Hotel Suite

LiMei leans on Rui’s body as they leave the restaurant moaning, “So full.” She covers her mouth as she burps,then blames Rui, “Why did you keep feeding me?”

      Rui teases her, “Do you need me to carry you to the car?” He points to the black car parked down the busy street.

    LiMei is tempted as she touches her stomach, that spicy fish amok was too delicious! but then glances around at all the people walking down the sidewalk, reluctantly replying,  “No.” 

    They pass a clothing store with several hats displayed in the window, LiMei remembers she didn’t pack a hat and needs sunglasses. “Rui do we have time to stop in this shop? I need a hat.” He looks at his watch, “Have time.”

   When they enter the store they attract the attention of several salesgirls.  A thin young woman hurries over to greet them,”Welcome to our shop,what can I help you find. “

   LiMei raises her finger pointing to a hat on a mannequin in the window, “ I would like that hat and..” She points to the counter. “Those  sunglasses and the Gucci men’s sunglasses on the end.”

    The salesgirl frowns when she saw a beautiful couple wearing expensive clothes coming into  the shop she thought she could make a big sale. The tall handsome man is wearing a designer suit and his Cartier watch could be estimated to be worth ten million. 

     The young woman with him is wearing a dress from Chloe Designs’ latest collection. Unwilling to lose a sale after she picks up the hat and sunglasses she says, “I see you are wearing a dress from Chloe Design we just received a shipment from Paris, could I show you?”

  LiMei quickly shakes her head, “No this is all I need.”

  Rui tells the woman, “Show me.’

  LiMei looks up at him, “We don’t have time and my suitcase is full.”

   “…”  Such a silly girl! We could easily get as many suitcases as you need.

   The saleswoman smiles at him then hurries away,  her heels clicking along the marble floor as she rushes to the back of the store. She searches through a rack finding a several dresses that look to be about the woman’s size. 

     When she comes out before she says anything Rui takes a look, “Send them to the Royal Hotel, the Honeymoon Suite.” He hands her his black card and the woman’s narrow eyes widen greedily as she takes the exclusive black card from him. I knew this handsome man is super rich ! when they walked into the shop and I saw his watch I almost cried from happiness!

   LiMei stares at Rui with a blank look, Honeymoon Suite?

  As if he can read her mind he leans down whispering in her ear, “There is a convention in town it was the only available suite.”

   LiMei smiles, “Oh..that explains it.”

   The woman’s brown eyes sparkle as she swipes his black card, when she sees the total her heart races...Yes!  The saleswoman standing behind the counter next to her leans over, “Looks like your commission will pay off those loan sharks.”  

     The salesgirl pinches her coworker’s waist, “Shhh..Lara don’t speak of my personal business at work. If the old bat heard you I would be fired! But…” She waves the black card between her fingers, ” Dinner and drinks..lots of drinks tonight will definitely be on me. Ha..ha..”

   She floats back over to Rui, “Thank you for visiting our store. The clothes will be delivered in two hours.”

   LiMei politely asks, “Could I have the hat and sunglasses now.”

   “Certainly Miss.” She goes back to the counter and puts the hat and sunglasses in a bag. When she gives them to LiMei she says, “Enjoy your Honeymoon.” She gazes admiringly at Rui holding LiMei’s hand, ” You are blessed by Buddha to have such a handsome and generous husband.”

    LiMei blushes,  clutching the strap of the bag she responds,  “Thank you.”

   Rui hugs LiMei then gives her a feathery kiss, “I’m the lucky one.”

   After they leave the two saleswomen look out the window to see them getting into the black Rolls Royce. Lara sighs, “Damn, he thought nothing of buying all those designer dresses  without even sparing a glance at the price. I wish I could meet a man like that!”

  “I think I am more jealous of the pampering tone he used with her. Did you see the way he never took his eyes off of her?”

  “I guess that what love looks like ha..ha.. I wouldn’t know.”

   Once Rui and LiMei are in the car she puts the Gucci sunglasses she picked out for Rui on him, “You look so a celebrity.”

  She puts her sunglasses on then turns to Rui, “What do you think?”

  “Baby, you are more beautiful than any celebrity I have ever seen.”

    LiMei starts laughing, what a sweet mouth he has! then hugs him, “I am looking forward to going to the mountains hiking with you. I should have picked out a hat for you too, it is so hot here! Have you been to these mountains before.”

 He hugs her, “Yes, many times. I know the Spiral Peak Mountain well, there is a waterfall on the North Side I want to show you, the Blue Ice Lotus grows in a cave behind it.”

  “Really? Wow I’m excited!”

   Rui can’t believe he met such a beautiful woman with whom he can share his interests. “It has a hot spring close by also..” His phone rings he stops talking when he sees who is calling, “I’m on the way to the hotel now. Yeah I will be ready.”

    “LiMei, the driver who will drive me to the hospital will arrive shortly after we get to the hotel. I won’t be able to call you once I begin preparing to operate but if there is any emergency Cheng can get a hold of me.” 

    She fans herself with the hat, “It is so hot I will probably go to the hotel pool for a swim then relax in the room. You will be back tonight?”

  “It will be late… about eleven if all goes well.” He thinks about LiMei lying by the pool surrounded by men staring at her exposed skin. He remains calm on the surface.“Don’t go to the pool.” No fucking way! No pool!

  “Huh? I saw on the hotel website the pool area looks beautiful,  surrounded by lush landscaping and a fountain, there is even a slide!” She wants to go to the pool so she can go to the changing room then escape the bodyguards.

  “You shouldn’t be in the sun, the ointment you applied will interact with the sunlight causing an allergic reaction.”

   “Really? Well I will take a shower before I go down to the pool. I don’t want to get tan anyway. I plan on sitting under an umbrella reading after I take a swim.”

   “…” You are completely missing my point. I don’t want you to go to the goddam pool! I will need to tell Cheng not to let LiMei  out of the hotel room period!

   They get to the hotel Rui instructs Cheng to come to the hotel room after he parks the car. Morgan, his other bodyguard is waiting in the lobby for them with two other muscular men wearing black suits. 

   When he approaches the men LiMei wants to chuckle, why do bodyguards always look the same, muscular build, tall, wearing the standard black suit. I guess it does make them look intimidating.

  Rui introduces LiMei to Morgan, then they all walk to the elevator. When they are inside Morgan starts to inform Rui of a situation, “I found out..” before he says anything else Rui abruptly interrupts him, “You can fill me in downstairs.” 

     He glares at Morgan then looks at LiMei who is fiddling with her hat. Morgan realizes he was about to anger Rui because the girl might hear.

   When they get to the suite Morgan swipes the room card, LiMei walks into the luxurious room  filled with white and pink roses then notices  the amazing view of the Mekong River from the  floor to ceiling window.  Rui hugs her from behind, “Like the view?”


  “At night the view is more spectacular.”

   LiMei turns around putting her arms around his neck then kisses him her green eyes sparkling, “I can’t wait to see the citylights with you.”

   Holding LiMei in his arms as she puts her little tongue in his mouth his body reacts, everytime she takes the initiative to kiss him he can’t control his desire. “Morgan go inform the driver I won’t be down immediately.”

   After the bodyguard leaves Rui grabs LiMei around her thin waist lifting her into his arms then carries her into the bedroom. He lays her on the bed then kisses her tangling their tongues, his heart pounds with her lithe body pressed under him. Greedily  he savors her sweet taste as they kiss suddenly picturing LiMei laying by the pool in a tiny swimsuit. 

     He runs his hand up her thigh then possessively rubs her sensitive area between her legs,  this only belongs to me LiMei… in a raspy voice he growls, “Baby, No pool..absolutely no going to the pool.”

   LiMei isn’t listening she softly moans as he plays with her, his fingers teasing her under her panties, “Ahhh…Rui..stop.” He smiles as he feels her sweet honey flowing out covering his finger, my little bunny is so sensitive to my touch. Wanting to taste her before he leaves he pulls her panties down then lifts her dress up to her chest. With his head nestled between her soft thighs he begins to use his tongue eagerly lapping up her honey spilling out. As his tongue moves in and out he rubs her sensitive bud with his thumb, the pleasure LiMei feels is indescribable.  She arches her back holding onto his head she can’t hold back as she whimpers, “Mmmnn..Ahhh..Ruiiii!”

   He continues until LiMei trembles  from the intense sensations running through her body. She wants to feel Rui inside of her, she whispers, “Rui..pleeeease I need you..ahhh…ahh.. itchy.”

   Rui hears her pleading, he unbuckles his belt then unzips his pants exposing his huge erection, “Baby, are you sure?’


    Rui’s body is on fire he can’t resist, he had only planned on giving her some pleasure so she would think about him while he was gone, but what man could control his desire hearing his woman wanting him. Rui moves her small hand on his manhood, his dark eyes glazed over with lust as he moans,“Baby…”

   Rui helps her guide his huge throbbing member into her tight body, LiMei’s face is seductively flushed red as he enters, “Uhhh.. Ruiiii…ahhhh…”

    Rui gazes adoringly at the beautiful girl he loves pressed underneath him as he recklessly hits her sensitive spot over and over. He wants her to know only he can give her this much pleasure. LiMei feels she will faint, “Not more..I can’t.. can’t..” He has sweat beads on his forehead and his white shirt sticks to his chest as he thrusts in and out as LiMei writhes around on the bed in ecstasy.LiMei  gripping his back with her fingers digging into his damp shirt moans, “Ruiiii…Ruiiii.. Ahhh…unnnngh…sooo gooood…”

    Seeing LiMei gasping for air he knows she has reached her limit, her delicate body can’t take any more. He tightens his arms around her body as he growls,“Baby..Nnngh..Mmmmhhhh…” his breath ragged and his heart pounding when he releases. Unable to withstand the intense pleasure as they both reach the sky together, LiMei faints as Rui fills her up.

   Rui’s face has a satisfied smile as he brushes her damp hair off of her face in a barely audible voice utters, “I love you Baby.” He kisses her forehead then lightly touches her slightly curled black eyelashes, continuing to run his finger tenderly down her flushed face, I never can get over how beautiful you look especially after I make love to you. I am the only man in the world who gets to see this alluring look on your beautiful face. 

   He pulls her dress down not wanting to wake LiMei, she should be too tired to go to the pool now.

   Rui picks out a clean set of clothes from his suitcase. After a quick shower he gets dressed then walks to the side of the bed looking at LiMei’s peaceful face that still has a tinge of pink. Impulsively he takes out his cell phone  snapping a couple pictures of LiMei.

      He puts the light quilt on her then leans down kissing her pink lips that are parted as she breathes. He straightens his tall body towering over the bed as he gazes down at her curled up like a little ball under the cover,“Be obedient LiMei don’t make me worry.” He leaves his spare black card on the nightstand, after he grabs his laptop and medical bag he walks to the door.

   When he leaves the hotel suite he tells the bodyguards, “Cheng,you and the men stay outside until Feng LiMei wakes up. She is not allowed to go to the pool or leave the hotel, she can go to the restaurants or the boutique that’s it. Morgan brief me on the way to the car.”

   “…” Cheng watches them leave, Ming Jian really wasn’t lying. CEO Qiao definitely treasures that girl.

   In the elevator Rui turns to Morgan, “So what did you find out? Who is trying to destabilize Xinghi’s organization?

   “It looks like Viktor’s Rushkov Organization has fallen into some  heavy problems in the last couple months. He has offended Kuang Fu, he stole an arms shipment from him two months ago costing him both money and face. While most recently the head of the Ghost Blade Syndicate has a bone to pick with him and a billionaire named Li Tian.”

   While they walk down the hallway they continue to discuss Viktor, “Li Tian what happened there?’

   The elevator door opens, “I don’t know the details because this only happened a few days ago but somehow Viktor pissed him off and Li Tian ordered a freighter blown up with Viktor’s cargo on it then destroyed two warehouses. One of which belonged to that crazy bitch Madam Olga. She is blaming Viktor because he had asked to hide in her warehouse until he could leave Catang City. Also, the other warehouse that went up in flames had the cars stored in it for the luxury car auction that was to be held the beginning of next week. Viktor’s connection to that warehouse fire is unclear at the moment.

  Qiao Rui laughs, “That Russian moron really pissed off the wrong people. How does Xinghi’s rare collection of medicinal herbs figure into the equation?

    My intel has only identified the key players. Why Viktor thinks obtaining the rare herbs stored at Xinghi’s Compound will solve his problems I have no idea yet., Ming Jian is still working on it. Also I am happy to say my men neutralized a group that was targeting you at the airport.”

  “Good job. I don’t want my woman to be affected in any way. I will hold you responsible for Feng LiMei’s safety while I am at Xinghi’s Compound.”

   “She will be safe, don’t worry.”

   “For your sake she better be.”,

   “…” He has a chill go down his spine, I don’t like it when Qiao Rui directs that cold and murderous look at me. I have seen what he is capable of doing in the name of revenge.

   They reach the lobby, Rui looks at his watch then asks Morgan, “Anything else? “

    “The head of security for  Xinghi informed me they are taking all necessary precautions to make sure you have a safe journey to the Compound. Did you want me to send any of our men with you. “

  “No,  protect Feng LiMei. I can take care of myself.”

   A Black Land Rover pulls up in front of  Rui and Morgan, Rui turns to Morgan, “ Remember what I said, Feng LiMei is my most important person.”  He tosses in his bag and laptop then gets into the backseat. 

   Morgan watches the Land Rover leave, he seems to be overreacting what kind of trouble could that little girl get into at the hotel. My team has protected Presidents and CEOs from several Corporations embroiled in all sorts of intrigue.

  Across the street two men are watching them as the Black Land Rover pulls out from the front of the hotel into the street. The driver turns to the man in the passenger seat holding a photograph of Qin Daiyu, “Should we wait to snatch her until we are sure he isn’t coming back?”

   He throws his cigarette out the passenger window onto the street. “I don’t know man all I know is if we fuck it up Logan on won’t go easy on us, call him. “

   The driver takes out his phone dialing Logan, “The doctor just left the hotel should we grab the girl?”

    “No rush. You are not going to believe who the fuck  the doctor is operating on this afternoon, that crazy bastard Xinghi. Do you believe that shit! It is a fucking good thing we didn’t try to snatch her while he was around, I’m sure that old fox has men in the shadows protecting the doctor. I think you should let the bodyguards get comfortable, they think the woman is just Qiao Rui’s little plaything. They have no idea Kuang Fu has been looking for that little bitch for months.”

   “When are you getting into Phnom Penh? “

   “I should be there about seven o’clock,grab her about six  then take her to the house on 16th Street. You assholes better not forget if she has a hair out of place you’re dead. “

   Morgan returns to the suite Cheng is guarding the door, “Damn Cheng you should have seen the look on Qiao Rui’s face when he told me to make sure nothing happens to the little girl.”

   “Well how long have you known Qiao Rui? This is the first time I have seen him even let a woman near him. When I picked them up at the airport he was holding her hand laughing then she was sitting on his lap in the backseat. I have never seen him care about anyone or anything and I have known him for ten years. I honestly thought he had ice water running through his veins.”

   “ I don’t get it though with his money and looks he could have any woman he wants.The girl is pretty but nothing special.” 

  “Pfft..Did you get a good look at her face?”

   “No she was wearing sunglasses and a big stupid hat.”

   “Well when you see her flawless face you will see how beautiful Feng LiMei is. She looks like a fairy.”

   “A fairy..haha..Cheng you sound smitten..ha..ha..I wouldn’t let the CEO hear you.”

     Fuck off! I am just saying you will see what he likes about the girl when you get a good look at her beautiful face.  Also, she seems sweet. He thinks about her smile when she said, “Thank you” in a soft voice.

      “Whatever. Anyway he said she can’t go to the pool or leave the hotel. She can go to a restaurant or to buy clothes.We can’t go in the suite until she wakes up. I’m going down for a smoke, I will be right back.”

      “Okay, could you grab me a coffee?”


      Rui looks at his notes about Xinghi’s complicated surgery as the Black Land Rover gets onto the highway. He holds the sunglasses LiMei picked out for him, his lips curl up into a smile.. I wonder if she woke up yet.

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