Let Me Spoil You

When they are driving along the highway Rui asks, “Do you want to go the new Western restaurant Flamingo that overlooks the city?” The elegant restaurant was recently opened and their executive chef is the world renowned chef Kincaid. Rui thinks it would be romantic sitting by the window looking at the city lights while having a candlelit dinner.

   LiMei looks at her clothes, “I’m not dressed for a nice restaurant. Do you want to go for hot pot?”

   Rui thinks no… I want to have a romantic dinner with you. He doesn’t reply he continues driving then pulls into a parking lot behind an exclusive dress shop.

   When he parks Rui leans over unbuckling LiMei’s seatbelt. “No hotpot.”

   LiMei stares at his handsome face that is dangerously close to hers making her heart beat erratically. He lightly kisses her lips then teases her, “ Definitely no hotpot.”

   He gets out of the car opening the door for her then holds her small hand as they walk up to the entrance. When they walk in LiMei glances around this dress shop… it doesn’t have any dresses hanging in it at all, clearly the outside sign said Gizelle’s Designs.

   A beautiful woman dressed exquisitely in a off the shoulder purple dress with matching 10cm heels approaches them, she smiles brightly seeing Rui. “Qiao Rui how have been? I haven’t seen you since the White and Black Ball.” 

     LiMei notices the saleswoman’s expression as she scrutinizes her wearing a track suit… the damn woman looks like she swallowed a fly.

   LiMei doesn’t usually feel intimidated but she can’t help see the woman’s eyes greedily fixed on Rui, reflexively LiMei moves in closer to him. Rui smiles at her jealous reaction encirlcling her small waist with his arm, “Mimi bring out the latest design suitable for dining at Famingo, we are in a hurry.”

    A flash of envy crosses Mimi’s face who is this little girl with him? The baggy track suit she is wearing is by Henri Couture’s new sportswear collection but she isn’t wearing any makeup and her hair is sloppily pulled up in a ponytail.

   “Of course.” Mimi walks over to LiMei to judge her size, LiMei becomes uncomfortable with the rude saleswoman measuring her body and is about to protest when Mimi quips while pointing at LiMei’s chest, “With her figure I’m not sure if I have any dress suitable at the shop but I will check. Typically we would have to send the dress to be custom fitted. I will check on what we have available without a proper fitting.”

   “..” LiMei glances down at her petite body then pulls on Rui’s sleeve, “Rui if you don’t want hotpot how about the little noodle shop on 90th st.”

   His lips curl up in a faint smile thinking right now she is way too cute to resist, Rui leans over and kisses her unexpectedly. LiMei tries to push him away blushing. because the haughty woman could return any moment.

      Rui prolongs the kiss not wanting to let her go, LiMei hears Mimi start coughing behind them. LiMei gently bites his tongue, he releases her smiling as he licks the little bit of blood from his lips.

   “I brought out two dresses that might be suitable, see what you think.” Although she wanted to embarrass the girl with Rui she doesn’t want to lose a sale either. When she went back to find a dress she found two that might be the right size for someone with a very petite frame. “Let me show you to the dressing room.”

    Rui affectionately takes her hand walking with her behind Mimi. LiMei recalls the last time he came to a dressing room with her and they were entangled in the small room. Knitting her brows her tone is serious “Rui wait outside for me.”

   He teases her knowing what she is remembering, “I should come with you,what if you need help with the zipper.”

   Mimi overhears them talking and she can’t believe Qiao Rui would be with such a young girl. He was one of the Golden Bachelors of Pushong, heir of the Qiao family. Didn’t he recently marry Wang Rebecca? What does that girl have to attract him, her face is beautiful and her green eyes are very unusual but other than that she seems unremarkable. 

     Wang Rebecca has a sophisticated style and a member of an elite family. I wonder if she has any idea her husband is fooling around with this little slut?

   Mimi hangs the two dresses in the dressing area. “Qiao Rui, can I bring you a glass of wine while you wait?”

   “No.” He has a pampering expression watching LiMei enter the dressing room. “While she is trying on the dresses get matching shoes and accessories.” He takes out his phone and makes a reservation at the restaurant for nine o’clock.

   LiMei takes the first dress off the hanger, so beautiful.. it is a green sleeveless silk wrap dress. The other one is a retro black dress with tiny crystals sewn into the layered chiffon skirt.The sleeves are sheer so her bandage wouldn’t be to obvious. When LiMei tries on the black dress she is satisfied it fit better than the green dress which was too big on her slender body and her injury would be exposed. 

     She comes out of the dressing Rui is reading a magazine his eyes are glazed over with desire as he looks at her, she looks stunning as she happily smiles at him. {She is just relieved one was suitable.}

   Rui stands up and walks over to her as he touches her silky black hair falling on her snow white shoulder, “LiMei you look beautiful.”

   The salesgirl comes in to check on LiMei’s progress her mouth drops open in surprise, the girl’s figure is petite but perfectly proportioned. She has a tiny waist and her chest isn’t as small as it appeared in the track suit. She is absolutely breathtaking, her jade like skin contrasted against the ink black dress makes even her as a woman want to touch it. Still what qualifications does she have to be with a brilliant and outstanding man like Qiao Rui. She must be his plaything.

Mimi quickly adjusts her expression to be professional, “I brought shoes to match each dress, I see you decided on the vintage Dior?”

   “Yes.” Rui isn’t sure if he want to go to the restaurant any longer the thought of other men looking at LiMei in this dress he is almost ready to change his mind.

   Mimi has a pleasant tone she could use the commission,”I thought these heels would fit.”

   LiMei sits down and the salesgirl slips them onto her feet. Mimi brings out the jewelry “Qiao Rui what do you think of this diamond key necklace to go with the dress.”

   LiMei quickly shakes her head , “No..no I don’t need a necklace.”

   Rui looks at the delicate necklace in the velvet box, “I will take it. Do you have matching earrings?”

   “…” He didn’t even ask her the price of it! LiMei’s eyes widen, “Rui please this is too much! No earrings!”

   He can’t stop himself she is sitting right next to him, he pulls LiMei up onto his lap and kisses her then nibbles her ear whispering in a pampering tone, “Shhh..let me spoil you.” He takes the necklace then lifts her hair putting it on her neck. LiMei’s body heats up as he runs his fingers on the back of her neck. She feels like an electric current is running through her meridians.

   Rui hands the woman his black card, “She will need a coat also.” 

     Taking his card the saleswoman goes to the other room to find a coat that will go with the dress. Looking at his black card she envies LiMei not only is Qiao Rui incredibly handsome but he is very generous.

   Rui picks up LiMei , “Let’s go.”

  “Put me down Rui! The dress will get wrinkled!”

  He has a devilish grin as he puts her down she is blushing, she isn’t worried about the dress as much as her face in front of the saleswoman.

   Rui mentions,“I need to stop by my house to change then we can go eat I made a reservation for nine.” I also wants to pick up my mother’s ring. The restaurant’s outdoor balcony will be the perfect place to ask LiMei to marry me.

   Mimi brings over the coat, LiMei tries it on she quietly says, “So pretty and soft.”

   Rui hears her comment then hugs her, “Not as pretty and soft as you.”

   LiMei struggles pushing her tiny hands on his strong chest trying to get out of his grip, if he keeps this up I don’t know if I can take it.

   The saleswoman rings the purchases up then she hands Rui back his card. For some reason seeing the girl’s flushed face and blissful expression as she looks up at Qiao Rui irritates Mimi further. 

     When she is out of their sight she takes a couple pictures of them with her cell phone as they are being intimate. Since he is newly married and bringing his mistress to buy clothes she could get a lot of money from the tabloids for it.

   After they leave the shop LiMei wonders how she always gets swept along in whatever Rui wants to do with her unable to stop his excessive behavior. Rui sees the faraway look in her eyes, “What are you thinking about LiMei?”

   “Nothing.” She doesn’t want to tell him the truth that earlier I was determined to leave you but here I am out shopping with you so we can go to an expensive restaurant! I need to leave Pushong City and you are making it very difficult!

   He pulls her into his arms then he tenderly lifts her chin looking into her eyes, “LiMei don’t think about running away from me again. You are my woman I won’t let you go. I told you at dinner I will explain everything.”

   LiMei stares into his deep dark eyes, “Rui..I..” He stops her words with a passionate kiss biting and licking her sweet lips then invading her mouth with his tongue. LiMei closes her eyes as she returns his feverish kiss yielding to him, her small tongue swirling around his as she encircles his neck with her slender arms.

      Rui holds her tighter to him and kisses her until she is breathless then he let’s her go,running his finger down her cheek then brushing it across her lips. His voice low and seductive, “You are mine…only mine.”

   Blinking a few times in response she is unable to respond, LiMei feels dizzy as though her heart is about to explode from his domineering kiss and his declaration. 

   Rui can read the confusion written on her expressive face, maybe that was too much but that is the way he feels. He doesn’t say anything else as he opens the door for LiMei to get into the car. 

      When they get to Rui’s house and enter into the living room Delun is leaning back on the couch playing a video game he glances up, “LiMei!” His eyes are wide at the sight of them together, how did Rui convince her to come back here and why is she dressed up?

   Rui says, “Delun we are going to dinner but I need to change. Can you get LiMei something light for a snack she is hungry.” He heard her stomach making rumbling noises in the car.

   Rui takes LiMei’s coat off for her revealing the dress she is wearing, without thinking Delun remarks, “LiMei you look beautiful!”

   LiMei starts blushing and smiles brightly showing her perfect white teeth and cute dimples, “Thanks!”

   Rui pulls her next to him possessively, “Just come upstairs and wait in my room.”

   “…” LiMei’s stomach growls again embarrassed she says, “I actually am rather hungry I can go see what is in the kitchen myself then I will come upstairs, Delun you can keep playing your game.”

   Rui realizing he overreacted changes his attitude, “Delun can fix you something, I won’t be long.”

   “Sure.” Delun avoids looking at LiMei then goes into the kitchen. As he walks away he is thinking damn bro she looks hot in that dress I couldn’t help blurting that out.

   LiMei can see Rui’s jealous reaction to the compliment from Delun and she puts her slender arms around his neck pulling him down to kiss him. “Rui, thank you for such a beautiful dress.”

   Rui’s heart softens at the unexpected kiss from LiMei he holds her tightly in his embrace her head buried in his chest, “LiMei don’t smile like that again at any man… not even my brother.”

   LiMei clings to him, then looks up with sparkling eyes, “You should go get changed. I will wait in the living room for you.”

   After Rui walks up the stairs LiMei goes into the kitchen to see what Delun is making. Her mind is full of questions. How can such a perfect and handsome man want to be with me? If he knew how damaged I am..the real me…Qin Daiyu… would he still like me?

   She almost runs into Delun while she is lost in thought. He quickly stops her holding lightly onto her arm checking to make sure Rui isn’t behind her coming into the kitchen.“LiMei what is going on with you and my brother?”

   “He found me at the orphanage and insisted on bringing me here. He said he is going to explain everything to me at dinner. I couldn’t say no, but I’m not changing my plans about leaving Pushong City.”

   “What were you doing at an orphanage?”

   “My friend Father Lam is the priest there.”

   “St. John’s Orphanage?”

   “Yeah do you know it?” LiMei is picking at the fruit Delun has put on a plate glancing at the barbeque ribs and chicken wings in a container. “Did you make these ribs?”

   “No, Rui didn’t eat lunch, the cook made this food.”

  “Rui didn’t eat lunch?”

   “No he rushed out of here when he found out where you were I guess. I was sleeping, Old Butler Wu told me he left quickly.”

   LiMei frowns thinking about Rui not eating.”I will help you fix him a plate, not eating isn’t good for his health.” After being drunk and drugged last night the barbeque might be too spicy. LiMei opens the refrigerator, “Is that soup? Do you think it will be good reheated?”

  “I think it will taste alright. It is Tofu Soup with Vegetables, hand it to me I will heat it up.”

   LiMei hands him the container, “Is there some rice? We are going out to eat but he shouldn’t wait.”

   “I wondered why you are wearing that dress.”

   “We are going to a new Western restaurant called Flamingo. Have you heard of it.”

   “…” I’m a chef of course I have heard of it! How did Rui get a reservation there at the last minute? I heard they are booked three months in advance. It also is supposed to be the most romantic restaurant in Pushong City with large windows so the customers can see the city lights while eating. 

The patio area is supposed to be breathtaking. Damn! What is going on with Rui? If he is photographed there with LiMei the night before the board meeting it could be bad.

   LiMei wishes they could eat on the patio but the weather is too cold tonight. “I’m going to put the dishes on the dining room table. Rui should be dressed soon.” She nibbles on a piece of pear as she puts the dishes and chopsticks on the table.

   Delun doesn’t know if he should say anything to LiMei if Rui were to find out he interfered with his plans he could lose his temper.

   Upstairs Rui finishes dressing he is wearing a black suit by Henri with a black shirt. Picking out back diamond cuff links he then  looks through his ties deciding on a black with gold silk tie. After he chooses a limited edition Piaget watch he takes his mother’s ring out of the drawer and puts the velvet pouch into his pocket.

   When he comes down the stairs walking towards the dining room LiMei gasps at his elegant appearance. Rui looks like a male lead in a drama, sophisticated and strikingly handsome, his ink black hair slicked back and his dark phoenix eyes are mesmerizing. LiMei almost drops the bowl of rice in her hands. He always looks handsome but tonight he looks especially so with a noble air surrounding him.

      While I was with the Black Sky Organization I thought Kuang Bo was the most handsome man I had ever seen but Rui’s flawless appearance makes my heart skip a beat when I look at him. 

   She snaps out of her trance at the sound of his voice.“LiMei what are you doing? We are going out to eat.” He looks at the soup and rice.What is that chicken wings and barbeque ribs too?

   “I know but I’m hungry and Delun said you didn’t eat. These are the leftovers from lunch. Don’t worry I will still enjoy dinner.”

   Rui smiles for a petite girl she really does have a big appetite. He is hungry too since he didn’t have lunch earlier. “Okay.”

   He sits down, LiMei calls over to Delun, “Come on let’s eat.”

   Delun glances over, Rui stares at him waiting for his answer.

   “LiMei I ate earlier you two eat. I’m going to finish my game.”

   Rui has some soup then reaches for some ribs, LiMei taps his chopsticks with hers, “You can’t eat anything too spicy after drinking last night.” She isn’t going to say drugged.

   Rui has a faint smile at her concerned expression he playfully teases her, “Are you sure it isn’t because you want to eat them all?” He places more ribs on her dish.

   LiMei’s face turns red and Rui can’t help but laugh, “Eat. The dinner reservation isn’t until  nine.” He reaches over with his napkin wiping some barbeque sauce from her lips. If he could spend every day with her like this it would make his life complete. Once he becomes the CEO no one will be able to say a word about his marriage, he can marry LiMei.

   He finishes his soup and rice then watches her devour the wings, “LiMei do you want to walk in the garden after we eat?”

   “Sure but could you bring my bag in from the car, I want to brush my teeth and I will wear my tennis shoes while we take a walk. I don’t want to ruin these heels.”

   Rui goes out to his Porsche and brings in the duffel bag. “Come up stairs.”

  “I’m going to clear the table first.”

   “Leave it the maid will come get them.”

   LiMei follows behind him up the stairs when they get to his room he enters putting the bag down. Surprised LiMei says, “Rui why don’t I go to the guest room.”

   He grabs her into his arms, “I’m not letting you out of my sight you might run away again.” LiMei wiggles out of his arms they are too close to his bed and his dark eyes are too intense for her right now. “I need to freshen up.” She hurries over to her bag and gets out her toothbrush almost running into the bathroom.

   Rui sits on the bed touching the ring in his pocket, I won’t let you run away from me. When LiMei reached in carelessly into her bag to get her toothbrush the burner phone fell onto the ground. Rui spots it next to the bag and wonders why she has another phone, a generic phone you can buy in a convenience store. He picks it up and sees a notification who is OM? The message only says call me. Rui puts it into her bag he will find out later, is it someone in France? If it is I will deal with them, she is not going to France now or ever!

   LiMei pats her cheeks in the bathroom, Oh my God Rui is too damn sexy! Right then he enters the bathroom and goes to the other sink to brush his teeth. LiMei gives him a sidelong look it is like we are a married couple sharing the bathroom. Couldn’t he have waited until I finished? 

     LiMei’s heart is racing what would it be like to be married to such a perfect man? Getting up everyday sharing my life with him… someday having a family. She pictures him with Little Cheng in the orphanage .

     Shaking her head to dispel these unrealistic thoughts she takes a towel to wipe her mouth. Rui finishes brushing his teeth, she is about to leave the bathroom when he pulls her to him backing her against the wall. He kisses her prying her lips open and entangling their tongues, he sweeps his tongue around in her mouth, she tastes like mint and her unique flavor. LiMei feels breathless her heart is pounding in her chest, Rui releases her if he continues they won’t go to dinner.

   He looks into her hazy green eyes filled with desire too,  his voice is hoarse, “I think we will need to take that walk later.” If he spends any more time alone with LiMei he won’t be able to resist. When she was responding to him he could feel her body heat as she pressed her soft body onto his arousing his desire even more.

    “En.” LiMei knows if they don’t leave soon she will let Rui press her under him. Being so near to him she loses her rationality, his touch ignites a passion in her she didn’t know she had.

   He walks with her still holding her hand as they go down the steps, he takes her coat and puts it on her lifting her hair affectionately. Then buttons it for her, Delun watches them LiMei has stars in her eyes looking at Rui and he looks like he is crazy in love with her. He needs to say something, “Hey bro, could you come over here for a minute?”

   Rui furrows his brow, “I will talk to you later. We need to leave.” He knows what Delun wants to say but he doesn’t want to hear it right now.

   “…” Delun wonders what happened to the cool and indifferent brother of his since he met Feng LiMei. It is like he is possessed. He wouldn’t throw away being the CEO of Qiao Corporation to be with her would he? He has been working towards that goal since his mother died. 

     Rui grabs his coat and leads LiMei to the garage.

     Mimi dials Wang Rebecca’s number she has on file. When she answers Mimi disguises her voice and says, ” I was in Gizelle’s. I thought you might like to know your husband just spent over 300,000 USD on a diamond necklace and a Dior exclusive design for a  little slut. They will be at Flamingo Restaurant at nine o’clock. “

     Mimi hangs up the phone with a sinister smile she could hear Wang Rebecca cursing in a low voice as she hung up. She then calls a local tabloid reporter, “How much would you pay for a tip about Qiao Rui and his mistress?”

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