Banquet Part 5

Leng Shuai becomes furious watching Rui’s possessive gesture caressing LiMei’s waist and his taunting expression. That cocky son of a bitch! Why didn’t I let him find Feng LiMei with me in the supply room, I would have loved to have seen his expression wondering what I was doing with his precious woman in a locked room! Well the little girl owes me a favor and I plan on collecting tonight! He downs his whiskey in one gulp slamming the empty glass down on the bar he loudly orders the startled bartender, “Give me another one!”

   His brother and Kang Jin stare at him surprised at his sudden outburst. Leng Xiaosi knows he never loses control especially in public but obviously from his dark aura right now is ready to kill someone. Shuai has never paid attention to a woman before it must be CEO Qiao, he has crossed my brother’s bottom line somehow. The girl must be a pawn in some game they are playing why else would Shuai pretend to be my cousin not the CEO of LE in front of the little beauty.

   Kang Jin wonders what is going on with Qiao Rui and Daiyu. Shuai introduced her as his girlfriend on Shingu Island, did they break up now she is seeing that man? What is going on between the three of them, a love triangle? No Qin Daiyu isn’t the type to play two men against each other, it must be a conflict between business rivals. He glances over at LiMei as Rui puts food on a plate then hands it to LiMei who seems to be reluctant to take the plate from him.

   Kang Jin observes their interaction she still has the sweet smile he remembers from high school, how did she get involved with two powerful men anyway? I still have the tickets i was going to give her to my next concert when I do maybe she will confide in me. It really wouldn’t be wise to get caught in between those two men. I don’t much about Qiao Rui but the way he was able to become CEO of Qiao Corporation right after the scandal with Wang Rebecca he isn’t simple. I will need to ask my cousin Weisheng about him he might know.

   Both men ignore the suffocating atmosphere surrounding Leng Shuai not wanting to get involved. Leng Xiaosi and Kang Jin continue their conversation discussing the latest drama Kang Jin has begun for LE Entertainment. Luz nervously pulls on Kang Jin’s sleeve afraid LiMei will leave with Rui. 

     While she was in the bathroom with LiMei she had a chance to study her face and came to the conclusion there is a very good chance the young woman is Qin Daiyu. She politely interrupts,“Kang Jin, excuse me I need to check in with my agent I am going to step outside to make a phone call.”

   “I will wait for you here.”

   “Thank you.” She hurries to the balcony outside the banquet room taking out her phone she calls Scorpion, no one is allowed to directly contact Kuang Bo they need to go through him.

   Leaning on the bar Leng Shuai downs his drink his eyes redden from his anger fueled by the whiskey,You want to fuck with me Qiao well don’t mind me for being impolite! Slightly drunk he smiles wickedly, “Xiaosi go tell Feng LiMei she needs to accompany you tonight or there will be no tip for the other employees tonight.” I know LiMei won’t let the people she works with down that is why she accepted the job tonight because she thinks she owes the Kitchen Manager. He glares at Rui across the room, game on you asshole!


   “You heard me. She thinks you are the CEO of LE she won’t refuse.”

   “I have to give my speech.”

   “It can wait.” He motions for the bartender to refill his empty glass, “Make it a double.” He swallows another gulp of the fiery alchohol. “Or don’t even give a fucking speech to these assholes. I don’t give a fuck. The only people I wanted to see here,Li Tian and Zhou Mo, didn’t come, the rest are meaningless. Leng Shuai growls, ” I will take care of them for not giving LE face. “

     He sneers, “Look at these insignificant bastards.” He waves his drink towards the crowd, “I can crush all of  them like ants under my heel without any effort whatsoever.”

   Trying to act as though he can’t hear Leng Shuai’s ravings Kang Jin silently backs up giving the brothers some space. Kang Jin wants to leave he has heard of Leng Shuai’s dangerous side but has never felt it until right now it is almost hard to breathe standing next to him. Sensing his brother’s drunken behavior may influence Kang Jin’s participation in future projects Leng Xiaosi quickly tells him, “Jin could you do me a favor?”

    “Sure what do you need?”

   “Go tell the dancers to start their performance.”

   “Could you tell Luz if she comes back that is where I am.” Kang Jin gratefully nods then leaves the two brothers.

   “What the fuck Shuai this whole banquet was your idea. I thought you wanted to come into Pushong City in an amiable way so LE could transition peacefully.”

   “Changed my mind.”

   “ Seriously brother, are you actually interested in that little girl?” Feng LiMei could be called a rare beauty with her natural good looks, wearing light makeup her features are flawless. I still don’t see why Shuai would act this out of character though, there must be something else going on with him.

   Leng Shuai’s swirls around the ice in his glass unwilling to admit his feelings to his brother. He reverts to his emotionless attitude,“No.”

   “Then what is going on?”

   “None of your business just do as I say… unless you want me to really turn the reins of LE over to you…it would cramp your carefree lifestyle though.”

   “Dammit Shuai why do you always threaten me with you returning to New York!”

   “It works.”

   “ I will do as you ask.” He walks over to where Rui and LiMei are standing by the buffet. Glancing back at his brother he approaches them what the hell are we in fucking high school! Shuai could have any woman he wants with his looks and wealth why is he bothering with a young girl. If father finds out…he has already been pressuring him to go on blind dates… he will definitely put an end to Shuai’s infatuation with Feng LiMei.

   Leng Shuai smiles, this should be fun…the little girl will reluctantly follow Xiaosi and Qiao Rui’s smug face will turn black. “Bartender one more, no ice.”

   LiMei looks around then drags Rui by his arm around a pillar salivating looking at the plate of food he is carrying, “Okay I am starving but I really need to get back to work.”

   Rui’s handsome face has a doting expression while he feeds her a piece of shrimp, “Good?” He can’t help but smile she looks like a satisfied kitten.

   “Umm..good….hurry more.”

   Rui picks up a piece of the sliced steak placing the tender meat into LiMei’s mouth, “LiMei you don’t need to work here tonight the other servers are plenty. Let’s go back to my room.” I can’t wait much longer to have you naked laying under me again. His body heats up gazing at her soft pink lips glistening with the oil from the meat. 

   LiMei finishes chewing wishing she had a glass of wine to go with the mouth watering food, “It’s only a couple more hours then we have all weekend.”

  Rui presses her up against the pillar, his voice low and seductive, “Baby I can’t wait.” He licks the oil from her pink lips then gently bites her, “You are torturing me watching you walk around all these men in this tight dress.” He puts his hand around her slim waist tightening his hold while kissing her snow white neck tasting her sweet flavor.  I’m going to go crazy if we don’t leave soon, Leng Shuai the bastard hasn’t taken his eyes off of you. Do you think I don’t notice he wants you?  He leans into her, she can feel his hot breath spraying on her sensitive earlobe”Leave with me now.”

  LiMei gazes into his dark eyes full of lust recalling him tossing her around on the bed she blushes. Pointing at the plate with her slender finger she tries to divert his attention, “Rui, could I have another bite of the steak?”


   LiMei unhappily watches him set the plate down on a small table next to the pillar, but I am really hungry!

   Leng Xiaosi saw them go around the corner then followed thinking they went to sit on the couches behind the pillar. When he steps behind the pillar he witnesses them leaning on it kissing and coughs to get their attention. LiMei opens her eyes and gasps, immediately pushing Rui away she straightens out her dress, Oh My God! Why do I let Rui do whatever he wants with me! I’m supposed to be working! How embarrassing!

   Leng Xiaosi’s eyes darken with a hint of desire, he can’t help but smile staring at her red cheeks and wide eyes staring at him like a frightened bunny. In the moment he is momentarily stunned looking at her innocent face coated with a thin layer of lust, no wonder my brother wants her, what man wouldn’t be attracted to that alluring appearance. I have seen many beautiful woman but there only a few that can look innocent and seductive at the same time stirring a man’s desire to possess them. This little bunny makes a man want to bully her so he can see that expression on her beautiful face.

    He snaps out of his trance his voice tinged with amusement, “Miss Feng shouldn’t you be working?”


    “I need you to accompany me over to my table.”

   Rui steps in front of LiMei blocking Leng Xiaosi’s view he couldn’t help but notice the way he was looking at LiMei’s flushed face. No one can see that look but me! I didn’t want to expose this information  yet  but no way am I letting LiMei go with Leng Xiaosi. “Mr. Leng first could I speak with you for a moment.”

   “En.” Leng Xiaosi can feel Rui’s killing intent which doesn’t lose out to his own brother’s murderous aura. Why did Shuai get me involved? I only wanted to show up at this banquet play my part, maybe hook up with a beautiful woman tonight to make Nuan jealous.

   They step away leaving LiMei with her heart pounding wondering what they are discussing. Wringing her hands she decides the best solution would be to go back to work before they notice her slip away. Taking this opportunity to flee she hurries over to the work station picking up a tray full of drinks. Wheww..I don’t even want to know what they are talking about! She shivers, Rui looked very angry even though he attempted to suppress his killing intent I could feel it.

   Rui saw LiMei leave so he has no qualms about confronting Leng Xiaosi. “Mr Leng. I would call you CEO Leng but both you and I know you are only your brother’s puppet. LiMei won’t be accompanying you or that bastard of a brother of yours. She is mine.”

   “CEO Qiao since she presently an employee of the Crescent Moon Hotel working at this banquet she will do as I say.”

   “Do you actually think I would allow my woman to follow you? Then you don’t know me very well.”

   “I think Feng LiMei wouldn’t want to disappoint her co workers their compensation depends on how pleased I am.”

   “You will be giving them a huge tip and telling LiMei to accompany me for the evening.”

   “Pfft! I heard you are arrogant but I didn’t know you are delusional also. Why would I do that.”

   “Because if you don’t your brother’s plan to collaborate with Li Tian in Catang City will never happen.”

   Leng Xiaosi’s face changes as his calm expression disappears, black lines form on his forehead. How does this bastard even know about Shuai’s plans? he has been working secretly on this for two months.  Composing himself he acts unconcerned,  “I have no idea what you are talking about.”

   Rui’s lips curl up as he taunts him,“You don’t exactly have your bother’s ability to hide your reaction, it is written all over your face you do know exactly to what I am referring.”

   “…” Leng Xiaosi isn’t sure what he should do, Qiao Rui doesn’t look like he is bluffing. Dammit Shuai all for that little girl you are putting me in a very awkward position. I can see why Shuai hates this bastard his mocking tone makes me want to punch him in the face. “I think you need to elaborate.”

  “Tell your brother I own the land.”

   “The land… what land?” I thought Li Group secured the property from some fucking half dead old man.

   Rui twists the flawless black jade ring engraved with a tiger on his finger then looks at Leng Xiaosi with a penetrating gaze,“If I decide not to sell the land to Li Tian there is no Mega Mall project. If Li Tian should find out the reason I refused to sell was because of the Leng brothers…well you can imagine the outcome… you have heard of his infamous temper haven’t you.”

   Infuriated by Rui’s insufferable arrogance Leng Xiaosi reaches to grab his collar, before he can get close Rui grabs his hand crushing it as he laughs,” You have thirty seconds to decide,which do you think is more important to your elder brother a multi million dollar project or Feng LiMei?”

   Leng Xioasi unable to wrestle his hand from Rui’s grip resists the urge to look at his hand it is throbbing. Meeting Rui’s fierce eyes he grits his teeth sptting out,  “I will tell Feng LiMei to accompany you.”

   Rui lets go of his hand his voice intimidating as he narrows his eyes, “Don’t think about telling her about our conversation either.”

   Leng Xiaosi shakes his hand trying to get the blood circulating again, Motherf***er! How strong is that bastard, I work out everyday and couldn’t see his fucking hand coming towards mine then I couldn’t get it out of his grasp. Isn’t he a god damn doctor? I could feel his internal force might even exceed Shuai’s, what the fuck! He grimaces stretching his long fingers, Shuai is going to be pissed!

   Satisfied LiMei will be in his bed soon Rui grins as he walks out into the banquet room that worked out surprisingly well! Now LiMei there is no reason for you not to stay by my side tonight. 

     He picks up his pace when he locates LiMei offering a drink to Chen Hua, taking a few long strides he reaches the group of ladies. Chen Hua sees the warm smile on his face and is shocked, she has never seen such a tender smile on her brother’s friend’s cold face. Thinking he is smiling at her she coquettishly says, “Qiao Rui long time no see.” He ignores her completely and takes LiMei’s free hand pulling her away from the group of ladies.


   “LiMei since I am on my own tonight without a date CEO Leng graciously offered for you to accompany me.”

   “…” LiMei doesn’t believe the situation is that simple, obviously Leng Shuai asked his cousin to cause trouble for me tonight how did this turn around happen.

   Rui isn’t going to give LiMei a chance to escape, “Put your tray down, are you still hungry?” He tightly holds onto her hand satisfied she will be next to him for the evening. Fuck you Leng Shaui! I wish I could see the look on your face when your little  brother tells you I own that farmland.

    “Rui…what are you doing? I can’t stay by your side there will be too many questions, not to mention I am dressed as a server in this red qipao.”

   “It isn’t uncommon for the host to provide women for single guests.” 

    LiMei’s face turns red, people will think I’m an escort? What is Rui thinking!

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