New Bodyguard

Leng Shuai is reluctant to let Yun Shi escape so easily, “Yi hand me the rifle. Take the men to check the house for the Sacred Stone and Golden Dragon then burn it down. I don’t think he has the Dragon from his attitude earlier but check anyway.Jason you go with them I will meet you there when I am finished.”

    Jason knows not to say anything he has tried to reason with him once if he chooses not to listen there is nothing he can do as his subordinate. He watches as Leng Shuai takes the sniper rifle in his hands, Jason has no idea what is going on in the boss’ mind he has never seen him act recklessly. Is he acting this crazy because of that young girl?

   Leng Shuai waits patiently, Yun Shi will make his dash to the rope ladder hanging from the helicopter any minute. Through the rife scope he sees Yun Shi running through the reeds by the lake obviously full of confidence  Leng Shuai won’t act on killing him.

     His aura darkens as Leng Shuai smiles narrowing his obsidian eyes watching Yun Shi’s back moving closer to his escape. He could kill him easily but it is true he needs the Golden Dragon first and if Shi doesn’t have it he knows who does. He has a murderous gleam in his eyes, but that doesn’t mean I won’t torment the fucking bastard.

    When Yun Shi reaches the ladder he begins to agilely climb it. Leng Shuai waits looking through the scope of the high powered rifle until he is midway up the rope ladder then fires a single shot through the rope on the right side severing it. Yun Shi panics, fuck the crazy bastard is going to kill me!

    The ladder jerks and Yun Shi almost falls his right hand dangling in the air. He scrambles to hold tightly to the remaining rope with his left hand moving his right hand to the swinging remaining rope.Sweating he shimmies up the rope as one of the men in the helicopter holds his hand out to him but he still needs to get closer to grab onto the outstretched hand. 

     Yun Shi shouts, “Kill him!” The men in the helicopter can’t see any targets down below, Leng Shuai had his men retreat and he is well hidden behind a some thick trees.

    Leng Shuai smirks if they attempted to shoot their bullets would fall short of his position, with Yi’s new sniper rifle he is able to shoot a further distance than the automatic weapons these men possess.

    The leader in the helicopter shouts down, “Just hurry the fuck up!” He motions to his men to fire even though he knows it is merely a useless distraction.

    Leng Shuai laughs out loud watching Yun Shi hanging helplessly from the rope ladder. He fires again hitting the man’s hand that is reaching out to Yun Shi. The man pulls his bloody hand back screaming “Fucker!”

   Yun Shi continues his desperate climb cursing Leng Shuai, as he places one hand on the floor of the helicopter Leng Shuai severs the only remaining rope. Yun Shi is left hanging by one hand on the edge of the helicopter floor unable to reach up with his left hand sweat pouring off him.

    The leader of the helicopter was instructed by Kuang Bo to rescue Yun Shi and he has never failed a mission not caring if the sniper will shoot again he reaches his muscular arm down pulling Yun Shi’s left arm lifting him into the helicopter. Just as he does Leng Shuai shoots again hitting Yun Shi in his right arm.

    Yun Shi screams out in pain “Motherf****r!” a stream of blood soaks his shirt as the blood runs down his arm. He glares at the man who pulled him on board, “What are you doing leaving! Get closer kill that fucking asshole!” The short muscular man calmly responds, “I was told to pick you up that is the extent of my mission.”

   “I will pay you double what Kuang Bo is paying, KILL HIM!”

   The man ignores what he is saying tossing him a shirt to hold on his arm to stop the bleeding. “When we land you are on your own.”

   Yun Shi knows Kuang Bo rescuing him is as far as he will get involved and that is only because of the Sacred Stone. He touches his pant’s pocket it was fortunate I was looking at the Sacred Stone when they attacked quickly shoving it into my pants or I would really be out of luck. 

     He remains silent grimacing from the pain, the bullet only grazed my arm luckily I can have a doctor come to Xing’s apartment.

      Fucking shit my arm hurts! I should have known the vindictive asshole wouldn’t let me go that easily, when I made it to the helicopter I should have realized  he would have a trick up his sleeve. Underestimating that asshole’s ability to torment his enemy was my mistake. He winces in pain as he applies pressure to the wound.

   Leng Shuai amusedly looks up watching as the helicopter moves away, that little bit of payback was fun. He is satisfied at least he injured Yun Shi’s arm in retaliation for him hurting Feng LiMei. He leisurely strides through the backyard past the helicopter that is still burning towards the house, taking out his phone he calls Su Ryan, “How is Feng LiMei?”

   “She is in her room sleeping. I’m guarding the door.”

   “I am coming to the hospital after I get cleaned up.”

   “Is that a good idea? I can monitor her for you to give you updates.”

   “ What is fucking with you and Jason? Am I too lenient that you two think you can question me?”

   “No boss…” He hesitates but needs to inform him,” Just… it might raise questions. Dr. Qiao wants to know how Feng LiMei got shot. We wiped the scene if you show up he might put it together.”

   “And I should care because?”


   “I want to see for myself she is alright.”

   “Yes Boss.”

   Leng Shuai reaches the villa there are dead bodies everywhere riddled with bullets that his men dragged in from outside. The stench of fresh blood is permeating the air, he walks over to Jason who is supervising the search. When he reaches the couch he sees an open book with the pages cut out on the floor. He picks it up, there is black powder on the pages, “ Jason,stop the search Yun Shi has the Sacred Stone on him.I don’t think he has the Golden Dragon.”

   Someone else must have the Golden Dragon Yun Shi appeared surprised when I thought he had it in his possession. He would have used it for leverage. “Let’s go Jason.Yi make sure this entire place and these bodies are destroyed then meet me back at the Leng Enterprise building at four o’clock.” He tosses him the sniper rifle, “Yi,when did you get this rifle its distance and accuracy is excellent.”

   “I got it the last time I was in Africa about four months ago, an arms dealer named Amir Malouf stole a shipment of Russian weapons and was selling them to Akuchi. I picked it up from him.” He admires the rifle,” It was recently developed for the Russian military.”

   “Amir Malouf isn’t he an associate of Kuang Fu?”

   “I think it is his brother Kuang Bo. Yeah Boss… have you heard what is going on with the Black Sky Organization? I heard Akuchi discussing it with Malouf”

    “I heard some rumors but I am waiting to see what happens. I can’t let their petty dispute affect the meeting of the Old Men on New Years. Kuang Bo, well if he ends up as the head of BSO it might be a problem though he is much smarter than his hot head brother Fu. We can discuss this further later, this stink in here is bothering me.”

   Leng Shuai and Jason leave taking a SUV from the yard the one they came in is still sitting in the living room of the villa.”Take me to the Crescent Moon Hotel I need a shower.”

    Su Ryan can’t believe Leng Shuai is coming to the hospital. I am impersonating a police officer right now thanks to Feng LiMei blurting that out. He decides to call Leng Shuai, “Boss I have an emergency at my firm {he doesn’t want to explain the situation}The situation is stable here can I have Beji Gabriel protect Feng LiMei he is my best man, a former French Special Forces operative, very reliable, he has worked for me for over a  year”

   “Since I will be coming myself that will be alright. What emergency?”

    “I can’t divulge that information it is sensitive to another client.”

    Leng Shuai trusts Su Ryan he is aware he isn’t his only client. “I will need you available at four o’clock to meet at Leng Enterprises new building can you be there?”

   “Yes, this shouldn’t take too long to wrap up.”

   “Send me a picture ID of your replacement.”

   “Will do.”

    Su Ryan breathes a sigh of relief he needs to avoid any contact with Dr. Qiao he was looking at him suspiciously earlier. He calls his office, “Get me Gabriel.”

   Beji Gabriel is cleaning his gun sitting at his desk in the office, “Oui?”

    “I need you to come to the Qiao Private Hospital to guard a patient here. I will give you the details when you arrive. I will have the patient, Feng LiMei authorize you so you can enter the VIP wing.”


   Now I need to tell Feng LiMei so she can authorize him I hope she isn’t asleep. Damn I really need a cigarette! He knocks on the door no one answers, he opens it peeking into the room she looks asleep.

      He walks over by the bed, fuck… now that I really look at her she really is beautiful no wonder the Boss is acting nuts. His voice is low, “Miss Feng… Miss Feng..” he doesn’t want to nudge her awake the boss wouldn’t like him touching his woman.

    LiMei can hear a man talking to her she tries to open her eyes, “Hmmm?”

   “Miss Feng I am sorry to bother you again but I need to leave and I need you to authorize the new bodyguard.”

   “Huh?” She opens her eyes slightly she was in the middle of a good dream who is this man? Oh… the bodyguard.

   “Miss Feng?”

   She tries to sit up he helps her adjusting the bed, “I’m sorry to wake you up but it is urgent I need you to call the nurse’s desk.”

   LiMei doesn’t want to think or move only go back to her dream, “Tell Leng Shuai I don’t need a bodyguard.”

   “Miss, could you call them.”

   This big idiot will keep pestering me it seems, why do these men follow every one of the stupid tyrant’s orders! “Could you give me some water I’m really thirsty.” 

   He reaches for a cup and pours some water he is about to hand it to her when he realizes she can’t lift her right arm. “Here I can hold it for you.”

   “Thanks.” She sips some water. He is still holding the cup to her mouth when Ding DuoDuo walks into the room. Her big brown eyes widen as her handsome dream guy holds the cup up to Feng LiMei’s mouth.

   Su Ryan is momentarily mesmerized by Feng LiMei’s green eyes  staring into them as he gently says, “Do you want to drink a little more?” He doesn’t realize he has a pampering tone as he asks only because he isn’t used to caring for anyone not wanting  to be too rough.

    LiMei nods and smiles, “Yes, I have been very thirsty.” Her throat is parched, she has been extremely thirsty ever since she woke up in the Recovery Room.

   DuoDuo glares at the scene then coughs Su Ryan is startled and some water spills onto Feng LiMei, “Oh shit sorry Miss Feng he grabs a cloth and starts wiping the water off LiMei’s chest. When he realizes how inappropriate his reflexive action was he turns red all the way to the tip of his ears.

   LiMei is still a little groggy and starts laughing, “It is fine don’t worry about it.” Looking at this big hulk of a man trying to be gentle is hilarious.

   DuoDuo grabs the cloth from him, “What are you doing!”

   “I…I.. Nurse Ding you are back good..very good.. Miss Feng was thirsty.”

   LIMei tries to calm the situation down it looks like Nurse Ding likes this bodyguard from her jealous reaction, “It was a little accident not to worry, the water actually woke me up..ha..ha.. Mr. Su I can call the desk give me the phone.”

   He presses the extension then hands it to her left hand, “Nurse this is Feng LiMei my bodyguard need to change you will need to allow..just a moment. Mr. Su what is the new bodyguard’s name?”

“Oh right Beji, Beji Gabriel”

“Sorry his name is Beji Gabriel .”

    It is the same nurse from earlier she is annoyed, “Miss Feng this is the second verbal authorization I don’t know if I can allow this we have rules that need to be followed for the safety of all the patients.”

   “I will send Nurse Ding out to get the paperwork then if it is a problem.” LiMei doesn’t want them to notify Rui. If he comes back she might not be able to hold her feelings inside seeing him  it was all she could do not to pull him into the bed and hold him.

   “Very well I will have it for her to bring to you.”

   LiMei hands the phone back to Su Ryan. “Nurse Ding can you bring me the paperwork to sign? Mr. Su needs to leave and another bodyguard is coming.”

   DuoDuo steals a look at Su Ryan while he is hanging up the phone dammit…I just switched shifts so can look at him all day now he is leaving? That reallly sucks. “I will be right back.”

   Feng LiMei decides to play matchmaker she saw her looking at him with infatuation written all over her face, “Nurse Ding is very cute don’t you think Mr. Su?”

   “Miss Feng I didn’t notice I am working.” Yes I noticed I would like to bang her while she screams my name. I have been thinking about her since this morning when she was sitting on my lap pressing her body onto my chest.

   “You should ask her out.”

   Before he can reply DuoDuo comes back into the room she can tell the atmosphere is awkward between them, Su Ryan has a complicated look on his face and Feng LiMei looks amused. “Here is the paper Miss Feng.”

   LiMei signs it using her left hand. When she looks at her signature she laughs, “I hope this will work I can’t lift my right arm yet and I can’t write very well with my left hand.”

   DuoDuo envies her when she laughs it sounds melodious and refreshing. Her delicate face is beautiful, when she smiles she has two dimples that are adorable and her green eyes are in an alluring crescent shape. So of course Su Ryan is bewitched what man wouldn’t be! She frowns looking at LiMei a little jealous of the attention Su Ryan was giving Feng LiMei when she walked into the room.

   “Nurse Ding is everything okay?” LiMei notices her dejected expression maybe it is because Su Ryan is leaving. Su Ryan looks at her also wondering why she was frowning at Feng LiMei just now, is the little nurse jealous? Maybe I should ask her out.

   “Oh yes..yes..” DuoDuo’s mind is too muddled even to think of an excuse. “I will need to take your vitals so Mr. Su could you return this to the nurse’s station?”

   “I can’t leave Miss Feng.”

   “Right, I will take it.” Dammit! I don’t want to leave them alone but I have no choice now. She tightens her grip on the paper and hurries out the door.I need to get back quick before any more sparks fly between those two!

   After she leaves LiMei smiles knowingly at Su Ryan, “I think Nurse Ding has a crush on you.”

   He wants to change the subject he remembers Leng Shuai told him to find out what happened to the pink diamond bracelet. “Leng Shuai wanted me to ask you about the prototype bracelet, it is one of a kind.”

   LiMei forgot about the bracelet, she isn’t wearing it could it have come off in the alley? Will Leng Shuai be mad over her losing it? “Ah..Mr. Su I have no idea..”

   DuoDuo comes back into the room hearing  the tail end of their conversation, “Your bracelet? It is with your belongings they are at the nurse’s station. When you changed rooms I’m sorry I forgot to bring you your purse and the broken bracelet that was on your nightstand.”

   “Broken?” LiMei knows Leng Shuai’s temper, damn his prototype bracelet was broken, how?

   “I’m sorry to ask you but could you bring my purse and bracelet now?”

    “Sure.” What the hell do they want to be alone again? Why didn’t I bring her things with the paperwork.

 After she leaves LiMei panics knowing leng Shuai’s temper, “Listen Mr. Su DO NOT! I EMPHASIZE DO NOT! TELL HIM I BROKE HIS PRECIOUS BRACELET!”

   “Calm down Miss Feng I don’t think you should get excited. Give it to me I will have it repaired for you he won’t even know it was broken.” {I will give it to Jason to replace the locator chip maybe the boss will forget about the incident at the intersection.}

   LiMei’s eyes are wide staring at him, “You would do that for me?”

   “It isn’t a big deal.” Sometimes I wonder how lying became second nature to me. I’m an asshole that is why Nurse Ding should stay far away from me.

   “I will pay for it just bring me the bill.”

    Su Ryan doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry.{Miss Feng I don’t think you could afford that locator chip}

   DuoDuo brings her purse and the bracelet setting them on the nightstand.

   “Nurse could you hand me the bracelet.”

   DuoDuo had been admiring the pink diamonds on her way to the room, so beautiful. She hands it to LiMei.

   LiMei examines the bracelet  “The gold plated clasp {No LiMei that is the highest quality gold on the market} looks like it was cut in half, how did that happen?”

  Su Ryan is curious about the locator chip,“May I look at it Miss Feng?”


   He studies the bracelet someone cut the clasp and removed the locator chip.

   “Mr. Su even if it costs 1,000 yuan to fix make sure it is done well so he doesn’t notice, maybe instead of the gold plated clasp that was on it get a 14k one.” 

   1,000 yuan? He wants to laugh out loud this chick is totally clueless! These are obviously the highest quality pink diamonds money can buy. She is upset thinking it is a cheap prototype and that is why the boss will be upset. ha..ha.. { No he is upset because he wants to know your every move because he is bewitched by you!} “I will take it to a jeweler I know.”

   “I really don’t know how it was cut like that, that is weird.”

   DuoDuo pipes in, “When you have surgery you can’t wear jewelry, Dr. Qiao probably cut it off you.”

   “Why didn’t he just undo it? Oh that’s right it was a fingerprint clasp.”

   DuoDuo thinks about it,“Well that makes sense that was smart of you to use your fingerprint those pink diamonds must be worth millions.”

   Su Ryan stares at DuoDuo thinking please be quiet!

   LiMei begins laughing,“Ha..Ha.. he will make a lot of money with this fake jewelry if it looks that much like the real thing.”

   DuoDuo says, “Miss Feng those are real pinks diamonds. We had a celebrity… I can’t mention her name… she had a necklace with five smaller pink diamonds than these and threw a fit she didn’t have a safe in her room. She said it was worth several million dollars.”

    Su Ryan has to salvage this situation no way will Feng LiMei accept it if she knows its worth and she thinks the boss is just an assistant to the CEO. His voice is reassuring with a hint of amusement to make it believable.“Nurse Ding I’m sorry to say you have been fooled by the quality of these fake stones, they are man made simulated pink diamonds. This bracelet is a prototype that is why there was a fingerprint clasp.”

   “Really? Wow, so sparkling and beautiful, I will definitely buy one when they are for sale to the public.” 

   “…” I can’t believe there are two such clueless women in the same room! Su Ryan smiles looking at DuoDuo she is adorable with that look of amazement on her face.{She is amazed at your ridiculous lie}

   LiMei catches a glimpse of him staring at Nurse Ding… he likes her also. She will have to invite them both for dinner at her apartment when she is released from the hospital. “I know right I will buy one too!

   “You don’t get to keep that one?”

   “No I am only testing it out to make sure it doesn’t lose its shine with daily wear.”

   “That is interesting.” Why would someone give her an expensive bracelet then make up a ridiculous story like that?

   Su Ryan listens to them truly a pair of cute idiots. “I am going to wait outside of the room for Beji Gabriel when he relieves me I will introduce him to you before I leave.”

   “Alright and thank you again for getting the bracelet repaired for me.”

   He leaves the room thinking how can the boss be involved with such a naive young girl. She has absolutely no idea what he is capable of or even his real identity. What is going to happen when she finds out he has been deceiving her this entire time.

   DuoDuo says, “Miss Feng how are you feeling?”

   “All things considered not too bad but I am curious how long until I can lift my arm it feels very weak.”

   “You would have to ask Dr. Qiao I really don’t know. Can you raise your left  arm I am going to take your blood pressure.”

   LiMei raises her left arm as DuoDuo places the cuff around her arm.

   “Do you like Su Ryan?”

    DuoDuo almost drops the blood pressure gauge, blushing she denies it, “What? No I only met him this morning.”

   “I saw him smiling at you when you weren’t looking.”



   DuoDuo finishes taking her blood pressure still looking at the gauge, “He is too handsome to be interested in me.”

   “Why? I think you are super cute!”

   “Huh?” DuoDuo looks up surprised.

   “You should have confidence in yourself.”

   DuoDuo stares at LiMei, “Miss Feng that is easy for you to say, I am an ordinary girl if I was as beautiful as you well I would have a handsome boyfriend… lots of friends… a happy life.”

   “That is silly to think that way, I look like my mother and she was quite a beauty but that doesn’t ensure happiness. ha..ha..I have no boyfriend..only two friends and well not such a happy life right now. Everyone has their own pain. It is funny to me how people think being beautiful equals instant happiness. To be honest the worst thing that ever happened to me was because I am considered beautiful.” 

     LiMei remembers her bastard of a father saying the price for her should be higher because she is a beauty that could topple a city when he sold her to Kuang Fu.

   DuoDuo can see the sincerity in LiMei’s eyes, but it is obvious Dr. Qiao likes her and he is an outstanding man also Su Ryan’s boss can’t be ordinary those definitely were real pink diamonds. She only pretended while listening to his bs because she could tell Su Ryan wanted Feng LiMei to believe they were fake.

   “Miss Feng?”

   “Call me LiMei”

“Do you think…” She doesn’t continue because the door opens.

   Su Ryan enters with a tall muscular man with a scar down his cheek, “Miss Feng this is the bodyguard who is replacing me Beji Gabriel.”

   “…” Isn’t he the handsome French Tunisian who I met at the quaint cafe in France two years ago? I will never forget his dark good looks and the scar on his cheek. Isn’t he a French soldier?

   Beji Gabriel smiles at LiMei with a surprised expression then in a low sexy voice he says, “Quelle chance de retrouver la beaute…”

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