Does Rui Love Me

Rui’s vision is blurry thinking he is drunk from drinking the whiskey and not eating he wants to leave but first he needs to ask Xiaobo about the man with Feng LiMei at the Club. He motions to Xiaobo, “Come outside with me I’m leaving.” Xiaobo whispers in the woman’s ear that is sitting on his lap and she gets up.

   He walks to the hallway  knowing Rui wants the man’s name.“The chick was with Leng Shuai.”

   Rui repeats the name,“Leng Shuai…”

   Xiaobo can see Rui’s expression becoming dark his eyes are pure black and filled with killing intent, Xiaobo warns him, “ Rui, Leng Shuai isn’t a simple person. He is the head of the Ghost Blade Syndicate and most likely the next Master. His power is beyond what you can imagine.”

   Rui pushes Xiaobo against the wall with a murderous glint in his deep black eyes, “Then I will be calling in that fucking favor you owe me.” He lets go of his collar and walks away.

   After he leaves Xiaobo punches the wall, “Motherf***er!” The last thing I want to do is get involved with those two lunatics!

   When Rui gets to the back VIP elevator he calls for a driver he is feeling lightheaded.

    Xiaobo walks back into the room Chen Jianyu looks past him, “Where is Rui?”

   “He left.”

   “What the fuck he doesn’t even say anything just leaves.”

   “You know Rui can be a fucking asshole.” Sweat beads are forming on Xiaobo’s forehead thinking he needs to talk some sense into Rui when he is sober. How did that doll like little girl he saw with Leng Shuai attract two dangerous men? She looks like she is still in High School. 

    Xiaobo  has never seen Rui interested enough in any woman to get angry. Even when he was with Lau An he seemed cold and indifferent to her. Does this little chick have an enchantment spell or something?..Love potion? He shakes his head laughing at that thought.

   Chen Jianyu puts his phone away, “I’m leaving too.” He might as well stop by Lau An’s apartment on his way home and deal with the problem tonight. He is about to call Wang Li to pick him up and he remembers he gave him the night off. He dials Peng Wei, “Pick me up at the Black Lotus Club.” He walks out the door towards the VIP elevator.

   After he leaves the girl that had been sitting on Xiaobo’s lap before he walked out comes over wrapping her arms around his neck. He pushes her away, “Party is over scram.” She has become used to Xiaobo’s ways he pretends to be a player in front of his friends but never takes any of the girls to bed. There is a rumor there is a woman he likes but she is married. “Boss, could I have Friday night off?”

   “If you get someone to cover your shift otherwise no.”

     “Veronica clean up in here then go to Liu Mo’s private room he has an investor here from South America I want you to accompany them.” She is panicking she expected the handsome man named Rui to come back in with the Boss.

     “Boss Xiaobo I am going to the ladies room then I will.” Veronica runs down the hallway looking for Qiao Rui. Dammit! I spent my last week’s check on that drug. 

     Rui sees his driver he slowly walks where he is parked, once in the back seat he tells him to take him to his hospital.

   Leaning back in the seat he takes off his jacket, closing his eyes his voice is low and hoarse, “Turn on the air conditioner.” The driver looks back at Rui, what is wrong with him it is freezing outside tonight. But he does as he is instructed and a blast of cold air comes from vents. Rui’s throat feels dry and he has a burning sensation in his body as his body reacts to the aphrodisiac. Taking a bottle of water he gulps it down but it doesn’t seem to quench his thirst. He unbuttons two of his shirt buttons trying to cool down. His mind is fuzzy, dammit why didn’t I eat. Right, I lost my appetite when I smelled that slut’s perfume !

   The Black Lotus Club isn’t far from his hospital and when they arrive he tells the driver to go to the VIP entrance. His mind is full of images of LiMei he wants to see her now and tell her he knows about their relationship. I need to feel her soft body in my arms. 

     He slides his card in the door to enter then goes down the hallway to the VIP elevator. Pressing the button for the fourth floor he leans up against the wall his skin feels itchy and hot. Maybe I should go to my office and take a shower first. No..I can’t wait…I need to see her now.

    It takes all his internal energy to keep his mind straight what room is she in? He entered through his personal elevator so he didn’t need to pass the nurses station. Recognizing the same bodyguard from earlier he walks to that room, ignoring Shen Boyin he goes inside. LiMei is sleeping he walks over to the bed the sight of her beautiful face stimulates the aphrodisiac, leaning down he touches her soft hair, “LiMei I want you.” 

     He sits on the bed and kisses her forehead then his kisses move down her cheek next to her ear he whispers, “Wake up LiMei.” He licks and nibbles on her ear. LiMei opens her eyes slightly to see his handsome face next to hers and feel his hot breath on her face, “Dr. Qiao what…what are you doing.” She uses her left hand trying to push his chest away.

    He has a devilish smile as his fingers lightly run across her perfect facial features, across her eyebrows gently touching the bridge of her nose then his thumb brushes across her lips. Rui then caresses her face in his hands, his voice is low and seductive, “ me Rui like you used to..” He softly licks her lips then kisses her, releasing her lips his voice tinged with urgency,“LiMei I need you. I can’t wait.”

   LiMei’s eyes widen… what is going on… Rui has a strong smell of alcohol on him he must be very drunk. “Dr. Qiao stop.”

   His eyes are glazed over with lust, he holds her small hand that is on his chest, looking deep into her green eyes his lips curl up in a smile that isn’t a smile,“Dr. Qiao? Are you going to continue to pretend? I know LiMei…you have been lying to me.”

   LiMei felt earlier when Rui was here with Delun his memories had returned but didn’t want to believe it. She is at a loss for words.

   Rui is mesmerized looking into her beautiful misty eyes and her alluring pink lips are tempting him, a strong desire is growing in his body to take her right now. His reason has left him all he can think of right now is his overwheming desire to be inside of her soft body and make her his woman.

     His hot gaze exudes a powerful masculine magnetism LiMei is trying to resist. “Dr.Qia..before she finishes his name he presses his hot lips on hers as the effects of the aphrodisiac completely destroying his inhibitions. His kiss is domineering and tyrannical as his warm and moist tongue invades LiMei’s mouth licking every corner savoring her sweetness.

   LIMei wants to resist but her body begins to tremble as a familiar heat burns through her body. Her tongue entangles with his inciting his desire even more. LiMei realizes something doesn’t seem right through her pajamas she can feel his body is burning up.

      As he pulls his lips away for a moment so she can breath, his dark eyes have tiny flames inside as he focuses on her delicate face, she blushes when he murmurs in a sexy voice after  he licks her lips,  “Baby, you taste so sweet.” 

     His large hand is behind her head his fingers entwined with her long dark hair while he starts licking and sucking her neck as the other hand begins to roam. Consumed with passion excited by LiMei responding to him he bites her neck, his lips then move to her exposed chest leaving his marks on her snow white skin.

     LiMei’s body is arching towards him as he starts to unbutton her pajamas his hand is on her breast playing with it teasing her as she softly moans. He inhales her faint fragrance intoxicating him as he nibbles on her ear whispering , “I love you mine…only mine.” His affectionate words take her breath away, she wants him too but when she sees the dazed look in his eyes she hesitates…he looks drugged. 

     She doesn’t have enough   strength to push him away and his actions are getting bolder she can feel his hardness as he leans into her body. Someone must have drugged him while he was at the Black Lotus Club. Dammit! I would like to burn that place down nothing good happens there!

    Rui continues to kiss her leaving love bites as his lips move down her creamy white skin his teasing is getting her hot and her body is responding to his every touch.  Before she gets lost in the euphoria of being with the man she loves LiMei comes to her senses, he is drugged he might not even know what he s doing right now just needing to vent his lust. If he wasn’t under the influence of an aphrodisiac I would willingly give myself to him but not like this. 

   But what can I do even under normal circumstances his strength would be too much but I can’t even use my right arm. I do have the last antidote from Uncle Xinghi in my purse I have been carrying it around ever since Leng Shuai started bothering me taking me to the Black Lotus Club. 

     How can I get Rui to take the antidote he seems really out of it maybe because he was drinking also. Should I say you have been drugged he seems like he isn’t himself would he stop? Better to just give it to him not tell him.

   LiMei’s voice is soft and  sweet, “Rui… I need to take a bath first.”

    He stops kissing her collarbone, bathing with her would be good. We can make love in the bath. He kisses her lips again,“I will run the bath then.” Her coquettish tone makes him even more excited and impatient to press her under him.

   Rui goes into the bathroom when he does she reaches for her purse on the nightstand. Under the bottom there is a secret pouch where she keeps her needles and the last antidote pill. 

     LiMei is conflicted should I give him a silver needle to make him go to sleep after I feed him the antidote? She isn’t sure she can insert the needle properly with her left hand the acupoint is next to the carotid artery. Clutching the pill in her hand she lays back on the bed well at least I can give him the antidote then take it from there.

    Rui comes out from the bathroom walking over to the bed he bends down to undress her, she has the tiny antidote pill in her mouth under her tongue thinking he would kiss her again. 

     Panicking not wanting it to dissolve in her mouth she takes her left hand grabbing his shirt pulling him down he is shocked she is taking the initiative to kiss him. She presses her pink lips on his pushing his mouth open with her tongue she lets the pill slip down his throat. He doesn’t notice the tiny pill because he is engrossed in savoring her taste as he entangles his tongue with hers holding her waist pulling her into his embrace.

   His body is burning with desire as he stares into her deep green eyes, so beautiful, soon she will be all his to possess. No other man can ever have her… only me.

   “The water will get cold.” He stops kissing her then carefully takes the silk pajama top off of her making sure not to let her injured arm move. LiMei watches his affectionate expression as he unbuttons her silk pajama top and tenderly holds her arm. Her heart starts pounding thinking about his hot kisses.  Rui has bathed her before and she is no longer embarrassed by being naked in front of him she only wants the antidote to work quickly.

    Slipping her pajama pants down exposing her slender legs, his Adam’s apple rolls up and down as he lustfully takes in every inch of her alluring pure body with his hungry eyes. 

     Lifting her off the bed he carries her to the bathroom gently placing her in the warm bath, VIP rooms at the hospital are luxurious and the bathtub is huge. After LiMei is in the bath Rui begins to hurriedly take off his clothes, LiMei’s eyes widen, “What are you doing?”

   Rui leans his body down kissing her forehead, “I need a bath too.” He takes off his shirt revealing his strong chest his body is perfect his abs are tight and his shape is unbelievably sexy. LiMei gulps is she going to have her first time taken in a bathtub? Her voice is trembling,“Rui I don’t think we should rush into anything.” After his shirt is off he unbuckles his belt, LiMei wonders how long it takes the antidote to work. She knocked out stupid Chen Jianyu but doesn’t have the ability to do the same right now to Rui.

   He unzips his pants ignoring her protest, LiMei has her eyes closed she has never seen a naked man and is not ready for this! Rui slips into the bathtub and takes LiMei into his arms. She can feel his heart beating rapidly as he holds her close, his mouth next to her ear, “Don’t be afraid Baby, I will be gentle.” He kisses her passionately as he lifts her slender body onto his lap. LiMei’s face turns bright red, no she can’t do it.

  LiMei nervously whispers, “Rui…I would rather… could we just wash then go to bed?”

   He can’t wait much longer his body is about to explode he controls his Qi as much as he is able at this point and washes LiMei teasing her body as he rubs her skin. Wanting LiMei to touch him his voice is low, “Wash me.”

“…” LiMei takes the cloth and starts washing his chest for him. Her body is reacting as she does and she can feel herself getting hot as she touches his skin. Rui’s breathing is getting heavy he moves her hand down his abdomen then below the water surface. Keeping his hand on hers he moves her hand on his hardness as he does he moans leaning back in the bathtub. “Mmmm…LiMei feels so good..”

   LiMei’s face is crimson red Rui opens his eyes he has reached his limit, seeing her shy look he smiles then gets out of the bathtub just in time. 

     She watches him as he stands there next to the bath. Rui looks so handsome…too handsome… the water droplets sliding down his hard muscles and his  muscular legs. He brushes his wet hair off his face with his hand, she stares at his flawless face, dark phoenix eyes, straight nose, strong jaw definitely the best looking man she has ever seen. Her body quivers thinking about what he said, “I love you LiMei” does he really mean it or is the drug? After he dries himself off and wraps a towel around his waist he leans down picking her up carrying her to the couch. He takes a towel tenderly drying her  body then he picks her up to take her over to the bed.

   She thought he was going to put pajamas on her first she is very nervous as he lays her naked body down on the bed then lies next to her with his arm around her waist and starts to kiss her. 

     LiMei has the silver needle under the pillow deciding she will need to use it. She is about to reach for the silver needle when Rui suddenly stops kissing her lips as he suddenly falls asleep.

   LiMei lets out a huge sigh seeing him asleep. Who the hell drugged him? Obviously some  slutty woman at that damn Club! She stares at both their naked bodies, that was close. The bigger problem now is Rui knows I have been  lying to him what am I going to do about that?

   Luckily LiMei is not as weak as earlier in the day she uses her left hand to push Rui off of her and gets out of bed to get dressed. Seeing the bags of clothes she picks out a white and pink pair of pajamas. But what about Rui? She can’t leave him naked all night he will get sick, she doesn’t know if she has the strength to dress him. LiMei takes the quilt and covers him.

   Walking into the bathroom she picks up Rui’s pants and takes his cell phone out of the pocket considering calling Delun. No that would be too embarrassing. Well I have never seen a naked man nor dressed one before but I guess there is a first time for everything. 

     She picks up his clothes off the floor they smell like smoke and alcohol… oh well. When she returns to the bed she takes the silver needle and inserts it in her injured arm under the wound to stop the pain when she lifts him up.

   With great difficulty she lifts his long legs and puts his pants on him, then his shirt, when she finishes buttoning it up she is exhausted. Sitting on the edge of the bed staring at his handsome face as he sleeps LiMei takes out the silver needle from her arm there is a little blood on the bandage from straining her arm but it isn’t too painful. 

     She smiles thinking about the times she had to seduce men for the Black Sky Organization she never would let them kiss her let alone touch her body. But this man I crave his touch… so shameless of me! Running her finger across his lips LiMei smiles even knowing you were drugged I enjoyed your kisses.

   When you realize I gave you the antidote from Uncle Xinghi there will be no way to explain how I could afford such an expensive pill…  she laughs ..or why I had it… I can’t erase your memory you might have more complications so I think I will leave.

   But for a little while I am going to lay next to you and pretend this could work between us. We could have a future together.

   LiMei lays down next to Rui.  she kisses him lightly on his lips then pulls the quilt over both of them as she snuggles into his chest whispering, “I love you Rui…”

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