LiMei Is Gone

Huang Chen pulls the black SUV up to the gate of the private airport nervously glancing behind for Morgan and Cheng. He hurriedly checks in with the security guard at the gate who looks over the paperwork. 

     Huang Chen mutters to himself, ”Hurry the fuck up old man..” Once we are through the gates they can’t follow without clearance When the elderly security guard opens the gate the black SUV’s tires screech as Huang Chen races into the parking lot behind a small office.

    He looks in the back seat LiMei remains unconscious, he turns to the little gangster next to him, “How long does that shit last?”

 The little gangster thinks about the last time he used the ether then replies, “At least another hour, we will be up in the air before the chick wakes up.”

 “Do you have more?”

 “Yeah, don’t worry we can keep her knocked out until we get to fucking Milan.”

 “Okay, I see Logan’s men by the plane, he must be here already.” 

    His phone rings, “I just saw you pull in hurry the fuck up, Logan arrived five minutes ago and is pissed you aren’t here yet, we need to take off.”

   “Big Ji, are there any airport workers nearby? The woman is unconscious so we need to carry her to the plane.”

   “I only saw one guy having a smoke by the office. It’s dark just get your ass over here with the little bitch we are cleared to take off in five minutes.”

   “Did he bring my money?”

    “How the fuck do I know.”

    “Well it was a pain in the ass picking her up and we might have to deal with the bodyguards.”

    “Hey man, Ha..!  like I give a shit about your fucking problems.” He sits on the ladder leading into the plane looking over where the black SUV is parked.,  “Get the fuck over here now asshole.”

    ”Fuck you Ji, if I don’t get paid you don’t get paid should be interested if he has the motherf****ng money. Who knows how long he will be out of the country and I need my fucking money! I will bring her now.”

   He tells the little gangster,“Grab her out of the back.”

   “Why don’t you carry the little bitch, I sprained my back when I threw her into the car.” He twists his back around wincing to make his point.

   “You lazy piece of shit..whatever, let’s go.” He reaches into the backseat and throws LiMei over his shoulder then laughs at the little gangster, “She is light as a feather what are you bitching about you little weakling.”

  While they are taking LiMei from the backseat,Morgan pulls the car up to the gate. While he is waiting for the old man to open the window of the guard station, he glances over at Cheng, “I see them, one guy has Feng LiMei over his shoulder they are heading to a plane on the far left.”

  “Shit, Morgan this is fucked up.What if they take off before we get to them?”

   Morgan doesn’t want to think of the possibility, he tightens his grip on the steering wheel  as he replies, ‘We can’t let that happen.”

   When the security guard opens his window Morgan informs him they work for  CEO Qiao Rui.

   The elderly security guard scratches his head as he looks at their ID’s, “I don’t see CEO Qiao’s plane scheduled for departure tonight.”

   “We are here to do a safety check of the plane.”

   “This time of night? Thats’s a bit unusual.”

   “CEO Qiao told us to do it so who are we to argue with the boss, right?” Dammit hurry up and give me our fucking identification back!

   “I hear you there.. ” He chuckles as he hands Morgan back the ID’s then opens the gate.

   While they are still at the gate  the plane with LiMei on board is preparing to take off.

   Morgan presses down on the accelerator driving directly over to where the planes are located. He can see the ladder on the plane going up, he exclaims, “Holy fuck this is bad.”

   The plane begins moving down the runway. Cheng’s face loses color, “What are we going to do Morgan?”

   “I could try to stop the plane by driving down the runway to intercept it but I can’t take a chance Feng LiMei might get injured. If it was just us and them I would do it in a heartbeat but..”

  “Morgan..the little chick what will happen to her, who are those men.”

   “We need to find out where the plane is headed.Then call Qiao Rui, it is going to be a shitstorm when he finds out she was abducted but we have no choice at this point.”

   Logan looks out the window with a smirk on his face, Too late..haha.. He makes a call, “Got the little package should arrive by midnight tomorrow.”

   “En.” Finally I will pay the little bitch back for stealing from me then fucking up my business when she failed to kill Han Tingfeng. No one escapes the Black Sky.. no one. Kuang Fu is sitting in a luxury suite in Milan discussing assassinating Viktor with Kuang Bo.

   Kuang Bo knows that sinister look on his brother’s face and is curious who called. “Brother you seem pleased, who was that on the phone?”

  “Logan, he is bringing me a little package from Cambodia.”

   Kuang Bo, “What is in the package?”

    “Something very sweet I have been looking to find.” Kuang Fu stretches his long legs as he reaches into a drawer, “Since when are you interested in my dealings? I haven’t seen you actively participate in the Organization in months. The only reason you came to Milan is because you think once I eliminate Viktor you will have an opportunity to betray me.”

   “Ha..ha..if I wanted to betray you do you think I needed to wait until now?”

  “Bo, don’t think I don’t know what you have been up to recently. It may appear Black Sky has weakened according to the rumors swirling around the Underworld but that doesn’t mean they are true. I will never give you the opportunity to take the Organization I built as long as I can hold a gun.”

  Kuang Bo has a smile on his handsome face as he responds,“Brother, the last thing I want is to replace you, but you need to get with the times. Cyber crime is much more lucrative and it eliminates the need for guns. I only want you to realize your obsolete violent approach, like your obsession with personally killing Viktor is what is bringing chaos to the Organization.”

  Kuang Fu suddenly stands up furious at Kuang Bo’s insolence. He forcefully puts his hands on Kuang Bo’s shoulders, staring into his eyes with a murderous look, “Listen fucker, all this shit started when your little bitch girlfriend screwed me and left Han Tingfeng alive. That fuckup started a chain of events which that bastard Viktor took advantage of and now I am getting my revenge on both…” Realizing his slip of the tongue he changes the subject, “Well..anyway..what the fuck did you come to my suite for anyway?”

   Kuang Bo narrows his eyes,  what does that prick mean by both…? Does he know Qin Daiyu is Feng LiMei and lives in Pushong? No..there is no way he could. He controls his temper thinking about the possibility retaining an emotionless expression, “I came because I thought I would warn you since we share the same mother I wouldn’t get too cocky if I was you. Viktor’s son Nikolai accompanied him here.”

  “Nikolai? I thought he was rotting in a Bosnian prison.”

   “It cost Viktor part of his Ukraine territory and a shitload of cash to secure his release last week. Viktor may be getting old and a little sloppy but you can’t say the same for that egomaniac. He is hellbent on revitalizing his father’s Syndicate even if he has to start a war. His stint in the prison turned him into more of a psychopath than he was a year ago.”

  Kuang Fu takes a cigar and lights it, “How do you know this?”

  “A hacker I worked with in Berlin gave me the intel.” I know because I am a hundred times smarter than you give me credit for being you ignorant asshole.

   “Why are you telling me this,it isn’t like you to be so talkative.” He intentionally blows the heavy smoke from his cigar towards Kuang Bo’s face.  I really hate the way you act superior to me because you went to University and I didn’t. Remember the Black Sky is will never be taken over by you.

   Kuang Bo controls his urge to smash his brother’s head onto the desk he is sitting behind. “I have my reasons.”


   “When I firm up my plan I will let you know. In the meantime you should cover your ass, getting rid of Viktor will not be the piece of cake you think it will be now that Nikolai is out of prison. You may find this hard to believe but I want you to live…for now anyway.” 

  Kuang Bo with a blindingly fast movement easily snatches the cigar from Kuang Fu’s mouth, crushing it out on the desk before Kuang Fu can react.

   Two of Kuang Fu’s men come rushing over, Kuang Fu laughs motioning for them to stand back, “You still have the fastest hands I have ever seen Little Bro.”

  Kuang Bo flashes a brilliant smile, “Or you are just too slow.”

 “You should remember it was me who trained you.”

 Kuang Bo walks towards the door, “En.”How could I ever forget your training dear brother…destroying my life… making me leave the University and dragging me into the Underworld. But soon that will all be behind me when I become a legitimate business man and you are unable to control me. As Henri Armand I have amassed a great deal of wealth not to mention what I have acquired as your second. Only problem is my entanglement with the Black Sky. “I’m meeting someone for lunch, remember what I said don’t do anything rash.”

  Kuang Fu watches him as he walks away then as he reaches the door sarcastically comments,“I’m touched by your brotherly concern.”

 Kuang Bo leaves then calls Scorpion, “Find out what is being delivered to Kuang Fu from Cambodia.”

  “Will do, Kuang Bo, there is a problem with Chloe.”


  “She called me when she couldn’t get a hold of you earlier. She said if you don’t come to her hotel suite she won’t put on her show.”

 “I don’t have time to deal with that temperamental bitch. Tell her if she doesn’t get it together she  can go work for Chanel. Lizette can take over Chloe Designs. I don’t like being threatened.” I never should have let the haughty bitch climb into my bed during Fashion Week in New York but I was so fucking bored.

  He looks at his watch, Nikolai should be arriving at the private room in the restaurant about now. He will be insulted that I am late and through a tantrum I’m sure. I still need to put on my face mask as Henri Armand.  Kuang Bo furrows his eyebrow he mutters, “ Fu you bastard, once I have what I need to neutralize you I won’t need to wear these fucking masks anymore.” 

  Nikolai sits on a leather couch in the luxurious private dining room Henri Armand reserved looking at his phone. A waiter approaches him, “Something to drink while you wait.”

  Nikolai glances up then replies in Italian with a slight Russian accent,“Double Lordanov Vodka no ice.”

  “Certainly.”  The waiter glances at Nicolai, that is our most expensive brand of vodka but this man… although extremely handsome… is dressed in last year’s clothes. Could he be Henri Armand’s lover? I heard the famous designer is gay.  

   After the waiter leaves Nikolai continues to look at his phone, So much has changed in the year I was stuck in that hellhole. I will make that bastard pay for double crossing me. His face blackens thinking about the raid on the warehouse, of course if it weren’t for that little girl with Kuang Bo I would have been killed. At least I am still alive to get my revenge on that motherf****r Li Tian.

  The door opens and Henri Armand enters speaking in Russian he greets him, “Nikolai.”

  “Henri. You are late.”

  “Couldn’t be helped. Have you ordered a drink?”


   The waiter comes into the room with Nikolai’s drink and sets it down on the table, “Mr. Armand can I get you a drink?”

  “I will have the same.’

  “Henri, have you prepared my suits?”

  “They will be delivered to your hotel later today. I took the liberty of pairing them with shoes and will send the latest watches from Cartier, Gucci and Piaget.”

“Very good. I will wire you payment. How have you been my friend?”

  “A better question is how have you been. You disappeared a year ago where have you been hiding.”

 “I was working on a project in a remote area.”

   The waiter arrives with Henri’s drink, “Did you gentlemen want to order?”

  Henri glances over at Nikloai, “Nikolai?”

 “I’m in no hurry,will Chloe be arriving soon?”

 “No. She needs to prepare for the show but I have invited a new model I think you might enjoy.” 

 “I specifically requested your designer to join us.” 

“Well, it couldn’t be helped, the show is in two days and half of the collection hasn’t been properly sorted. How do you know Chloe?”

 “I don’t.”

  Henri knows there is a connection between them because Chloe suddenly had a terrified  expression when he mentioned he was meeting Nikolai Naralov for dinner. He raises his glass, “ Nostrovia.”


    At the airport outside Phnom Penh Morgan tells Cheng,”We need to find out where that plane is headed and get clearance to depart immediately when Qiao Rui arrives. I’m informing him now so he can have the driver bring him directly to the airport.”

  Cheng gulps, “I never expected the kidnappers to throw her on a plane! I thought we would have time to locate her within the city.”

“Well, I have worse news for you, the logo I saw on the plane, well, I recognized the design…the plane is owned by Black Sky.”

 “What do you mean? It says Wang Corporation.”

  “Wang Corporation is  a dummy corporation controlled by Kuang Fu… the Black Sky Organization, so Feng LiMei’s kidnapping isn’t a simple abduction.”

  “What the fuck! Why would they want Feng LiMei?”

  “Right now the why isn’t as important as where they are taking the girl. I’m calling the CEO.”

   Rui has his head leaning back and his eyes are closed. Unable to rest after the complicated surgery his heart tightens thinking about LiMei. Where are you Baby? Why aren’t you answering my calls? He opens his eyes gazing affectionately at LiMei’s photo on his phone,the one he took before he left for Xinghi’s compound. 

 Rui’s phone rings  as he is looking at the photo of LiMei sleeping , when Rui answers he has a threatening tone that sends a chill down Morgan’s spine, “Where the fuck is LiMei? Why isn’t she answering her phone?”

 “CEO I need you to come to the Chaktomuk Airport.” He takes a deep breath then confesses, “Miss Feng.. has been abducted.”

  Rui sits up and explodes, his temper raging his eyes turn red, “You motherf****ng incompetent bastard! Explain how you let that happen! You were to stay quietly in the hotel.” He screams at the driver “GO TO THE CHAKTOMUK AIRPORT!” Getting back to Morgan he has a cold domineering tone, “Who dared to take LiMei!”

 “Boss, I think it was the Black Sky, they put her in a plane and we were too late to rescue her.”

  Rui clenches his fist, I will fucking kill you Kuang Fu! “Where are they headed?”

  “We are on our way to the office to find out and get clearance to follow. Boss..I..I..” Rui interrupts him through clenched teeth he says, “I don’t want to hear excuses from you. Get the information and clearance. I am ten minutes away from the airport. Know this… if they touch a hair on LiMei’s head you will wish you were never born. I will extinguish your entire understand..” Rui has an insane look on his face as it turns black from his rage.He slams his clenched fist onto the window cracking the bulletproof glass as he looks out into the dark night, I’m sorry LiMei I couldn’t protect you. I will kill every one of those dirty bastards for taking you from me. Please be safe until I can come to you.

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