Annoyed Qiao Rui ignored her Chen Hua pulls on Leng Momo’s arm, “Do you know who that cheap woman is standing next to Qiao Rui?” I was hoping to find a way to be with him tonight. When Jianyu mentioned he would be here I especially found some medicine to put in his drink. He always has an indifferent look on his face but when she was talking he was tenderly smiling down at the little bitch. She isn’t worthy to spend any time with an exceptional man like him, he should be mine!

   Leng Momo has been searching the crowd for Kang Jin so wasn’t paying attention to Chen Hua she turns to look at where she is pointing, “What? Who is Qiao Rui?”

    That’s right Momo is from Hirachi City she wouldn’t know Qiao Rui along with my brothers are the three Golden Bachelors of Pushong. “The super handsome man walking away to the right. I want to know who the slut with him is!”

    Leng Momo frowns, “ Hua, how would I know I don’t even know any of the guests here tonight. Isn’t this your family’s hotel? She is dressed like an employee maybe he requested an escort. I’m going to look for Kang Jin.” She tried to meet him by the elevator but somehow missed him when he came up to this floor.

   Chen Hua leans over whispering in Leng Momo’s ear,“Help me get rid of that woman with Qiao Rui and I can guarantee you can be with Kang Jin tonight. I have Mystical Sex.” She clutches onto her small beaded evening bag, I can spare some of this medicine I got from Xia Linxue.

    “Mystical Sex! Why do you have that!” Leng Momo’s eyes widen, she has heard of women using that medicine to get a man in bed but never thought a beautiful socialite like Chen Hua would use an aphrodisiac. She is spoiled by her family and has many  handsome wealthy admirers. A pampered beautiful  girl with a good family background why would she stoop to that level? A school flower at the University and with her bossoming acting career men fall all over themselves to be near her. Why is she fixated on getting that particular man?

    “ idiot!” She looks at the other young women standing by them then pinches her arm  dragging Leng Momo away, “Come to the bathroom with me.”

   Leng Momo trips on the hem of her white designer gown,”Ouch! Hua that hurt! Stop dragging me you are ruining my dress!”

    Chen Hua lets go of her arm,“Well you were being too loud I can’t have anyone overhear our conversation.”

   Leng Momo rubs her arm and then straightens out her dress,I wore this white dress tonight because I heard Kang Jin discussing one of the contestants on Fresh Faces, he said she had a pure look. That must be the type of girl he likes. “Have you seen Kang Jin?”

   “No, I will help you look but seriously I need to get Qiao Rui away from that prostitute.”

   “Okay.”Such a drama queen…the girl doesn’t look like a prostitute. Probably he didn’t have a date for some reason and the hotel arranged for a woman to accompany him.

   They walk towards the bathroom as they pass the center of the room Chen Hua glares at Rui and LiMei who are walking over to a table laughing. She can feel her heart tighten at the sight she clenches her hands into fists at her side, “I will come up with a plan when we are in the restroom.”

   A little afraid of Hua’s temper she hesitates, should she try to convince her not do anything foolish? “Hua…um..”

   “ Momo dammit…what are you stuttering about?”

    “Ah..never mind.” She and Hua have been friends since their freshman year in University but she has changed since she became friends at the studio with Xia Lixue. How in the world did she decide to use an aphrodisiac on a man? I don’t know if I want to have sex, I heard it hurts when you do it and I don’t want to trap Kang Jin I want him to like me. Well, I will take the medicine from her and think about it. I don’t want Hua to make fun of me for being afraid.

   Meng QiQi has been quietly observing the situation behind the group, I thought Qin Daiyu was with Leng Shuai why is she working at this hotel as an escort? She narrows her eyes as she sips her glass of champagne, maybe I have a chance to hook up with Leng Shuai tonight if I can get some of that medicine from Chen Hua. But she doesn’t like me since we fought in the audition she won’t just give it to me.

     Meng QiQi’s eyes light up at the thought of trapping Leng Shuai, I could get him to buy my contract from Hushang Group and make me a top star. I think he has a good impression of me from when I met him with Kang Jin he wouldn’t think I drugged him. He would think it was one of his enemies and I am an innocent victim…. At least that is the way it usually goes in television dramas.

   She looks at the red low cut designer dress she borrowed from her roommate’s closet and smirks, soon I will have a closet full of designer dresses and jewels, she touches the diamond necklace Kang Jin had given her. I should see where my future husband is…haha..ha. Meng QiQi grabs another glass of champagne from Chu Nancy’s hand smiling sweetly at her, “Thank you for your hard work.” I should make friends with her so I can find out about Qin Daiyu and the man she is with tonight, I wonder if he is richer than Leng Shuai. It would be sweet to steal Qin Daiyu’s man… 

   Chu Nancy recognizes Meng QiQi from Fresh Face Variety Show, after Chen Hua she is her favorite. Excited she says,“Miss Meng have you tried the buffet? The lobster was flown in especially for this party.”

   “ Thank you for your recommendation I will.” Seeing a good opportunity she asks, “Do you mind if I ask you a question.”

   “No, if I can answer I will.”

   “Do you know that man’s escort?” She points her slender finger at LiMei.

   Chu Nancy’s cheeks puff out and her face turns red when she sees LiMei and Rui. “She isn’t an escort! she is one of the servers!” What is she doing sitting with a guest! That girl has been a problem since she arrived to work!

   “ Really?” Noticing Chu Nancy’s anger she adds fuel to the fire, ” The woman and that man seem rather intimate so I assumed she is an escort supplied by the hotel.”

    Chu Nancy shakes her head wondering what is going on, already unhappy with LiMei her temper flares up Dr. Qiao is one of the most sought after bachelors in the city. How does that little bitch know him. Not to mention the man in charge of the arrangements for Leng Enterprises requested her to work tonight as per their CEO’s instructions. What fox girl tricks does she use on these men. I’m going to straighten that little slut out right now!

   “Miss Meng I need to get back to work excuse me.”

   Meng QiQi couldn’t help but notice the way Chu Nancy’s expression has changed, she looks furiousShe has a devious gleam in her eyes, This should be a fun show.

   Chu Nancy rushes over to where LiMei and Rui are sitting. If she is caught sitting down at a table there goes our reputation and big tip. LiMei spots her charging towards their table, she doesn’t want to embarrass Rui with a scene, What should I do?

    Rui is about to feed her a piece of shrimp, LiMei stops him placing her hand on the chopsticks. Holding her stomach she quickly says,“Rui I need to go to the bathroom.” She quickly pushes her chair out to leave slightly panicking as Chu Nancy comes closer.

   Rui’s face has a worried expression, “You aren’t feeling well? I will go with you.”

   “I will be right back, stay here and wait for me.”


   Rui stands up as he does an attractive middle aged man approaches the table, “ Rui,I need a word with you.”

   “I have nothing to say to you.”

    “You need to hear me out.” He glances at LiMei standing next to Rui he clenches his fist as he catches a glimpse of  the delicate ring she has on her finger. Who is that young girl wearing Jiao’s precious ring? No wonder I couldn’t find it when I searched the mansion, I need to get it from the little slut.

    Noticing Rui visibly tighten his body and the dark aura coming from his body when he came near to them LiMei wonders who the man could be.  Now I really need to go, this will be bad if I get scolded in front of this man too he and Rui look like enemies. Taking the opportunity to slip away she turns and heads to the bathroom.

   Rui watches LiMei hurry away without stopping her, I didn’t think the old fart would have the balls to approach me tonight but since he did it is good LiMei left. I don’t need her getting involved with my family and witnessing my ruthless side. “Make it fast.”

   Qiao Muzhe came to this banquet specifically to deal with Rui knowing he won’t make a scene in public. His spies in the company told him Rui acquired a piece of land the Li Group needs. I need to stop him from aligning himself with that bastard Li Tian if he gets a powerful partner like the Li Group I will never get Qiao group back.

   Rui looks at his watch annoyed he couldn’t accompany LiMei, You have five minutes then don’t think I don’t have a way to remove you from this banquet.”

   Qiao Muzhe glares at Rui. Bastard threatening me like this why did I underestimate his abilities, I should have had him killed five years ago. I didn’t think he would become stronger when he came out of that hell he was tossed into that year.

     LiMei winds through a couple tables as Chu Nancy follows her, as she gets close to the bar area Chu Nancy catches LiMie grabbing her arm, “You sure have guts! Trying to hug a golden thigh while you are working! Come with me I’m telling the banquet manager what you have been up to tonight!”

   Before LiMei can answer a large hand slaps Chu Nancy on her cheek Towering over her with a domineering aura he growls,  “Scram! I don’t want to see your face at this banquet again.”

   Leng Shuai had been sitting at the bar stewing after what Xiaosi told him about Rui and LiMei. He was debating if he should say fuck the cooperation with Li Group and go take LiMei away from Rui. When he heard the noisy woman he turned to see who disturbed him. He saw a tall agressive looking woman bullying LiMei. 

   Chu Nancy trembles holding her red and swollen cheek with tears in her eyes she looks at the cold handsome man who hit her face, “Who…who are you to slap me?”

   Leng Shuai has no patience at this point and LiMei sees his obsidian eyes have a murderous look. She pushes Chu Nancy behind her, “Leng Shuai are you crazy! This has nothing to do with you.”

   Feeling his effort to protect LiMei was unappreciated he taunts LiMei, “Do you think it was because of you? Don’t flatter yourself.” He narrows his dark Phoenix eyes then snickers,“She was being too noisy.”

   LiMei puffs up her red cheeks and purses her lips , the stupid tyrant really is insane!  Fearlessly lifting her face to meet his intense gaze LiMei gives him a dirty look her eyes blazing with fire  then pulls Chu Nancy away “I have some medicine in my purse let’s go downstairs I will explain to the Banquet Manager.” LiMei tries to calm her down and annoy Leng Shuai at the same time, ” He is a nobody don’t listen to him…he’s just a lowly pilot for LE… he has no power to fire you.”

   Leng Shuai’s face turns black, A nobody… lowly.. I’m a nobody! Ha! Do you want to die little thing!. He watches them leave then makes a phone call his hand tightens on the phone almost unable to control the raging storm inside his body, I have a little surprise for you dead girl!

    When Su Ryan answers he orders him“Go down to the kitchen tell the banquet manager I want the server in the green qipao fired immediately, then don’t let anyone see you grab the little girl in the red qipao and take her to a suite when she leaves the kitchen. Watch her until I come up.” I will take my time letting you become frightened wondering who abducted you then I will rescue you when you beg me to save you.  I can’t wait for that insolent girl to have to humble herself in front of me!

   “…” What is going on the CEO sounds drunk and angry. “ Not your suite?”

   “No. Don’t say anything to her even if she asks questions don’t answer. Do not mention my name or you will be headed to my office in Africa”

“Will do.” He shudders at the thought of going to Africa.

   Leng Shuai sits back down at the bar after he picks up his drink he slams it back down. His mind is filled with LiMei’s stubborn expression as she belittled him, no one ever has defied me as many times as you have I have been too lenient with you. I was avenging you and you didn’t appreciate it one bit! He takes a gulp of the whiskey muttering, “Dare to insult me little thing! I will enjoy playing with you. I will play the part of your rescuer so you need to be grateful to me.” Let’s see how long should I wait, a half hour…an hour..all night..Leng Shuai laughs picturing her face when she is abducted by Su Ryan.

   Kang Jin and Luz walk up to the bar, “What is so funny?” Shuai has been acting strangely tonight.

   “Do you want to know?”

   Not really but.. Kang Jin smiles,Well it is seldom I see you laugh like that.”

   He decides to be truthful, “ I was thinking about Feng LiMei. She is an interesting girl.”

   Luz wasn’t able to get through to Scorpion to tell Kuang Bo Feng LiMei most likely is Qin Daiyu, Hearing Leng Shuai mention her in a familiar way she furrows her eyebrows,what is her connection to Leng Shuai this could complicate the situation .Well, I have time I will try Scorpion again I’m here through the weekend and she obviously lives in Pushong City.

   Meng QiQi sees the three of them talking, she was able to steal some of the aphrodisiac powder from Chen Hua while she was in the bathroom. She isn’t sure if it is enough but it is worth a try so she waited until LiMei left to approach Kang Jin. She looks at him with a coquettish expression, “Senior, I don’t know anyone at the banquet then saw you do you mind if I join you?”

   Luz has a knowing smile, this little actress wants either Kang Jin or CEO Leng. Doesn’t know anyone… that is a lie, I saw her talking with three women when I was on the balcony. She sees Kang Jin smiling at Meng QiQi, men are so stupid always falling for a pretty face. That was a nice touch when she fluttered her eyelashes shyly at him but it appears that won’t work on CEO Leng he has been staring at his drink the entire time.

   Meng QiQi notices the woman next to Kang Jin she is the Spanish actress the studio wants him to be photographed together to further his career internationally. Maybe she could help me too. “Miss Luz, are more beautiful in person than on the screen!”

   “Thank you.” Not very original.. she is pretty but not exceptionally so, obviously is one of those little bitches who uses tricks to get ahead in the entertainment business.

   Kang Jin realizes he was focusing on Leng Shuai’s strange behavior and hasn’t introduced Meng QiQi, “Luz this is Meng QiQi a new talent with Hushang Group.”

   When Leng Shuai hears her name he recalls Kang jin telling him she went to school with Feng LiMei. “Miss Meng can I order you a drink. A glass of wine?”

   “…” All three of them suddenly stare at Leng Shuai is he interested in Meng QiQi? A moment ago the temperature around him was freezing now he has a gentle expression on his face.

    Downstairs in the kitchen Chu Nancy reluctantly follows LiMei to the lockers, she can’t face the Banquet Manager with her face looking like this. Her attitude towards LiMei lightened up some when she stood up to that beast and blocked his hand but the resentment lingers.

   LiMei takes the ointment out of her purse she had it in there to use for all of Rui’s love bites. She is about to apply it when Chu Nancy says, “Give it to me I can do it myself.”

   “Okay.” LiMei knows she doesn’t like her and decides to give her some space wandering out to the kitchen. They are still busy organizing the desserts to take up to the banquet. What should I tell the banquet manager, does Leng Shuai have enough clout with his cousin to get Chu Nancy fired just for disturbing his damn drinking. I could smell a heavy scent of whiskey on his breath and he looked really drunk. 

    She sees a familiar looking man talking to the Banquet Manager assuming she has seen him here at the Hotel when she was working she doesn’t think about his identity. LiMei feels some burning pain in her lower half from being tangled in bed with Rui, the medicine must be wearing hurts..I can’t wait for this shift to be over so I can take a bath and reapply the ointment! I’m really getting tired, as soon as they are finished with their conversation I will tell the Banquet Manager the truth. If I get fired whatever, I’m leaving town soon .I can’t let Chu Nancy lose her job then I will apologize to the Kitchen Manager for letting him down.

     LiMei decides to step outside for some fresh air she doesn’t want to stay in the hot kitchen and going back to the locker room isn’t an option. Outside the door she leans up against the wall, what a crappy night!

    Su Ryan noticed LiMei exit the kitchen hoping she isn’t going back upstairs it will be harder to grab her. He was hesitant when Leng Shuai asked him to grab her but he thinks she is Leng Shuai’ s girlfriend so agreed. 

    After he informs the Banquet Manager about the situation with Chu Nancy he exits the kitchen looking for LiMei. He sees her leaning up against the wall with her eyes closed. Perfect this should be a piece of cake.

    He glances around to check if anyone is around and quietly approaches LiMei. Right as he is about to hit her acupoint she opens her eyes, “What are you doing?” Exhausted she was drifting off to sleep standing up.

   “I’m sorry Miss I thought you were sleeping I was going to tap your shoulder to wake you up the Banquet Manager said to send you into the kitchen. Feng LiMei right? I called your name but you didn’t answer.”

   “Oh thanks.” LiMei rubs her eyes the contacts have been irritating her eyes all night.

  Half asleep LiMei walks to the door of the kitchen Su Ryan follows behind,  LiMei assumes he also needs to return to the kitchen so isn’t alarmed. As she reaches the door and grabs the handle.Su Ryan has been suppressing his internal energy to appear weak and harmless  he  politely says, “Let me get that.” Reaching his right hand to open the door he uses his left hand to swiftly hit LiMei’s  accupoint behind her neck. She instantly slumps over, Su Ryan catches her limp body then quickly heads to the elevator.  

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