CCTV Footage

Rui frantically tries to call LiMei, dammit her phone is off where the hell could she be? He turns to Ming Jian, “Where is the security room?”

   “We will need clearance can you call Chen Jianyu?”

   He dials Chen Jianyu from outside of the elevator, “Jianyu call your security and tell them to allow me to look at the CCTV coverage.”

  “Where are you?” he glances around the room looking for Rui, why is he calling instead of coming over and asking me in person

   “I’m on my way now.”

   “What is going on?”

   “Just call them.”

   Chen Jianyu saw Rui in a heated conversation with his father Qiao Muzhe not too long ago, “Is it about you and your father?”

   “No. Stop asking questions and call I’m getting in the elevator now.”

   Chen Jianyu can tell from Rui’s tone he is worried about something, “Okay.” Fuck! That guy will never tell me shit..I wonder why he needs to look at the cameras.

   Rui and Ming Jian get off on the elevator on the first floor and quickly go to the security room. The man in charge is on the phone with Chen Jianyu when they walk into the outer room.“Yeah..okay Boss.” He sees them through the glass outside the monitoring room, “They are here now.”

   Chen Jianyu says, “I want to know who they looking for so let me know.”

   “Will do.” He hangs up and goes out to meet them, “Qiao Rui? Can I see your ID?”

   Rui gets out his ID then hands it to the head of security, “Here.”

   The man looks at the picture then Rui, “Is he your bodyguard? I will need his ID also.”

   Ming Jian already has his ID in his hand knowing he will need to give his also.

   After the head of security looks at the IDs he motions to the steel door,“Follow me.What are you looking for? As you can see from the monitors the entire hotel has surveillance cameras.”

   Rui looks at his watch LiMei left the table to go to the bathroom about forty five minutes ago. When he was finished dealing with his father he looked throughout the room but couldn’t find her anywhere.“From an hour ago I want to see from the banquet room back door, ladies room, the hallway, elevator anywhere someone might go from that direction.”

   The man looks at Rui, “We have several rooms used for banquets which one?”

   “The room where the LE banquet is being held.”

    “That is the Golden Lotus Room, that area will be these monitors over here.” He walks around to the other side of the semi circle desk, “Huang playback the last hour and a half for Qiao Rui.”

   He points to a monitor split in four quadrants,“This hallway and elevator is only used by the wait staff and kitchen, are you searching for an employee?”

   Rui doesn’t want to give any details,“What about the ladies room?”

   “That would be this exit from the banquet room.”

   Rui leans over looking at the monitor the empty hallway displayed on the screen seems suspicious, not one person can be seen in it. “People must have brought food or drinks during that time.”

   He questions Huang, “When you were watching the screen you didn’t see any activity at all?”

  “Nah..I didn’t see anything.” Huang guiltily looks over at his boss, because no one uses this area except the hotel employees they can be neglected. Not long ago they had takeout delivered unexpectedly from someone and ate it over at the table. If there is any problem with the service elevator or in the hallway someone usually calls their desk. “I didn’t see anything.” His forehead has beads of sweat forming, what are these guys looking for anyway? And the Boss called personally for them to review the CCTV.

   Ming Jian sees the takeout over on the table he casually walks over looking at the containers. He touches one which still is warm, it appears the two of these guys were having dinner. “I like the seafood ramen specialty from Silver Moon Restaurant but can’t usually afford it, CEO Chen must pay you guys pretty damn good.”

    The other security guard not realizing the problem grins, “We get paid good but not enough to splurge on takeout from the Silver Moon. I don’t know who the fuck sent it but man, it was delicious!” I would still be enjoying it if you two didn’t disturb us.

    Rui glares at Ming Jian why the fuck do you care what they are eating! You should be over here looking for clues!

    Ming Jian decides not to give the security team any face they should have been doing their job, it is obvious someone tampered with the CCTV. “Let’s cut the crap and stop wasting my Boss’ time, you were eating and someone fucked with your CCTV coverage of the hallway.”

    Huang gulps, fucking shit we will be fired if CEO Chen finds out. “I don’t know what you are talking about, no one can tamper with the CCTVs.”

   Rui’s face blackens when he hears what Ming Jian says, how will I find LiMei then!

   Ming Jian says, “I will demonstrate to prove my point then try to retrieve.” He leans his long body over Huang who is sitting in the chair, “Go back say… two hours ago, let’s see what activity is saved.”

   Huang has a bad feeling he  looks over to the head of security who nods, “Do it.”

   Huang pulls up the hallway, no activity, He smiles, thank god.

  “Just fast forward.” Ming Jian keeps his eyes focused on the screen, Fuck maybe I was wrong but my gut tells me something is amiss. Suddenly a blur of a person on the screen, “Stop the tape.”

   Huang puts the speed to normal a petite pretty woman dressed in a red qipao comes out the back door of the banquet room, Rui’s eyes have strange look recalling what Leng Shuai told him. He clenches his fist at his side and the veins in his neck bulge watching the tape. Then a tall man wearing a designer suit comes through the door a few moments later following her a short distance behind. The woman opens the door to a room then enters. Ming Jian says, “What room is that?”

   “It is the housekeepers storage room for cleaning supplies, etc.”

   The handsome man in the recording has a smile on his face pauses for a moment then also enters the room.

   Huang blurts out, “Oh shit it looks like they are going for a quickie in the storage room.”

   Rui’s temper goes out of control quickly pulling the muscular man out of the chair he savagely punches him in his nose as the man feebly attempts to fight back swinging towards Rui. Rui dodges  kicking Huang in the chest, gasping for air the man falls onto the floor clutching his chest. Rui then kicks him a few time venting his anger, finally putting his leather shoe on his neck. Looking down at the beaten man he calmly says,“Blame yourself if you did your job I never would have seen that scene.”

   The security chief stands there in shock, Holy shit ! Why did Huang open his big trap, obviously Qiao Rui is looking for that little beauty.

   Ming Jian grabs the man up from the floor warning him, “Get the fuck out of here now. Forget what happened if you want to work in Pushong.”

  Huang stares at Rui whose eyes have a blank look staring at the monitor then limps out of the room holding his throat.

   Ming Jian bends down to the monitor erasing the footage of LiMei and Leng Shuai using a veiled threat he tells the security chief, “Your lack of professionalism should cost you your job.”

   The security chief understands he needs to keep his mouth shut and nods as Rui and Ming Jian walk out the door. Once they are outside Ming Jian can see Rui is trying to suppress his rage. Why LiMei… his heart tightens thinking about her alone with Leng Shuai.

   “Rui don’t think too much, there has to be  a reasonable explanation.”

   “Hmm..” He composes himself, there must be a reason… LiMei wouldn’t betray me. “We need to find her, let’s go to the kitchen see if they know anything.”

   They take the elevator to the kitchen when they enter a man wearing a white chef’s hat approaches them, “Can I help you?”

    Ming Jian says, “We are looking for an employee named Feng LiMei.”

   “The new girl? I haven’t seen her since she came down here with Chu Nancy.”

   “How long ago was that?”

   He looks at the clock in the kitchen, “Let’s see I was talking to that guy from the LE banquet, I guess about forty minutes ago.”

   “What guy from the banquet?”

   “I don’t know what happened exactly but there was a problem with Chu Nancy and the new girl..” He stops talking, “Wait who are you two anyway.”

   Ming Jian pulls out a stack of money from his pocket, “Friends of Miss Feng. She is missing. ”

   “Missing? It was kind of  strange she said she would wait to talk to me until after  Mr. Ryan left but never came back.”

    “Mr. Ryan? Was that the name of the man from the LE banquet?”


   “Is Miss Chu still here?”

   “No I had to fire her on the spot for insulting a guest. She stormed out while cursing the new girl said it was all Feng LiMei’s fault.”

   “Thank you.”

   Ming Jian nods to Rui then they walk out of the kitchen, “Su Ryan is the head of security for Leng Shuai I think if we can locate him we will find Miss Feng.”

   Angry his suspicions were right Rui’s face darkens,“How the fuck are we going to do that?” He starts towards the elevator, “I’m going to find that bastard Leng Shuai then  beat the shit out of him until he tells me what he did with LiMei.”

   “Rui, wait..I have an idea.”

   Rui knits his eyebrows together why didn’t LiMei just wait for me to finish with the old fart. “What?”

   “Su Ryan I know him we used to work together.  I have his cell number I will have Benny hack into his phone and find his location.”

   “How long will that take?”

   “Not very long.”

   “Do it.”

    Ming Jian makes the phone call after explaining the situation to Benny he hangs up. “He will get right on it shouldn’t take very long.”

   Rui paces back and forth, LiMei I am not letting you out of my sight again when I find you! And fucking Leng Shuai if you abducted LiMei to keep her from me you are fucking dead!

    Ming Jian’s phone rings, “ it.”

  ” He is in the hotel on the 23rd floor.” They walk down to the elevator, Rui tells Ming Jian, “I want Su Ryan’s company to go bankrupt by the time I get back from Cambodia.”

    “En.” Ming Jian shakes his head he knows Su Ryan for a few years he is a good guy. Why did he kidnap Feng LiMei? There must be more to the story.. should I say anything to Rui right now..probably not his state of mind isn’t rational.

   When they get to the 23rd floor Ming Jian makes a decision, “Rui I know Su Ryan he wouldn’t randomly kidnap a woman. Do you mind if I handle the situation?”

   “Yes I do mind. He kidnapped my woman I want him to regret his decision.”

   Ming Jian sees the room Su Ryan should be inside. He knocks on the door using the name of one of Su Ryan’s employees.“ Mr. Su open up it is Wiley.”

   Su Ryan opens the door Ming Jian rushes in surprising him grabbing him around the neck, “What the fuck … Jian?”

   Ming Jian has Su Ryan in a chokehold, “Who gave you the guts to kidnap my boss’ woman!”

   Su Ryan can barely breathe, coughing he spits out,“She is my boss’ girlfriend!”

   Rui comes in behind him seeing LiMei asleep on the bed he hurries over to her his heart pounding, Kissing her forehead he says,“LiMei.” He checks her pulse looking over at Su Ryan shooting daggers with his obsidian eyes, “Did you give her drugs?”

   Ming Jian tightens his hold on his neck, “Answer him.”

   Su Ryan’s voice is barely audible, “No.”

   Rui picks LiMei up into his arms,  his forehead full of black lines he growls, “Make him regret following Leng Shuai.” He opens the door hugging LiMei to his chest.

   Ming Jian has a complicated expression not wanting to beat up his friend, “Why do you work for that asshole?”

   Still being held by his neck but not as tightly Su Ryan responds, “I could say the same to you.”

   Ming Jian lets him go, “I need to follow Qiao Rui’s order but I will at least give you a fair fight ”

   Su Ryan stands ready to fight confidently exclaiming, “Let’s do it. Just don’t ruin my face I have a date tomorrow.” Damn you Leng Shuai I’m no match for Jian! He is ex Special Forces…my martial arts are good but his are off the charts!

   Ming Jian laughs, “You have a date? Is she blind?” He bends his finger mockingly for Su Ryan to come at him.

   “I’m fucking serious Jian we were supposed to go out tonight but Leng Shuai had this fucking banquet.”

   “You should have gone on the date.” Smiling he motions for Su Ryan to come at him. Su Ryan kicks towards Ming Jian’s body, he moves and the kick misses him. Shoving the coffee table away he then jabs his fist at Su Ryan’s jaw. He dodges the fist, “Fucking Jian not my face!”

   Ming Jian says, “If you don’t have a few bruises won’t your boss think you gave the girl up too easily.”

   He throws both fists at his face his left hand hitting Su Ryan in the cheek.

   “Fucker!” Su Ryan lunges at him kicking him in the arm as Ming Jian agilely avoids getting kicked in the chest. His face red Su Ryan aims for Ming Jian’s neck with a palm strike, laughing Ming Jian leaps over the coffee table he just moved, “Good one!”

   Su Ryan knows he is outmatched but he continues to tangle with Ming Jian, finally hitting him in the chest with a kick he smiles, while he gloats Ming Jian lands a palm strike on his neck rendering him unconscious. Ming Jian walks towards the door, you have improved, his face darkens thinking about Rui telling him to bankrupt Su Ryan’s company. Maybe I can convince him Su Ryan was lied to by Leng Shuai.

   Rui walks to the elevator to go up to his suite relieved he found LiMei. When he gets to the room he carefully places LiMei down on the bed then sits down next to her, LiMei why did you lie to me? He runs his finger across her soft lips then bends over lightly kissing LiMei. He stares at her beautiful face for a moment then gets up to get his doctor bag.

     After he takes his silver needles out he returns to the bed slipping her dress down he carefully inserts three needles, one in her neck, one right below her clavicle and one above her heart. He touches her delicate snow white skin his eyes full of resentment and jealousy did the bastard touch you here LiMei? 

    Out of control he kisses her exposed skin then  bites on her collarbone Rui licks the small amount of blood from where his teeth broke her skin.  Your body only belongs to me..  He rubs his hand over her breasts tempted to rip off her dress.

     Kissing her face he then runs his finger up her neck, how about here did he touch you here when you were in that locked room only the two of you? He kisses her neck then begins to lick her sweet skin savoring her flavor he sucks harder leaving his marks, did you forget you are mine..only mine. What did I tell you about staying away from that bastard..nibbling on her ear he whispers, “Do I need to make him disappear from this world?” 

   He twists the needles then  lifts LiMei’s head removing the wig taking the pins out her hair falls down. He lovingly runs his slender fingers through her long black hair, I dont ever want to see you wearing this wig again. He frowns tossing the wig  into the wastebasket  by the bed then brushes LiMei’s hair behind her ear. Leaning down he caresses her cheek, Baby, you don’t know how worried I was when I couldn’t find you. He kisses her cheek then moves to her lips pressing his lips onto hers possessively.

   LiMei slowly opens her eyes, drowsy she can barely focus,”Rui?..”

   Still upset from seeing with his own eyes she was in the storage room with Leng Shuai he answers, “Who else would it be?” He removes another silver needle she doesn’t respond. “Nothing to say?”

   “I..I don’t remember anything after I was outside the kitchen doors.” LiMei closes her eyes trying to think, Rui doesn’t sound right..what happened? How did I get here?


   LiMei shakes her head no. “What time is it?”

   “Eleven o’clock.”

  “Eleven?” LiMei holds her head, “Was I unconscious?” She touches where the silver needles were inserted knowing that is how you would awaken a person.

   Rui can feel himself getting angry and doesn’t want LiMei to see his violent nature. It is taking every bit of his self control to restrain himself from  not smashing everything in the room. Yes you were unconscious in Leng fucking Shuai’s hotel room! If I didn’t know he was in the bar the entire time I would kill the motherf*****r right now! 

    He smiles then kisses her tempting pink lips “You should take a bath and get some sleep our flight leaves at six.”

   Rui walks into the bathroom to run the water for the bath, LiMei leans back on the pillow, what the hell happened, Rui seems angry..very angry.

   Leng Shuai takes the elevator to the floor where Su Ryan took LiMei, this will be fun she will run into my arms thanking me for rescuing her.  He dials Su Ryan, why isn’t he answering. Su Ryan hears his phone ringing and wakes up, damn I’m fucked! He moves his arm, crap…that hurts he reaches for his phone, pushing speed dial, Leng Shuai answers in a good mood, “What were you doing..anyway never mind I’m coming down the hallway now wake her up.”

   Su Ryan hesitates then tells him, “Boss..Qiao Rui has Feng LiMei”

   Leng Shuai grips his phone his dark eyes have flames rising in them, “What did you just fucking say!”

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