Leaving Rui’s

LiMei curls around Rui like a koala bear then falls asleep laying on his strong warm chest. Satisfied from their lovemaking he sighs, it was sweeter than I even imagined finally having my little bunny completely. Looking at her wrapped around him he smiles the little thing must be weak and exhausted.

   Rui covers her with the quilt and brushes her long black hair out of her face then lightly kisses her forehead. Gazing at her delicate face his lips curl up in a warm smile, this is the most perfect Valentine’s Day I could have wished for, LiMei is mine now. 

    The serious expression on his handsome face shows his determination as he lifts her small hand with his mother’s ring kissing her finger, you are my woman … you will marry me LiMei and have my children. His mind wanders thinking about his choice not to use protection, if she becomes pregnant from earlier that would be great.

    Feeling her soft breath on his chest  and watching her sleep in his arms he decides to change his plans for travel to Cambodia wanting to spend more time with LiMei. Today is like a dream he doesn’t want to end having the woman he loves in his arms and bed.

    His face darkens thinking about her working at the LE banquet tonight for Leng Shuai, being reminded of her past relationship with that bastard makes him angry. I should have fucked with his company more so he wouldn’t be returning for the banquet. I have to admit I was surprised when Ming Jian conveyed the message Leng Shuai had worked out terms with Fang Steel. I couldn’t go too far due to my investment in Fang Group but motherf****ng shit I wanted to prevent the asshole from attending this stupid banquet  tonight.

    Carefully removing LiMei’s arms from his chest and her slender leg from around his waist he gently places her on the other side of the bed to quietly get up without disturbing her sleep. 

     Glancing at her thin body with all his love bites he feels a little guilty seeing the scattered red marks on her snow white skin. I really got carried away being too rough on her body unable to control myself once I tasted her sweetness. 

     He gently traces his finger down her flawless face, across her forehead down her small  nose then brushing his finger across her tempting lips. I could get addicted to your taste little girl. Rui bends down lightly kissing her parted pink lips, you will be coming with me LiMei to Cambodia no excuses.

   Naked he walks into the bathroom and turns on the shower. I will reschedule my flight so she can come with me directly, I am not going to let her change her mind. He gets into the shower and washes himself picturing the look on LiMei’s innocent face when she was in the throes of passion, so cute. 

    Rui lathers the shampoo into his hair, Now I have all night to enjoy your perfect little body pressed under me. He knits his swordlike eyebrows, I’m not giving you any chance to change your mind about this weekend.

   When he finishes his shower he steps out  stretching his long muscular legs then dries himself wrapping a large white  towel around his lean waist. After blow drying his hair he walks over to the laptop on his desk planning on finding a private plane instead of taking the five o’clock flight he has booked.

      Rui suddenly has a smug expression, that’s right I am CEO of Qiao Corp now..haha.. He picks up the phone, “I want to take the company plane to Phnom Penh at 6 AM tomorrow, get clearance and tell the crew there will be two passengers.”

   “Yes CEO.” What business do we have in Cambodia? Well I heard he isn’t a man to question, rumor has it he stunned all the board members in the meeting with his show of arrogance. Old Bing said he treated the Chairman like air.

   Rui looks in his closet picking out a casual pair of gray athletic pants and a dark blue long sleeved t shirt. He looks over at LiMei she is curled up under the covers sound asleep, he smiles recalling their lovemaking when she wakes up I will need to bathe her. She is probably very sore so I will apply the new  healing ointment I had the lab create especially for her. 

     He calls his tailor, “Send the navy blue pinstriped Dior over to my suite at the Crescent Moon Hotel.”

    “Yes…” Rui’s tailor hesitates for a moment he heard the news Rui is the new CEO of Qiao Corporation should I congratulate him or just call him CEO Qiao? He has been a good customer since he returned to Pushong City but he always seems distant and aloof. “Yes CEO Qiao.”

    Rui knew the word would spread fast of his becoming CEO, he grins thinking everyone the mansion must be in a chaotic state as they digest the fact he is the new CEO.,”Thank you.”

    When he goes downstairs Delun and Sheng Nuan are sitting on the couch and the maid is cleaning up from lunch. Delun looks up from the magazine Nuan is showing him with an interview of Leng Xiaoming. “Rui, where is LiMei?”

   Rui glares at him, the first thing he asks is where LiMei is? Pay attention to your little friend Sheng Nuan she obviously likes you stay away from my LiMei. “She is resting.”

    Delun goes back to looking at the interview but Sheng Nuan wants to know more about LiMei. she gets up and follows Rui into the kitchen. He is getting a bottle of water from the refrigerator when she says, “Qiao Rui you should have a chocolate covered strawberry, Feng LiMei made them for you.”

   He looks over at the plate full of the decorated strawberries and smiles thinking about LiMei in the bunny apron, “I will wait until she wakes up.”

   Sheng Nuan has been trying to get information from Delun but he won’t tell her anything about his brother and Feng LiMei. “Where did you meet Feng LiMei?”

   Rui doesn’t want to engage in conversation with Delun’s little pest of a friend, His voice is icy as he snarls,“Don’t you need to go get ready for the banquet?” Walking out of the kitchen ignoring her question into the living room he takes his phone out of his pocket and calls his tailor telling him to also send the Armani jacket he is altering  to the Crescent Moon Hotel.

   After he hangs up he says,“Delun I have decided to go to the LE banquet tonight then leave in the morning.”

   “You are going to the LE banquet?” Delun is surprised Rui never goes to these type of parties and it should be tense with their grandfather, father his wife and Xiaoting there. The only reason he is going is because the Old Man threatened him with cutting off his school funds.

   Rui takes a sip of water then answers with an indifferent tone, “As the new CEO of Qiao Corporation I should make an appearance.”

   “…” Yeah right! Like you care about mingling with those assholes!You are going because LiMei is working at the banquet, you are jealous of Leng Shuai and want to keep an eye on her. I never thought I would see this crazy side of my cold and aloof brother. It seems this banquet tonight should be interesting

   Sheng Nuan clenches her fists at her side and frowns, Delun’s brother is always such a ..a..a jerk! She stuffs a chocolate strawberry chomping on it as though it is his head then walks back into the living room glaring at Rui’s back, he is an unbelievably cold bastard how did Feng LiMei capture him? He obviously adores the girl the way he was pampering her about the rare flowers and feeding her at lunch. He just totally ignored me in the kitchen like I was air!

   Delun sees the frown on Sheng Nuan’s usually placid face I wonder what Rui said to her in the kitchen she is shooting daggers at him with her eyes. I’m not in the mood to deal with her complaints, tonight should be hellish especially with the news Rui is going now. The atmosphere will be even more heavy. I really don’t want to go! Delun is crying on the inside thinking about all the conflicts that could occur tonight.

   Sheng Nuan doesn’t want to be embarrassed in front of Delun so she casually says, “Delun I’m going to pick up my dress. I will see you at seven.” She puts on her Gucci Boucle Tweed coat then stomps out of the living room her 10cm blue heels making a clicking sound on the marble floor in the hallway.

    Delun quickly tosses the magazine down on the couch and gets up to follow her to the door . Stopping by the kitchen he notices the chocolates on the counter. He points over at the decorated chocolate hearts,“Thanks for your help today Nuan, why don’t you take some of these chocolates to give Huilang.”

   Nuan shakes her head in disbelief Delun is so dense! Why would I give Valentine’s chocolate hearts to my brother for god’s sake I made them for you! She remains calm,That’s alright he isn’t home he went to Shenshuan on business.”

   Delun silently walks her out to her dark blue Mercedes and opens the door for her, “Drive safe, see you at seven.” When she is in the driver’s seat he closes the door leaning in the window, “Don’t mind Rui you know how he is.”

   Nuan rolls her eyes then mutters under her breath, “How can you live with him?”

   Delun smiles tactfully pretending he didn’t hear her comment and reminds her, “Take Ligyun St. there will be rush hour traffic on 134th St.”She pulls off out of the circular driveway he watches her leave, Nuan you wouldn’t understand the bond between me and my brother. Growing up in that toxic mansion he was the only one I could trust. Rui always protected me and my mother,

   He goes back into the house Rui is looking at the magazine black lines forming on his forehead, what a bunch of garbage, does Leng Corporation really think they can take over Pushong.. he tosses the magazine down, Leng Shuai let’s see who will be on top. He has a devilish grin,this banquet should be more interesting than I thought it would be. He looks at his watch, I wonder what time LiMei has to be at work? I can take her then get ready in my suite at the hotel for the banquet.

   “Delun, take my driver and the Maybach to the banquet, I am going to my suite at the Crescent Moon I will be spending the night there after the banquet,then leave for Cambodia in the morning. “

   “Rui I didn’t get a chance to ask you about the board meeting. How did the Chairman react?’

   Rui’s eyes shine with a look of satisfaction, “Just as I expected, he had no clue I could become CEO with ease. Soon Delun you won’t need to worry about him trying to control you.”

   They discuss the situation of the Qiao Corporation and Rui’s plans for the expansion of their telecom division. Rui doesn’t want to tell Delun what happened with Wang Rebecca last night she won’t be bothering them again now that she is at Su Wan’s. He still hasn’t heard about the whereabouts of Rashid but since LiMei will be with him out of the city he doesn’t need to worry about it right now.

    LiMei wakes up and rolls over where is Rui? She tries to sit up and a sharp pain radiates through her as she moves her legs,  ”Oww…oww.”  She lays back down, oh my god how am I going to work I feel torn apart down there. Her eyes tear up from the pain, taking a deep breath  she leans over to get some water from the nightstand.

   Rui opens the door to his bedroom to see LiMei trying to sit up with a distressed look on her face. He rushes over to the bed and sits down his voice full of concern, “LiMei are you in pain?” He brushes her hair behind her ear looking at her adoringly. “Baby, you shouldn’t go to work.”

   LiMeitakes a few sips of water putting on a brave face she smiles,“No..I’m fine..I told you I need to work.”

   He embraces her to him, “I will fix an herbal bath for you then apply some ointment.”

   LiMei has her head in his chest and for some reason wants to cry, her voice is trembling, “Rui why are you so good to me?”

   He lifts her chin up and kisses her then says, “Because you are my woman LiMei.” He wipes her tears away with his fingers then gently kisses her pink lips, “You will always only be mine.”

   She puts her slender arms around his neck, her green eyes misty, “Rui..”

   He tenderly kisses her again, “I will get the bath ready.”

   When Rui is in the bathroom LiMei leans back on the pillow thinking about making love with Rui, she blushes, I will always remember this Valentine’s Day…always.

   Rui puts some herbs in the bath to soothe LiMei’s body, when he first entered the room he wanted to make love to her again but seeing her condition he realized it was too soon. I was too rough I couldn’t help myself once I tasted her I couldn’t stop. When the bath is ready he walks over to the bed and picks LiMei up, the sheets are messy and stained with drops of her blood. LiMei’s face turns bright red and she covers her face with her small hands, ahh…so embarrassing!

   Noticing her blushing Rui smiles, her shy look is so adorable I will have the sheets changed while she is soaking in the bath. He kisses the top of her headthen once in the bathroom carefully puts in her into the bathtub sitting on the edge, “Soaking in this bath will soothe your body.”

   LiMei instantly feels her body relaxing as she sldes under the scented water, “Rui this feels amazing.”

   He pushes up his sleeves and takes the soft washcloth wiping her body with the scented soap. His voice is low and seductive, “Your body will adjust, making love won’t hurt next time and only become more pleasurable.”

   “…” Next time? More pleasurable?   LiMei’s body is heating up, she looks up at his handsome face her eyes wide. Her cute reaction isn’t lost on him and he has a faint smile that was the first of many times little bunny.

   “Soak, I will be back.” He leaves the bathroom and calls down to his maid, “Come and change my bed.”

   “Yes Dr. Qiao.”

   Rui returns and continues to wash her, when he is finished he picks her up to dry her, she giggles at how natural his pampering has become to her now. Giggling she teases him, “Rui, do you ever get tired of bathing me?’

   His dark eyes light up looking at her petite naked body in his arms, kissing her forehead he chuckles, “Never.. but I like it more when we bathe together.” He dries her off then lays her down gently on the clean bed.

   He spreads her weak and trembling legs to apply the ointment, LiMei tries to protest, “I can do it Rui.”

   He smiles, “I’m a doctor LiMei, I think it is best if I do it.” It definitely is best if I do it.

   Rui gazes at her affectionately as he applies the white cream, LiMei can feel a cooling sensation on the painful areas, she feels much better after a few minutes. She shyly says, “Thanks Rui.” 

     Glancing at the clock on the nightstand her eyes widen, “Oh no! I need to get to work!”

   “Calm down LiMei as far as I know the banquet doesn’t start until seven o’clock.”

   “I need to go home to change and be at the hotel by six to help set up the banquet. Hey, don’t you need to be at the airport?”

   “No I changed my plans, I’m going to the banquet. I will take you to your apartment and you can pick up your clothes then change in my suite at the hotel.”


   “Don’t ask questions get dressed.”

   Flustered seeing the time LiMei wants to get off the bed but her legs feel weak,“Uh okay. Could you bring my duffel bag over to the bed.”

   Rui picks up her bag languidly carrying it over to the side of the bed. Quickly putting on her white lace underwear and matching bra she sees Rui watching her get dressed like a wolf eyeing his prey. As she bends overthe edge of the bed to get out a pair of jeans he can’t resist slapping her tempting round bottom that is up in the air in front of him. 

     Startledby the sudden stinging sensation LiMei turns around as she does he grabs her arms teasing her, “I didn’t get a chance to punish you earlier.” Annoyed he won’t let her hurry and dress she puffs out her cheeks about to say something he silences her with a kiss on her parted lips slipping his tongue inside.

   LiMei hits him with her little fists on his chest, you bullied me for quite a long time on the bed. “Rascal!”

   Rui chuckles it tickles as she tries to punch him, like a kitten showing its claws, “Here let me help you then.” He takes the soft green sweater from her hands slipping it over her head then putting her arms in it. While he  does he touches her bare skin sending a warm sensation through LiMei as he caresses her under the sweater.

   LiMei gingerly gets off the bed to.put on her pants. Standing there only in a sweater and her tiny underwear he kisses her deeply holding onto her round ass pressing her half clothed body against him. LiMei has no resistance to him as his large warm hand slips under the thin material rubbing and kneading her bottom. He leans down his hot breath on her cheek, “Baby, are you sure we need to leave now?”

   Kissing her lips passionately, LiMei is breathless she stutters, ”Rui…Rui.. we do..do need to hurry.” As she pushes him away, Rui seductively says with his mouth next to her ear, “I think we have time.” He puts his hand under her sweater moving it up towards her breasts, LiMei turns red, “Rui…stop.” He laughs at the worried expression on her small face and reluctantly lets her go. As she pulls on her skinny jeans that hug her body  Rui reaches over to zip them as he does he puts his hand on her softness when he realizes the sensitive area is damp his eyes twinkle with a mischevous gleam, “LiMei you naughty girl.” He grabs her thin waist pulling her petite body into him one more time, provocatively whispering in her ear,“You are very sensitive Baby.”

   When he does LiMei shakes her head wondering what a handsome powerful man like Rui sees in her. He could have any beautiful woman he wants. She scrunches up her nose and pushes him away,“Rui stop fooling around.” He is right my body doesn’t lie I want him badly right now but we need to go.

    LiMei can feel an itchiness and a longing from him touching her with his fingers, she could feel the heat from his hand  through the thin fabric of her panties.

   LiMei composes herself, “Can you get my bag Rui?” She might as well take it back to her apartment now.

   “I will have Delun come up and get it.” He suddenly picks her up and carries her down the stairs stopping at the kitchen where Delun is fixing a snack. “Get LiMei’s bag and bring it to the garage.” LiMei sees the chocolates and strawberries on the counter. “Delun could you pack some of the strawberries and chocolates for me?”

   Delun smirks, “…” Maybe if Rui wasn’t always carrying LiMei he could get the bag himself. He smiles looking at the two of them it is nice though to see to see Rui let down his defenses and be so happy with LiMei. “Okay.”

   Rui puts LiMei into the black Porsche then stands outside leaning on the side  of the car waiting for Delun. When he gets there he hands Rui the duffel bag and the container with chocolates and strawberries. “See you at the banquet.”

   LiMei rolls down her window motioning for Delun to come over, “Be sure and tell Sheng Nuan…”

   Rui presses the button closing LiMei’s window before she can say anything else, then leans over buckling her seat belt.

   “ Hey..I wasn’t done talking to your brother.”

   “Yes you were.”

   “…” Rui you are ridiculous sometimes!

  While leans his long body over LiMei buckling her seat belt his head is by her chest LiMei can smell his unique manly scent and recalls the scene in the bedroom. She resists the urge to run her fingers through his hair as it brushes against her cheek she adoringly watches him snap the buckle in place.

    How in the world am I going to leave this man? He is so perfect in every way… incredibly handsome… a sweet and sexy lover…  LiMei’s beautiful green eyes have a layer of mist suddenly covering them, Well,Qin Daiyu you have to go for his own sake ! Someone like you doesn’t deserve an outstanding man like Qiao Rui..you have way too many secrets…

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