I’m Coming For You

Now that Jason has left Su Ryan is expecting someone on the floor to inquire why he is still here. He actually wonders why no one noticed Zhou Jason leaving, most likely it is the fact that there seems to be a shift change going on at the nurses’ station.

   Three new nurses walk towards the circular counter, the old nurse is getting out of her seat and Nurse Ding is grabbing her sweater.  

     He checks his watch it has been forty five minutes the surgery should be finished soon. Su Ryan decides his best plan of action is to get information from the cute nurse before she leaves for the day.

   He watches her collecting her personal items, her glasses she had set down on the desk, and a few papers,  she is putting them into her pink purse. I should wait until she is walking towards the elevator then approach her casually. 

     While he is calculating his next move Nurse Ding comes rushing towards him smiling brightly holding a piece of  paper. That was unexpected! She shyly holds out the pink piece of paper to him. He is thinking this girl certainly likes the color pink, her handkerchief is pink, her sweater is pink and the piece of paper she is holding is pink. He chuckles to himself but what I like most are those pink lips of hers.

    “Ah..I wanted to give you my number so when you have your suit cleaned I can pay you.” She is blushing and her small white hand is slightly shaking.

    He takes the piece of paper from her brushing his fingers across her tiny palm, “Nurse that is..” He is about to refuse when he realizes it might be a good idea to accept, her eyes are blinking and she has an infatuated look in her big brown eyes. 

     This might be an opportunity to get information in the next couple days anyway while Feng LiMei is in the hospital. If she is off work he will have to find another way right now to find out about the surgery. “Are you off work now?’

   “No, I thought you might be leaving because I saw your associate leave.{She is observant. Jason made his departure very low key.}

      My shift isn’t over for three more hours. I’m going on a twenty minute break.” 

     DuoDuo’s heart is racing at the prospect of him inviting her to go get a cup of coffee or something? He did seem like he held onto me for an extra few seconds when I landed in his lap earlier.

    “I was going down for a cigarette do you want to get a cup of tea or coffee?”

   DuoDuo’s eyes light up, Oh my god! This hot guy does wants to have a coffee with me, calm down DuoDuo! “Sure.”

   He casually glances down the hallway the red light is still on the surgery is still in progress.”Where is your cafeteria?”

   “On the first floor.”

    Su Ryan realizes he might not be able to return to this floor, “To be honest my boss wants me to wait for news about Feng LiMei I should wait here.”

   DuoDuo quickly responds, “You can come back up with me.” The innocent eager look on her face is making him feel guilty.

   “I wouldn’t want you to get in trouble.” A bit out of character but he isn’t quite sure he wants to use this little nurse. 

   She waves her arm, “No one will notice they will think I am escorting you.” DuoDuo can’t believe this totally hot man wants to buy her a cup of coffee she can’t let the opportunity to spend some time with him slip away. If she could only stare at him for awhile longer she would be happy.

   “After you then.” They walk towards the elevator silently.

   DuoDuo is floating on a cloud sneaking a peek at him as they enter the elevator, he is so muscular and strong looking. She could stare at him all day and that masculine scent of his, she sighs as she breathes deeply. 

    What if like in a romance novel he bent down his long body and kissed me right now unable to resist my  delicate beauty then when the elevator opens he picks me up princess style carrying me to his car. 

     Her face has a faraway look on it as she fantasizes. If one looked carefully they could see the pink bubbles surrounding her head.

   Su Ryan’s lips curl up he wants to laugh this little nurse keeps glancing up at him like she never saw a man before. He can’t help but notice the silly look on her face while her eyes are closed right now what is she thinking about? The elevator reaches the first floor and she is still standing in it as he exits, he looks back, “Nurse Ding we are here.”

   Embarrassed she opens her eyes then as she runs out of the elevator she trips on his foot, he reflexively reaches out to catch her before she falls to the floor.


   “You should pay a little more attention.” His deep voice has an amused tone as he steadies her body.

   Two nurses pass them one says teasing her in a sarcastic tone, “DuoDuo is he your boyfriend?”

   She waves her hands furiously, “No..No..”

  The woman sneers,“I didn’t think so he is way too handsome for a plain girl like you.”

   For some reason Su Ryan doesn’t like that woman bullying the little nurse he casually says, “I have tried my best but she keeps turning me down.” He flashes a charismatic smile almost blinding the two nurses as he takes DuoDuo’s hand into his large palm.

   The nurse who was taunting DuoDuo mouth drops open as she stares at them walking away holding hands.

    DuoDuo looks up at Su Ryan stunned he would save her from being humiliated by them, in a soft and timid voice she says, “Thank you.” She tries to take her hand from his he doesn’t let go, “They might still look back,” and tightly holds her hand walking into the cafeteria. 

     He gazes down at the little nurse she barely reaches his chest and he can feel the heat from her sweaty palm. Is she that nervous having a man hold her hand? I wonder how nervous she would be if I pushed her small body up onto the wall and kissed her until she couldn’t breathe.

  DuoDuo frowns  Damn that Viki! Ever since I got transferred she tries to embarrass me every time I see her at the hospital. DuoDuo quickly says to Su Ryan, “There is the cafeteria.”

   When they enter DuoDuo takes her hand away when she does Su Ryan can still feel the  warmth from her small hand leave and he is unhappy. He feels dazed, this little nurse gives him a strange feeling, momentarily he regrets having to use her for information but he has no choice. 

     Leng Shuai is his biggest client and his firm is finally in the black because of the work he does for Leng Enterprises.

  Once they enter the cafeteria DuoDuo points to a seat, “Sit the tea will be my treat for helping me out!” DuoDuo runs over to get the tea and grabs two meat buns.

   Su Ryan sits at the table tapping his fingers deep in thought about the situation with the little nurse. Could he be attracted to the little thing she couldn’t be considered beautiful like most of the women he goes out with but the cute way she looks at him makes his body react. His thoughts are interrupted when  his phone rings, “Yeah.”

    “The Boss wants to know if there is any news about Feng LiMei.”

   Su Ryan peers over the man sitting at the next table  a little conflicted about using such a pure girl. The little nurse is still at the counter, she just turned back to sneak another peek at him. Damn she is really cute like a soft little kitten, “I’m working on getting information now. She is still in surgery. How is the Boss?”

    Jason pulls the rear view mirror over so he can see the backseat clearly, Leng Shuai is leaning back in the seat with his eyes closed. “Not good.”

    “The Boss is going with you to Yun Shi’s villa?”


     That is strange Leng Shuai hasn’t participated in any confrontation willingly in two years since before he went abroad. DuoDuo comes back with the tea and food Su Ryan gets off the phone, “I will keep you posted.”

    “I thought you might be hungry so I got us a couple meat buns filled with pork, that is all they have this time of the morning. They are really tasty, you should eat.” She smiles sweetly at him as she places the plate in front of him.

    He pulls out his wallet, “Here let me pay you.” She quickly pushes the money back to him, “ No I owe you a debt for saving me back there from humiliation. Those two nurses like to bully me.”

    He studies her as she picks up the meat bun, she probably is easily bullied with her personality. Su Ryan watches her as she takes a big bite of the meat bun she sighs, “So hungry!” Then she takes a sip of the tea her lips are glistening from the oil and water on them. For a moment he loses himself thinking how he would like to taste those soft lips and invade her small tempting mouth with his tongue. 

     He shakes his head she is definitely a nice girl not someone who should be tainted by a man like me. Why do I keep picturing her naked under me begging for it when I look into those beautiful brown eyes. It must be because she stares at me like she has never been close to a man before. Yeah that is it.

    DuoDuo has no idea what to talk to him about or even why he is being so nice to her she quietly eats her food. What can they talk about? She smiles at him over the meat bun she is clutching in her two hands,“I just realized I never introduced myself my name is Ding DuoDuo, DuoDou for gift from God, precious charm.”

   He smiles the way she blurted out the last part was really adorable, “Su Ryan.”

   “Oh that is a nice name!’


   “Eat before it gets cold it is much better hot.” Her eyes are shining as she pushes the plate closer to him.

   I should stop looking at her as a girl rather as a source of information. I am getting too distracted, in my line of work I never see a girl with such a pure and untainted aura. I mean fuck she is almost glowing. “Nurse Ding how long have you worked at the hospital in the VIP wing?”

    “I have worked at the hospital for two years but I only recently got transferred to the VIP wing.” She shoves the rest of the meat bun in her mouth looking at the clock on the wall only ten minutes left of her break.

    Suddenly she begins to choke her face turning red gasping for air, her eyes tearing up as she coughs holding her chest. Su Ryan jumps out of his seat and pats her on the back. He grabs the water glass holding it as she takes a gulp of water gagging and coughing heavily she then spits out a large piece of pork that had got caught in her throat. “Urgh..”

    She gulps down more water, her eyes still watering, “Oh my god I thought I was going to choke to death!” Then she looks down at the piece of pork on the table she spit out oh wow this is terrible he must think I am an absolute pig!.   

      Hurriedly she wraps it in her napkin picking it up with the paper plates to throw away. 

     Pretending nothing happened she springs up from her seat, “Time to get back to work.” She lowers her head unable to look at the man who is standing next to her with a strange look on his face.

    Su Ryan follows behind her as they go to the elevator the atmosphere is extremely awkward he is seldom at a loss for words but he has no idea what to say.

    He was going to try to create a conversation where she would become relaxed and feel comfortable around him, then after Feng LiMei came out of surgery have her feed him information about her condition. Now that seems to be out the window she is like a turtle that has shrunk back into its shell.

      Before they get to the fourth floor he decides he needs to think of an angle and ask her to help him. She seems to be the naive romantic type so he will appeal to her sense of romance.“Nurse Ding?”

   DuoDuo’s  voice is barely audible with her head lowered her curly hair hiding her face as it hangs down, “Ah yes Mr. Su?” She can’t lift her head to look at him thinking about spitting out the food while she was choking.

    He lifts her chin with his finger as he looks intently into her eyes her mind is in chaos is he going to kiss me? She begins blushing then he says“I’m going to be honest with you I need information for my Boss about Feng LiMei he is in love with her and unable to come to the hospital for various reasons{He is on his way to kill the man who got her shot} He is desperate for information about her condition you can trust me the information is only to ease his mind. Could you possibly find out for me?” His voice is low and seductive DuoDuo can hardly breathe.

    She stutters, “He…your boss is in love with Miss Feng?” {What about Dr. Qiao he looked like he was in love with her also.}

   “Desperately.” He is still holding her chin gazing into her eyes that are dazed from his handsome face so close to her own and she can feel his hot breath as he speaks. His strong masculine scent is intoxicating she has never been this close to a man let alone one as handsome as Su Ryan. 

     Contemplating for a moment… he did save me downstairs from Viki and the other witch. She scrunches up her small nose as she is thinking… earlier I spilled tea all over him he didn’t even complain.

   “I am going to be her nurse in the Recovery Room I could tell you how she is doing. You promise it is only because he loves her and wants to know? Not for any other reason.”

    As she looks up at him with her big brown eyes he hesitates not wanting to get her into any trouble. This girl is too trusting, can’t she see he is manipulating her. But, if he doesn’t get the information not only him but his blood brother Zhou Jason will have to deal with the fallout. Shit the way the boss is acting he might barge  into the hospital causing a scene. His voice calm and soothing, “Absolutely no other reason”

   “Alright.” She pushes the stop button on the elevator the elevator jerks to a halt.

    Pulling out her pink cell phone “Hurry and give me your phone number. I will text you from the Recovery Room.”

   “…” Did she push the emergency stop button that was bold of the little nurse …and is she allowed to have a cell phone in the Recovery Room? and of course her phone is pink… he imagines her bedroom entirely in pink with her sitting on the bed in pink lingerie, he shakes his head at the image. I should fuck the little nurse and then I won’t think about her anymore.

   Coming to his senses he gets out his burner phone I can’t let her have my main cell number. “Here.” As he looks at her innocent face he has a twinge of guilt, “Are you sure you are okay with this?”

   “If your boss loves her and can’t be with her I can’t imagine his pain not knowing how she is doing.” She quickly puts his number in her phone. “Since I am going to text you it would be best if you waited in the cafeteria do you remember how to get there? Take a right at the first hallway then take a left .” She pushes the button to start the elevator again.

   She is taking a risk she should be paid he pulls out a wad of cash to hand to her, she looks at him, “Mr. Su I don’t want your money I am doing this for love.” The door opens and she walks over to the nurse’s station. As the elevator door closes he watches her walk away wondering what it would be like to be with someone like the little nurse. Sweet and lovable… That insulted expression she had when he tried to pay her the money… she probably thinks if it is about love it justifies bending her ethics. Little does she know I am a manipulative bastard preying on her innocence to extract information I need. 

    The operation has finished, Rui is mentally exhausted the stainless steel dish on the side contains the bullet he painstakingly removed. Looking at the bullet he recalls midway through the surgery when two bone fragments almost severed her nerves one more micrometer, he shudders at the recollection.

    “Rui I have known you since Medical School and I knew you were skilled but honestly when you removed those two bone fragments my heart almost stopped watching your lightening fast movements with the forceps. I have never seen another surgeon be able to skillfully avoid the nerves when the bone fragments were so precariously close to severing them. I’m impressed.The speed and accuracy was absolutely amazing. Also I wanted at ask the way you closed the wound was unusual”

“It is a techinque I learned from Woo Xixin it will leave minimal scarring.”

    Rui gazes lovingly at LiMei’s delicate face there was no way he was going to let her be permanently affected by this injury. “Wen thank you for assisting your presence assured me there would be no vascular problems we couldn’t handle. That confidence allowed me to concentrate on what I needed to do.”

   “Nurse Chen take the patient to Recovery. I want her condition monitored constantly if any complications arise I want to be notified immediately.”

   “Yes Dr. Qiao.” Nurse Chen can’t hide the admiration in her eyes, he is not only extraordinarily handsome but the most skilled doctor she has ever seen in the operating room. He didn’t flinch when he saw the difficult positioning of the bullet and bone fragments. This girl is extremely lucky any other doctor operating she might have suffered extensive nerve damage.

    He watches the nurse wheel LiMei out of the operating room wanting to rush over and do it himself but he needs to restrain himself. He will go in to check on her as soon as he has showered.

    Rui slowly walks to the sink to remove his gloves and wash his hands Dr. Chow pats him on the back as they walk, “Rui do you know the patient?”


   “Nothing.” If Rui wanted to say he would no reason to pry any woman would be better for Rui than Lau An. He has never seen his friend look at a woman the way he was looking at this girl on the operating table. His brow was furrowed and with every bone fragment he removed he seemed to be cursing someone.

   The person he was cursing is presently approaching a heavily armed villa situated outside of Pushong City.

   Jason has the information from Shen Boyin about the layout of the villa.“Boss we should have some of the men circle to the back of Yun Shi’s property then come in over the fence. I believe for your protection you should wait until the perimeter is secure and we have the situation under control ”

   “Fuck that I’m not sneaking into his fucking house like a little p***y we go through the front”. He has a murderous aura as cocks his gun, “I want to show him my strength I held back before but I’m not showing mercy this time. I want him to quake in fear knowing I’m coming for him, if I wanted this to be a sneak attack I would wait until nightfall. How many men do you estimate he has in there?”

   “After reviewing Shen Boyin’s estimate I would say twenty seasoned killers from the Falcon Head Syndicate and five mercenaries.”

    “We brought fifteen of my elite squad the odds should be even. The SUVs are military grade tactical vehicles, bullet proof and reinforced with impenetrable blast plates I doubt Yun Shi is prepared for me to retaliate this soon. 

   That fucking little p***k has no idea he crossed my bottom line at that intersection, my attitude with him before the incident was not volatile. I was playing with him and he knows that. We definitely have the element of surprise.”

   “But Boss…”

   “Jason no buts… That fucking moron is still as stupid as he was in the past. He never considers all aspects of a situation or contingency plans he might need in place. Shi assumed his activities would be less conspicuous having his Falcon Head’s headquarters in this remote area but never considered this isolation renders him vulnerable to a full scale attack. 

     If he had taken up residence in the city hub or even a suburb he could have avoided this attack. Isolating himself out by the edge of the forest he simplified my striking back at him. I’m not going to jeopardize exposing myself.

    This location is also easy to destroy the evidence of the assault the villa is located by a natural gas pocket the few residences in the area rely on it. They are also located a few acres away so they won’t be affected.”

   “How do you know that?”

   “I considered building a home here a few years ago anticipating my move to take over Pushong City. When I had the geologists and surveyors assess the land it was in the report. That s why I didn’t build on the land here. 

     In actuality although the chance of an earthquake here is not likely there is a 35 per cent chance then Ba boom… even an aftershock from an earthquake 100km away could cause a natural explosion from the gas pockets.”

    Jason marvels at Leng Shuai’s thoroughness he never misses any pertinent information. His skills are unbelievable and he analyzes in depths all possibilities down to the smallest detail before making a decision.

      It’s true on the surface attacking from the front sounds reckless in reality it will serve a dual purpose. When he explains the situation it will send a message to other Syndicates the Ghost Blade Syndicate is not to be underestimated in their capabilities. Although the mainstream public will never be aware of the the attack the Old Men will definitely be alerted. The fact Leng Shuai is participating personally shows he has the balls to annihilate any resistance himself not only relying on his organization.

   Seeing Leng Shuai’s cool demeanor as they approach the turn in the road to the estate coupled with his terrifying demonic expression Jason involuntarily shivers, he never wants to be on the opposing side. Leng Shuai is not someone to fuck with if you don’t want to die without a corpse.

    The only thing he can’t understand is how this was triggered not by the loss of the Golden Dragon but by the little chick getting hurt.

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