Madame Olga

Meanwhile Rashid has been looking for Hamid everywhere he could think of in Pushong City. When he arrived at the hotel suite last night to try to salvage the situation with Feng LiMei, Najib told him about the man who knocked him out and took her away. He swore he knew nothing about Wang Rebecca’s whereabouts when Rashid asked him. Najib’s description of the man Rashid concluded he was definitely Qiao Rui, how he was able to escape from Hamid? 

  Rashid wants to find out, he assumes Hamid is hiding from him for failing to take Qiao Rui to Chang. Dammit Hamid where the fuck are you we are supposed to leave today! Amir really will fuck us up if he finds out we had anything to do with Feng LiMei or Qiao Rui! 

   His phone starts ringing, frustrated he answers it  screaming into the phone , “What? Who the fuck are you I can’t understand anything you are saying!” The man is speaking Arabic but his words are jumbled and hard to make out. “I said who are you bastard!”

     When Hamid woke up the policeman told him he was allowed one call. Hamid can barely hold the phone his hand is trembling from the extreme pain he is experiencing throughout his body from the beating Rui gave him. He can only hoarsely say, “Lawyer..” 

  The nurse gave him medication but Hamid feels his head is going to explode from the excrutiating pain, his nose is broken and his right eye is swollen shut. His leg is fractured in two places and his right arm was snapped by Rui’s forceful kick. If Rashid hangs up I am  screwed they are talking about moving me to a goddam jail cell. Also if Amir finds out I am arrested I am dead meat. My only hope is my brother, “Bro..bro..”

   Rashid throws down the cigar he was smoking crushing it with his foot. “Hamid?”


   “What the fuck is wrong with you? Are you so high you can’t even talk?” Stupid idiot..probably afraid I would punish him and hid out somewhere doing drugs with a whore.

   Hamid’s mind is foggy and it is taking all his internal strength he has left not to pass out and form the words “”

   Rashids face pales, that little punk got arrested and is in a hospital? He is fucking dead if Amir finds out..Motherf****ng shit!

   Hamid can hardly think but needs to get Rashid to the hospital he will find a way to save me, our mother would kill Rashid if he let something happen to me. “ You are my lawyer…”

   Rashid tightens his grip on his phone,“Give the phone to whatever asshole is close to you.”

   Hamid motions to the policeman sitting in a seat waiting for him to finish his call. The policeman is smirking looking at Hamid’s mangled body he winces, you picked the wrong man to try to rob in  Ming Jian, he saunters over , “Finished?” 

     He is about to hang it up when Hamid ‘s one good eye widens, “Tell… name.. hospital.” His words are barely distinguishable but the policeman can figure out the lawyer wants to know where he is.

   When the policeman gets on the phone Rashid speaks in Chinese asking him the name of the hospital and the charges against Hamid. The policeman tells him he is at Pushong Public Hospital in the wing where injured prisoners are brought.

    Rashid hangs up kicking a trashcan near him. Brother how am I going to get you out of there without telling Amir. He looks in his wallet and pulls out a card. Fucking shit this is going to cost a small fortune but that asshole owes me a favor for Marrakesh last year. Mother will have me killed if anything happens to that brat Hamid.

   Henri Armand is eating breakfast with a beautiful Russian woman in his mansion when he recieves  a notification of a forwarded encrypted message on his phone, “Excuse me Elena, I need to take this call.”

    He bends down kissing her cheek then walks out of the dining room going to his study. He picks up an untraceable phone that also distorts his voice out of a drawer, “What the fuck do you want Rashid?” I know very well what you want but I need to make you squirm for having the balls to touch Daiyu. Both you fucking pricks would be tortured and die without your bodies intact if anything happened to her. If I didn’t want your help in Morocco next month I would never help that maggot of a brother of yours, but I need to think of the big picture.

   Rashid rubs his temple and his voice sounds emotional, “I need your help Kuang Bo, I will pay whatever it takes.” He knows Kuang Bo can make it happen if he is willing. The man is a fucking genius and has an insanely gifted hacker that works for him { the hacker is actually Kuang Bo}

   “It must be serious if the tightwad Rashid Hamid is willing to pay.”

   “It is very serious… Hamid he…he was arrested and is in Pushong Public Hospital. I don’t know how severe his injuries are but I need him out and treated by a specialist.”

   “I don’t think you can afford my price.”

   “Bastard! It is my brother I will pay whatever it costs and you owe me for Marakesh.” He slams his hand on the hood of his car, why did I listen to that fat whore Wang Rebecca. if I see her again I will fuck her until she dies then fuck her dead corpse.

   “I do owe you for cleaning up that incident but still I don’t think that alone warrants me getting involved.” Kuang Bo has a sinister smile as he twirls a pen in his hand.

    If Kuang Bo doesn’t want to do the job there is nothing he can say to change his mind. Sweat is pouring off his forehead, Dammit! While he is trying to think of a way to convince him Kuang Bo says, “I will help you but on one condition..”

   Rashid knows he can’t breathe a sigh of relief yet, Kuang Bo’s tone tells him what he says next will cost him more than money. “What?”

   “I would rather have your mother owe me a debt than you.”

   “ can’t tell her.”

   “Your mother is a smart woman she will find out sooner or later wouldn’t it be better if it is sooner while her darling Hamid is still alive?”

   Rashid’s face loses its color Hamid didn’t sound good on the phone..he couldn’t even fucking talk.”I will inform her, but you need to hurry I assume he has been in custody since last night.”

  “Once Madam Olga calls me I will take care of it, oh… but Rashid I will still need you personally to pay twenty million USD. You might want to ask her for a loan while you are explaining how you let her precious baby not only be arrested because of your foolish attachment to a whore but… from what I can see online right now his condition is not good.  He might not even be able to give. Madam Olga a grandchild {this is an exaggeration but Kuang Bo can’t help but stir the pot. I can’t kill Qiao Rui but if someone else does, is that really on my head?”

   While Kuang Bo is on the phone he is online searching for Hamid in the police database. Qiao Rui the years you spent in the Underworld gave you some skills, beating a trained killer like Hamid within an inch of his life…good job.

   “I will call her now.” Rashid hangs up dreading making the call to his mother but he can’t waste time.

   His mother is in Switzerland with her third husband. She is relaxing at this moment in the hotel spa having a pedicure when she gets the call. She smiles and shoos away the girl painting her toenails.His mother is Russian she married their father when she met him on holiday in Africa. She had him killed three years after Hamid was born for fucking the nanny. “Sweetie, I’m glad you called. “

    She looks down at her feet, this ugly buck toothed girl! I should have her fingers broken she bruised my heel when she was massaging my foot. “Your wife and I were shopping yesterday and she said you are fucking a Chinese whore and ignoring her calls. You really are your father’s son.” I really hate it when she whines like a little bitch to me but she is the mother of my grandsons.

    Rashid gulps, when I get home I am going to beat that jealous skinny little slut black and blue . “Mommy she doesn’t know anything she listens to idle gossip then passes it on to you.” Then which will hurt more I will freeze her credit cards.

    His mother looks in the mirror smoothing her hair, this hairstylist is she blind! I have perfect high cheekbones the hair should be swept back not hanging on my cheeks hiding them, I should have the wench’s eyes gouged out.“ Honey,where is Little Hamid put my baby on the phone.”

  “Ah Ma that is what I am calling about..”

   She can tell from his tone something is wrong, “Tell me now, what happened to my baby!”

   “It wasn’t my fault Mommy, I swear I was with Amir… Hamid went off on his own and got into trouble.”

   His mother stands up from the reclining chair then smashes the mirror in front of her with a bottle of red wine she has been drinking. The mirror shatters and the wine and glass spray all over the neatly arranged polishes and lotions under it. She screams in Russian to the women in the private room of the salon, “Get out!.all of you ugly bitches get the fuck out of here now!” They have no idea what she is saying but they hurry out of the room as fast as they can frightened by her anger.

   Her fingernails are digging into her fleshy hand, blood is seeping down her palm,“Tell me.”

   Rashid tells his mother he has no idea what trouble Hamid got into but he received a call from him not long ago he was arrested and is in the hospital. Olga’s eyes redden Hamid is her favorite person in the world she dotes on him.

      When he wanted to follow Rashid to work for Amir Malouf she forbid it but he went anyway because he worships Rashid. Hamid, my baby! You could have easily worked for me and never encountered any trouble. Why didn’t I insist!

   “Ma, Kuang Bo said he can solve the problem but he wants you to call him.” I’m not going to mention the twenty million I can figure it out, Uncle might loan it to me.

     She grimaces then she reminds him in an eerily calm tone, “Rashid if anything happens to your baby brother you know what will happen.” Olga hangs up considering what to say to Kuang Bo. Obviously with his talent and connections he will be able to solve the problem but what will he want in return. Well no matter whatever it is I will agree to get my handsome baby boy out of trouble.

   Rashid gulps he was nine years old when his father was tortured and killed in front of him. He wet his pants as his father was screaming and begging for mercy blood spraying everywhere as his uncle chopped off his limbs one by one. His mother made him watch even grabbing his small hands as he tried to cover his eyes telling him this is what happens when someone betrays her, he shouldn’t forget this lesson.

   Olga composes herself ,that bastard Kuang Bo what does want.

   Kuang Bo looks at his watch she should be calling any moment. A brilliant woman like Olga never should have had children they are her only weakness, or at least kept them within her sphere of influence. I know why she let Rashid work for Amir but it is ironic she never foresaw her darling Hamid choosing his brother over her.

   His phone rings, “Speak”

  “ My darling Bo how have you been?”

   “Better than Hamid.”

   Olga’s face contorts in anger this arrogant bastard always so cocky. Speaking in Russian she asks,Since you know why I’m calling what do you want?”

   Kuang Bo speaks her language so he replies in Russian, “I checked into his situation it won’t be easy and you should sit down, he will need hospitalization he was severely injured in the attack on him.” He has no intention of saying more right now. Olga is lunatic if she decides to eliminate Qiao Rui everyone around him will die also that could include Qin Daiyu. He is confident neither Rashid or Hamid will say it was Qiao Rui because that would open up a can of worms as to why he would beat the shit out of Hamid.

   “As I said… what do you want.”

   “I need a favor from you in the near future. Since you want your son saved you will agree to whatever it is… am I right? I will discuss it with you when I need your assistance. Of course you know me I will make sure you keep your word should you agree.”

   Could this bastard be any more vague? Whatever it is Hamid must be rescued now. “Of course I agree.”

   Obviously Rashid didn’t mention the twenty million to her I guess he knew that would anger her further. “I will let you know when he is transported to another hospital.”

   “I want you to use your connection and have Hamid taken to Xinghe’s hospital in Cambodia. My enemies can’t use him against me if he is there and Xinghe is his best option for recovery.”

   “You aren’t in a position to negotiate. I’m not taking him to Cambodia.”

   “I will double what you asked Rashid to pay.”

   “I’m surprised he told you.”

   “He didn’t but I know you my darling boy, you wouldn’t simply do it for a favor, you like your money too much. Now please get my son out of Pushong City.”

   Kuang Bo hangs up with a slight smile on his face, Olga is a very tough woman but she loves her sons..well Hamid anyway.

   He walks out to the dining room where Elena is sipping tea waiting for him to come back. He sits down speaking in French, “How was breakfast?”

   She has a Russian accent but speaks in perfect French,“The food is delicious and your home is very beautiful.” She looks around a the elegant furnishings. “I am so happy my ballet company planned this guest performance for me, it will give us a chance to spend time together. I have missed you.”

   “Elena, a pressing matter has come up so I won’t be able to accompany you today. I will be back to take you to the LE banquet, I had Chloe design an evening dress especially for you it is in the third guest room on the right up the stairs. Please make yourself at home and my driver is at your disposal.”

   “Merci Henri.” She sips her tea, then Elena smiles up at him her full red lips parted exposing her perfect white teeth as she asks, “I am going to the  Pushong Ballet Company to talk to their director about my performance Saturday night. Afterwards since you are busy I want to go to the Zhen Gallery they have a collection of ancient scrolls I am interested in seeing. while I am in Pushong.”

   “I have seen the collection I think you will be impressed, I wish I could join you. Call me if you need anything, my maid Rosa can get you anything you need in the mansion. “

   Henri turns and goes back into his study then hacks into the police files on Hamid, so they arrested him for attempted robbery and the victim is a man named Ming Jian? Not Qiao Rui? Well the good doctor isn’t stupid, Ming Jian must work for him. He looks up Ming Jian, nothing about him, well let’s delve deeper. So he is ex military, loyal I’m sure…no bribing him. I guess I will have to put in a new order in the police computer for Hamid to be moved to another hospital. Once  he is safely out of the hospital then I will erase all records of his arrest. That shouldn’t take to long. His phone rings, “I’m busy.”

   “Did you talk to my mother?”

   “Shouldn’t you ask her ?”

   “Did she agree?”

   “What do you think… Hamid is her favorite son after all.”

   He wants to laugh at Kuang Bo’s feeble attempt to annoy him. Rashid doesn’t care about that fact,  he loves Hamid and thinks his mother is an insane bitch. “Whatever, do you need me to do …anything?”

   “No. Stay out of it. I will let you know when your brother is on the plane.” Kuang Bo actually likes Rashid he makes him laugh. It is too bad his taste in women and penchant for drugs has become out of control since his first wife disappeared. He actually wasn’t such a pervert until he lost his mind when she was kidnapped and never found. 

   “Plane?” Is mother taking Hamid somewhere?” He needs to tell Hamid never to mention Feng LiMei or Wang Rebecca to anyone.

   “I will give you more details after I work out the arrangements.”

   “Yeah let me know.”

   Kuang Bo schedules a private plane to take Hamid to Phnom Penh then he will need to fly by helicopter to Xinghe’s compound. Kuang Bo has no idea Rui is going to operate on Xinghe tomorrow.

After he takes care of the arrangements he calls Xinghe. “Uncle I need to transport a patient to your hospital tonight.”

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