Flamingo Part 1

Wang Rebecca hangs up the phone so angry she is about to explode. Damn that little slut!

     Rebecca is out of her mind she has been taking the purple pills and engaging in non stop sex for the past couple of weeks. Ever since Wang Kai told her to stay away from him she has been going to bars to find men to use to satisfy her craving for sex.  She has been leaving the work at her consulting firm to her partner and been without sleep for several days. 

     Two nights ago she was at The Red Scorpion and met the Hamid brothers again, she is staying with them in a luxury suite at the Pushong Hildon.

   Rashid comes out of the bathroom his tattooed muscular body wrapped in a towel. In a thick accent he asks, “Who are you cursing?” He has become quite fond of this little piece of ass. He takes a few long strides  over to the bed leaning down to kiss her, his brother is still sleeping on the bed after tangling with Rebecca and another woman who has since left.

   Wang Rebecca pouts pressing her large breasts against his bare chest while putting her arms around his neck, “Someone called with humiliating news, my husband, he is flaunting his relationship with a slut in public.”

      Rashid can’t stop laughing these pretentious women in this country! She just rolled in the sheets with two men and another whore and she has the balls to say such a thing!

   She looks up at him laughing at her and the amused look on his face makes her angrier. Fucking men! Is she a joke to everyone! She gets out of bed naked covered in bruises from the rough sex she endured from these two brothers, tripping over Rashid’s feet, “I’m leaving!” Rashid grabs her by her hair tossing her back on the bed. “You aren’t going anywhere.”

    They will be in town for two more days with Amir Malouf and she has been a very satisfying fuck. He remembered her immediately when he saw her ordering a drink at the bar of the Red Scorpion. He motioned to his brother and they approached her, at first she appeared afraid but when he told her they had more purple pills her eyes lit up. He smirked at her change in expression, as expected those pills are highly addictive.

   Rebecca tries to take her arm from his iron grip,“Let go of me! I’m going to kill that little slut!” She struggles to get off the bed. Hamid rolls over mumbling, “Shut the fuck up…”

   Rashid drops his towel to the floor excited by her resistance, “Are you sure you don’t want this?”

   Rebecca stares at him feeling the heat rise in her again at the sight of his aroused lower half, but she has to go confront Qiao Rui. “I can find that anywhere, I don’t need yours!” When Rashid was laughing at her she thought of Wang Kai as he tossed her aside saying what she has between her legs he could get anywhere… anytime.

   Rashid pushes her down making her kneel on the thick white carpet forcing her to use her mouth to take care of him. He has to admit she has a good technique he softens, “Please me my little whore and I will help you get revenge.” Rebecca finishes and he lifts her up then takes her to the bed.

  Hamid wakes up and sees Rashid ravishing the whore again, he doesn’t have the energy to join them he gets up to go to the bathroom. He is exhausted from the drugs and sex of the last two days. 

   After Rashid rolls off of Rebecca he takes some cocaine from the table next to the bed and snorts some, his black eyes are glassy, “Baby have some then we will go see your husband.”

   Rebecca only has taken the purple pills she hasn’t tried cocaine before. “No I don’t want any.”

   He holds onto her, “Try it honey, you will be in a better mood to go.”

   “I.. no..I don’t take drugs.”

   This woman! What does she think the purple pills are she eats like candy. He sucks on her neck then in a low growl in her ear tempts her, “You will like it, it will make you feel very  good.”

   He puts the small spoon with white powder on it to her nose Rebecca thinks why not and breathes it in her nose. “Ahhh…”a rush hits her brain. Rashid kisses her his glazed eyes full of delight the more addicted she is the more the whore will de dependant on him, “One more then we can shower and go.”

  Rebecca nods he was right combined with the pills she feels euphoric. Rashid gives her another small spoonful to inhale,  Rebecca has never felt this way before like she is floating on a cloud.”One more.”

   Rashid pushes her back down holding her hands above her head, “Why don’t you leave this boring town and come with me to Morocco.” 

  “I can’t leave here this is my home.” Who does this gangster think he is talking to, I am Wang Rebecca, why would I go anywhere with him. But the sex is incredible with these two brothers if they would stay in Pushong City I could have all the pills and sex I want.Rebecca from the effects of the drugs wants to stay in bed letting him do whatever he wants to her body. “Why don’t you stay here in Pushong City?”

  He teases her, “Oh you like me that much? You don’t want me to leave?” He kisses her then sucks on her large breasts leaving more marks.  As he moves his fingers down between her legs Rebecca moans, “Rashid.” 

   Rashid’s phone starts ringing he rolls off of her grabbing it from the nightstand. He answers speaking in Arabic, “I haven’t found it yet. Send me a picture of the woman.”

   While he is on the phone Rebecca gets off the bed walking to the bathroom light headed, when she enters Hamid is still showering. She gets into the shower with him, she likes him more than his brother he isn’t as rough or domineering. 

     Her voice is sweet and seductive, “Hamid sweetie,” She runs her nails up his bare chest across his tattoo of a a dragon clutching a skull. She is going to ask him to help her get rid of Feng LiMei.

   He can feel his little brother standing up as she touches him. He smirks as he grabs her hand, “I’m not in the mood.” 

     Hamid shoves her away and she slips onto the floor of the shower in this position with her ass in the air he is tempted but anymore sex and he won’t have the energy to go meet Najib. He slaps her round ass with his rough calloused hand, “I said get out whore.”

   Wang Rebecca ignores the warning in his voice she is high from the cocaine. She stands up and presses her naked body onto his chest as she holds his little brother,  “Hamid, I want you…you are much stronger than your brother.” Hamid’s face has a faint glimmer of satisfaction as she says this he gets tired of being compared to Rashid.

    He kisses her fiercely then turns her around to take her from behind, Rebecca moans exciting him further. Suddenly the door bangs open and Rashid enters witnessing the scene angrily flings open the shower door punching his brother in the chest snarling, “Asshole! the Boss just called and said you are late! I’m not going to listen to his crap because of you! Get the fuck out of here and go meet Najib.”

   Hamid pushes Rebecca away, “Damn woman.” He steps out of the shower and Rashid pulls Rebecca into his arms, “Bitch, I get you high and you can’t wait for me to get off the phone to start fucking my brother! He slaps her face then drags her out of the shower slamming her up against the bathroom wall. He needs to teach this whore a lesson!

   She stutters seeing the murderous look in his glassy eyes, “I was waiting for you and he forced himself on me.” Her face is stinging but she ignores the pain as she kisses him while touching his crotch. Why did she get involved with these two psycho brothers. She needs to find a new supplier for the purple pills. Trying to soothe his ego she whispers,“He is nothing compared to you.” He relents as she strokes him and buries her head into his neck.”From now on I won’t share you with Hamid.” He pulls her into the shower, “Wash me.”

   Rebecca has become used to what Rashid likes and pleases him in the shower. They are both high and the combination of the pills and the cocaine adds to the intensity. 

     After Rashid has finished he turns off the shower, slapping her ass, teasing her, ” I think you ass is even bigger than that Kardsha woman.”

  “…” Seeing him softening she has confidence he will help her get rid of Feng LiMei. She runs her fingers through his hair, “Rashid baby will you help me just this once? The little slut needs to die.”

   Rashid looks at the evil look on Rebecca’s face she must really hate the woman her husband is fucking. But, I can’t randomly kill someone the Boss would get pissed. “Then kill the bitch. It has nothing to do with me. I need to leave.” He throws her hand off of him, does this bitch actually think she can manipulate me to kill someone for her because I fucked her, “Do you know how much I get paid?”

   “I could pay you how much do you want?”

   “If you hate the little slut that much you should kill her yourself. It is very satisfying to see your enemy die by your own hand.”

   Rebecca thinks she would like to strangle Feng LiMei watch her take her last breath begging for mercy,. She considers it for a moment…no she might get caught. “I want her dead but I’m not a killer.”

   Rashid can’t believe this woman’s logic, she takes pills but says she doesn’t do drugs, she wants to have a bitch killed but says she isn’t a killer. He shakes his head as he walks out of the bathroom, Hamid has already left. He needs to leave also to find the Golden Dragon, Amir has a lead on the woman who might have stolen it.

   He puts on his clothes then picks up his gun without even glancing at Rebecca as he heads to the door. Before he leaves he turns around and warns Rebecca, “Be back here by midnight. If I have to go looking for you I will punish you.”

   Rebecca nods in agreement, after he leaves she walks over to the nightstand where he got the cocaine earlier. Opening the drawer she picks up a small bag he has quite a few of them in there he won’t miss one or two. She takes the little spoon and scoops some out putting it to her nose she inhales the white powder…”Umm… “ She puts the rest of the small bags into her purse.

   Her plan is to go to her apartment to change clothes then go to the Flamingo Restaurant to confront Qiao Rui. She puts on her underwear cursing Rui. Damn that arrogant man he has ignored me every time I have gone to the hospital to find him yet he pampers his little pet. Tonight I will make a scene at the restaurant and destroy his chance of becoming CEO. Rebecca leaves the suite to go to her apartment wondering if she could kill Feng LiMei and get away with it.

   Rashid calls Hamid when he leaves the hotel as he walks to his rental car. Speaking in Arabic he complains about the piece of shit car he needs to use then asks him, “Did Najib find out the whereabouts of the girl who worked with the auctioneer?”

   Hamid replies in Arabic, “Brother there is no record of a girl with the Boss’ description who worked for the company. But Najib said according to the Boss, Henri Armand spent some time speaking to the woman as she showed the Golden Dragon through the potential buyers as if he knew her.”

   “So you are saying she might work for Henri Armand and stole it for him.”

  “Could be… he was outbid by that asshole Leng Shuai.”

   Rashid lights a cigarette leaning his tall body on the car assessing the situation. Why does everyone want to find that stupid statue anyway even The Master wants it according to Amir. If Amir possesses it he could negotiate with The Master for more territory and get a shitload of money for it. He takes a drag on his cigarette, “Do you know where Henri Armand is now?”

  “He is a restaurant called Flamingo.”

  “I’m going to call the Boss and see what he wants us to do.”

   Rui pulls his black Porsche  up in front of a skyscraper, Flamingo is located on the top floor, after they get out of the car he hands his keys to the valet. LiMei stares at the luxurious entrance, “Rui this building is awesome!” The design is unusual mixing Chinese traditional with modern aspects, it spirals up to the sky with a mirrored facade.

   He holds LiMei’s hand, “This building was designed by the man behind Clear Sky Architectural Firm, he is a genius. What I think makes it more amazing is not just the design but it is built using sustainable features.”

   “Do you know him?”

    “No I never met him he is very elusive doesn’t give interviews he lets a woman named Fan Nuan handle the business.”

    The name sounds familiar to LiMei , that’s right Chen Jianyu is cooperating with them on the Shingu Resort. “He is a very talented man.” {If LiMei knew the man she is praising is Leng Shuai she would choke on her words.}

   They walk into the lobby Rui decided on the way to the restaurant he will call his people to leak the news of his and Wang Rebecca’s marriage being fake exposing the photoshopped images. He isn’t sure if he should make the call now or wait. LiMei interrupts his thoughts, “Rui I need to use the restroom.”

   ” I will show you where it is located on this floor.” Perfect he can call while she is in there, he walks her over to the restroom, “I will be right over there.” He points to some couches to the left.

   “En.” LiMei walks into the ladies restroom, maybe she ate too many spicy chicken wings her stomach is upset.

   When Rui sits on a white leather couch he takes out his phone calling his security team. He keeps a low profile but always has bodyguards keeping a good distance from him. No one would know they are there they were all trained by Dr. Woo’s friend the leader of the Black Viper Sect. These men are like shadows with high martial arts skills, they have prevented several attempts on his life made by his stepbrother Xiaotong. 

     The head of his security Li Wei also handles any details that might cause any negative publicity for Rui. Ever since he returned to Pushong City to claim his rightful inheritance from his mother his stepmother and her son have been trying to ruin him from behind the scenes. He was going to wait until after the board meeting tomorrow but he wants to make it clear to LiMei she is the only woman in his life. His postion is secured to become the Ceo of Qiao Corporation tomorrow, fuck all those bastards. If Wang Che doesn’t like him releasing the news he can go fuck himself.

    “Li Wei in fifteen minutes send the information to the media. Also prevent anyone from interrupting my dinner at the Flamingo. Handle any backlash from your end.”

   “I thought you were waiting until after the board meeting tomorrow.”

   Rui can see LiMei coming out of the restroom, he quickly replies in a decisive manner, “Plans changed.” He hangs up the phone then takes LiMei’s hand into his her warmth flowing straight to his heart. He smiles down at her thinking LiMei soon you will see I am only yours I was never married to that bitch. 

He touches his mother’s ring in his pocket,  I can’t wait to ask LiMei to marry me.

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