Rui lays next to LiMei holding her slender body close as he watches her sleep. Taking some strands of her silky black hair in his fingers he plays with her hair as he puts it to his nose breathing in her unique fragrance.  Now that he knows the truth he will find a way to discover how he lost his memories and why she is pretending not to know him. It is strange he only lost his memories of Feng LiMei, no other memories were affected. 

    She does seem rather familiar with Delun maybe I can find out from him what happened to me and why she is hiding the truth. Definitely in the meantime I am not going to let her know I am aware of our relationship until I get some answers, particularly about the man she is seeing now.

    He slides his finger down her neck her white skin has quite a few red love bites he will need to call the lab to send over some of the new healing cream Huang David developed.

      How would he explain his unruly behavior if she were to see the red marks he left all over her body. Leaning over he lightly kisses LiMei’s red and swollen lips then caresses her cheek, “LiMei why did you let me believe we are strangers?” 

     Rui’s heart tightens painfully thinking of her deception and moving on with another man. Unable to resist he kisses her again addicted to her taste he pushes his tongue into her mouth sucking and swirling his tongue around hers. When LiMei gasps for breath he stops, licking her lips one more time. He decides whispering in her ear,  “I will get rid of that man whatever it takes. “

    His heart still pounding in his chest Rui reluctantly gets out of the bed going to the bathroom to wash his face and comb his hair.  After he composes himself he walks to the bed covering LiMei with the quilt he has a faint smile on his face as he leaves her room. 

     Frowning at the sight of Beji Gabriel outside her door Rui reminds him she needs her rest, so no visitors he will be back to check on her in awhile.

    Nurse Ding sees him leaving LiMei’s room as she is heading to the elevator. She is undecided if she should approach him to inform him a new nurse is going to be responsible for Feng LiMei’s care now that her shift is fisnished. No… it is best to avoid him.

   Rui liesurely strides  over to the elevator, “Nurse Ding you are leaving now?”

   DuoDuo looks up at him nervously, pointing her short finger towards the desk, “Yes, Nurse Fu will be Miss Feng’s nurse now.”

   Rui wonders why that name sounds familiar he doesn’t usually pay attention to floor nurses. He turns to see where Nurse Ding is looking, that woman is the obnoxious nurse from earlier.

   He walks back to the nurses’ station when he leaves DuoDuo can see Nurse Fu’s face is bright red and the head nurse is talking to Nurse Jiang. What did he say to them? He really is a scary man, she pushes the button hoping the elevator comes quickly. As the door opens she steps inside breathing a sigh of relief but Rui enters right behind her before the door shuts. DuoDuo can feel her legs trembling being so near to him.

   They are the only two people in the elevator, she begins to fumble in her purse for her phone to call her brother to pick her up. Rui startles her when he says, “Do you have time to come to my office before you leave?” Although his tone is pleasant his naturally cold aura makes DuoDuo frightened that she is in trouble. 

    DuoDuo’s brown eyes widen what the heck does he want me to go to his office for, am I fired for leaving Feng LiMei alone? She drops her phone on the floor, Rui bends down and picks it up handing it to her.

      “Thank you Dr. Qiao, yes, I have time.” Am I done for? I need this job!

   When the door opens they step out to go up to the sixth floor where Rui’s office is located. DuoDuo follows behind him thinking how he is cold to everyone but Feng LiMei he must care about her a lot. He was really angry because her wound opened up and I wasn’t there. Yup he is going to fire me. She hangs her head…barely transferred and I get sacked what am I going to do? I have my rent, my student loans, I’m screwed!

   They enter his office, where is his beautiful secretary? She gulps, it is just Dr. Qiao and me?  He walks over to his desk, “Have a seat I need to make a phone call. “Huang David this is Qiao Rui I need you to send a bottle of the CTF healing lotion right away to me at my hospital. Have the technician that is on duty now deliver it directly to my office.”

    “I will have it delivered immediately.”

    “ I will be by tomorrow at eight o’clock to discuss the breakthrough you had with the blood congealing pill. I’m impressed with how quickly you were able to find the correct ratio of the medicinal herbs with the Snow Lotus Root.”

   “Thank you Dr. Qiao. I was surprised you were able to find the rare Crystal Teardrop Flowers adding them reduced the healing rate to little over ten minutes  as opposed to twenty four of the original compound.”

   “We might need to find an alternative the supply is limited. We can discuss the logistics when I see you. Also twenty four hours without the CTF added isn’t bad either no one else on the market can compare their product to the one you created.” {Thank God you have some CTF lotion finished I need to get rid of those love bites immediately.}

   Rui hangs up the phone DuoDuo is beginning to sweat worrying about why he asked her to come to his office.

   “Nurse Ding Feng LiMei said she likes you so I would like to see if you would consider being her personal nurse until she is discharged in four days. I will increase your pay by thirty per cent on top of your regular hourly wage, but you will need to be available for a fourteen hour shift on those four days. There will also be a bonus for you if I am satisfied with your care.”

   DuoDuo stares at him stunned, “Yes I can do that!” That is so much money and Feng LiMei is awesome! Oh My God! I thought he was going to fire me!

   “I will inform the head nurse. Be here at seven o’clock tomorrow morning. You can leave now.”

   She stands up bowing, “Thank you Dr. Qiao”, then hurries out the door. She starts calculating the money she will make for four days work as she runs towards the elevator. She calls her friend, “Changchang it’s me DuoDuo do you want to go eat Hot Pot tonight?”

  “Sorry DuoDuo I’m broke I don’t get paid until next Friday.”

   “It is my treat, I have good news to share!” Chang Chang is her best friend and she wants to tell her about Su Ryan and Feng LiMei.

   “…” Where did that tightwad get money for Hot Pot? “If you are paying sure!”

   “My brother is picking me up from the hospital now so let’s meet at seven at the Fong’s Restaurant.”

    “I don’t want to eat there Fatty Fong always hits on me.”

    “I’m paying and they have the best priced Hot Pot in Pushong, so Fong’s it is. Anyway I heard Fatty has a girlfriend.” {I made that up but I want Fat Mama Fong’s delicious meaty Hot Pot.}

    “Really? Okay then.” 

     After she leaves Rui leans back in his chair thinking about LiMei, this nurse is best suited to care for her she seems transparent and trustworthy. Nurse Fu most likely is Wang Rebecca’s spy, it was satisfying having her sent to the main hospital far away from LiMei. She won’t have any access to the VIP wing now. If I could fire her I would but without solid evidence it could be prblematic.

   Rui looks at his computer going over his strategy for the board meeting. He smirks now with his father and grandfather being duped by Wang Kai they will go into the meeting with a false sense of security. Shaking his head he thinks I had no intention of using the information to blackmail Wang Kai but he brought it upon himself by being too greedy and forgetting who had made a deal with originally.

    Wang Kai leaves the Qiao mansion with Wang Che, the old man knows his son’s temper very well something happened between him and Qiao Rui. “Kai what was really going on in the hallway between you two?”

   “Don’t worry about it I will take care of it.” The last thing he needs right now is that old fart getting involved. “We won’t suffer a loss I promise you that.”

   “You know our stock price was stabilized when Rebecca married Qiao Rui and I am depending on that contract for the telecom equipment.”

    Wang Kai wants to laugh that stupid slut of a daughter of yours just screwed up my plans. “Father, it will all work out but I might as well tell you we need to go with the original plan of working with Qiao Rui.”

    “But I promised the Chairman we would back Xiatong.”

    They get into the back of a black Bentley, Wang Kai instructs the driver to put the privacy window up between the seats. “Father, do you think that idiot Xiatong is capable of being CEO of Qiao Corporation? If we stand with him eventually it will cost us more than losing a few million right now. 

     Qiao Rui is a shrewd businessman who has made billions on his own, what has Xiatong accomplished? That incompetent bastard couldn’t even secure a partnership with Hushang Group to build the resort on Shingu Island. You need to stop being loyal to that old fox and look to the future.”

   Wang Che grips onto Wang Kai’s arm, “The Chairman and I have been friends since childhood I’m not going to go against his wishes.”

   “Then he should understand you need to protect your family. Why is it always a one sided situation with you bending to accomodate him.”

    Wang Che releases his hold on Wang Kai considering what he said is reasonable. “He will retaliate against us for siding with Qiao Rui.”

   “Do you think he will have the power to lift a finger against us? It is obvious Qiao Rui wants to be CEO for revenge he will cut the Chairman and his father out of any of the decision making in the Qiao Corporation.”

    The car pulls into the driveway of the Wang mansion, “I’m going back to the company, don’t worry I know what I am doing.”

   “En.” Wang Che furrows his brow watching Wang Kai step out of the car heading to his SUV, he has a valid point to ensure the future of Wang Electronics, he decides they need to back Qiao Rui. How is he going to face his friend after the vote.

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