Possessive Rui

Rui sits on the bed watching LiMei peacefully sleep not wanting to wake her up but since Delun is almost here with her dinner she should eat while the food  is hot. He touches her shoulder lightly his voice is gentle, “Miss Feng wake up.”

    LiMei can hear Rui’s voice she slowly opens her eyes, how did she go to sleep again… she inadvertently moves her arm to stretch, a sharp pain shoots up her arm, “Owww..” Rui quickly holds her arm back down, his voice is full of concern, “Don’t move your arm like that.”

   She  looks at the silk pajamas she is wearing remembering Rui carrying her to the bath.  His hand remains lightly touching her soft hand sending a warm sensation through her body.Blushing she tries to pull her hand away but the sudden movement is too painful. “Dr. Qiao.” She wonders why he is sitting on the bed, “I wasn’t thinking.”

   Rui’s voice is soothing as he caresses her tiny hand lovingly, “Is it very painful? I can relieve your pain before I leave.”

   LiMei recalls him saying he has a dinner engagement, “Don’t you need to leave to meet your wife for dinner?”

   Stunned by her assumption he snaps,“What?” Where did she get that idea? He has a faint smile is she jealous? She sounds irritated. He decides to reassure her, “I am meeting several friends I’m not in a rush. Let me get my silver needles out of my bag. By tomorrow you should be able to move your arm more, of course the first day after surgery is the most painful and your movement is severely limited.”

   LiMei’s mood improves when he tells her who he is having dinner with tonight but then again if he is meeting that idiot Chen Jianyu and his playboy  brother they will be surrounded by loose women. Her face reflects a variety of emotions Rui wonders what she is thinking about right now. He takes the needles out of his bag, “I will only use these for the pain they won’t put you to sleep my brother is coming with your dinner.”

   “Delun is coming here? Great!” LiMei doesn’t want to be bored lying in the hospital bed he is fun to be around.

   Rui’s face darkens, she appears awfully happy to hear Delun is on his way. He continues to give her the acupuncture, “You seem very familiar with my brother did you know him before the night you stayed at my house.”

   LiMei wishes she hadn’t sounded so excited to see Delun she lies, “We have a mutual friend so yes.”

   Rui’s memory still isn’t complete he remembers her at the resort and a few other memories but not with Delun. “Do I know them?”

   LiMei says, “I don’t know, she owns a bakery where I go for pastries, Sheng Nuan.”

   Delun comes through the door, “What about Nuan?”

   “I was telling Dr. Qiao you and I have a mutual friend that is how I met you.” Rui is inserting the needles looking down so LiMei starts winking at Delun to back her up.

   He gives her a strange look then he gets the idea but doesn’t say anymore he isn’t a good liar. Delun sets the food down on the table, “Rui what are you doing?”

   “I’m relieving Miss Feng’s pain.”

   “Shit! LiMei are you in a lot of pain​​?” Worried he rushes over to the bed to take a closer look. 

   Rui has black lines forming on his forehead when he hears Delun call her LiMei that is too fucking familiar. His phoenix eyes narrow speaking in a harsh tone he admonishes him,“Delun go over to the couch can’t you see I am concentrating here.”

   Delun know his brother’s cold personality why does he sound jealous right now could his memory possibly have come back? No..Dr. Woo said his method would block the targeted memories indefinitely. “Sorry.” He walks over to the couch and observes from there.

   LiMei watches Rui as he inserts the needles admiring his skillful actions, he must have learned from a great master his placement of the needles is precise and her pain has disappeared. Where he is touching her skin it is hot from his touch and she can’t help staring longingly at his handsome face. His serious expression when he is concentrating makes him even more appealing.

   Rui can feel her burning gaze and his heart skips a beat if he could only press her body under him right now.  LiMei is staring at him intensely he knows if he says anything she will become flustered and look away and he is enjoying the feeling of her eyes on him. When he removes the silver needles Rui decides he will stay while she has dinner then take Delun with him.

   LiMei can smell the delicious aroma coming from the insulated boxes,“ Delun, what did you make?”

   “I didn’t have time to cook sorry LiMei but I think you will enjoy this food I picked it up from the Red Phoenix Restaurant. Have you eaten there before?”

   LiMei laughs at the coincidence “I had food from that restaurant for lunch it was really delicious.”

   Both Rui and Delun stare at LiMei who brought her lunch?

   Rui blurts out the question on both their minds, “Who brought you lunch?” He distinctly told the nurses and the bodyguards she wasn’t allowed visitors. Why didn’t Nurse Ding tell him earlier?

   LiMei realizes she made a mistake by saying anything. She won’t reveal it was Leng Shuai deciding to avoid the question she changes the direction of the conversation, “Let’s eat I’m starving! Dr. Qiao don’t you need to go to your dinner?”

   Is she rushing me out? His temper is about to flare could it have been her lover, why didn’t anyone notify him she had a visitor. “They can wait I am curious who brought you lunch I left instructions for you to have a specific nutritious meal after surgery.”

   “It was nutritious. I had abalone porridge and a chicken dish.” LiMei can’t think of who she could say brought it the prices aren’t something a normal person could afford, The Red Phoenix Restaurant is the most expensive restaurant in Pushong City. It would be best to avoid answering him.

   Delun can sense Rui is getting really angry, what is going on here? Is it that important to have a specific meal but that reminds him of the current predicament those dishes are what he brought for her dinner. At least he also has Bird’s Nest Soup.

   “LiMei what a coincidence that is what I brought for your dinner, should I go get you something else?”

   “No! I love it! Thank you so much that was so sweet of you. Put it on the table we can eat there.” Since Rui gave her the acupuncture she has some energy.

   “I need a robe though, Delun could you get me one out of the closet.” LiMei doesn’t want to impose on Rui anymore. Before Delun can stand up from the couch Rui steps over with a luxurious robe from one of the bags. Rui’s eyes flash with a burst of jealous rage, first she wants to get rid of me now she sweetly asks Delun to get her robe. What the fuck does she want him to put it on her she can’t do it for herself!  The thought of another man touching her alluring body even if it is his brother infuriates Rui. 

     Looking for an excuse to be alone with LiMei he sees his brother brought tea so glaring at Delun he orders him, “She should drink orange juice go get one from the cafeteria.”

   “I brought green tea.”

   “Go get orange juice.”


   LiMei can’t understand why Rui is insisting she drink juice she says, “I like green tea.”

   Rui quickly responds, “Miss Feng I am your doctor and you shouldn’t drink tea at night.”

   LiMei thinks it is six o’clock that isn’t exactly late, “I could drink warm water then, Delun you don’t need to go you brought dinner.”

   Delun can see Rui is in a very bad mood right now, this is too weird what is going on with him. Why is he angry? “I would like an orange juice too I’ll go.” After he leaves the atmosphere in the room is awkward LiMei can tell Rui’s aura is getting dark it started  when she said someone brought her lunch. But it would really blacken if he knew the truth.

   Now that they are alone Rui takes the soft plush robe over to LiMei, “I will help you put on the robe, Delun can be rough and I don’t want the stitches to pull again.”

   LiMei thinks that makes sense maybe he didn’t want to insult his brother, Delun can be a little rough. “I will trouble you then Dr. Qiao.”

   He wants her to call him Rui, “Miss Feng considering you are a friend of my brother’s please call me Rui.”

   LiMei gives him  a strange look didn’t he tell her before only to call him Dr. Qiao. “I don’t feel comfortable calling you in such a familiar way.”

   “I insist.”

   “…” What is going on with him. “I think since you are a married man someone might misunderstand our relationship. I can’t call you Rui.”

   Rui is taken aback by her reasoning why does she keep bringing that bitch up! Dammit! You called me Rui when you were begging me to kiss you not an hour ago!

   He pulls her body forward to put the robe on her then tenderly takes her long black hair in his hands to fix the robe’s collar. His seductive low voice is right next to her ear,“Then just call me Rui when we are alone.” He can hardly control the urge to kiss her tempting lips right now. What the hell why is she fucking lying to me! If she would be honest we could be together.

   LiMei’s neck is tingling from his fingers lightly touching her skin, she turns her head because of his closeness her soft lips brush against his unintentionally. They are staring deeply into each other’s eyes and the attraction is undeniable. Right then Delun comes through the door holding three bottles of orange juice, Rui quickly stands up. LiMei is in a daze on the bed her mind wandering as to what just happened. Did Rui regain his memories, he is acting very strangely. If he did why isn’t he saying anything?

   Delun was looking at the bottles in his hand not noticing the intimate scene. “We should eat.” He takes the food out of the containers, “There should be enough for the three of us.”

   LiMei smiles awkwardly after almost kissing Rui, she tries to stand up from the bed her legs are still a little weak but not bad. She glances over at the table it isn’t that far to walk. Before she takes a step her feet leave the ground and she is in Rui’s arms he doesn’t say anything as he carries her to the table then puts her down on the chair. Seeing the surprise on both LiMei and Delun’s faces Rui tries to  lighten the situation by saying, “Until tomorrow you really shouldn’t walk around.”

   He pushes the plate back that Delun placed in front of him,“I’m meeting the Chen brothers for dinner so I’m not eating.” He then places a bowl of soup in front of LiMei  beginning to feed her, LiMei’s face turns red, “Dr. Qiao I can use my left hand.”

   “You shouldn’t expend any energy.”

   Delun and LiMei stare at Rui how much energy does it take to lift a spoon…LiMei decides to not make a big deal out of it, Delun seems to be ignoring the fact Rui is acting strange. She smiles then opens her mouth as he raises the spoon. After a bite she exclaims, “This is the best soup I have ever eaten. Actually I have never had Bird’s Nest Soup before. Very delicious!”

   Rui can’t hide his feelings as he gazes at her adoringly, he loves the way she enjoys eating her eyes are sparkling as she savors the flavor. He gives her another spoonful, “This soup  has many health benefits and can speed up your recovery.”

  “Really? Thanks Delun that was very thoughtful of you.”

   Delun is eating the chicken watching the pampering attitude of his brother towards LiMei he knows now Rui has regained his memories, he never would treat an ordinary patient this well. The jealous glare he gave me earlier was all the proof I needed, obviously LiMei hasn’t realized it yet. “It was Rui’s idea.”

   “Thank you Dr. Qiao I don’t know how I will repay your kindness towards me.”

   “I told you Miss Feng your cousin and I are close friends of course in his absence I will take care of you.” Picking up a piece of chicken with the chopsticks he feeds her a bite.

   Delun rolls his eyes LiMei must be oblivious not to notice how Rui is doting heavily on her right now…Yeah right because of old man Woo.The only person he has ever seen his brother be affectionate towards is Feng LiMei. His face right now has ‘I love you’ written all over it. 

   When the food is finished LiMei leans back in her seat, “I am so full!”

   Rui smiles in the plush white robe LiMei looks like a satisfied kitten as she pats her stomach, an image of her looking like that in the restaurant at the resort comes to his mind. He suddenly feels the need to tell her that he knows they were together so he can hold her in his arms again. It is unbearable being so near to her and not being able to tell her the truth about him and Wang Rebecca. After a brief moment he reconsiders. No..I can’t be impulsive, I need to find out why she is hiding our relationship, and I am fairly sure Delun knows.

    LiMei glances up to see Rui staring at her intensely his eyes like a bottomless abyss as though he is deep in thought. What is he thinking? Rui snaps out of his trance when he notices the complicated expression on LiMei’s face from his burning hot  gaze. “Miss Feng you should go back to bed.” He stands up and picks her up to take her to the bed, this time LiMei is not surprised helplessly allowing him to carry her in his arms.

   When he has her comfortably placed on the bed he begins to take her robe off, seeing Delun giving him a knowing look he ignores him and gently pulls the quilt over LiMei. “Miss Feng if you need anything press the buzzer and a nurse will come immediately.”

  “Thank you again Dr.Qiao you should go to your dinner. I will be fine.” She wants to add don’t let any women touch you…

   Rui doesn’t want to leave if he wasn’t going to get the information he needs from Xiaobo he would stay all night by her side. When she was smiling  right now with her green eyes sparkling and showing her perfect white teeth it took all his inner strength to suppress his strong desire to kiss those perfect pink lips.

   That’s right Delun… I don’t want to leave him here with Feng LiMei, the image of them laughing together is making him extremely agitated, also I want to find out the reason LiMei is lying to me. How did I lose my memory of her only not other events but only my relationship with her. Anxious to get answers he motions to his brother, “ Delun, leave the dishes I will send a nurse in to clean up let’s go.”

   “…” Delun turns around as he cleans up the table. “Rui I am going to hang out with LiMei for awhile.”

   LiMei blurts out,“Yeah Dr. Qiao I will be bored if he leaves.” LiMei is looking forward to having him teach her how to rise a level in the video game they both play.

   Rui’s face turns black, what the fucking hell! She wants Delun to stay but is rushing me out the door!

   His tone is calm but his gaze is extremely cold, “ Delun didn’t I mention you are invited to dinner? Since you have been back to the city Chen Jianyu has been wanting to discuss opening a new restaurant with you in one of his hotels when you graduate.”

   Delun grimaces Rui you are a fucking liar! No way did that asshole say that! Chen Jianyu barely says hello to me when I see him anywhere unless I am with you.

   The aura around Rui becomes more oppressive, “Miss Feng you shouldn’t be too stimulated and rest so no visitors. I will be back later to check on you.”

   I wouldn’t call Chang anyway so he doesn’t worry but… no visitors and he will be back later? “Dr. Qiao no need to come back later. I know you feel responsible for me because of my cousin and your deep friendship with him but I think I have imposed on you enough.” Everytime she thinks of Rui being married she wants to cry but she needs to push him away for his own sake, “Won’t your wife be worried if you don’t return home after your dinner with your friends?” LiMei thinks if I spend any more time with Rui I will say or do something reckless. My willpower is about exhausted the closer I am to Rui the harder it is to not tell him how much I love him and want to be with him. Life certainly isn’t fair that a despicable woman like Wang Rebecca gets an outstanding man like Rui. I really need to stop dreaming and move on.

      Dammit Leng Shuai if I wasn’t shot I wouldn’t have to deal with seeing Rui, I could avoid him and get over my heartache.

   “It is no trouble at all to come back.” Rui wants to scream, I HAVE NO FUCKING WIFE! Flames are rising in his dark eyes, no LiMei I am not going to let you push me away. Even if you are involved with another man your actions prove you have feelings for me. Once I eliminate that bastard and get some answers about my memory loss I am claiming you as mine. You can only be mine!

   Rui’s domineering behavior confirms Delun’s suspicion that Rui’s memories of LiMei have returned. He takes two long strides towards the bed he doesn’t want to leave but he has no other choice,“LiMei I will come see you tomorrow.”

   “When you come could you bring me a phone charger my phone is dead.”

   “Sure, what kind of phone do you have?”

    Rui steps in front of Delun, “I can bring you one later tonight.”

   Delun can’t watch this anymore Rui’s possessiveness is off the charts. He walks towards the door wondering if he should directly  ask Rui about his memories being restored. The board meeting is in two days it would be foolish of Rui to do anything to screw up him becoming the CEO. Worried the situation might get out of hand he says, “See you LiMei.”

   Since Delun left Rui leans over the bed touching the loose hair hanging down LiMei’s cheek his finger lingering on her soft cheek then in a low voice reminds her, “ Be good. No visitors, I will be back later.”

   After he leaves LiMei touches her cheek her heart pounding from his touch she sighs, “Rui please stop torturing me.”

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