No Answer

Huang Chen checks the rear view mirror, “Hey, look behind us, isn’t that our fucking SUV? It must have been stolen by the two bodyguards, we need to get rid of them before we get to the airport. I called Logan and he’s meeting us there, the plan is  to be ready to take off immediately after his arrival. We can’t have any complications at this point. “

    “We’re on the fucking bridge what am I supposed to do? There’s no way we can avoid them following us on this narrow two lane bridge and when we exit the highway leads straight to the airport. “

    “We can’t have a problem at the airport asshole, they won’t let us fucking take off. We need to do something now to prevent them from causing a scene. Shoot the front tire.”

     The little gangster takes out his weapon, leaning out of the window he aims for the front right tire by the driver. “Slow down just a little Chen, let them get closer. “

   “Do it while we are still on the bridge when the car crashes into the guardrail it will cause so much confusion it will definitely delay them. Since the bridge is narrow the cars behind them will  be unable to avoid piling into the SUV.”

    Morgan sees the little gangster holding a gun, “Damn,they are going to shoot at us.”

    Cheng gets out his gun and Morgan says, “What the hell do you think you are going to do with that! The CEO’s little girlfriend is in that car, if it goes out of control she could end up dead!”

   “Are you going to let that little prick just shoot at us.”

   “We know where they are going.” He looks to make sure no cars are coming the opposite direction. “Our best bet..” Suddenly the little gangster fires the gun, Morgan glances to the left lane on the bridge a car is coming but is a short distance away. He makes a snap decision then turns the wheel sharply heading the opposite direction as two more shots ring out.

   Huang Chen glances in his rear view mirror, “What the fuck was that!”

   The little gangster stares at Huang Chen, “Did they give up that easily just because of a couple of shots fired at them. What a couple of pussys!”

   “I doubt that, we better fucking hurry.” Huang Chen has a little admiration for Morgan’s quick thinking. Reverse direction, avoid crashing, then go to the airport… 

   Cheng has a strange look on his face, “Are you giving up on Feng LiMei?”

   Morgan gives him a dirty look, “What good would it do if we crashed on the bridge? Do you know how much time we would lose? I’m going to give them a few minutes then proceed to the airport.” 

     He looks at his watch, Qiao Rui should be finishing up the surgery soon, “Look up the number for the airport, call and see what planes are scheduled to be taking off and their destination.”

   Rui finishes the complicated surgery, looking at the bloody metal capsule in a sterile tray on the table next to the operating table. What the fuck is inside and why was it in his body? Well I don’t give a fuck, I just want to get the hell out of here and hold LiMei in my arms.  “Xixin, you are in charge from here.”

   Relieved the disturbances outside the operating room didn’t cause any significant problems during surgery he walks away from the operating table. All of the surgical team stare at him amazed at his extraordinary ability and cool head when the gunshots rang out. There were several times during the surgery they thought Xinghi would die, particularly when the lights flickered during two instances. But Rui continued to operate without losing his momentum. 

    The nurse who was frightened earlier and reprimanded by Rui feels her heart fluttering as he looks over at her and says, “Good job, you should be proud of your work under pressure.”

   Stunned by his handsome  appearance, the nurse can barely respond, bowing her head she shyly says, “Thank you Dr. Qiao.”

   He walks away from the operating table then into the changing room, taking off his bloody gloves tossing them into the hazardous waste bin, afterwards he removes his mask. 

     Entering the shower room he is about to take off his surgical gown, the door opens and a pretty nurse comes into the room. Rui stops what he is doing and frowns, “Did you need something?”

   The nurse realizes he looks irritated, she wanted to approach Rui to seduce him after seeing him in the operating room. He is not only a rare talent in the field of medicine but the new CEO of Qiao Corporation. She quickly says, “Dr. Tong usually has me help him change.” She coquettishly reaches up to untie the surgical gown. Disgusted Rui grabs her wrist midair pushing her away, “Scram.”

   She looks up at the black lines on his forehead, I didn’t read anything about him having a girlfriend and his marriage to Wang Rebecca was a sham… is he gay? “I’m sorry Dr. Qiao I thought you might be tired after surgery.”

   “I said get out.”

   Woo Xixin comes into the room as the nurse hurries out the door. “They wheeled Xinghi into recovery.”

   Rui takes off his surgical gown, “I would pay special attention to the area where the metal capsule was located. It seems to have been coated with a type of slow acting poison which was slowly eating away the tissue surrounding it.”

  “I examined the capsule, this was inside.”

  “What the fuck!” Rui sees the military grade nanochip Woo Xixin is holding over his palm with surgical tweezers.

   “Do you have any idea why he would have this nanochip inside the capsule embedded in his body.”

   “I don’t have time to care. That is his business not mine. I need to shower and get the fuck back to Phnom Penh. I did what I agreed upon with the crazy bastard to get the Midnight Wolfblood Root I wanted to acquire I don’t want to be involved in his schemes.” He gives Woo Xixin a meaningful look, ” I don’t want to be dragged back into the Underworld for any reason.”

    He thinks about the mysterious nanochip, ” And he really almost fucked himself by not telling me about the capsule earlier. The only thing I am curious about is why it didn’t show up in the diagnostic tests.” He pulls off his shirt, “Make sure to bring the Midnight Wolfblood Roots to  the lab in Pushong. I already instructed  Huang David on the method of formulating the first phase of concocting the elixir.”

   “Do you think there will be any residual problems from the capsule removal?”

   “Honestly I can’t say,  the capsule would need to be tested to find what poison was used.When Xinghi wakes up you can ask him, but knowing his methods if I were you I would put the fucking nanochip back in the capsule and act as though you are unaware of its existence. 

     I’m getting in the shower it will take me an hour to get back to the hotel and I told LiMei I would be back by eleven.”


   Rui looks at the military grade nanochip, “I know you have a friendship with him but there must be a reason he didn’t say anything. You don’t want to get involved in his dangerous bullshit.”

   “You are right, I think by choosing you to do the surgery he knew you wouldn’t give a fuck about it. He is a complicated man.”

  “Can you tell the driver to be ready to take me back in fifteen minutes.”

   “Will do.”

    Rui thinks about the nanochip as he takes off his clothes then he steps into the shower letting hot water spray onto his body. What is that old fox up to? He shakes his head then washes his body, fuck I can’t wait to hold LiMei in my arms and kiss every part of her beautiful tempting body. I wonder what she is doing? I will text her to say I am on my way back when I get dressed. He finishes the shower then towels himself off wrapping a white towel around his waist.

   The same nurse Rui rebuked earlier hasn’t given up on trying to seduce him, she waited until Woo Xixin left to come back into the room. As Rui walks out she stares at his perfect body wrapped only in a towel, water droplets are running down his firm chest. 

     Her eyes greedily fall on the huge bulge under the towel and his muscular legs. She gulps down her saliva, handsome…rich..talented..I need to grab onto him while I can… this is my only chance.

   Smiling he thinks about LiMei being pressed underneath him when he returns to the hotel suite. Rui dries his hair, in a daze fantasizing about LiMei he doesn’t immediately notice the nurse in front of him.

   She overheard the conversation between Rui and Dr. Woo.Not allowing his earlier dismissal to deter her actions the nurse quickly smiles, “Dr. Qiao, the driver said he will meet you at the gate.” 

   Rui grimaces, what is this bitch scheming? I don’t have fucking time for this shit. “You delivered the message now leave.”

   The persistant nurse isn’t going to give up this easily, “My family lives in Phnom Penh could I get a ride there with you?”

   “No and you will regret it if I have to say leave one more time.”

   Surprised by his cold rejection of her request her face turns red, what a cold bastard. I will need to ask Yu the driver to let me ride with Dr. Qiao. He owes me a favor for hooking him up with the slut who works in the office. This is better I will drug Dr. Qiao then he won’t refuse me in the car. Her red lips turn up in an evil smile that quickly leaves her face  “Ah.. alright.” She hurries and leaves to find Yu.

   Rui puts on his clothes then his watch and walks to the recovery room, “Xixin, I’m leaving.” He looks at the machines monitoring Xinghi then stares at him laying unconscious on the bed, “The bastard looks surprisingly good.” Rui snickers, “All his  rejuvenation experiments look like they are paying off for him. Call me if there are any setbacks but I don’t foresee any problems.”

   “Give this to LiMei for me.” Woo Xixin hands him a small package. Xinghi asked him to give it to LiMei maybe because she is Rui’s girlfriend but he said not to mention it was from him.

   “What is it?” Xixin is her cousin so it is reasonable for him to give her a gift but Rui is curious, the box doesn’t weigh much at all.

   Woo Xixin actually has no idea what is in the box., “Some dried flowers and rare herbs for the bath.” Xinghi was rather secretive when he asked him to give it to Rui, it was almost as if he knows Feng LiMei.

   “Okay.” If Woo Xixin wasn’t LiMei’s cousin and she might find out he would throw the package into the trash on the way out. I should be the only one to give LiMei presents.

   Rui leaves and observes the surrounding area as he walks down several hallways he narrows his eyes, the old fox’s men are very efficient, they have already cleaned up the bodies from the attack. If I hadn’t heard the gunfire and seen the lights go on and off I never would suspect there had been a gunfight outside the operating room.

   He takes his cell phone out of his pocket as he takes long strides towards the gate. He texts LiMei, [Baby, I am finished and leaving now.] He smiles waiting for her response. When he gets to the car the driver opens the door for him. Rui sees the audacious woman sitting in the back seat, his temper flares up, “Throw her out now.”

   ‘…” The driver never thought Rui would have such a bad reaction to a beautiful woman getting a ride with him to the city. He looks at the nurse and hesitates as she glares at him.

   Clutching the corner of her skirt letting it rise up her shapely thighs she seductively pleads with watery eyes, “Dr. Qiao my  mother is sick. I’m sorry to be so forward but this is the only car that will be going to the city until Monday.”

   The driver thinks her words will sway Rui so he remains by the door. He gulps watching her provocative performance not making any move to take the nurse out of the car.

   Rui’s aura sends a pressure that almost suffocates the driver. His dark eyes have a murderous gleam in them, “Get the slut out of the car and give me the keys, I don’t need you to drive me.”

   Oh fuck this could mean my job! He hurries over to the side of the car where the nurse is sitting and yanks her out. She lands on the ground and he kicks her away from the car, his voice shaky, “Get in Dr. Qiao I know these roads at night it would be dangerous for you to drive yourself.”

   Rui would rather be on the phone with LiMei than drive so he relents and gets into the back seat. The driver quickly shuts the door and runs around to the driver seat angrily kicking the nurse still sprawled on the ground one more time. Worried about his job in a low voice he says, “Bitch, I won’t let you go when I get back!” He gets into the driver seat and hurriedly starts the car then looks in the rear view mirror, Rui is staring at his cell phone.

    Once they are through the gate the driver wipes the sweat beads from his forehead, What was I thinking if the boss finds out I irritated the doctor who saved his life I’m fucking dead…fucking dead.. I want to apologize but I don’t want him to get more pissed off. Fuck it I will wait until we are in the city.

   Rui has a complicated look on his face. Why isn’t she responding he texts again, [LiMei baby,what are you doing?]

   On the bridge Morgan has spun the car around and is now driving in the direction to the airport again but remains behind several cars. He looks over at Cheng, “We don’t have a lot of time to rescue Feng LiMei then get back to the hotel. CEO Qiao should be finished by now and headed back.”

   Fuck… “Morgan, what if they get her onto a plane before we get there.”

    “Then we need to find a way to stop them from taking off. Call the airport.”

    Cheng dials the airport,he knows these private airstrips cater to wealthy people so getting information won’t be easy. When a woman answers he says, “I need you to open a slot for CEO Qiao’s plane tonight. He has an emergency at his hospital and needs to return immediately. We are on the way to the airport now.”

   Morgan gives him a thumbs up, that is quick thinking. He waits to see what information he can get.

    The woman at the airport looks at the availability, “I’m sorry we close at eleven tonight due to a storm coming in from the East and there are two planes scheduled to depart.”

   “Since it is a medical emergency could you see if one of the other planes’ passengers could accommodate us.”

   She sees the names of the two owners of the planes and  quickly says , “It is against our policy to reschedule planes. No way am I going to ask those people, one plane is owned by a local notorious drug lord and the other belongs to the Black Sky Syndicate, although the plane owner’s name is Bing Logan everyone knows who he works for …Kuang Fu.

   Cheng tightens his grip on the phone, if he was able ask in person he knows he could persuade her to give him the information. “If you could at least inquire I will make it worth your while, what is your WeChat, I can transfer the money to you now.”

   Although the offer is tempting if she were found out she would lose her job or worse. “Sir, I have a call on the other line.” She hangs up as a pilot walks into the office.

   “Shit! All she would say is there are two planes taking off before eleven.”

   “Well at least we have a little time and there are only two planes. When we get there we can check them out, see which one appears to be well guarded.”

   “That makes sense.” Right then Cheng’s phone rings and he looks at the caller, his eyes widen, HOLY SHIT! IT’S CEO QIAO! “Morgan it’s the fucking Boss! Should I answer it?”

   “Don’t.” Dammit I hoped we could get her back before he returned, I never thought he would call her the minute he finished with the fucking operation!

   After he received no response from the text meassages Rui has tried LiMei’s phone several times but it goes straight to voicemail.  He calls Cheng…no answer.Why the fuck isn’t Cheng answering? What is going on? For some reason the hair on the back of his neck stands up and he has a bad premonition. He dials Cheng’s number again,no answer. The veins bulge out on his neck and the temperature in the car drops several degrees, “Drive faster.”

    The driver stares out at the dark road ahead. There are sounds of thunder and raindrops are hitting the windshield, the driver feels his heart racing.We are headed down the mountain, up ahead is treacherous! The unpaved road winds around the mountain with steep cliffs on the side and it is starting to rain… holy shit!  I can only go so fast. But after what happened at the Compound I better not anger the doctor any more. He speeds up down the dirt road, Budhha help me!

   Rui tries LiMei’s phone again, Motherfu***ng shit! Why is LiMei’s phone off… she knew I would be finished by now, is she avoiding me for some reason? Is she with another man?  Cheng? Rui’s jealousy flares up and his mind is filled with images of her laughing with Cheng, his face turns black, I will fucking kill the bastard! 

     “I said speed up! Do I need to drive?”

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