Rui can see the nurse is curious about LiMei he doesn’t need any gossip to get back to Wang Rebecca with a calm but commanding tone  he reminds her, “You can leave. Remember patient privacy is of utmost importance at my hospital.”

   He walks over to the bed with the fruit plate then sits on a chair instead of on the bed. “Miss Feng these fruits should satisfy you until Delun brings your dinner.”

     LiMei notices him staring at her with a distracted look, should she try to reach out and take the plate. But she has no strength in her arms yet. “Could you set them on the little table for me.”

    Rui snaps out of his daze realizing he is still holding the plate, quickly answering, “Let me feed you I don’t want you lifting your arms.”

   LiMei blushes, “I couldn’t ask you to do that I can eat them myself.”

   Rui’s thin lips curl up in a faint smile her shy expression is adorable, wondering if he can keep up the pretense he is unaware of their previous relationship. Without answering LiMei he puts a juicy fresh strawberry to her lips, she hesitantly opens her mouth and takes a bite. The juice is on her lips as she chews the sweet piece of fruit, when she licks her lips the sight is very seductive Rui wants to lean in and kiss her but restrains himself. His voice is naturally low and sounds alluring,  “Good?”

    “Very delicious.” LiMei’s body tingles from his fingers brushing her lips but she tries to remain calm. He just doesn’t want me to lift my arms that is why he is being so considerate.

   Rui takes a piece of pineapple and feeds LiMei enjoying her obvious delight when he hears a satisfied sigh as she eats the sweet fruits. He wipes her lips with a napkin, then continues to feed her until the plate is empty.

   There is a knock at the door Rui frowns is Delun here already? It is the damn bodyguard, annoyed by the intrusion he snaps, “What?”

    Shen Boyin can see the irritation on Rui’s face what was going on in there? He could hear LiMei’s  sighs coming from inside the room because of his martial arts ability… did I just interrupt them? Boss isn’t going to like this if he finds out his chick is messing around with the doctor.  “Dr. Qiao a delivery man is at the nurses’ desk I need to check if you ordered anything.”

   “Yes go get it.” It must be the pajamas he ordered. He has a devilish grin, this is a good opportunity for me to bathe LiMei since the pajamas have arrived.

Shen Boyin glares at him thinking I’m not your fucking messenger boy. Controlling his temper he responds,“I can’t leave the front of Miss Feng’s door.”

   Rui takes out his cell phone calling the nurses’ desk, “Send the delivery to Miss Feng’s room.”

   The nurses are looking at the bags the delivery man is holding they are from an exclusive designer shop across the river. The delivery man explicitly said a delivery for Dr. Qiao…not Feng LiMei… did he order clothes for the young girl?

      Nurse Guyin takes the bags and walks to Feng LiMei’s room Rui is still standing outside. He takes the bags in an emotionless voice he instructs the nurse, “When my brother arrives call me before you send him to Feng LiMei’s room.”

   “Yes Dr. Qiao.”

   Rui comes back into the room LiMei wonders what is in the bags he is holding in his hands. Before she can ask he says “Your cousin Xixin was afraid you would be uncomfortable wearing hospital gowns for the next few days so he sent you some pajamas.” { Actually I don’t like looking at you in the hospital gown. I should have them order better looking ones in the future.}

   LiMei has a quizzical look on her face why would Dr. Woo send me pajamas? Isn’t he in Cambodia?

   “Oh..I will have to thank him.”

   “No need he said he is sorry he can’t visit you.”{ I don’t need Xixin questioning me.}

   “You should bathe before you change.”

   “…” How am I going to do that I can’t even lift my right arm and my left arm is very weak.

   “Dr. Qiao I will need a nurse to help me. Is Nurse Ding still on duty?”

    “She is gone for the day but I assigned her to you as of tomorrow morning.”

    Rui decided when the clothes arrived he would bathe LiMei. “Miss Feng the other nurses are busy with an emergency and I have time before my dinner engagement I can do it.’

    LiMei has a twinge of jealousy wondering if his dinner engagement is with Wang Rebecca. “I can wait until later I don’t want to trouble you Dr. Qiao.”

     Rui thinks it is no trouble at all actually it would be my pleasure. “It is no trouble Miss Feng I want you to be comfortable while you are in my hospital. I promised your cousin I would take good care of you.”

    LiMei watches Rui as he walks into the bathroom feeling pressure in her heart. Oh my God he is going to bathe me? How can I have his hands on my body without reacting to his touch. LiMei’s face turns red imagining him washing her body.

   Out by the nurses’ station Wang Li pushes Meng QiQi in a wheelchair to check in at the desk for x rays. The nurses are gossiping about Qiao Rui and Feng LiMei, both Wang Li and Meng QiQi’s ears perk up when they mention Feng LiMei’s name. Wang Li wonders why the little plain girl is in the hospital and Meng QiQi wonders how she can afford a VIP room.

    Nurse Guyin suddenly stops talking when she sees them approach, “Which Doctor sent you to this floor? I don’t see the orders.”

    Wang Li is impatient he wants to finish at the hospital then surprise his wife, “Dr. Lee.”

   “Just give me a moment to call his medical assistant.”

   Meng QiQi’s curiosity is peaked she tells Wang Li to push her over closer to the desk.

    “…” He pushes her over and Meng QiQi smiles at the other nurse, “Hi, What a coincidence my good friend Qin..” Then she corrects herself, “Feng LiMei is a patient on this floor?”

    The nurse looks at the woman in the wheelchair with a worried look, they could get fired for revealing patient’s names. How can she get out of this situation the woman obviously heard her and Nurse Guyin’s conversation.

    Luckily Nurse Guyin quickly hangs up the phone interrupting them, “I will take you to x ray they can take you now that I have the doctor’s orders. She comes around the corner and begins pushing the wheelchair down the hallway. Dr. Qiao just made a point not to reveal patient’s information she begins sweating considering the consequences if Feng LiMei is disturbed.

     Smiling Meng QiQi can tell from their reaction that Feng LiMei is on this floor somewhere, she needs to get close to her and this could be the perfect opportunity.

    After they arrive in the x ray waiting room the technician comes out then wheels Meng QiQi into the next room. Wang Li gets his phone out calling Chen Jianyu, “Hey Boss I think Feng LiMei is in Qiao Rui’s hospital.”

    Chen Jianyu has gone back to the Crescent Moon Hotel to shower before going to the Black Lotus Club for dinner. “What…did her cold get worse?”

   “I don’t know. When I was wheeling the actress in for x rays the nurses at the desk were saying something about Qiao Rui and Feng LiMei.”

   Chen Jianyu has a complicated look on his face didn’t Leng Shuai say she was working for him until Monday? “Find out. Is the actress having her ankle examined?”


   “Then you can leave you don’t need to babysit her according to Huan she might be faking her injury.”

   Wang Li hangs up telling the other technician to inform Meng QiQi when she is finished Hushang Entertainment will send a car to take her home. He hands him a Hushang Entertainment business card then leaves to find out about Feng LiMei.

    Meng QiQi is getting nervous as the technician takes the x rays hoping they at least show even a small injury. She hadn’t thought it out completely when she faked the fall but when that haughty bitch was making fun of her outfit she wanted some revenge. How was she to know the slut is related to the Director.

   Wang Li asks the nurses at the desk about Feng LiMei, they have had a chance to compose themselves and say the information is confidential. Wang Li thinks fuck it I will call Qiao Rui myself, he dials his number Rui doesn’t answer.

    Dammit! Why did I tell the Boss about the plain girl.

    Rui checks the bathwater it is the perfect temperature he smiles thinking about bathing LiMei. He walks out of the bathroom over to the bed. LiMei nervously watches him approaching her voice is trembling, “Dr. Qiao I can wait… I don’t feel at ease having you bathe me.”

   He leans his handsome face down his hot breath on her cheek with a low voice he says, “The bath is prepared you don’t want to waste my efforts do you?”

   LiMei’s eyes are wide it is almost like he is flirting,“…but..”

   Before she can think of anything to say Rui pulls down the quilt covering her. Slipping the gown gently over her head he then lifts her naked body into his arms to carry her to the bathroom. She has no time to react with no strength in her arms to push him away.

      LiMei’s entire body is covered in a pink blush as her naked body is held in his tight embrace and she can’t do anything. She can feel his large hand on her thin waist and LiMei’s mind is chaotic this is not a good situation. What is he thinking what if someone came in and witnessed this ambiguous scene.

   “Miss Feng there is no reason to be embarrassed I am a doctor.”

   “…” LiMei’s body is heating up and she is worried Rui can feel her heart beating rapidly as she lays in his arms, his unique masculine scent is intoxicating making her desire for him almost unbearable. Small beads of sweat are forming on her forehead.

   “Are you hot?” Rui can’t resist teasing her when he sees her blushing all over. 

    “It is a little warm in here.”

    He tenderly places her slender body into the bathwater keeping her injured arm hanging over the edge so it doesn’t come into contact with the water. LiMei feels instantly relaxed as her body becomes submerged in the warm water, and her mind becomes hazy. Rui had put some relaxing powder made from a rare Silver Moonlight Root into the water knowing she would be tense with him bathing her. 

     Seeing her face turning bright red he lifts her chin with his hand, “Miss Feng there is no reason to be embarrassed I am a doctor.”

     LiMei for some reason is starting to feel relaxed, “That’s right you have probably seen alot of naked women.”

     Rui doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry when she says this. Maybe he has but her beautiful face and perfect body is the first one to make desire rise up in him at the sight of it.

     LiMei’s beautiful green eyes have an alluring misty appearance from the effects of the relaxation powder added to the water. Rui can feel his heart pounding at the sight of her creamy white body convincing himself his actions are justified because of her deception. Staring into her deep green eyes he thinks you deceived me LiMei now I am returning it back to you.

    Taking a soft washcloth he begins to wash LiMei she can feel his hands as he touches her body but she is in a dreamlike state. The sensation of his hands caressing her body stimulates her innermost desire and she wants him to kiss her, “Kiss me Rui..”

   Rui is stunned when he hears her seductive voice, he only put the powder in the water to relax LiMei, it doesn’t have an aphrodisiac quality does it? Looking at the lustful look in LiMei’s eyes he is slightly worried. He has never used the powder before but Woo Xixin told him it is a highly effective relaxant, when Rui was having the headaches he gave it to him but he never used it.

    He moves away from the bathtub dialing Woo Xixin, no answer. Dammit! He dials again this time he answers, “Rui what is it?” Why is he calling at four o’clock in the morning?

   “Xixin you know the relaxation powder you gave me..the one made with Silver Moonlight Root?”

   “Yes what about it?”

   “Does it have aphrodisiac properties.”

   Woo Xixin can hear the worry in Rui’s voice but he thinks it is funny. “Rui why in hell would I give you an aphrodisiac to relax you? It should only put you in a highly relaxed state.”

   “That’s it?” He glances over at LiMei laying in the bathtub.

   Woo Xixin yawns,“It might make your innermost thoughts come to the surface and your body might be sensitive to stimulation. I originally developed it for use in interrogations because a person will be unable to formulate complex thoughts needed to lie or disguise intent, of course that is when it is ingested. Why did you experience some sort of physical reaction when you used the powder?”

   “I was curious. Go back to sleep.”

    Rui walks back over to the bathtub, LiMei’s eyes are half open and her long black eyelashes are fluttering. He takes his finger running it down her face then stopping on her lips. LiMei can feel his finger on her lips and she lightly kisses it then sweetly smiles. 

     Rui can feel his heart pounding in his chest, if what Woo Xixin said is true then her response to my touch reveals her true feelings for me. She isn’t being stimulated by an aphrodisiac.

    LiMei feels his finger leave her lips and has a slight frown on her face looking at him, “Rui come closer…kiss me.”

   Rui can hardly resist the temptation he has never wanted a woman like he wants this beautiful young girl laying naked in the bath.

    He has a thought if what Xixin said is true she would be honest in answering questions if the powder in the bath has the same effect.  His hands slide down her stomach as he washes her. The closer he gets to her hips her body is arching with his touch, Rui is getting excited seeing her reaction but he would rather have some answers before he takes it any farther.

    “LiMei do you love me?”

   LiMei wants to hold him she rests her left hand on his shirt as he leans over her at the side of the bathtub, “Hold me Rui..”

   The seductive look on her face and light touch of her hand on his chest makes his breathing ragged he controls his desire to take her into his arms asking again, “LiMei do you love me?”

   “I can’t.” Tears start forming in LiMei’s eyes making her look even more fragile and beautiful

   Rui stares into her misty eyes, what kind of answer is that! Of course you can! “You can.”

   “I can’t… you are married.”

   Rui wants to tell her right now he is not married to that bitch Wang Rebecca. “I’m not.”

   “Yes you are.”

   “…” Rui can’t explain right now. He decides to ask another question that is bothering him. “Who is the man you were with when you got shot.”

    “The stupid tyrant.”

  Does the bastard abuse her is that why she calls him that? He is getting angry at the thought, his voice is domineering “ What is his name?”

  “The stupid tyrant. I’m sleepy Rui…” LiMei starts slipping down into the water, Rui quickly pulls her up holding her next to him. Dammit! He brushes her wet hair off her delicate face then presses his lips against hers frustrated he didn’t get the answers he wanted before she fell asleep.

 After kissing her a few more times he lifts her out of the water then dries her body. After wrapping LiMei in a towel he  places her onto the couch. Opening one of the bags on the floor by the couch he picks a navy blue satin pair of pajamas with white lace flowers on the top. He lifts her up carefully slipping the silk pajamas onto her body when they are buttoned he puts LiMei on the bed.

    Going back to the bathroom he gets the blow dryer to dry her long black hair thinking about the cute way she was asking him to kiss her when she was in the bath. LiMei you are not going to get away from me in this lifetime. I know you love me too, it is only a matter of time until we can be together.

   Sitting on the edge of the bed he bends over lightly kissing her soft pink lips then holds her up to comb her wet hair. When he is finished he turns on the blow dryer when her hair is dried he leans her back onto the pillows. The navy blue color of the pajamas makes her skin look white as snow, gazing at her with a pampering look he holds her tiny warm hand whispering, “Saturday I will tell you the truth about my fake marriage. I know you love me too I could see it in your eyes. Nothing will come between us again.” He lovingly caresses her cheek then kisses her again savoring her sweet flavor.

   Delun is at the nurses’ desk with LiMei’s dinner. Nurse Guyin tells him he needs to wait.  he is impatient he was stuck in traffic on the way over so the food has been in the container for awhile already. “I can’t wait, her dinner will get cold.”

   “Dr. Qiao said you need to check with him first he patient is sleeping.”

    Delun takes out his phone calling Rui, when he answers Delun says, “Rui what is going on I have Feng LiMei’s dinner.”

   “She is sleeping but she should wake up soon. Come on down.”

   Rui looks at his watch he should leave to get ready to go to dinner at the Black Lotus Club. He clenches his fists at his side, when Xiaobo gives me the man’s identity I will make sure he pays for hurting LiMei.

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