LiMei is Missing

Leng Shuai lights a cigarette while glancing around the room looking for Qiao Rui the good doctor is in for a surprise when he tries to find the little bunny. How long should I keep her in the room? After he took her away from me to accompany him tonight, I am looking forward to seeing his face full of anger when he comes over to confront me suspecting I did something to his little girlfriend. Well you arrogant bastard…Feng LiMei won’t be returning to you tonight. 

    He has a demonic smile picturing the look on LiMei’s face when he ‘rescues’ her from the locked room. How long should I keep her in the room? His eyes have a mischievous gleam as he takes a puff on his cigarette blowing a smoke ring into the air. 

   The bartender timidly walks down the length of the bar over to Leng Shuai getting up his courage he tells him, “Sir there is no smoking at the bar.”

   Leng Shuai smiles then continues to smoke his cigarette, he shamelessly shakes his glass, “Another.”

   Meng QiQi walks over next to Leng Shuai thinking this might be her best chance to put the Mystical Sex into his drink. “CEO Leng?”

   When he hears a woman’s high pitched voice he doesn’t bother looking up from his drink, “Scram.”

   Meng QiQi’s face turns red but she thinks she can’t lose this chance, “Ah..CEO Leng I don’t want to bother..”

   He interrupts her, “I don’t like to repeat myself, get lost.” He finishes his cigarette stubbing it out in the ashtray.

   Thinking quickly she decides to lie to catch his attention. “Feng LiMei told me to ..”

   Curious he looks up at her  when she mentions Feng LiMei, “What did she tell you?”

   Meng QiQi smiles brightly then pouts her full red lips men can’t resist me when I act wronged, she coquettishly twists her delicate hands,“She told me that since I am her close friend you might be able to help me get out of my contract with Hushang Entertainment.” She shyly blinks then stammers, ” I know this isn’t the place to discuss this but… I saw you and acted impulsively.”

   He has to control himself from not laughing, this woman must be the high school friend of Feng LiMei that Kang Jin was talking about earlier. But the little thing would never give my name to anyone, she thinks… his face darkens recalling her insults earlier, ‘I am a lowly pilot.’ He studies her wronged expression,definitely an 18th tier actress. Thinking it over… now is my chance to find out more about the little bunny.

   “You have a contract with Hushang? I have never heard of them mistreating their artists.”

   “It’s complicated but LiMei said you could help me.” She sits down next to him, Oh my God up close he is more handsome than any man I have seen, I won’t mind climbing into his bed at all. Those dark brooding eyes and flawless features… A quick hint of anger flashes across her face How did that little worm Qin Daiyu capture his attention?I am a hundred…no a million times better than that little eyesore. She reaches into her purse clutching the aphrodisiac, with my talent in bed he will be mine before the morning. I will prick my finger and leave a red blossom on the sheets so he thinks he is my first. Her lips curl up, picturing being pressed under his strong body giving him the ultimate pleasure. Soon you will be my man Leng Shuai.

  “You are a friend of Feng LiMei?” Well before I get rid of her maybe she can tell me some information.

    “Yes, but she didn’t go by Feng LiMei when I knew her.” She watches him sip his drink hoping he sets it down so she can put the drug into the glass without him noticing. I know I will get what he is drinking then switch glasses, “Bartender could I have what CEO Leng is drinking.”

   He can’t stand the smell of her heavy perfume and wrinkles his forehead subtly moving his body away. Don’t get too comfortable as soon as I get some information I don’t want to see your face again. “She changed her name? Do you know why?”

    Meng QiQi drinks some of the whiskey scrunching up her nose as the fiery liquid goes down her throat. She lets out a gasp waving her small hands, “My… that is strong.” Smiling at Leng Shuai with her eyes getting misty from the alcohol she sets her glass next to Leng Shuai. I know I look adorable right now but his handsome face shows no emotion, still that cold and indifferent expression. She takes her handkerchief with the drug inside dabbing her eyes then drops the powder into her glass. Now I just need an opportunity to switch glasses.

   Henri Armand was walking by with Elena when he heard Meng QiQi talking about Feng LiMei. She knows Daiyu? I can’t have her reveal Daiyu’s identity, he quickly whispers something to Elena then they proceed over to the bar, “CEO Leng this is where you have been, I wanted to discuss some mutual business with you.”

   “Whatever it is I’m not interested.” He pulls another cigarette out of his pack ignoring Henri, “ Miss Meng go on ..”

   Seizing the moment when Leng Shuai turned to speak to Henri Armand, Meng QiQi switched glasses with him, she is startled by him dismissing Henri Armand so quickly and almost knocks her drink over onto the bar. The glass rattles around then she grabs onto it. Wheww..“Ah..LiMei..yes.. well we have been friends since we were children. We grew up together in a mountain village by Wangshu but she moved when she was a sophomore in high school.”

   Henri Armand tightens his hold on Elena’s arm, Elena frowns really Henri! then says, “Miss Meng is it, could you accompany me to the bathroom I need someone to fix my strap that has come loose in the back.”

    “Huh?” No way this is my best chance to ingratiate myself with CEO Leng. Shit! Both Leng Shuai and that stupid Frenchman are looking at me now. I guess I have to say yes. “Of course, CEO Leng we can continue our conversation when I get back.”

    Henri Armand picks up the glass of whiskey,“Looks like the little actress wanted to hug your thigh tonight…literally.”

   “Do I look stupid to you Henri? I saw her actions from the moment she put the powder in her handkerchief, but why would you step in to help me, that is the better question?”

   “Like I said we have a mutual friends.”

   “Actually you said mutual business partners. I don’t think we have any mutual friends.”

   “I shouldn’t underestimate your tolerance for alcohol, still sharp.”

   “Henri I’m curious why are you here with Elena? “

   “Why not? She is beautiful..intelligent and a world famous ballerina.”

   “She also works for your competition.”

   “Oh yes her modeling contract with Milan Designs. Friendly competitor.”

   “I was thinking more of her connection to Viktor.”

   “…” This guy gets more interesting every time I see him.“Hmm..Viktor.. I can’t recall the name.. does he design for Romanov?”

   Leng Shuai taps his fingers on the glass of whiskey that contains the aphrodisiac. “Here come the ladies, maybe Elena would like a drink”,

   Henri laughs watching Leng Shuai switch the glasses back to their original positions. “As a Frenchman I am insulted by your suggestion I would need any help getting a beautiful woman into my bed.” The last bitch I would invite to my bed is the poisonous Elena, I don’t want experience her ‘unique’ charm between the sheets.

   Elena and Meng QiQi return to the bar and Meng QiQi picks up her drink smiling at Leng Shuai. “ Mr. Armand, Elena told me you are looking for a young model for your Spring Collection.”

   “Actually  my designer Chloe is looking for a new face for Chloe Designs, Elena and I are going to the balcony to watch the fireworks do you want to come with us, you can give me your information.”

   Leng Shuai smirks wondering what game Henri is playing… the girl was being too annoying anyway my investigators can find out about Feng LiMei. “Miss Meng you shouldn’t miss this opportunity.”

   Meng QiQi weighs her options, being a model for Chloe Designs would be awesome but if I sleep with Leng Shuai the world will be mine.“Thank you but I was talking to CEO Leng.”

   She sits down finishing her glass of whiskey, Henri Armand has killing intent in his eyes not wanting Meng QiQi to reveal any details about Feng LiMei being Qin Daiyu. “Ceo Leng why don’t you join us on the balcony Elena said she heard your company arranged fireworks and..” looking at Meng QiQi like a fox he smirks,“It should be a good show.”

   Leng Shuai has a faint smile wondering what will happen to meng QiQi thinking she must have annoyed Henri in some way, “I’m meeting someone I will pass.”Since she was going to drug me I have no intention of helping her avoid whatever Henri has in mind. Maybe he wants to play with the little bitch, I heard Elena’s name in the organization is Sadistic Beauty. She uses sex to lure them then she mercilessly tortures her victims before she lets them finally die no longer being able to be called a man. I am still curious about the Frenchman though my research on him was compiled too easily and I know he has deep connections in the Underworld. I saw him engaged in secretive conversations with Amir Malouf on a few occasions.

   Meng QiQi hesitates but Elena pulls her along, “Miss Meng please come, I would like to ask you about the Fresh Face Variety Show I am your fan. I loved the way you interacted with Kang Jin last week and sang the duet with him. He should take you on his next tour.”

   Elena is my fan​? Meng Qing has a satisfied expression listening to Elena compliment her performance, after all she is a little known actress and Elena is a world renowned prima ballerina. Well it will take a little time for the drug to work on CEO Leng I could go with them maybe get the modeling job then go back to the bar. “Okay. “CEO Leng I will come back after the fireworks to tell you more about Feng LiMei.”

    Henri glares at her as she walks in front of him with Elena, No my dear you won’t be telling him anymore about Daiyu. After Elena has her way with you and my bodyguard fucks you leaving you barely alive you won’t show your face in Pushong City again.

 Leng Shuai finishes his drink, I think I will ‘rescue’ the little thing now. He stands up before he can leave the bar area Rui stops him pushing his finger in his chest his voice filled with killing intent,“ Bastard! Where is LiMei?”

   He pushes him away,“How should I know? Xiaosi passed your message, I made a choice I chose the deal with Li Group.”

  Rui’s eyes are filled with jealousy and rage, “I don’t believe you. What did you do with her.”

  “Believe what you want I haven’t seen your little girlfriend.”

   Rui stares into his deep eyes with a penetrating gaze trying to see if he is telling the truth then growls in a low voice, “If I find out you are lying I will fucking destroy your company then kill you.” He grabs him by the collar sneering, “I think I will start with LE Entertainment.”

   Leng Shuai laughs provoking Rui, “Temper..temper Doctor I don’t think you need the publicity right now.” He points to a man photographing them, “You should learn to control your emotions.”

   Rui gets in Leng Shuai’s face, “Do you think that photo will make it to the news.. ha ha.. underestimating me again… how has that worked out for you so far?”

   Leng Shuai’s eyes darken and his aura becomes suffocating recalling his trip to Hirachi city and the problems caused by Rui. Anyone else would be brought to their knees by the oppressive atmosphere surrounding Leng Shuai but Rui stands firm with a sinister smile taunts him further, “Is that all the internal energy you got? I heard you studied under Master Guyin your father really should get a refund.”

 Mentioning his Master in a demeaning fashion infuriates Leng Shuai he retorts,“Well you should hone your skills also…pathetic.. not being able to sense my presence in the storage room with LiMei. She begged me in that cute little voice of hers not to reveal myself and asked me to hide behind the crates in the back… after we..” Before he says another word Rui snaps slamming his clenched fist  into his face, “LIAR!”

   Leng Shuai wasn’t expecting him to lose his shit punching him in the crowded bar and his reaction speed was slowed down from the whiskey he has been drinking. “Didn’t expect that from the good doctor.”  He touches his face blood seeping out from his mouth smirking, “Ask the little thing when or if you  find her.”

   Rui loses his mind when Leng Shuai taunts him and lunges towards Leng Shuai. Before he can hit him again both of their bodyguards appear stepping between them. Rui’s bodyguard Ming Jian heard part of the conversation, he swiftly pulls Rui to the side quietly saying, “I will find Miss Feng, don’t listen to that bastard, he is trying to provoke you. She wouldn’t betray you Rui.” Ming Jian has been friends with Rui since high school he knows his temper and his recent fixation on Feng LiMei.

   Rui can’t calm down his heart races thinking of Leng Shuai being in the storage room alone with LiMei. He clenches his fists to his side, I will tear the motherf****r apart if he laid one hand on her. Distraught from not being able to find LiMei he runs his hand through his hair, I looked throughout the entire banquet area and the balcony where could she be?

   Ming Jian motions towards the photographer a muscular man dressed in black standing in the corner immediately comes over to the man holding the camera. “Don’t make a scene you will be compensated, let’s go.” The man has seen this situation before realizing he will make more money turning the camera over to the bodyguard than attempting to sell the photos. Then he says to Rui, “I will check the CCTV we will find Miss Feng.”

  “En.” Rui then turns smiling with a crazy gleam in his deep eyes at Leng Shuai, “I will make you regret touching my bottom line.”

   Leng Shuai watches him walk away thinking Rui looked insane when made that comment. I guess it is true that love can make an otherwise rational man lose his mind over a woman.  He has a demonic smile on his face, muttering, “This should be fun.” He dials Su Ryan, “You erased the footage on the CCTV right?”

   “Of course.” does he think I am an amateur? “Are you coming to the room? I just check on the little chick she is still unconscious.”

   He twirls the jade ring on his finger,“About a half hour.” I should wait so he doesn’t follow me, let him go on a wild goose chase looking for the CCTV footage. I really want to crush that arrogant bastard…he doesn’t deserve Feng LiMei.

   Leng Shuai decides he will go see what is going on with Henri and Meng QiQi he lazily walks through the banquet room. Although the bar is located in the back of the banquet room several people could hear the altercation between him and Rui so they stare at him as he passes by. Ignoring the whispers he continues to the balcony, the evening sky is lit up with the brilliant colors of the fireworks. 

     Several people are commenting on the fireworks display he looks up at the sky impressed the event team put together a memorable evening for the guests. Suddenly someone pats him on the back, “Thinking what a good job we did?”

   Leng Shuai turns around to see Fan Nuan smiling up at him he responds,his words are slightly slurred, “You are pretty good at reading my mind that is exactly what I was thinking.”

   “Shuai you sound drunk and what happened to your face.”

   “Nuan shouldn’t you be clinging onto Chen Jianyu to make Xiaosi jealous?”

   “Don’t change the subject.” I’m not interested in Xiaosi it has always been you but you won’t notice me as a woman.

   “I only had a few drinks and as for my face…none of your business.”

   “It is times like this I’m glad you chose Xiaosi to be the face of the company. Only you would get into a fight at your family’s important banquet. I hope your grandfather doesn’t find out.”

   “If he does so what it is my personal business.”

   Xiaosi walks up to them as they are talking he chuckles noticing his brother’s swollen jaw and cut lip.“I didn’t think anyone was capable of landing a punch on your face. Who was it? Or let me guess, Qiao Rui?

   Fan Nuan has a concerned look on her pretty face, “Qiao Rui? Why would he hit you?”

   Xiaosi wants to fuel the flames jealous of Nuan’s crush on Shuai, “Don’t you know? Big brother likes Qiao Rui’s little woman Feng LiMei.”

   “She isn’t his woman.”

   “So you are saying and the world will be shocked… you aren’t gay as they imagined… you want that little beauty?”

   Black lines form on his forehead he threatens,“Xiaosi I’m thinking our division in Zambia needs to be examined, so you can plan on taking a team there Monday.”

   “Ha was just making a joke.”

   Suddenly they hear loud voices coming from the corner of the balcony Xiaosi says, “Sounds like some of the guests are having a good time.”

   They look over to see Zangwa Yan pressing a woman up against the wall with his hand on her chest, “ “QiQi baby I have missed your big tits.” He kisses her mouth trying to pry it open. Meng QiQi wants to push him away but his familiar cool lips on her lips feel good. She feels feverish as his hand presses on her breast.

   He plays with her hair sending shivers down her back.“Why did you leave me you little whore, for a richer man?”

   Elena acts like she is helping Meng QiQi but she is actually pushing him into her body, “Young Master..please let my friend go.” She has her hand on his arm hoping he throws it off that would be great, Henri offered her a great deal of money to get Meng QiQi away from Leng Shuai.

   He shakes Elena’s hand off, “Mind your own business bitch!”

     Elena’s beautiful eyes glimmer with a dark light this is easier than expected Meng QiQi meeting an old lover. Although Henri’s bodyguard looks disappointed.

    Zangwa Yan has been drinking all night and when he saw Meng QiQi he couldn’t resist. Salivating he continues to play with Meng QiQi’s breasts they are almost popping out of her low cut dress. “Baby why did you torture me by leaving me.”

    “ was busy with work.” Meng QiQi moans from the sensation of him teasing her breasts as the aphrodisiac starts to heat up her body.

    Dragging her to a darkened part of the balcony he boldly puts his hand up under her dress roughly pressing his fingers between her legs, “You are sure you aren’t selling this to someone else… no you wouldn’t dare.” He leans into her ear biting her earlobe,” QiQi you are so wet from my touch have you missed me? ” I haven’t been able to get it up since she left, now I can’t stop my reaction to her fat ass! I got fucking hard as soon as I saw the slut coming onto the balcony with that fucking gay designer Henri Armand. Well I am going to get a piece of ass tonight my wife is out of town and I have the little slut in my hands now. He has a lecherous grin, The little whore looks drugged, her eyes are glazed and her skin is on fire. Thank you to whoever gave her the aphrodisiac!

   “Mhnnn..nnnn..not here..” What the fuck…I am burning up and Yan feels so fucking good. I need to get away from him his wife threatened me if I get involved with him again I will be ruined.

    Henri leans on the railing as expected of Elena, she saw the man leering at Meng QiQi then pushed them together, they should be leaving the party soon to find a room. I don’t need the bitch telling Leng Shuai about Feng LiMei being Qin Daiyu.

   Xiaosi covers Nuan’s eyes, “You don’t need to see.”

    Nuan blushes trying to remove his large hands from her face, “Xiaosi!”

   Leng Shuai smiles seeing the man is Zangwa Yan and apparently Meng QiQi knows him intimately. It looks like her plan completely backfired. It is hard to believe a scheming slut like Meng QiQi was friends with Feng LiMei they seem like polar opposites. Ah Feng LiMei… He looks at his watch, I think it has been long enough I’m going to ‘rescue’ the little bunny now.

    “Enjoy the show, I need to meet someone.”

    Both Nuan and Xiaosi blurt out “Who?” at the same time.

   “Feng LiMei.”

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