Meanwhile at Rui’s home  across town the atmosphere exudes a warm feeling as LiMei clutches the beautiful flowers in her hands. 

      “Do you have a vase I can put these peonies in Rui?”

      “…” I have no idea, “Delun, get LiMei a vase.”

     Delun looks in the tall cupboards finally finding a suitable crystal vase. “Here LiMei.”  He reaches to hand it to her Rui quickly steps in front of LiMei taking it from Delun’s outstretched hand.

   LiMei arranges the flowers, pleased with how beautiful the varied pink, white and fuschia colored  peonies look in the sparkling crystal vase. She places the flowers in the center of the polished rosewood table, stepping back admiring the table she exclaims,”So beautiful!” 

     Rui hugs her small waist from behind leaning down to her ear, “Not as beautiful as you.” LiMei’s ear tingles from his hot breath, she turns around and kisses him lightly, “I’m going to see if I can help in the kitchen.”


     LiMei walks down the hallway to the kitchen inhaling the fragrant aromas wafting out from the kitchen,“Delun, lunch smells delicious.” She sees he and Nuan are bringing out the dishes and hurries over, “Let me help you.” She takes a bowl from Delun her small hand grazing his, suddenly the temperature in the room drops a few degrees. 

     Rui watches her smile at his brother and recalls the scene from earlier when she was wearing the bunny apron and they were playing around in the kitchen. Black lines form on his forehead and his tone is domineering, “LiMei come over here.”

    LiMei puts the bowl of rice on the table,  afterwards Rui grabs her and she stumbles into his arms his voice low as he tightens his hands around her thin waist, “Do I need to punish you again for being naughty after lunch?”

   LiMei blushes as she looks up at his dark expression, wondering why he said that she stutters, “” He sits at the table pulling her onto his lap, “They can get the rest of the dishes.” He puts his hand under her rubbing her round bottom with his large hand, his sudden action sends a jolt of electricity through her body. 

     Putting her mouth close to his ear she softly says, “Rui.. stop.” This seductive action on his part sends a tingle up her spine and she quivers.

   Rui chuckles, as he pushes her hair back kissing her neck he seductively says, “Come with me to Cambodia today.”

    Her skin is hot and her face is blushing from his intimate touch moving forward as he squeezes her bottom, “Rui stop…stop! Here they come.” She tries to get up off his lap and he holds onto her waist with his arm wrapped around her his one hand is on her tight stomach under her top.”Not stopping..ha..ha..”

   Delun and Sheng Nuan bring the last of the dishes and sit down. Sheng Nuan is staring at LiMei sitting on Rui’s lap. Delun is used to his brother’s affectionate pampering of LiMei and ignores them.

   Rui puts some chicken on his plate then uses his chopsticks to feed LiMei, Sheng Nuan is watching with her mouth open. LiMei’s  flushed face shows her embarrassment at Rui’s display of affection but she chews the chicken, wow that is so delicious! Delun is an amazing chef. 

     Rui wipes her mouth that is glistening from the chicken’s orange glaze with his finger then licks it. LiMei can’t take it anymore she can feel Sheng Nuan’s eyes subtly glancing at them.  whispering quietly in his ear, “Rui please behave yourself,  Sheng Nuan is staring at us.”

   He responds, “No.” Then he picks up a piece of pork for her, he knows she likes to eat meat and isn’t especially fond of vegetables.

    Delun continues to ignore them as he eats some of the stir fried vegetables with some rice. He decides to try to relieve the awkward atmosphere saying to Nuan, “I will pick you up at seven to go to the LE banquet, is that a good time? Do you have to go back to your bakery this afternoon?”

   She is engrossed in watching the usually cold faced Qiao Rui with a doting expression feeding LiMei and doesn’t answer immediately. 


  “ Huh? Oh..No.. I will have my assistant close the shop. I need to pick up my dress after four they said so seven will be fine. My stylist is scheduled for five.”

   LiMei’s eyes widen listening to their conversation, Delun is taking Nuan to the LE banquet I didn’t know that.  “Delun you are taking Nuan to the banquet tonight? I will see you there then! Her voice shows her excitement hearing he is going.

   Sheng Nuan has a jealous look on her pretty face she didn’t like the way LiMei and Delun were flirting earlier. Feng LiMei is going to the banquet? Isn’t Qiao Rui going on a business trip this afternoon. 

   Rui almost snaps the chopsticks in his hand, why is LiMei excited to hear Delun is going! Isn’t she going to be working.

   “I mean I have to work but it would be nice to see some people I know besides Chen Jianyu and Leng Shuai.”

    LiMei picks up her chopsticks to have some more pork it is spicy just the way she likes it, she wonders why Rui stopped feeding her but thinks it is for the best {no LiMei he is just very jealous right now and is fuming.} LiMei has no idea both Nuan and Rui are having a negative reaction to her enthusiasm.

    Nuan thinks it is strange that Feng LiMei knows both Chen Jianyu and the elusive Leng Shuai. Curious she wants to know more about LiMei she is working at the banquet but knows two powerful men besides Qiao Rui. “How do you know Chen Jianyu and Leng Shuai?”

   LiMei is still chewing and waves her hand the pork is very spicy, she reaches for some water gulping it down. “ spicy..really delicious Delun!” She drinks some more water, “How do I know them? Well I work as an executive secretary for CEO Chen and Leng Shuai well that is a long story.”

    She can feel Rui’s aura getting darker maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned Leng Shuai that idiot said I was his girlfriend and that bastard Chen Jianyu told Rui. Not to mention I was staying at Leng Shuai’s boss’ house on Shingu island and got poisoned there.

   Gauging the situation she can sense Rui getting angry his body is tensing up and his hand on the chopsticks the veins are bulging.

     She picks up a piece of orange chicken and with a coquettish voice puts it to his mouth, “Rui honey you should try this sweet chicken it is so good.” Her eyes are sparkling and she looks so cute holding the chopsticks  he opens his mouth and reluctantly lets her feed him. She doesn’t want to ruin the day before he has to leave and if they continue this conversation…well..

    LiMei then  hurries to eat some more pork and rice keeping her head down hoping no more questions come her way. When she has eaten enough she raises her head, all three of them are staring at her, she wipes her mouth with her napkin, then pats her stomach. “Oh, so full.”

   Rui momentarily forgets his anger at her mentioning Leng Shuai she looks adorable when she pats her stomach with her tiny hands like a satisfied kitten. It seems to be her habit after she eats well.

   Seeing Rui an amused expression on his face looking at her she takes this opportunity to flirt with him provocatively reminding him as she whispers in his ear, “Didn’t you want to take a bath?” 

    His dark eyes have a flame in them as her soft pink lips are close to his ear and her hot breath is on his cheek. He has a devilish grin as he pinches her cheek, then without any hesitation or explanation to Delun and Nuan lifts her up into his arms anxious to take her to his bed.

   LiMei quickly says, “Thanks for lunch!” as he carries he towards the staircase.

   When they get to his bedroom Rui puts her down on the bed leaning over holding her small hands above her head, should I punish her first for mentioning that bastard Leng Shuai? “Baby, what did I warn you earlier.”

   LiMei’s green eyes brighten as she playfully responds,“I shouldn’t eat too much?”

   Rui pinches her cheek then kisses her in a demanding fashion, seductively licking her delicate ear as he whispers, “What else?”

    LiMei teases him, “I know my wrongs… I think Rui..” she hesitates for a moment then says with a mischevous gleam in her sparkling green eyes, “You should punish me for disobeying you.” Then presses her eager lips onto his unexpectedly prying his lips open with her small wet tongue. Whenever LiMei initiates a kiss Rui’s body quickly heats up knowing she wants him too.

   After they entangle their tongues leaving LiMei breathless Rui lips curl up and his dark eyes have a lustful glaze at her provocative suggestion. The little bunny must have enjoyed the spanking I gave her earlier. He runs his thumb over her lips and gently sucks on them savoring her sweet flavor, “It seems you enjoyed my punishment earlier.” LiMei bites her wet lip alluringly as she  nods, I really really liked it! Please punish me some more, punish me a lot I was bad…bad.. I deserve a spanking!

   “But.. ” Rui let’s go of one of her hands then plays with her long silky hair wrapping it around his finger.

   LiMei is anxious… but what? She is getting aroused thinking about the incredible sensation of pain mixed with pleasure she felt when she was across his knees and his hot hand was on her bare bottom.

   Rui can see a glimmer of excitement on her face and he wants to tease her some more, He leans down, running his finger down her cheek to her lips then brushing it across them, “We should take that bath…”

   LiMei blushes as she feels an itchiness in her lower abdomen from his kisses “I will prepare the bath.” It seems as though Rui always does I should do it for him. 

   Rui kisses her, “No I will, I have some medicinal herbs I want to put in the bath to relax you.” He found this plant Night Blooming Bavra when he was in the Himalayas with the Master’s Disciple Zinnia. She put some into the bath to heighten his body’s sensitivity and have his consciousness enter a highly relaxed state without any inhibitions.

     Once he was in this heightened state Zinnia taught him how to please a woman using the teachings in the Kama Sutra. LiMei I want you to experience going to the heavens with me so you will never leave me. I want your body relaxed so when I make love to you LiMei you don’t feel the pain accompanying me entering your body completely. We can thoroughly enjoy each other’s bodies. I was hesitant to use it earlier but I can tell you will enjoy the sensations running through your body afterwards. He caresses her cheek then gets off the bed to go to the bathroom. 

     When he walks away LiMei stares at the ceiling, wow..this is unbelievable…never did I think I would have a man like Rui… he is kind and gentle and so incredibly sexy. I will miss him when I leave Pushong City. She looks at the delicate ring on her finger , maybe it is selfish of me but I am not returning this ring to you when I go. I will get the white jade necklace back from that stupid idiot Leng Shuai and leave it with this diamond necklace.

    She touches the diamond necklace Rui bought her at Gizelle’s It might be a little dangerous going to Cambodia but I want to have this weekend with you. There is a chance I could be seen by someone from the Black Sky but if we stay in the room then go camping it narrows the odds of being found by that lunatic Kuang Fu.I can pull my hair up under a hat and wear sunglasses, they wouldn’t think I have the nerve to go to Cambodia after I escaped. I have a new identity I will be with Rui as a couple so that will make me less conspicuous.

   Her mind is chaotic as she considers different problems. I should get the Golden Dragon this weekend but then again I can pose on Monday as a cleaning woman, that will work. I will call the Old Man and see how searching for a buyer is going. Dammit! Life would be great if I was Feng LiMei not Qin Daiyu!

   Rui comes out of the bathroom noticing the serious expression on LiMei’s face, she is staring at the ceiling what is the little bunny thinking? He sits on the bed pulling her into his strong arms, “The bath is ready.” He unzips her pink velour top then takes off her lacy low cut  bra. 

     LiMei no longer feels uncomfortable when he removes her clothes she smiles at him as he takes her bra off revealing her creamy white breasts. Intoxicated by his burning gaze she decides to take his soft cashmere sweater off of him so she reaches under it to pull it up.

      As her soft hands touch Rui’s taut stomach he really wants to move those soft hands of hers down onto his manhood. He lustfully stares at her thinking of LiMei putting her soft lips on him down there, would she be willing?

   LiMei lifts his sweater up then runs her fingers over his taut chest swallowing her saliva while she touches him. LiMei having her hands on him sends a warm feeling through Rui, his breathing becomes heavier as she touches him. Once his shirt is off LiMei decides to undo his belt, her fingers have some trouble unbuckling it, Rui chuckles, “Do you need some help?”

   Her face is scrunched up and she is furrowing her eyebrows as she cutely says, “No, but why is it so hard to undo? “ He reaches down and flicks the buckle to open it.”It is a little tricky.” He stands up pulling her into his arms, “Baby, you are so adorable. ” Rui puts her hand on his zipper, he is enjoying her innocent look as she takes the initiative to undress him. LiMei is standing there naked pressed to his bare chest and her cheeks are hot as she feels how hard he is as her tiny fingers unzip his pants he smiles, “Continue..”

   LiMei pulls on the waist of his pants and they fall to the ground, Rui is standing there, “Well one more piece of clothing to go.” He loves being shameless as he teases her, ‘Hurry, before the bath gets cold.”

   LiMei glances up at him her face red then giggles and runs to the bathroom she couldn’t do it. She slips into the bathtub waiting for him to join her.

   Rui starts laughing then takes off his underwear then with  two long strides he enters the bathroom. LiMei is completely under the water only the top of her head is exposed. When he gets into the bath he grabs her into his arms, “Silly girl…” He holds her tightly in his embrace brushing the bubbles off her face with his fingers, then gently kisses her forehead.

      LiMei puts her arms around his neck her body feels extremely relaxed leaning her head on his chest “Rui..I love you so much. Know that always… don’t ever forget.”

    Her unexpected words go straight to his heart but her tone is melancholy, he lifts her chin to look into her dreamy green eyes, “LiMei I love you more than I thought I could love anyone.” He kisses her possessively deepening the kiss until LiMei can barely breathe. The effects of the herbs in the bath are not lost on him either and in his relaxed state he is reminded she wanted to leave him. 

     Consumed with a desperate fear of her not being in his world, his hands tighten on her waist pressing her body into his chest. His voice has an overbearng quality, his dark unfathomable eyes narrow,“LiMei I won’t let you leave me..ever..”

   Her cheeks are flushed can he read my mind? “Rui…I want to be with you but I’m not who..”LiMei is stunned when she realizes what she was about to say she catches herself using some of her internal energy to suppress her mind. What the hell am I doing I want to tell him who I really am..I can’t he will hate me..

    Rui puts his finger to her mouth, “Don’t say anything else… Baby, you are who I want. The only woman want.” He kisses her in a domineering fashion and LiMei’s body has an intense heat flowing through it. She feels the blood flowing through her meridians is boiling and her skin is on fire as he kisses her with a feverish passion as though he wants to devour her .

    Rui also has to control his qi or he will be out of control right now as he kisses her slender neck and has his hand on her soft breast as he pinches and plays with her. He puts her small hand on his hardness with his hand on top guiding her movements as desire surges through his body. Lifting her body up he puts her soft jade like breast into his mouth as he sucks and nibbles on it. The bath water coats their bodies in a sweet flavor that is irresistible. 

     Rui can’t get enough of her taste and is leaving red marks all over her skin, LiMei leans back softly moaning, he has done this before but this time even her scalp is tingling as he sucks on her breast. He is breathless when he says in a hoarse voice, “Baby, I want to make love to you.”

     LiMei sighs as he takes his mouth away from her skin and softly answers, “I want…”

     He gets out of the bath and dries himself off the herbs have been absorbed into their skin will be effective for several hours. He dries himself off then picks up LiMei from the tub wrapping her in a large white towel, he carries her to the bed, LiMei’s body quivers in anticipation she can feel every cell of her body wants him right now. Countless currents are running through her body rippling through her as she holds onto his neck.

    He gazes adoringly down at her lustful expression, her petite body is flushed pink and her beautiful face is glowing as she stares at him leaning above her. With her inhibitions taken away she mutters,“ So handsome,” as she smiles. He touches her dimple with his finger, “Am I?”

  LiMei’s green eyes are shining as she pokes him in his chest, “Shameless.”

     Rui grins and presses his body onto hers his voice full of desire, “Baby, you are too adorable.” He kisses her cheek then kisses her neck as he presses her under his strong body that is on fire.

    LiMei nervously touches his hardness with her tiny hand, surprised by her action Rui’s lips curl up as he lays on the bed watching her. She strokes him up and down looking at his handsome face as he leans his head back making a groaning sound. The throbbing as her soft  delicate hand is wrapped around him makes him soar in the clouds.

      LiMei isn’t sure if she should touch him elsewhere too at the same time, she leans down kissing his chest licking and sucking on him. I want to make him feel as good as he makes me feel but I wonder if I am doing this right. His voice is hoarse as he tells her, “Faster baby..” LiMei has a complicated look on her face, yes..he is reading my mind .. she moves her hand faster and he has a satisfied look on his face as he moans.

      The feeling of her soft wet tongue on his chest while she is touching him is making his heart pound. Although she is obviously inexperienced that makes him more excited knowing he is her first man …I will be her only man.

    He kisses the top of her head desire raging inside of him, his voice is dry and hoarse, “Ahhh…mmmmm..” He puts his warm hand on hers removing her soft hand… anymore of this sweet torture and…

     Rui rolls over leaning top of her and begins kissing her breasts swirling around her pinkness and tasting her sweet flavor enhanced by the Night Blooming Bavra. His long slender finger finds its way inside of her, she is dripping her nectar from his kisses he is showering all over her supple body.

     Rui knows she wants him as her hips move rhythmically towards him as he plays with her, he softly murmers in her ear,”So sweet…you taste so sweet…”

     He thinks he can never get enough of this feeling having her perfect body pressed under him. His voice is tender and enticing, as he looks into her blurry and unfocused green eyes, “Baby, I want to make love to you now.”

     LiMei moans, “Yes..” She has tremors deep inside of her hungry for him to take complete possession of her body. Her body feels like it is floating in the clouds as her heart pounds uncontrollably in her chest. The power of his body and the trail of fire left by his touch on her skin is making her lose all her rationality.

     He spreads her legs looking at her slender white thighs  and her tempting softness between them, his mind is crazy with desire wanting to plunge inside of her but he knows he needs to take it slow. 

     He gently kisses her softness savoring her unique flavor as he hungrily licks and sucks getting her body wet and ready for him. As he bites and teases her  his hot tongue deftly in and out LiMei’s moans are getting louder and more unrestrained as she writhes on the bed clutching onto him tightly. “Nnnn…ahhh..feels so goood..” 

    Rui decided at the last minute not to use protection wanting to enjoy the sensation of their bodies as they entangle together. If LiMei should get pregnant that would be all the better. LiMei has her eyes tightly shut in anticipation when she hears Rui say, “Look at me LiMei.”

       She slowly opens her eyes. Looking into her beautiful green eyes full of lust excites Rui further, he slowly enters her gently moving inside hoping the effects of the herbal bath will lessen the pain, Rui tenderly says, “LiMei, this might be painful…scream if you want.” 

   LiMei can barely acknowledge him her head is dizzy from the intoxicating pleasure he is giving her as he caresses her sensitive body. The feeling is indescribable, her face is bright red and sweat begins trickling down her forehead from the burning heat inside her body.

   The unique floral scent from her sweat created from  the herbs inside the bath unlocks the inner beast in Rui suddenly he is unable to control his strength from his raging desire. LiMei screams out as he tears through the wall then enters her deeply.”Nnnn…ahhhh..Rui! Ahhhhh..No..stop!” A stinging warmth envelops her as Rui feverishly gives into his urge to possess her body.

    Breathing heavily Rui tells her in a raspy voice, ” Baby ..soon..soon you will only feel pleasure..” Her slender hips move towards him as his large hands grasp her lifting her slender legs up as he recklessly buries himself inside of her body, a layer of sweat covering his body as droplets fall onto LiMei below him. Enchanted by her beauty as he gazes at her flawless face tinted with lust he is consumed with desire feeling he never wants to leave her delicious body. He whispers her name, “LiMei..Baby..”

      LiMei clutches onto his back with her small hands whimpering, “Rui..ahhh.. Nnnnnnhhh…” The sweet sound of her voice as she says his name over and over is driving him into madness only wanting to devour her completely. 

    LiMei’s unique fragrance and the taste of her skin as he sucks on her creamy white breasts makes him unable to restrain himself. 

      Panting heavily LiMei feels faint as Rui wildly takes control of her body sending her into the clouds. She can hear Rui’s rapid heartbeat next to hers and her body shudders in ecstacy as her honey drips out when she reaches the highest peak from his passionate movements.

    When Rui hears the lewd sounds coming from LiMei he buries his head in her neck licking and sucking leaving his marks on her snow white skin.He then nibbles on her delicate earlobe  seductively whispering, “You are so sweet baby”.  He tightly holds her waist so there is no space between their burning hot flesh wanting to mold her soft body into his forever.

    Rui has never experienced such intoxicating pleasure being with any woman he mutters a guttural growl, “Uhhh…Nnnngh.” He can’t restrain his release any longer, pulling her body forward her legs high he moves his muscled waist then groans as he reaches the heavens. Rui’s pitch black eyes gaze down adoringly at her pressed under him, his breath ragged and with a low growl he murmers, “Mmmm…”

    Breathless and dizzy from his intense actions LiMei is swept away as she whimpers, “Rui..Ahhh…” 

    Rui holds LiMei’s damp soft body against his chest as he tenderly brushes her wet black hair behind her ear. His heart pounding he stares into her deep green eyes, with a raspy voice full of love he proclaims, “Finally…all of you is mine LiMei.” 

     Staring at her pure and innocent face covered in an alluring pink blush from their lovemaking Rui’s eyes momentarily darken and a blazing fire rises inside him. He tightens his embrace, no other man can ever see this look on your face..only me. You can never leave me LiMei… You can only have me in your eyes… I will kill any man who tries to take you away from me. 

    Exhausted from their lovemaking LiMei smiles adoringly up at Rui’s handsome face as he embraces her in his strong arms unaware of his jealous thoughts. Putting her slender arm around his muscular waist she presses her flushed face onto his  bare chest listening to his rapid heartbeat next to her ear.  LiMei’s weak voice is soft and sweet, “Rui…”

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