Flamingo Part 2

Rui and LiMei take the elevator to the top floor of the building when the elevator opens LiMei gasps then tightens her hand around Rui’s, “So beautiful!” She had seen many exclusive restaurants when she was in the Black Sky Organization since many of the targets were high profile individuals but never one like this restaurant. The design is unique romantic, yet not overly sentimental. 

   Rui feels her excitement when her small hand grips his tighter, “Do you like it?” She looks as though she is glowing in this light, he can’t take his eyes off her breathtaking smile.

   “Very much!” LiMei’s green eyes are wide the gold specks  in them sparkling as she gazes around the front of the restaurant. There are two etched glass partitions with geometric designs dividing the restaurant and the furnishings are elegant.

    LiMei loves the decor, all the tables have white and black linen tablecloths and the lighting is soft and romantic. Each of the tables have fresh flowers and a beautiful candle adding to the ambience. She sees some of the dishes being served and can hardly wait to taste the delicious food.

   Rui unbuttons LiMei’s coat brushing her hair back then slides it carefully off her arms. He hands both her coat and his  black cashmere coat to a beautiful blonde woman dressed in a tight blue dress who greets them, “ Rui, we are very happy you accepted our invitation to try our new restaurant.”

   “Lois, thank you for the invitation.”

   A short nice looking middle aged man approaches them patting Rui on the shoulder, “We have been open for a month and you just come?”

   “Sorry, I have been busy with work.” He glances around the full dining room, “As expected Raymond you have exceeded expectations with this new restaurant.”

     “If it weren’t for you I would still be in Catang City working for Zhou Mo.” Rui is one of his biggest investors, he is grateful to him for helping him build his business over the last few years.

     Rui laughs, “So dinner is on you?”

    They both start laughing, Rui realizes he hasn’t introduced LiMei to Raymond.

   “Chou Raymond this is my girlfriend Feng LiMei.” LiMei’s face turns red how can Rui introduce me as his girlfriend when he is married.

    She politely bows towards Mr. Chou,”It is my pleasure to meet you.”

   Chou Raymond quickly says, “Don’t be so formal. Call me Raymond.” He looks at LiMei, what a beautiful girl she is only wearing light makeup and her face is flawless, he has never seen such mesmerizing green eyes before, no wonder she could attract a man like Qiao Rui. 

     Raymond doesn’t recall ever seeing Qiao Rui with a woman and by the way he is gazing  at this young girl it is obvious how much he cares about her.

   Raymond says, “I have a table by the window ready  for you,  follow me.”

   Rui takes LiMei’s hand and walks through the crowded restaurant drawing strange looks from some of the diners. LiMei sees a plump woman sitting at a table with several people say to the heavily made up woman next to her,“What is Qiao Rui doing with that little slut. Isn’t he married to Wang Rebecca?”

    LiMei glances up at Rui her heart tightens after she hears the woman’s ridiculing remark, they shouldn’t have come here. 

     Rui ignores the looks they are receiving and when they get to their table Raymond says, “The waiter will be right with you Rui, I need to take care of something.” Black lines are forming on his forehead how dare that woman say such a rude comment about Qiao Rui!

    Raymond angrily walks over to a man standing motionlessly by the front door.  After he finishes speaking the muscular man with a cold expression then walks over saying a few words in the man’s ear at the head of the fat woman’s table, suddenly the entire group of ten where the plump woman is sitting gets up to leave mid meal without any explanation.

    They are  members of the second branch of the Zangwa family, the offending woman attempts to protest when the muscular man presses her acupoint she  suddenly slumps down onto her plate of pasta with an Italian Marinara sauce. 

     The situation appears to other customers as though the fat woman fainted and the other people at the table are leaving because she is ill. It takes two men to lift her up from the table and the woman’s face is covered in sauce, her matted gray hair stuck to her plump cheeks .

   LiMei couldn’t help but notice the muscular man in the black suit hit the woman’s acupoint, did Raymond force the entire party to leave because they insulted Rui? She happily chuckles at the sight of the woman covered in the red sauce, serves her right for being a gossipy bitch. She really likes Raymond for having Rui’s back, a loyal friend indeed.

   LiMei admiringly gazes at Rui, his looks are impeccable and he has a noble air about him dressed all in black. He appears unfazed by what just happened so LiMei pretends she didn’t hear or see anything.

    He sees her slight smile as she subtly glances over at  the unsightly woman being  dragged away by her dinner companions and Raymond’s man. She looks very cute trying not to laugh at the scene.

     The Zangwas are not worth him paying attention to but he appreciates Raymond’s loyalty and his swift response to that ugly fat bitch upsetting LiMei.

    A waiter brings over a bottle of red wine, after he pours the wine Rui moves his chair closer to LiMei, he takes a mouthful of wine then kisses her letting the wine enter her mouth. LiMei swallows the wine blushing, “Rui.. there are so many people here…” Lifting her chin he stares deeply into her eyes, “I don’t care who sees us or what anyone thinks, neither should you. You are my woman LiMei.” He breathes in her uniques fragrance then kisses her neck sucking and tasting the sweet flavor of her tender skin.

   LiMei’s heart is racing at his intimate actions, nervously she admits, “Rui you are a married man. I probably should have said no to dinner but for some reason I can never say no to you. I can’t seem to resist you. ”

   He twirls a piece of her ink black hair around his finger playfully saying, “So you are saying I’m irresistable?” He thinks she is adorable when she impulsively blurts out her honest feelings for him.

   He kisses her again this time kissing her deeper, entangling their tongues the taste of wine and her sweetness is intoxicating. She pushes him with her small hands on his chest she can feel his strong heartbeat through his shirt. Dammit how can he be so sexy and hot!

   When she is breathless he releases her then puts the wine to her lips to drink. His voice low and seductive, “LiMei I told you I will explain everything to you.” He takes a gulp of wine then whispers in her ear “You are the only one for me I knew it when I first saw you.” Nibbling on her ear LiMei feels her body getting hot… Oh my God we are in a fancy restaurant these people are probably all staring at us right now.

    She peeks over his shoulder, thank god no one is paying attention to us. I guess I am just paranoid. Several people are whispering and looking at their phones. LiMei relaxes there must be some hot news on Weibo. She breathes a sigh of relief..haha.. She sips some wine… I’m being foolish.

   Rui runs his finger over her lips then sucks on his finger she had some wine glistening on her pink lips.”What is so amusing?” He brushes her hair behind her ear his finger sending a shiver down her spine, his touch drives her crazy.

   “Nothing..nothing.” She drinks more wine. “This wine is excellent.” It tastes like the wine the had in the garden cafe at the resort.

   “Yes I remembered you enjoyed the taste of this sweet red wine when we were at the cafe in the garden.”

   “…” LiMei drinks more wine, so his memories did all come back to him. Well, he doesn’t seem angry I pretended not to know him.

   The handsome waiter comes to their table to see if they are ready to order Rui sends him away, “We will have another bottle of wine and wait to order.” The waiter was told this man is an important guest of the Boss and to take special care of him. This is his only table tonight, at first he was pissed then the Boss said he would compensate him well.

    Already the man has ordered two bottles of wine totaling over 30,000 dollars. LiMei smiles at the waiter he looks a little bit like Kang Jin, for a moment she is reminded she hasn’t worked on her fan site for him in awhile. She smiles thinking he has a concert coming up in a couple weeks she will need to get a ticket.

   Rui looks LiMei’s entranced expression is she thinking about the young good looking waiter, she stared at him while he was talking. Jealous, he pinches her chin making her look up at him then in a domineering tone he warns her, “LiMei, you are not allowed to look at other men.” 


      Rui kisses her possessively holding the back of her head as he pries her small mouth open invading her mouth with his tongue. LiMei closes her eyes as she kisses him, the wine has relaxed her and she no longer cares about anyone looking at them.

   Suddenly Rui’s phone begins to ring, he kisses her lightly biting her lip afterwards then takes his phone out of his pocket, it is Delun, his voice is agitated, “Rui what the fuck! It is all over the news Wang Rebecca faked your marriage and you were a victim! How did you spin that and why didn’t you wait until after the board meeting.” Rui leans away from LiMei, Dammit! I should have told Delun first, I wasn’t thinking. “Hold on a minute.”

   He turns to LiMei, “I need to take this call I will be right back.” He kisses her lightly then gets up from the table walking down to the door that opens to the rooftop patio.

   What is Rui being so secretive about? The voice sounded like Delun’s when Rui first picked up the phone. LiMei pours another glass of wine looking around the room, why are all these people on their phones?

      She drinks her wine looking out the window she can see Rui, his long body leaning on the railing talking, so incredibly handsome! I wish he really was mine, but what about that damn Wang Rebecca.

   She finishes her glass of wine right as the waiter comes with the second bottle, he pours her another glass staring at her flushed cheeks and her incredibly beautiful eyes, up close this girl is really beautiful. 

     Captivated by her beauty he isn’t paying attention when he pours the wine as he stares at her flawless face, the red wine pours all over the table. His face pales.. Oh my holy God I am going to lose my fucking job!

      LiMei quickly takes her napkin to help him wipe the tablecloth before it runs off the table. Happy she was able to soak most of it into her napkin she smiles, “Haha… that’s good it stayed on the table cloth!”

    Flustered he quickly tries to stop her from wiping up the spilled wine. “Miss..miss you don’t need to help me!”

  “Calm down I was a server myself in the past { actually last week} it was an accident!”

    Raymond rushes over glaring at the waiter, he bows, “Feng LiMei, I apologize for my ignorant waiter.”

   LiMei lightly holds Raymond’s shoulder so he stops bowing, “Please, stop…don’t worry about it, I’m fine it didn’t get on me and if it did… big deal!” She is still holding the napkin covered in wine from helping the waiter, the waiter takes it from her hand. He is sweating he needs this job to help pay his tuition at University.

   LiMei quietly says, “Mr. Chou it was my fault I was looking out the window at Rui and I moved the glass as the waiter was pouring the wine.”

   “…” The waiter knows that isn’t what happened why is this girl covering for his clumsy action.

   “Even so he should have been aware.” With a stern voice he fires the young waiter, “Turn in your apron and the reciepts from earlier then leave my restaurant.”

   LiMei’s eyes get big, “No! You will ruin my night if you fire him. His service has been excellent and I don’t want another server.” She can’t let the poor guy be fired for this. “I am going to join Rui on the patio while you change the tablecloth, I won’t tell him about this trivial incident, so please forgive the waiter this one time. It truly was my fault.” She bows to Raymond then walks down to the door to the patio carrying her glass of wine.

   Both Raymond and the dumbstruck waiter stare at her as she walks away, what a strange girl. Raymond says to the young waiter, “Get this tablecloth changed before they come back in from the patio. You are very lucky that little girl has a good heart, if it was anyone else in this restaurant they wouldn’t have been so kind believe me. I will give you one more chance. Do a good job serving them tonight and I will only dock your pay.” He grimaces while he looks at the wine all over the table.

   The waiter bows, then quickly  bows again,“Yes, Boss! Thank you….thank you.” Holy shit! What a fucking nightmare!

   Raymond watches LiMei walk towards the door to the patio. He happened to see what transpired at the table that is why he rushed over quickly. The girl covered for the waiter, it obviously was his fault. So Feng LiMei is not only beautiful but has a kind heart, it is good Qiao Rui found a nice girl like her, he deserves to be happy.

    LiMei walks outside onto the patio, the air is warm from the heaters placed around the patio, enjoying the warmth and the city lights she casually  sips her wine. 

     Poor guy, Raymond seemed furious, he looked like he could kill the nervous waiter on the spot. She sips her wine looking around for Rui. She sees him down to the right he is not on his phone any longer he is leaning on the railing looking pensive staring at the night sky.

   She continues to drink her wine just standing there lovingly gazing at him. What a perfect man, it is going to be really hard to leave him.

   LiMei sets her empty wine glass on a table, then quietly  strolls over to Rui to surprise him. She puts her arms around his waist pressing her face onto his strong back enjoying his distinctive masculine scent. 

     Rui turns around smiling very touched by the intimate action on LiMei’s part. “I’m sorry did I take too long?” Delun was concerned about the board meeting and Rui needed to reassure him, Delun has no idea Rui is more powerful than he appears.

   LiMei’s voice sounds sweet as she stands on her tiptoes to kiss him,“I missed you.”

   Rui feels his heart pounding in his chest as she tenderly says those words and her gentle kiss. He lifts her up into his arms wanting to leave and take her to bed. “If you keep being so adorable we might need to skip dinner and get a room.”

   LiMei blushes at his seductive words, “Rui put me down! I’m hungry! Do you think a few chicken wings and some ribs were enough for me?” 

  He spins her aroundwhile holding her in his embrace then sets her down. A little dizzy she starts laughing as she takes his hand, “Let’s go eat then come out and enjoy the view.” LiMei looks up at him, her eyes have a mischevious gleam as she teases, “Then you can take me to bed.”

    Rui hugs her tight whispering in her ear, “You promise?”

    LiMei replies, “Hold up your hand.” She playfully holds up her pinky to wrap around his, “I promise.”

    They are laughing as they walk towards the door. Kuang Bo can’t take his eyes off Daiyu. She looks very beautiful, her black dress  glittering under the light from the tiny crystals sewn on it. Her skin is snow white and her face still has the innocent glow from when Kuang Fu first brought her to  the Black Sky.  His dark eyes are shooting daggers towards Rui, Qiao Rui you motherf****r!  I would like to break those fingers touching Daiyu’s bare back!

     No way can I let that bastard take her to bed. Why did it have to be fucking Qiao Rui  that saved me five years ago! if anyone else was with Daiyu I would simply kill him.

   Kuang Bo tightens his hand on his glass witnessing his Daiyu flirting with Qiao Rui. 

     He is on the patio with a woman whose husband is his next target otherwise he wouldn’t have witnessed their intimate display of affection.

    His obsidian eyes are blazing with jealousy as he watches them walking hand in hand back to the restaurant. No wonder Qiao Rui had the news released about his fake marriage even before the board meeting, he plans on sleeping with Daiyu. Well not if I can help it!

   Kuang Bo slips his hand up under the woman’s silk dress caressing her inner thigh, “Let’s go to my room.” She smiles coquettishly, “Henri don’t be so impetuous I haven’t finished my wine.” He angrily picks up her wine glass gulping down the contents. 

     He must be anxious to sleep with me. She stares at him, he is a very handsome man and so sexy, nothing like that sweaty fat man I married. “Let’s go then.” She follows behind him into the restaurant.

  He makes a point of passing Rui’s table instead of say hello to Rui he says, “Feng LiMei I heard you were injured I’m happy to see you are out of the hospital.”

   Rui glares at him and the woman wonders how Henri knows the little girl with Dr. Qiao.

   LiMei can feel the tension, smiling at Rui, “Thanks to Rui I am healing well.” She looks at the beautiful voluptuous woman next to Henri to divert the conversation away from her,“Were you two on the patio? Isn’t that view amazing?”

   The woman replies, “Very beautiful. Henri we should go.” She has been hot since he played with her on the patio. As she puts her slender hand on his arm the veins are bulging on his neck from her audacity.

   Henri is ready to slap this obnoxious woman if he didn’t need information from her he would like to throw her over the railing outside. Who does she thinks she is!

    He maintains his composure, “ You go on ahead I will be there shortly.” He hands her the room card ignoring her pouting expression.

     “Don’t be too long.” The woman frowns then turns to leave what did she say to anger him anyway. Well, if he wants to get close to my husband he will need to come to the room. She isn’t stupid to think he wants her for her body a man like Henri Armand could get any woman he wants. He must need information about the cooperation on the Mega Mall project between her husband Zhou Mo and the Li Group.

   Once she leaves he asks,“Feng LiMei is that a vintage Dior you are wearing? Although I of course prefer my designer Chloe’s designs you look very beautiful tonight, have you ever considered modeling?”

   “…” LiMei can see Rui is getting angry at the attention Henri Armand is paying her. “Thank you, but I think you flatter me, your models are much more beautiful than I am. Is the woman with you one of your models?” LiMei flutters her eyelashes trying to think then says, “Mr. Armand you shouldn’t keep a beautiful woman waiting don’t you think?” Go already! I want to have my romantic night with Rui!

   Kuang Bo is annoyed Daiyu is trying to get rid of him but if he lingers she will get angry with him. Better to leave and devise a plan to prevent her from going to bed with the good doctor. “You are right Miss Feng I haven’t seen you in awhile and wanted to catch up, but I see I am interrupting.” He hands her his business card, “If you should come to Paris please come see me, I think you would be a beautiful model for my latest women’s sportswear line.”

   LiMei hands him back his card, the last thing I want to be is a model l might as well put a target on my forehead and wait for Kuang Fu to kill me. “Thank you for your kind words but I enjoy being CEO Chen’s assistant.” {Chen Jianyu would laugh if he heard her sweetly say that.}

   Rui is controlling his impulse to throttle the French bastard for flirting with LiMei in front of his face. Luckily it is obvious LiMei wants him to leave also. But what is with the ‘if you come to Paris?’ Does he know she wants to go to France? That is never going to happen!

   Kuang Bo pushes the card back to her, “Keep it, if you ever need anything you can contact me.”

   What is wrong  with this dense man can’t he see Rui has a murderous look in his eyes and his aura is darkening. She abruptly says, “Fine, thank you.”

   Henri leaves and LiMei sighs then tears up the business card, “Rui could you ask the waiter for another glass I left my wine glass outside.”

   Rui smiles, if LiMei hadn’t ripped up Henri’s card he was going to do it. He kisses her on her forehead, “He is right you are more beautiful than any model I have ever seen. But you can only model for me.”

   LiMei giggles thinking he is too cute when he is jealous, “Rui I think for some reason Mr. Armand was trying to make you angry I don’t think he actually meant what he said.” Why else would a famous fashion designer be flattering a girl like me.

   Rui knows Henri Armand meant every word that he said, the bastard was lustfully staring at LiMei when they were out on the patio, he could see him from the corner of his eye. Even though he was with that woman he didn’t take his eyes off LiMei.

   Rui motions to the waiter to come over, “Could you bring us another glass?” The waiter could kick himself for not noticing the girl didn’t have a glass when they returned from the patio.“Certainly.” He hurries over to get a wine glass then returns his hand is shaking as he pours LiMei a glass. LiMei smiles at the waiter looking into his eyes to calm him down, “Thank you for your prompt service.”

   Rui gazes at her as she sips her wine her cheeks are flushed pink and her sparkling eyes are  glassy from all the wine she has been drinking. If the little girl doesn’t eat soon she will be drunk,  although she is adorable when she is tipsy tonight I need to talk to her seriously.

   “LiMei do you want to order?” Rui picks up the menu looking at it.

    LiMei drinks her wine, “Order whatever you think sounds good. I’m sure everything they serve here is delicious.”

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