Hirachi City

Rashid and Hamid  aren’t the only ones who Qiao Rui has angered in the last couple days, the problems he created for Leng Shuai to get him away from Pushong City and LiMei were not minor. After flying back to Hirachi City Leng Shuai faced a myriad of problems created by Qiao Rui’s team who by using a dummy corporation disrupted Leng Shuai’s latest construction project in Hirachi City. The dispute could only be solved in person forcing Leng Shuai to return to the main headquarters.

   When a frustrated Leng Shuai  finally cleared up the situation with the construction standstill  in Hirachi City he wondered who was able to influence the Fang Group. He instructed  Jason to make some discreet inquiries as to who orchestrated the disruption.

   Jason calls him as he is having breakfast at his mansion in the most exclusive suburb of Hirachi City with his grandfather, “Are you sure he manipulated the decision of Fang Metal Works to delay the delivery.”

   “Positive Boss my connection in Catang City confirmed it.”

   Leng Shuai loses his temper he slams down his chopsticks then stares out the window contemplating the situation. His eyebrows are knitted together, how did that bastard Qiao Rui get his hands on that amount of stock? Where would he come up with 500 million dollars to buy it and how did he convince that wily fox Fang Hiram to sell. It seems like the good doctor has deep pockets huh! So do I… It will be payback time when I get back to Pushong City later today you fucking asshole. Was this all because of Feng LiMei? Did you feel your relationship with her was threatened so you wanted to get rid of me for a few days? Well now I am even more interested in the little girl!

  Leng Shuai’s grandfather has a look of surprise on his face as he watches  his usually unflappable grandson angrily hang up the phone. He doesn’t understand him with his dedication and hard work he puts into the company most men would want to be recognized as the CEO of a corporation the size of Leng Enterprises.

      But his grandson hides the fact, although he is in actuality the CEO he does not allow it to be common knowledge or publicised “Shuai, Xiaosi told me he is representing you at the LE banquet in Pushong City tonight. Why do you insist on making your brother the face of Leng Enterprises?”

   He composes himself, “I told you Chairman when I came back from New York I have other projects without extra  time for all the frivlolous social activities and business meetings. You know if the people we deal with thought Xiaosi was a substitute they would throw a fit as if they aren’t being respected. He is perfect for that role he enjoys the spotlight and socializing.”

  “Are you at least going to the banquet ?”

  “Of course I want to see what the elite families of Pushong are like since we moved some of our subsidiaries there I will need to work with them. I have researched all of them but I want to see how they interact  in a social setting, you can get an idea of the rivalries and true feelings when people let their guard down while drinking and dancing”

  His grandfather nods in approval what he said makes sense,“What about Hushang Entertainment?”

 “I have met Chen Huan he is amiable and a good Director for that division of Hushang Group. He pauses, ” …Chen Jianyu is another story.”

   “So our construction projects could have competition with Hushang Group?”

   “I’m not sure he has several irons in the fire right now, I think he will be busy with the Shingu Island Resort project, this might enable us to slip in unnoticed. I did invite Zhou Mo of Zhou Group and Li Tian of Li Group. I heard they are about to secure the land for a Mega Mall Project in Catang City, if they used our Leng Construction even as a sub contractor the profits will be large.”

  “I can see I made the right choice in having you become the CEO after your father’s heart attack.”

   “Grandfather you have to remember our agreement,  if anyone interferes with any of my decisions you can figure out someone else to head the company. I am firm on that.”

   His grandfather rubs his white beard then thoughtfully replies, “So far you haven’t given me any reason to doubt your capabilities. You took care of the most recent construction delay saving the company a huge loss when you quickly arrived in Hirachi City. Your ability to handle the situation diplomatically instantly calmed down the Board and panicky  investors.”

   Leng Shuai looks at his watch, “I’m flying back to Pushong City this morning now that this business is settled.”

   “ Very good. Make sure Little MoMo behaves while she is there. That little girl since she decided to be an actress has turned into quite a handful. She even threatened your poor mother she wasn’t going back to University she is going to stay In Pushong City. “

  That little spoiled brat I don’t fucking have time to deal with her childish nonsense. “You remember Fan Nuan I am having her keep an eye on MoMo while she is in Pushong.” I’m not going to tell the Old Man she disappeared at the airport and surfaced at Hushang Entertainment under an assumed name.

  “How is Little Nuan? She would be a good candidate for your wife. Her family is almost comparable to ours and she has always struck me as a well mannered girl.”

  “Grandfather, I don’t have time to consider a marriage right now, so don’t get your head together with Chairman Fan and try arrange a marriage between us. She and I have a good working relationship and I don’t want you to get her hopes up it could be anything more.” He drinks some orange juice and wipes his mouth with a napkin. He coldly remarks,  “Nuan isn’t my type.” 

    His grandfather has a complicated expression,“Shuai, the rumors about you being… and that architect Lui Mingli… ahh.. never mind.” He finishes  his tea then stands up. “I need to meet your grandmother at the Temple so I will be going. ”

    “…” Why do people always think just because Mingli is gay and I am his friend I am also. Even if  I was interested in men that flamboyant peacock wouldn’t appeal to me. We share an interest in architecture that is it!

     He stands up and walks his grandfather to the door. After he closes the door behind him Leng Shuai calls Jason, “Did you meet with the banquet manager yesterday?”

   “Yes, everything is arranged he definitely earned his reputation. When are you flying back?”

    “My flight is in an hour.”

   “I will have Shen Boyin pick you up.”

   “Do you have any leads on the Golden Dragon?”

   “Sorry Boss. It hasn’t showed up on the black market either. I have been keeping an eye out to see if anyone is trying to sell it. Xiaobo has an expert trying to salvage the surveillance tapes but hasn’t received the results yet.”

   “Okay, what about the little thing?”

   Jason doesn’t want to tell him she was seen leaving the Fan Group’s Hotel yesterday morning holding hands with Qiao Rui. “Nothing important to report. I did check with the banquet manager and he said Feng LiMei is scheduled to work the banquet as you requested.”

   “She didn’t call off working because of her arm?”


   “Okay I’m heading to the airport when I hang up.” 

   “Boss, my father is in town and asked to see me he said it is important.”

    “Very well, I won’t need you until shortly before the banquet.” Leng Shuai hangs up. That is odd I thought Jason and his father have been estranged since Zhou Mo married that woman two years ago.

    After he hangs up Jason calls his father, “When will you arrive?” If his father hadn’t said it was urgent and mentioned the hospital he wouldn’t have bothered taking time off work.

    “I should be there in a half hour meet me at Qiao Rui’s hospital. I will explain when I get there.” He isn’t going to mention Zhou Vicki he knows how much his son hates her, but he does need his help in this situation.

     Leng Shuai packs his suitcase as he does he looks at LiMei’s white jade necklace on his desk, he had his pilot friend Ba Hu stop by his vacation house on Shingu Island then fly the necklace to Hirachi City yesterday when his Wild Air Transport had a cargo delivery. He picks the delicate necklace up wanting to crush it in his hands and turn it to dust but he  stops himself.

      His thin lips curl up in a sinister smile, I want to see the look on  your smug face you bastard when you see this necklace in my suite at the Crescent Moon Hotel. You think you can fuck with me and get away with it? Ha! Not as long as my name is Leng Shuai!

    He goes downstairs carrying his suitcase then calls his driver to take him to the airport. Looking at the time he should arrive shortly before the banquet is scheduled to begin.

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