I’m Her Bodyguard

LiMei slowly begins to wake up from the anesthesia, she can see a young nurse sitting by the bed, “I..I am… thirsty”

   DuoDuo quickly says, “Don’t move I will give you some water.”

    LiMei nods, her mouth is dry and her arm hurts. Groggy she opens her eyes seeing the nurse holding a glass of water. She tries to sit up and reach her left arm out for the glass but can barely lift it off the bed.

    “I will hold it for you don’t try to sit up you just got out of surgery a short time ago.” DuoDuo adjusts the bed so she is at a slight incline then gives her a sip of water. LiMei begins coughing.

    “Maybe you should just suck on some ice chips for now.”

    “No the water tastes good my throat is really dry. Do you mind giving me a little more?”

    “Drink a little slower.” DuoDuo holds the glass and LiMei takes a few more sips.

    She smiles at DuoDuo, “Thank you nurse.” Her voice is soft and DuoDuo can’t help but think how beautiful this girl is her eyes are a very unusual green color with specks of gold. She stares at her face seeing Feng LiMei with her eyes open she really is stunning.

     Miss Feng must be a nice person also that is the first thank you I have got from a patient in the VIP wing most of the women here are snobbish and unbearable.

    “Miss Feng I need to call the doctor and tell him you are awake.”

    “The doctor? Dr. Qiao?”

    “Yes he asked me to inform him as soon as you woke up.”

    “Did he perform the surgery on my arm?”

   “Yes and you are very lucky it was a complicated surgery you could have easily lost the use of your arm.” 

     After DuoDuo blurts this out she realizes she shouldn’t have said anything when she notices LiMei’s face becomes even more pale.

   “Please Miss Feng don’t mention I said that I…I… really shouldn’t have. You need to rest don’t worry you will be fine.”

    LiMei’s voice is soft and reassuring,“Don’t worry nurse I promise I won’t say anything but I’m glad you told me.” So Rui not only rescued me from the alley but saved my arm how can I ever repay him.

      LiMei closes her eyes remembering the scene in the alley him carrying her to the car in his arms tears form in her eyes thinking about him. DuoDuo sees that she is crying,”Miss Feng are you in pain? I’m calling the doctor now.”

    LiMei reaches out weakly squeezing her hand, in a low pleading tone asks,“Nurse could you wait until I compose myself?” She takes her finger to wipe away the tears. DuoDuo takes a tissue, “Here let me you shouldn’t move too much. Miss Feng Dr. Qiao told me to call as soon as you woke up.”

    “Just a couple minutes okay?” LiMei doesn’t know if she can control her emotions right now.

    DuoDuo reluctantly agrees to her request,“Alright but I can’t wait too long.”

   “What is your name?”

    “Ding Duo Duo.”

    “Thanks Nurse Ding.” LiMei closes her eyes thinking about Rui. 

    DuoDuo glances at LiMei did she go back to sleep? Why did I upset her telling her about the surgery that was so stupid of me! I will wait a few minutes to call Dr. Qiao but I should really text Su Ryan so he knows she woke up.

    [Mr. Su she is awake]

    Su Ryan sees the text as he is about to light another cigarette [how is she doing?]

    DuoDuo doesn’t want to tell him she upset Feng LiMei. [the doctor will be here shortly to examine her I will know more then]

    [then she goes to her room?]


    [how long does she need to stay at hospital]

   [I think 5 days]

   He is about to respond to DuoDuo when he hears his other phone has a notification, shit it is the Boss, he opens it [get to Feng LiMei’s room immediately she might be in danger]

   [Going now] He rushes back into the hospital hurrying to the elevator one inside he pushes the fourth floor.

    Leng Shuai knows with Su Ryan protecting Feng LiMei even if Yun Shi has a man there he won’t be able to hurt Feng LiMei. He decides to call Yun Shi’s bluff. “Do as you will like I told you she is an insignificant secretary, but you aren’t leaving here alive.”

    Yun Shi resigns himself to the fact the only chance he has is to try to reach the rope ladder and climb up into the helicopter. He is about to make his move when the men on the helicopter begin to shoot into the woods. 

     He wasn’t expecting them to take action, Yun Shi tentatively raises his head to look up slightly over the boulder to see several men charging through the woods, some are firing towards the helicopter. 

     This is actually good if the men shooting from the helicopter can keep Leng Shuai occupied he can roll down the slope through the reeds and have a chance to escape.

   Jason comes running up to Leng Shuai, “I was worried when I saw the wreckage of the helicopter. Where is Yun Shi?”

   Leng Shuai is pissed his men rushing over towards him gave the people in the helicopter a target he was trying to keep his presence undiscovered while he waited for Yun Shi to make his move towards the rope ladder.

      Now he has no choice but to try to get closer to Yun Shi. He sounds disgruntled,“He is down below the rocks I was waiting for him to make a run for the helicopter.”

    Jason realizes his worry about Leng Shuai caused him to disrupt his plans. “Sorry Boss I was concerned for your well being after I saw the helicopter in flames.”

    “As soon as I see movement from him I am going down the slope after him.”

    “Boss you will be an easy target for the men in the helicopter.”

    “Well I’m not letting that fucking bastard get away.”

   “Let me go.”

   “No this is between Yun Shi and me.”

    Yun Shi takes a deep breath then rolls down the muddy slope towards the tall reeds.

    Leng Shuai sees him, “Fuck!” He shoots at him but because of the angle is unable to hit Yun Shi after rolling down the short slope he lands among the thick reeds.

    “I’m going down.” He is determined to make Yun Shi pay for hurting Feng LiMei. Jason grabs Leng Shuai’s arm to talk some sense into him, he isn’t acting in a rational manner right now, “Boss don’t do it you will be an easy target and you need Yun Shi alive.”

    Leng Shuai tenses his muscles throwing Jason’s arm off, “Get Yi then to give me his rifle I want to kill Yun Shi as he climbs the ladder.”

    “Boss you need to fucking think this through I thought you were going to capture him and interrogate him first about the Golden Dragon before you kill him. You need the Black Jade Amulet more than you need this petty revenge right now.”

    Petty revenge? The bastard injured Feng LiMei ! Unable to control his anger at Jason’s comment and frustrated by the present situation Leng Shuai throws a punch at Jason. He intentionally doesn’t dodge so he is hit directly in the face with Leng Shuai’s large fist. 

     Blood starts pouring down from his nose the force of the punch knocking off his glasses. Jason wipes the blood on his sleeve, then picks his glasses off the ground, “Think about the future Boss there will always be another chance to kill that Motherf****r.”

   Dammit! Jason is right the Golden Dragon… he has to find it all his information he has gathered over the past year confirms the Black Jade Amulet is hidden inside of it. 

     He stares down at the reeds knowing Yun Shi is hiding there but with the cover from the helicopter he won’t be able to be to capture him, with a rifle he could kill him though at this distance.

    He ponders it for a minute then realizes he needs to stabilize his emotions and think objectively. Fucking Shit! He turns around, “Let’s go, but I want this villa burnt to the ground with all of the bodies inside.Before you burn it down search for the Golden Dragon and the Sacred Stone.” Maybe he can salvage something out of today, once he has the Golden Dragon nothing will hold him back from killing Yun Shi.

   “Will do.”

   Meanwhile at the hospital Su Ryan knows he needs to hurry to get to Feng LiMei,but he realizes there is a security issue getting to the VIP floors. I won’t be able to enter without a card, I’m going to have to get the little nurse to help me. He quickly texts[can you meet me at elevator I need to come up]

    “…” [I can’t leave the Recovery Room] DuoDuo’s face scrunches up as she glances at LiMei on the bed, she will be in big trouble if she leaves her alone.

    [is she awake?]

    [yes] [Mr. Su…I…I]

   [Listen Nurse Ding she is in danger I am a bodyguard sent by my Boss.]

    [WHAT?].Oh my god what do I do?..call Dr. Qiao? Let Su Ryan up?..I need to alert Dr. Qiao!

   Su Ryan can’t waste time he calls her his voice is intimidating, “No time to waste I am on my way up in elevator. Give her the phone”

   “Miss Feng are you awake?” DuoDuo’s hand is shaking she has never been so scared, what danger? If she doesn’t call Dr. Qiao she could lose her job!

    LiMei was just resting thinking about Rui. “I’m awake I was resting.”

    “Miss Feng the man on the phone says you are in danger.” She stutters, “And..and.. he is your bodyguard.”

    LiMei tries to sit up, do they know she stole the Golden Dragon? Her arm has a shooting pain running through it as she moves around DuoDuo quickly stops her, “Don’t move around.”

   Sweat beads form on her forehead from expending the effort to reach for the phone, “I can take the call.” She reaches with her left hand taking the phone, her voice sounds weak, “Who are you? What danger?”

   “Su Ryan, Leng Shuai sent me I need you to give permission for me to come onto this floor to guard you. It is urgent Miss Feng.”

   “Fine. You can explain when you get here.”

   Su Ryan breathes a sigh of relief, if she had refused he would need to find another method to come to her room.

   He gets to the fourth floor after he exits the elevator he is detained by security he tells them to check with Feng LiMei he is her body guard. After he shows him his ID the man walks over to the nurse’s station. “Did a patient named Feng LiMei give permission for her bodyguard..” he looks at the ID, “Su Ryan to be allowed access?”

    The nurse looks at her computer, there are no instructions, “The patient is still in the Recovery Room. There is nothing here stating she requested him to be allowed entry to the VIP wing.”

   The security guard walks back over handing Su Ryan his ID back, “Sorry no access.”

   “Call the nurse in the Recovery Room have Feng LiMei give her verbal approval.” He is anxious if anything happens to that chick he is dead meat.

    The heavy set security guard strolls back to the counter, “He said to call and get verbal approval.”

   “We can’t do that he would need to wait until she is back to her room and conscious.”

   Su Ryan can hear the nurse, fuck! He calls DuoDuo, “I am at security they won’t let me pass Feng LiMei needs to give them verbal permission. Nurse Ding she could be targeted at any minute! Have her call the nurse’s station NOW!

   DuoDuo can feel her legs shaking, Dr. Qiao isn’t going to like this one bit! He said to call him right away, but she can’t jeopardize the patient if she is in danger, the color drains from her face, “Okay.”

   “Miss Feng, they won’t let him back without your permission, are you able to call the nurse’s desk?”

   Feng LiMei calmly says, “Give me the phone.” Leng Shuai wouldn’t send someone if there wasn’t a problem. But who would want to harm her? Was it because of the auction or the confrontation at the intersection when she was shot. Is it because she was a witness and could identify the woman in the backseat with Leng Shuai? Dammit what a mistake getting into that SUV with the stupid tyrant!

   DuoDuo dials the number, then hands her the phone. LiMei decides she should act like a VIP patient so they don’t question her too much. She doesn’t want Rui to know about Leng Shuai it might trigger some memories. “This is Feng LiMei why are you detaining my bodyguard! Send him back immediately!”

   “But Miss Feng no one is allowed to enter without written consent.”

   “I was rushed in for emergency surgery and unconscious how the hell was I supposed to give my written consent! I’m giving you my verbal consent now and if you would like to keep your job send him back immediately!”

   The nurse hangs up looking over at Su Ryan, these VIP bitches they want you to follow the rules then get angry when you follow them. If it inconveniences them they threaten you with your job. What a little bitch! 

     She reluctantly gets up from her seat walking over to security, she sneers,“He can enter.” She hands him a visitor’s pass, “Go down the hallway it is the first Recovery Room on the left.”

   DuoDou gulps at LiMei’s fierceness on the phone she sounded really angry at Nurse Chen.

   LiMei smiles at DuoDuo, “Nurse Ding could I please have a little more water?”Now her voice is gentle as a spring breeze. How did her personality change so quickly is she an actress?

   “Of course.” She pours some warm water and helps her drink it.

   “Thank you. Ahh…so thirsty..”

   There is a knock at the door it is Su Ryan, LiMei says,“Nurse could you leave us alone for a few minutes.”

    DuoDuo shakes her head she has to draw the line no way can she leave Feng LiMei’s side she hasn’t even informed Dr. Qiao she is awake and all this is happening. “I’m sorry Miss Feng but I can’t I could lose my job. I was supposed to tell Dr. Qiao the moment you awakened and it has been fifteen minutes already. He will not like me disobeying his orders.”

   “You don’t need to worry I will tell Dr. Qiao how wonderful you are and you might even get a raise.” LiMei tries to persuade her to leave them alone no way does she want this nurse to overhear their conversation.

   Su Ryan knocks again he needs to see for himself she is alright so he can let the Boss know.

   DuoDuo opens the door giving Su Ryan a faint smile her heart begins to pound looking at his chiseled features, no wonder his body is muscular and he gives off a dangerous vibe he is a body guard. Even though she wants to accomodate them she has no intention of leaving if she is seen outside the room she definitely would be fired.

   She has her headphones in her pocket she has an idea, “Miss Feng I can’t leave the room but I will listen to music while you talk… she points to the furthest corner past a table,  “Over there in the corner.”

   LiMei thinks this nurse is cute she must be really afraid of losing her job. “We won’t be long then you can tell Dr. Qiao I am awake.”

    Su Ryan walks to LiMei’s bedside, “Miss Feng the Boss said you might be in danger you don’t need to worry because I am here.”

   “What is your name again?”

    “Su Ryan.”

    LiMei studies him why does he look familiar, she frowns, “Mr. Su what is going on anyway? Why would I be in danger, because I witnessed the confrontation between Leng Shuai and that woman? And why do you call Leng Shuai Boss? He really takes advantage of you guys under him.”

   “I can’t say what is going on it is priviledged information but I am here to protect you.”

   “I can’t have any questions raised about me so we need to think of a reason you would be guarding me when Dr. Qiao asks, which he will.  Seriously, knowing Leng Shuai that stupid tyrant he has his own agenda but I don’t want my life disrupted any more than it has been by that idiot.”

   “…” That’s right she doesn’t know he is the CEO of Leng Enterprises. ‘Stupid tyrant… idiot?’ Do you have any idea how many women would love the attention you are receiving from the Boss? He is even right now avenging you because Yun Shi caused your injury!{ of course I can’t say that to the little chick.}

    LiMei’s mind is cloudy still from the anesthesia  what reason could they have…“We will say the police sent you to protect me because…because..I was the victim of a gunshot wound they need to investigate.”

   Dammit can he say the police aren’t even aware of the incident? He will agree for now worry about it later he needs to contact the Boss. “Fine.”

   He messages Leng Shuai [she is safe I am guarding her I didn’t notice anyone suspicious]

   LiMei tells him,“Please go outside, I’m going to my room soon the doctor will be in to check on me first I don’t want any problems, remember the police sent you.”

    After Su Ryan steps outside LiMei leans back onto the pillows, shit I don’t want Rui to find out Leng Shuai had anything to do with my injury.She glances at her arm the pain is intensifying, if she had her needles she could stop the pain, she doesn’t want to take pain medication.

   DuoDuo wasn’t listening to them but she was watching them now that Su Ryan has left she takes out her headphones, “Miss Feng I need to tell Dr. Qiao you are awake.”

    “Okay but don’t mention anything about the bodyguard. I trust you can be discreet.”

    “Of course it is none of my business.”

    LiMei closes her eyes again trying to calm herself she needs to retrieve the Golden Dragon then leave Pushong City it has become too complicated. The Old Man in Bashu City can sell the Golden Dragon with his connections then give her another identity. 

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