Going To Work

When Rui and LiMei arrive at her apartment Rui wakes up LiMei who is sound asleep on the passenger seat, gently nudging her, “LiMei..Baby..we are at your apartment…wake up.”

   Rui smiles affectionately gazing at LiMei she has her hands under her head leaning on the window, her long black hair messily covering half her small face and there is a little drool at the side of her mouth. She is so cute curled up like a little kitten. He takes out his handkerchief wiping her mouth then tenderly brushes her tangled hair with his fingers tucking behind her ear.

   LiMei lazily sits up opening her heavy lidded eyes drowsily, “Huh?”

   He leans over unbuckling her seat belt, “We are at your apartment, don’t you need to change for work?”

   LiMei rubs her eyes, “Oh yeah.”  Exhausted she stretches her arms out, “Wait here okay, I will go get what I need. They have a special uniform for banquet work so I will get that at the hotel. I just need a couple things.” My wig and contacts, I can’t go to work without them.

   “I will carry your bag for you, it is too heavy for you to take up those stairs.”

   LiMei wants to put away her other IDs in the coffee can and text the Old Man about the delay fetching the Golden Dragon, she saw a notification from him when she was getting her jeans out of the duffel bag in Rui’s bedroom but didn’t have a chance to respond. Making up an excuse,“I can manage, I don’t want Grandpa Gu to see you go into my apartment.” Actually I don’t want him or Chang to see you, I am carrying an overnight bag!

    “…” Rui gets out of the car taking the  green duffel bag from the back. “I won’t come into your apartment I will wait outside on your patio for you.” He opens the car door then takes her hand, she tries to take her small hand away and he tightens his grip, leaning down he smiles, “Or did you want me to carry you up the stairs?”

  “No..no! Definitely not!” LiMei knows it’s no use trying to dissuade him. I guess I can lie if I see them and say he picked me up at the airport, I was supposed to be out of town for work. I guess if he waits outside that will be fine.

   Rui chuckles at her cute expression and the way she always waves her tiny hand around to make a point. He has a domineering tone as they walk towards the stairs, “Pack a suitcase with your clothes for the weekend. We can stay in my suite at the Crescent Moon Hotel then leave for the airport in the morning. Don’t forget your passport.”

  “Okay.” LiMei decided earlier she would go with him to Cambodia when he told her he was taking a private plane, with a disguise no one would think she is Qin Daiyu accompanying Rui. I will spend the weekend with him then get the Golden Dragon and leave Pushong City.

Rui raises his eyebrow she must have forgotten she told me she doesn’t have a passport, what a little dummy. He pats her on the head as they arrive at the door to her small apartment. 

    “Rui do you want a glass of juice or water while you wait?”

   “No I’m good.” He pats her on her butt, “Hurry.”

   LiMei walks into her house then throws her bag on the bed, looking around she frowns I haven’t stayed here in over a week! She picks up a couple mangas off her nightstand, I should take these to read on the plane. She lifts the bottom of the duffel bag pulling out her other two IDs then walks to the kitchen cupboard. Taking the coffee can out of the cupboard she puts the IDs in a plastic bag then places them under the ground coffee. She sighs as she rubs her waist just walking up the stairs was painful it is going to be a long night at work carrying trays.

   Getting a suitcase out of her closet she takes some warm clothes from the duffel bag to packs them The track suits will be good, she puts a couple heavy sweaters in the suitcase and hiking boots. When she finishes she goes into the bathroom to get her jasmine lotion she likes. Sitting on the edge on the bathtub she takes her burner phone out to text the Old Man [Got your message will retrieve item on Monday] She sits for a minute waiting for a reply when she doesn’t receive one she puts the phone in her pocket. Walking slowly over to a small wooden cabinet LiMei gets her contact case from the first shelf and her short brown wig from a drawer down below.

   Outside of her apartment on the patio Rui patiently sits on small outdoor couch looking at his phone. He has several missed calls from his father he has a complicated look on his face, tonight at the banquet should be interesting.

   He hears LiMei coming out of her apartment then stands up, “ If you forgot anything you might need we can get in Phnom Penh.”

   “I think I have enough clothes, I packed hiking boots and some heavy wool sweaters for camping.” LiMei is excited to go to the mountains  in search of medicinal herbs.

    Rui takes the rolling suitcase from her,“You have hiking boots?” He thought they would need to shop for some.

   “Yeah, I went hiking on Shingu Island.” I got them at a little store in the mountains when I was with that stupid tyrant Leng Shuai.

   Rui’s face blackens remembering what happened on that island he grips her shoulders his pitch black eyes are like a deep abyss, his voice is commanding, “LiMei you to stay away from Leng Shuai at the banquet tonight I’m serious.”

   LiMei’s face pales why do I open my mouth without thinking! When did I start blurting everything out. I need to start remembering my training I have become too used to this Feng LiMei persona.

   She stands on her tiptoes putting her arms around Rui’s neck and kisses him. “Rui I don’t want anything to do with that man. He will need to be working anyway if his boss is there I don’t think I will even see him.” My God I hope I don’t see him he is my bad luck star every time I am around him I get into some sort of trouble!

   Rui shakes his head, His boss? What is she talking about Leng Shuai is the CEO of Leng Enterprises. Does she mean the Chairman…no Leng Shuai wouldn’t take orders from anybody, not even his own grandfather.

   While he is wondering what she was talking about LiMei takes his hand, “Let’s go I don’t want to be late I haven’t worked in awhile and I don’t want to cause any problems for the kitchen manager.”

   When they are almost at the hotel at a stoplight LiMei tells Rui, “I have what I need for work in my big handbag could you take the suitcase up to the room? “ She points over to the right side of the road, “And drop me off at that bus stop I will walk from there.”

   “I will take the suitcase up to the room but don’t be ridiculous I’m not dropping you off at the bus stop.” He looks over to see several men standing in a group by it. “You are still weak and it is a good two blocks to the hotel.” He has a gloomy expression  this little girl never thinks…it could be dangerous ! I’m not leaving you here by that pack of wolves! It is dark outside too you shouldn’t be walking this time of night.

   LiMei can see he won’t let her off here, “Okay but drop me off behind the kitchen. If I get out of this car I will need to explain who drove me to work.”

   “So tell them your man drove you to work.” It would be good to let them know you are mine.

   “Rui you don’t understand to maintain a good working relationship with my coworkers I don’t want to look like I am showing off. You and your car are too outstanding!”

   His face lights up, “So I’m outstanding.”

   LiMei wants to tease him, he is always so shameless, “Well your  expensive sports car is anyway, the windows are tinted they can’t see you. They might come to the conclusion I have an old man sugar daddy.” When she catches the change in his expression she starts laughing.

   Rui turns the wheel suddenly sharply turning the car into the parking lot next to the hotel startling LiMei. When he stops the car he pushes the passenger seat back as far as it goes then leans his long body down on top of her, “Old man you say?” He kisses her fiercely as his hand roams up under her sweater. “I think you need to be punished little girl for that comment,” He pries her small mouth open swirling his tongue around hers as he savors her sweetness. His hand is on top of her bra rubbing across her chest. LiMei feels breathless as she tries to push him up off of her,  giggling she can barely breathe, “I take it back…I take it back!” If he teases me anymore I won’t be getting to work on time.

   LiMei’s phone starts ringing, “ Rui..ha..ha..I need to answer my phone it could be work making sure I’m coming it is almost time.” Rui reluctantly let’s her go putting the seat back up. LiMei fumbles in her purse when she sees it is Stupid Tyrant she doesn’t answer tossing it back into her purse. Rui stares at her with a questioning look, she was frowning when she saw the caller ID. The phone starts ringing again and LiMei ignores it with Rui staring at her she quickly says, “Telemarketer…they never leave me alone… I wonder where they got my number?”

   Leng Shuai just finished getting dressed after his shower in his hotel suite at the Crescent Moon Hotel, his brother is coming by for a drink before they go to the banquet. Deciding to call LiMei to tease her about working at the party he has a grin on his face as he dials her number. He glares at his phone after it rang a few time the call went to voicemail, Feng LiMei should be on her way to work at the banquet why isn’t she picking up? His face darkens as he tries the number again and she doesn’t answer, he becomes angry feeling slighted, I don’t see or call you for a few days and you forget about me little thing! Irritated she didn’t pick up he stomps over to the table pouring  a glass of whiskey, Well…see if you can escape from me at the banquet!

   LiMei has a strange smile as she reaches into her purse turning off the phone, to distract Rui’s attention she says, “Have you been to Cambodia before?”

   Rui spent time at Xinghe’s compound with Dr. Woo when he was in the Underworld and worked at a private clinic stitching up gangsters for a year. Then he went wherever they instructed him to go until his five years working for them came to an end. “Your cousin Xixin and I would go to the mountains there searching for medicinal herbs, so yes.” He pulls the black Porsche out of the parking lot not wanting to answer any more questions he points to the extensive garden ahead of them.“I will drop you off at the end of the garden area behind the hotel so I can watch you enter, no one should see my car is a row of bushes there.”

   Again with the cousin…how am I going to explain that when it comes out he is not my cousin? “Thanks Rui.” LiMei puts her jade like hand on his thigh,”I think that would be best.” He can’t help but smile at her intimate gesture as the warmth from her hand penetrates onto his skin.

   When he stops the car he languidly walks over to open her door holding her hand as she gets out then pulls her into his arms. LiMei pushes his chest, “Rui!”

   “No one can see us.” If they can so what you are mine LiMei. He kisses her deeply, “Don’t forget what I said about Leng Shuai stay away from him.” He holds her tightly around her waist as his kisses move down her slender neck.

   LiMei can feel her body heating up as he kisses her she doesn’t want him to stop but in five minutes she will be late. “Rui…I need to get to work.”

   He releases her then brushes her loose hair behind her ear, “I will see you there.”

   “Rui don’t act like you know me okay?” She knows Chen Jianyu will be there too and she doesn’t want him to know her relationship with Rui. Next week she will be back to work until she gets rid of the Golden Dragon and can leave Pushong City.

    Annoyed he pinches her chin making her look up at him his dark eyes are blazing with jealousy, “Why not?” She doesn’t want that bastard Leng Shuai to know? 

   “Well CEO Chen will be there and I don’t want him to know it will complicate me working for him.”

    Rui leans down his kiss demanding and possessive when LiMei becomes breathless he lets her go. “Soon Baby everyone will know you are my woman when we announce our marriage.”

   Why does he get like this dammit I need to convince him. She blinks a few times then pulls on his tie being cute then in a coquettish voice pleads wth him,“Well… just for tonight okay?”

   Rui can see she feels nervous about the situation her little palm in his hand is sweating. But he is hesitant wanting to keep a close eye on her, in a domineering tone he says, “I will agree to your request but afterwards I am taking you to my suite for the night, we leave for Cambodia in the morning.”

   I need to coax him he looks like he is getting angry. He is so childish sometimes! LiMei’s beautiful green eyes are twinkling as she stands on her tiptoes pressing her soft lips onto his kissing him lightly, “I’m looking forward to that.”

   She is too cute what if something happened to her on the way, it is dimly lit and not safe{Rui you are literally a stone’s throw away from the back door haha} “I’m going to walk you over to the entrance.” He grips her hand tighter walking towards the building.

     LiMei shakes her head exasperated knowing Rui he will do what he wants. Didn’t we just agree you would let me off here!

    LiMei quietly walks with him thinking I guess it is kind of nice to have someone worry about you. She sneaks a peak at his strong profile, Rui is so incredibly handsome, I thought Kuang Bo was the most handsome man I have ever seen but Rui is on a level all his own. He is like an Immortal in one of those cultivation novels I used to read.

   When they get to the back door Rui embraces her as he kisses her deeply. Opening the door for her he tells her in a firm tone, “LiMei after tonight quit this job.”

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