiMei this your fault! I’m going to kill you bitch!”

    Pacing around the couch her mind is in turmoil, I will explain the cheating bastard is lying because of his little whore. He is the one who should be humiliated not me..he is cheating… we are married! She goes to her desk drawer tossing papers around then finds the red booklet. Laughing hysterically she mutters, “I have the proof right here!” I’m not going to let you bully me!

    She shoves the booklet into her purse. Qiao Rui just see how I show everyone this proof of our marriage! Noticing the cocaine she takes it out , just a little more… this news is a buzzkill. She snorts a large amount. Yes..that is better.

      I will go to the mansion after I take care of that little slut Feng LiMei. Seeing a pair of scissors on the floor she tossed when rummaging through the drawers she smiles, I will lure the little bitch to the bathroom then stab her in her scheming heart! Rebecca puts the scissors into her purse then leaves her apartment slamming the door.

   Meanwhile as Kuang Bo takes the elevator he devises a plan to get Feng LiMei away from Rui tonight.

   First, I need to get the information from Zhou Vicki then erase her memory of me. Now that I have seen Daiyu I have no appetite for the boring woman waiting in my suite, maybe I should interrogate the bitch to get the information. 

     I will insert a silver needle into her Zhedu point behind her neck then get rid of her quickly so I can put my plan in action. When he opens the door to his suite Zhou Vicki is only wearing her red bra and a thong she hears him enter and throws herself into his arms,with a coquettish expression she whines, “You took so long.”

   He flinches as she touches his face, “Get off me.” he pushes her away, “Get dressed I am no longer interested in you.”

   Confident he needs the information about the land deal from her she threatens him, “Either you please me in bed or I won’t tell you anything about my husband’s project.”

   Kuang Bo sneers, “If you don’t want to die you have three minutes to get dressed.”

    Zhou Vicki can feel the demonic aura around him, he is nothing like the amorous man he was out on the patio. 

     His eyes are black and unfathomable as he threatens her, she feels afraid as she runs over scurrying to put her on her dress. “Henri, if people knew this side of you do you think they would buy your clothes.”

   “Yes. You have one minute.”

   She is sweating while she fastens her shoes, once they are on her feet she picks up her purse heading for the door. Kuang Bo grabs her arm, “I didn’t say you could leave.”

   “ said to get dressed…” he interrupts her sentence, “I still need that information from you.”

   “What! I’m not telling you anything, let me go or I will scream.”

   “The beauty of these high end VIP suites is that they are soundproof. Feel free to scream all you want.”

   “You are crazy Henri!”

   He leans in close to her inserting the needle behind her ear, “No, I am merely impatient and I find you unappealing. Usually I would enjoy having a woman in my bed spilling secrets but in your case I won’t bother. Your looks are average at the very best and you are an overconfidant obnoxious woman. Now, go sit in the chair.”

   Zhou Vicki slowly walks over to the chair and sits down, Kuang Bo pulls up another chair, “Who owns the property your husband and Li Group want to purchase to build the Catang Mega Mall?”

   “A farmer named Hu Peng, but he doesn’t want to sell.”

   “Do you know why not?” Kuang Bo lights a cigarette, after losing the Shingu Resort project he heard of a chance to make billions on the new Mega Mall project in Catang City.

    “No he won’t meet with the representatives of either the Zhou Group or the Li Group.”

   Kuang Bo blows a smoke ring, “Do they have an alternative site?”

   “The stubborn farmer’s land is the best location, Mo believes the farmer’s son can convince him.”

   “Is his son living in Catang city?”

    “No he is a successful artist living in New York.”

    “Why do they think the son can convince the old man?”

    “I don’t know .”

      Kuang Bo tried to locate Hu Peng’s son but his gallery in New York was closed down. No one seemed to know where he went.

     “Did they locate the son?”

     “I don’t know.”

    “You are totally useless. Leave.” He walks her to the door when they step out of the room he inserts the needle again implanting a new memory

    “Forget you met me, take a taxi to the Red Scorpion Bar then hook up with the first man you see… take pictures while he fucks you. When you go home to Catang City, show the pictures to Zhou Mo tell him you never loved him,you married him for his money.”

    He enters his suite shaking his head, well this was a huge waste of time, how am I  going to secure the purchase of the land and partner on the project. 

    Outside of the room Zhou Vicki walks down the hallway wondering why she is on this floor of her hotel she was going to the Red Scorpion Bar.

    Henri sits on the couch pouring a glass of wine, when his phone rings, “Amir I thought you went back to Morocco after the auction?”

    Amir has known Henri Armand for a few years if he stole the Golden Dragon he wouldn’t be hanging around this boring city still. But, he was talking to the woman showing it who most likely stole the statue. “I have some unfinished business here, do you want to meet for drinks?”

    He looks at his watch Qiao Rui and Daiyu hadn’t ordered dinner yet he has time to have a couple drinks before he snatches Daiyu. “Sure but I am meeting someone at the Flamingo Restaurant later, can you meet at the rooftop bar next to it?”

   Amir is pulling into the parking lot now his plan initially was to go to the Flamingo his source said Henri was having dinner there with Zhou Vicki, who is he meeting later? “Yes.”

   “I will meet you at the Night Sky Bar then in fifteen minutes.” Amir must be up to something I wonder what that weasel wants. He drinks his wine, if his plan works I will be bringing Daiyu to Paris with me. She will need a disguise though because Fu travels to Paris in three days to meet with me he thinks I am working on the assignment he gave me. 

     He is such an idiot I was able to dismantle the operation a week ago remotely. It will be sweet to finally have him out of my hair when he attempts to personally assassinate Viktor in Milan. Fu will be arrested and I will negotiate his release with the prerequisite he lets me leave the Black Sky. He stretches his long legs out as he savors his wine…. soon my little Daiyu we will be reunited.

    Rashid gets off the phone with Amir, fucking shit he could have stayed at the suite or gone to a Club. Why did the Boss decide to take care of it himself. He throws his half finished cigarette on the ground. 

     He calls his brother, “Hamid why don’t you and Najib meet me at the Red Scorpion? The Boss is handling it himself he said if he needs us he will call.”

    Rashid has a gleam in his eye maybe the whore went there looking for a man, if she did I will catch her and punish her. “Where are you now?”

   “We are driving to the Flamingo Restaurant to look for that asshole Henri Armand.”

    “I just told you moron, Amir is there.”

    “Fuck off Rashid you asked where we are, now I’m going to turn down River Parkway to meet you at the Red Scorpion Bar.”

    While Rashid rushes over to the bar anticipating finding Rebecca there she has arrived at the Flamingo Restaurant determined to kill LiMei.

    LiMei and Rui’s table is located beyond the first glass partition by the windows a distance away from the entrance of the restaurant.They are eating and don’t notice Wang Rebecca entering the restaurant. 

     Raymond happens to be at the front talking to his manager Lois, his eyes widen when he sees her approach, she must be here to stir up trouble for Qiao Rui, “Miss Wang good evening, I don’t see a reservation for you tonight.”

   Wang Rebecca’s face darkens, “I am meeting my husband Qiao Rui show me to his table.” Glancing around she can’t see the arrogant bastard and his little slut.

  “Dr. Qiao isn’t dining with us tonight.”

    Several people dining in the front of the restaurant see Rebecca enter and are waiting for a good show. It is breaking news she and Qiao Rui have a fake marriage and she is the one who publicized it.

    “I will look around the restaurant he texted me he is here waiting for me.”

   “…” Raymond motions to the man in the black suit to come over to where they are standing.

   Rebecca isn’t intimidated by the man approaching but she needs to think of a different plan, she thought she could simply walk into the restaurant to confront them. She would also like to have more cocaine the effects are beginning to wear off.

   She smiles brightly at the two men, “I must be mistaken but I would like to use your bathroom before I leave if you don’t mind.”

   Raymond decides he will have Niu follow her to make sure she doesn’t cause a scene.“ It is located down to the right.” Raymond nods to the man in the black suit.

   Rebecca gracefully walks past several people she knows smiling towards them as though nothing is wrong. She can see by their smug expressions they are aware of her humiliation but she knows they wouldn’t dare say anything or they would be banned from this restaurant. One rule of the Flamingo is no customer can disturb another diner’s meal. They already witnessed the Zangwas being expelled earlier so they quickly resume eating ignoring Rebecca.

    When Rebecca enters the bathroom no other women are  inside she angrily kicks the wastecan, “Fucking bastard not letting me find the slut.”

    She enters one of the stalls then gets out one of the small bags of cocaine greedily putting a line of the drug on the back of the toilet, she saw Hamid use this method last night on the glass table.

      Once she snorts the drug she sighs the rush feels so good, now I need to figure out how to lure Feng LiMei to the bathroom. I have her cell number that stupid Nurse Fu I paid off at the hospital gave me, what should I say?

   She becomes unhinged after all the cocaine she has consumed. Delusional and  losing her grasp on reality she imagines confronting LiMei and has a sinister smile picturing the scene in her mind. I can stab the scrawny bitch with the scissors I brought then drag her lifeless body into a stall then leave. No… maybe I should just scar that fox like face of hers then Rui will toss her away once she is disfigured.

   She sits on the toilet wild eyed fondling the scissors in her hand. While she is contemplating how to destroy LiMei her phone rings. Rebecca curses talking to herself “It is that damn man Rashid! I know if I ignore his call he will whip me with his belt mercilessly later.” She is playing with the scissors, her voice is soft and seductive when she answers,“Yes baby?”

   Sitting at the Red Scorpion the bartender said he hadn’t seen Wang Rebecca tonight and Rashid wondered where she went when she left the suite. “ I finished my business where are you?” They are leaving tomorrow and he wants to fuck her all night until he needs to be at the airport.

   Rebecca’s voice is calm,“I told you where I was going, I’m at the Flamingo Restaurant to kill Rui’s little slut.”

   “…” I didn’t really think she would go herself to do it! “Forget it! Whore get your ass back to the suite!”


   Did she just say no to me! “Bitch if you aren’t in my bed by the time I get there I will beat the shit out of you!” Rashid’s knuckles are turning white as he grips the phone.

   “I’ll come as soon as I stab the little bitch and ruin her face. It shouldn’t take too long honey.”

   He is uncharacteristically worried about what Rebecca will do she sounds high as fuck. Did she do more coke when I left? “Listen you asked me to take care of the bitch, well, I changed my mind I will do it.”

    “That is really sweet of you honey but you were right it will feel really good to do this myself. I want to hear her scream in pain while blood gushes out of her fucking face.”

   There is a knocking on the door, “Miss Wang are you alright?”

   Dammit! “Rashid I have to go now.” I need to find a way to stay in the bathroom until I can get Feng LiMei to meet me in here. 

  “Bitch don’t you fucking hang up on me!” Rashid’s veins are popping out on his forehead she sounds crazy.

   Rebecca calls out to the man outside the door, “I’m on my period and have a stomach ache. I will be out soon.”

  Outside of the ladies room  Niu’s face turns red. Should I go tell the Boss?

   Rashid hears a man’s deep voice in the background, he smashes the glass he is holding then stands up, “Whore who the fuck was that!?!”

 “Huh? Oh just a man who is guarding me until I leave. I’m in the bathroom waiting for Feng LiMei.”

   She isn’t making any sense now…someone is guarding her? “Go to the Night Sky Bar next to the restaurant I’m coming to get you.”

  “Okay I can meet you there.” she plays with the scissors calculating hmm…It shouldn’t take too long to destroy the fox’s face.

   Rashid is about to explode as he hurriedly walks towards the door of the bar …what a fucked up bitch! He calls his brother,“Hamid are you still by the Flamingo Restaurant?”

  “ Brother! Sorry I’m not there yet an accident is blocking the road I am stuck in traffic, why?”

   “Turn back and go to the Flamingo Restaurant, the stupid whore is about to do something crazy.”

   Hamid’s face has a complicated look when did his brother ever care about a slut? “What should I do with her when I find her fat ass?”

  “I’m on my way take her to a room in the hotel.”

    Rui and Li Mei are enjoying their meal, Rui feeds LiMei a piece of steak, after she swallows the tender beef she exclaims, “Rui, that is the most tender steak I have ever had.”

   He gazes at her with a pampering look as she sips her wine her beautiful green eyes are sparkling. “LiMei after the board meeting tomorrow let’s go away for the weekend.”

   LiMei would love to go with him but she needs to figure out a way to retrieve the Golden Dragon. “I need to work Friday night at the Crescent Moon Hotel.”


   LiMei sets down her fork she after she takes a bite of the sauteed mushrooms on her plate, “Rui, I made a commitment and I have missed a few shifts in the last couple weeks.”

   Her pink lips are glistening from the oil he runs his finger across them then sucks on his slender finger, “You shouldn’t even be out of the hospital how can you work? I will tell Chen Jianyu to let you have time off then from work to recuperate.”

  “Rui no… I don’t even want CEO Chen to know about us. I told you it would complicate things. Really my arm doesn’t feel too bad and I can use my left arm.”

   LiMei has drank quite a bit of wine and needs to use the ladies room.“Rui which direction is the ladies room.”

   “I will show you it is past the other glass partition towards the back of the restaurant.”

   “ don’t be silly eat while your meal is hot I can go myself.” She kisses him tenderly before she leaves the table

    Rui watches her walk away as he touches his lips smiling. His smile fades quickly as he notices several men are giving LiMei lustful looks as she passes their table, his face darkens, dammit!…I should have walked her back there!

     LiMei arrives at the ladies room… why is Raymond’s cold faced security man waiting outside the door? She smiles at him then walks into the bathroom.

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