On The Plane

Morgan and Cheng are coming out of the airport office when Rui arrives, he rushes towards the two of them grabbing Morgan by the throat with an iron grip he throws him into the wall. Rui’s eyes are red and killing intent is emanating from him, “I fucking trusted you bastard!” He is squeezing Morgan’s throat as Morgan tries to breathe but doesn’t resist.Rui punches him in the stomach as Cheng tries to pull him off of Morgan, “Boss..Boss..you can kill us later but we got cleared to take off, we need to go now!”

   Rui barely hears him, his uncontrollable rage about LiMei being kidnapped by Kuang Fu is consuming him. Morgan is about to lose consciousness when Cheng says, “Boss, we need to find her, they won’t land too much ahead of us if we take off now.” Rui let’s go of Morgan’s neck, Morgan begins to cough as Rui glares at Cheng, “You useless piece of shit I never should have saved your pathetic life.” 

   Cheng’s face pales, it is true if Rui didn’t help dig him out of the rubble when the bomb hit the building in Shenshuan, then perform emergency surgery three years ago he wouldn’t be alive today. “ I swear Boss whatever it takes we will get Feng LiMei back.”

   Rui doesn’t answer him and heads to his plane, the pilot is ready waiting for them. To save money he was sleeping in a hanger when he got the call from Cheng to get the plane ready to fly to Milan.

   Once on board the plane clears for takeoff, Rui ignores Morgan and Cheng as he sits down in his seat then buckles up, he stares at LiMei’s picture on his phone, Baby I’m coming for you.

   He quickly calls Ming Jian who is laying back on a couch with a half naked woman kneeling between his legs. When Ming Jian hears the ringtone assigned to Rui he pushes her away and grabs the phone from the table. When he answers he hears Rui’s worried voice, “Jian, LiMei has been kidnapped…” He attempts to say something and Rui says, “SHUT UP AND LISTEN”

  Ming Jian can’t believe what he just heard, Qiao Rui must be going crazy, that cold bastard never raises his voice or sounds emotional under the most dire of circumstances.

   “ Get a hold of Peng Wei, I need you to get whatever men he has in Milan and go to the Vincenzo Private Airport before a plane arrives from Phnom Penh. The plane left approximately twenty minutes ago, is registered to the Wang Corporation so LiMei’s kidnapping involves that motherfu****g bastard Kuang Fu. Peng Wei should have plenty of time to organize a rescue operation. I don’t want a scratch on my woman, do you understand? We are taking off now fom Phnom Penh.”

    “I’m at the Black Lotus Club having a drink, I will have Xiaobo help me get some mercenaries.” He pulls up his trousers and points to the door for the beautiful woman to leave. 

   “Even better and I want the kidnappers alive.” Barely able to force down the rage burning inside of him he tightens his grip on his phone  as growls , “ I will take care of them myself.”

   When they are moving down the runway, Rui ignores Morgan and Cheng as he buckles up, he stares at LiMei’s picture on his phone, Baby I’m coming for you.

   Once they are up in the air Rui narrows his unfathomable dark eyes while staring at Morgan and Cheng,  then goes into the back cabin to rest. The surgery was mentally taxing and now thinking  of LiMei being kidnapped weighs heavily on him. He is tormented considering another man might touch LiMei or hurt her in any way. Rui takes off his clothes  then turns on the shower, why the fuck did that bastard kidnap LiMei? What does he want from me?

     When he is in the shower he lets the hot water run down his exhausted body, I need to get some sleep so I can deal with those motherf****rs when I get to Milan. I need to be clear headed so I can rescue LiMei before they hurt her in any way. He thinks about making love to LiMei on the plane when they were flying to Phnom Penh and his body has a reaction. He slams his fist onto the tiled wall, when you are with me again I will never let you out of my sight. Why did those incompetent bastards not listen to my orders and keep you in the hotel! He washes his tense body his muscles are tight because he is unable to relax thinking about LiMei in danger. Whatever it takes to get you back in my arms I will do it, then I will kill every last one of the bastards involved.

   Rui gets out of the shower then dries himself off wrapping a towel around his slim waist..I’m glad I thought to call Ming Jian. I have confidence between his contacts and Xiaoxi’s mercenaries they can secure LiMei when the kidnappers leave the plane with her in Milan.  They have plenty of time to organize the rescue. He lays on the bed still in his towel as he rubs his temples, this was supposed to be a romantic weekend after I finished the fucking surgery on Xinghi.  He closes his eyes, “LiMei..LiMei baby.”  Too tired to move Rui falls asleep without changing into his pajamas. wrapped in the towel with his hair wet.

   In the forward cabin Cheng asks Morgan, “How’s your throat?” He can see the purple bruising on his neck.

  “Ok, I don’t blame the Boss, fucking shit, Cheng how did I let that little slip of a girl get away from us?”

  “I’m not making excuses but goddam who would have thought she would get kidnapped by the fucking Black Sky.”

   “It is pretty fucking weird. It really didn’t seem random. It was like they were targeting her specifically…cough..cough..” He gets up to get a bottle of water, “Do you think it is a vendetta against Qiao Rui. I mean fuck..that little girl is probably the only weak spot that man has, I have never seen him care about anyone. I know what he is capable of too so I don’t think the men who took her have any idea what is coming their way.”

   “He is a complicated man, on one hand a skilled compassionate doctor but he shows no mercy to his enemies. I always thought he was incapable of having any genuine feelings until I saw the way he dotes on that little chick.”

   “Yeah.. well we just have to make sure we get Feng LiMei back unharmed.”

   On the Wang Corporation plane LiMei begins to stir as the ether is wearing off. Logan notices her blinking her eyes and grabs the little gangster, “Hey get out that shit, she is waking up and I wanna go to sleep.”

    The little gangster gets the bottle of ether then puts the liquid on a cloth and places it over LiMei’s nose, she doesn’t have the energy to fight back and quickly passes out again. 

   “Is Kuang Fu sending one of his men to pick up the woman or do we need to take her somewhere?”

   “He is sending some men but we need to go with them also. I want the fucking reward for the bitch’s capture wired into my account asap. I have some gambling debts I promised I would pay off by tomorrow.”

   The little gangster picks his teeth while looking at Huang Chen then laughs, “ You were really counting on this to work out if you told those punks you would pay tomorrow. What if we couldn’t grab her tonight.”

  “I would have stalled them like usual.”

   “Hehe..you are good at hiding after a losing streak. Why do you keep gambling all your money away at that casino in Macau? It’s not like you have ever walked away with any cash from there.”

   Huang Chen grimaces, “ Mind your own business. I’m going to sleep. Wake me up when we are outside Milan.”

  “Anything to eat on this plane?”

   Huang Chen tosses him a bag of peanuts, “Eat these. The plane isn’t stocked…you can look but on short notice there probably ain’t shit to eat.”

    Meanwhile in Pushong City, Ming Jian looks around for Xiaobo in the Black Lotus Club. He finds him in his private room with several men discussing the Paris opening of his new Club. Ming Jian motions to him to step outside into the hallway.

   Xiaobo looks at Ming Jian’s face, “What the fuck is wrong with you was there something wrong with the woman I hooked you up with tonight.”

  “Nah she was good, but I got a big fucking problem I need your help.” He tried several of his contacts in Milan but they are on a job in the Middle East.

   “What is going on?”

    Ming Jian lights a cigarette,“ Qiao Rui’s woman, she got fucking kidnapped.”

  “ What the fuck! That cold bastard has a woman? Since when? Why don’t I know about it.”

   “I don’t know man, it’s fairly recent I think. He isn’t someone to discuss his personal shit with anyone.” He nervously takes a long drag on his cigarette, that’s not the point, it looks like Kuang Fu had her abducted.”

    Xiaobo leans up against the wall,“Why would Kuang Fu kidnap Qao Rui’s girlfriend? Rui hasn’t been associated with the Underworld since he paid off his debt to them.” He sees a group of men with some women walking by them, he says, “Let’s talk in a private room.”

   “Good idea.”

   Su Ryan was walking by Xiaobo and Ming Jian when he heard the part of the conversation about LiMei, Holy shit! Leng Shuai  will want to know about the little chick being grabbed..Kuang Fu what the fuck! He is fucking insane this is bad!

   He walks his clients into the luxurious room he booked, Damn I need to think of something so these old farts aren’t insulted by me leaving for a few minutes. After the men sit on the couch he calls over one of the girls he hired to entertain them, “LuLu I need to step away for a little bit, make sure they are happy I will double your pay.”

  “Sure thing Ryan but you don’t need to pay me extra  sweetie, come to my room later I haven’t seen you at the Club in a long time I miss you.” She seductively pulls on his tie as she gazes up at him.

   He takes her hand off of his tie,“LuLu you know I have a girlfriend now.” DuoDuo would kill me if she knew I was here entertaining clients with a bunch of women. I told her i was taking them to dinner at the new Japanese restaurant.

   Lulu pouts,“I heard the rumors but I didn’t believe them. Anyway, what she doesn’t know won’t hurt you..ha..ha. I miss you.” She leans her body into his chest then puts her slender  hand on his crotch, “I doubt she can make you feel as good as I can.” 

  “Knock it off.” he gently pushes her away, “I know you like money more than sucking my big d**k, I haven’t forgotten the last time I saw you with your legs up in the air and that fat..”

 She interrupts him while punching him in the chest, “Su Ryan!”

  “Just make them happy. I’m going to excuse myself.”

   He offers a toast to the men in the room then says, “Enjoy, I have an emergency I need to handle I will be back shortly. 

   Once he leaves the room he walks out to an outdoor balcony. Taking out his cell phone he dials Leng Shuai. When he answers he says, “Boss, I have some news you aren’t going to like.”

   Leng Shuai is with Fan Nuan at a charity function in Milan, his grandfather forced him to take his younger sister MoMo to Milan for  Fashion Week. He wanted to come to Milan anyway after he heard there would be a confrontation in Milan between Viktor and Kuang Fu. He wants to see how he can benefit from their fight. So bringing MoMo was a good excuse to leave LE headquarters where he had been restructuring several subsidiaries.


   “Feng LiMei has been kidnapped.”

   “No!” He slams down his wine glass and it shatters on the table drenching the tablecloth in red wine. Ignoring the stares of the other people at the table he quickly stands up then walks out the door to the garden area of the hotel. “Tell me.”

  “I don’t know much, I’m at the Black Lotus Club, I overheard that fucker Ming Jian{ Even though they are friends Su Ryan hasn’t got over being beaten by Ming Jian when Leng Shuai had him watch LiMei in the hotel room} talking to Xiaobo, all I caught was she is kidnapped by Kuang Fu.” I’m not mentioning the part about her being Qiao Rui’s girlfriend.

  “Kuang Fu? Why the fuck would he kidnap the little thing he should have his hands full with Viktor and Nikolai. Find out the details now! Call me back.” Goddammit! If that pink diamond bracelet didn’t break I would know where she is at all times.

  Ming Jian is telling Xiaobo what he knows about the situation when there is a knock at the door. Xiaobo gets up to answer it,”Ryan what can I do for you? Do you need more women?”

  “…” Ming Jian stares at Su Ryan, more women?

   Su Ryan walks into the room and stares right at Ming Jian, “Jian, I’m going to cut through the bullshit. I heard you say Feng LiMei was kidnapped.The conflict between your boss and mine should be disregarded to ensure the little girl’s  safety particularly if that maniac Kuang Fu is involved..”

    “You are right, have a seat we were discussing the kidnapping.” Ming Jian knows Su Ryan is a formidable man with a large network of operatives, he could be the answer he is looking for to save Feng LiMei. Xiaobo was just informing him with all the unrest in other parts of the world there aren’t too many men available in Italy on short notice. Qiao Rui’s priority should be getting Feng LiMei back even if it means partnering with his love rival, the one common interest they should  have is  keeping that girl safe and unharmed.

  Su Ryan is shocked Ming Jian agreed so readily, he sits down on the black leather couch then crosses his long legs. “Fill me in.”

 “Well, I don’t know much, only that Qiao Rui and Feng LiMei were in Cambodia. He was operating on a VIP he left Morgan and Cheng to watch her at the hotel and somehow the little chick was snatched.”

 “Fucking Morgan lost her?” Su Ryan fiddles with his lighter, “ I find that hard to believe.” Morgan has never lost a client, he is a legend.

  “Believe it. Anyway, the plane that the kidnappers used has the Wang Corporation logo on it which is under control of the Black Sky. The plane left about forty five minutes ago headed for Milan.”

   Su Ryan lights a cigarette then sighs in satisfaction. I told DuoDuo I  would stop smoking but this is a bunch of fucking bullshit I don’t need right now. The men in the other private room I just ditched could generate millions for my company. Why was I eavesdropping in the hallway! I hope LuLu is entertaining them well and they are too drunk to notice I have been gone awhile. “Milan? What the fuck is going on in Milan. I’m sure you two know Viktor and Nikolai Naralov are there besides Kuang Fu.”

   Ming Jian snickers, “Ryan I thought your little girlfriend didn’t like you smoking so you quit.”

  “Fuck off. What beef does Kuang Fu have with Qiao Rui?” 

    “No idea. I  wonder how Qiao Rui fits into the equation, why Kuang Fu would kidnap his woman. Luckily we have several hours before the plane lands in Milan to coordinate a rescue.”

   “You say they are headed to Milan? CEO Leng is there now. With his men and your guys that should be enough. I can have Benji Gabriel fly over from France it would be an hour and a half flight.” His phone rings, he sees the caller is Leng Shuai. “Are we a go to work together? The CEO is calling.”

   Ming Jian knows Qiao Rui will be pissed but he has no choice because of the time constraint he can’t recruit enough men, he nods yes.

   “Boss I am getting the details now, the kidnappers that have Feng LiMei are headed to Milan and should arrive approximately midnight.”

  “Milan? That makes sense since that is where Kuang Fu is. Do you know why they abducted  Feng LiMei?”


 “What airport are they flying into? I will make them pay for kidnapping my girl.”

   God,the Boss is delusional when it comes to that little chick “I don’t have all the details. I will get back to you. I’m calling Benji Gabriel to get on a plane from Paris to head the rescue mission with … I better not say Qiao Rui’s men. Anyway let me get back to you when I have more information.Motherfu****g shit Boss you need to keep a low profile, you can’t personally be involved.

   Leng Shuai gets off the phone and motions for one of his bodyguards to come over, “Find out where Kuang Fu is now.”

    He looks at his watch,I’m going to nip this in the bud before there is a confrontation at the airport, Feng LiMei could get hurt.

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