Banquet Part 3

When she witnessed the alluring woman with her arms draped over Rui laughing and his intimate gesture of holding her hand LiMei’s heart skipped a beat. Unable to continue moving towards his direction she quickly turns her head away gasping for air as her chest tightens. While her mind is in chaos a light mist forms in her eyes, that’s right Qiao Rui is a Golden Bachelor of Pushong City who do you think you are Qin Daiyu… that you would really have a place in his heart

   LiMei’s legs feel weak as she navigates through the well dressed crowd over to the side of the room to get control of her emotions. Leaning up against the wall behind one of the intricately embroidered screens where Rui is no longer in view she begins shaking trying to hold back her tears. Get a hold of yourself Daiyu you are leaving town next week anyway don’t let this get to you it was inevitable. 

     Full of an overwhelming sense of loss she brushes her tears that are beginning to roll down her cheek away with her fingers. She takes a deep breath I will avoid Rui then after my shift I am going to retrieve the Golden Dragon. I will call the Old Man and find a buyer. While she tries to calm herself down in front of the screen two men are in a heated discussion, LiMei recognizes Leng Shuai’s voice. Who is he talking to in that threatening manner?

    “This isn’t the place to discuss that business, I suggest you reconsider.”

   The man angrily says,“No fucking way you thieving bastard! The only reason I came to this banquet is because you have been ignoring my calls!”

   Leng Shuai snickers,“That should have told you something.”

   “I’m not going to let you steal my hard work and leave me no way out!”

   “What is done can’t be reversed you should have thought twice about trying to screw me. You are lucky I don’t destroy every branch of your miserable family for attempting to stab me in the back. LE terms were more than reasonable and you agreed, you can only blame yourself for mismanaging the company and your son’s gambling.”

   “Listen Motherf****r  don’t think I won’t burn my company to the ground before I let you have it… I found out you own the f**king casino…” The man doesn’t finish his sentence as Leng Shuai reacts emitting a strong killing intent full when he grabs the man by his throat. His  cold and hansome face remains emotionless but tightens his large hand lifting the man off the ground, squeezing his thin neck the terrified man’s eyes begin to water and redden as he struggles to breathe.

   LiMei feels trapped behind the screen not making a sound. If I walk out now Leng Shuai will definitely know I overheard their conversation. He owns an illegal casino on the side? I wonder if his boss knows that. He really sounds like CEO Leng’s enforcer.

   Out of the corner of his eye Leng Shuai sees snow white ankles and tiny feet behind the screen, listening to my conversation? You want to die? He releases his grip on the man who falls to the ground his eyes bulging and his breathing ragged gasping for air.  Lifting his long muscular leg he kicks the man’s twitching body that is crumpled on the floor calmly saying, “Enjoy the banquet.”

   The man struggles to get up then staggers away looking back at Leng Shuai , he is insane how did he find out about the deal I made with Zangwa Yan?

   LiMei anxiously waits listening for Leng Shuai to leave but doesn’t hear any movement. She mutters to herself,“Why is he still standing there?

   Leng Shuai lips curl up when he recognizes LiMei’s soft voice. He playfully pops head around the screen, “Little girl shouldn’t you be serving the guests?”

   His sudden appearance startles LiMei she was looking towards the other side of the screen, she jumps back dropping the tray of drinks in her hand. “Dammit Leng Shuai!”

   Leng Shuai looks down at the broken glasses and spilled champagne on the floor, “I will have to inform Zhou Jason to dock your pay.”

  “It was your fault!”

   He can’t help but admire her nerve if any other woman was behind the screen she would be petrified. This brave little girl is even trying to blame me for her clumsiness. Interesting! He bends down in an intimidating fashion to see her reaction, lifting her chin with his long finger, “My fault you were hiding behind this screen eavesdropping on my private conversation?”

   “Ahh..ahh I didn’t hear anything.”

   “That is good because I would have to kill you.”

   LiMei stares into his bottomless black eyes while shaking her head, he is definitely my unlucky star. She smiles at him innocently, “Well it’s lucky then I wasn’t paying attention. I need to get something to clean this mess up. “ She pushes his strong chest and he doesn’t budge,  “You should get back to the banquet your boss might be looking for you.”

   He looks down with a glimmer of tenderness in his obsidian eyes the little idiot is standing in a puddle of champagne. He easily lifts her up and places her on the dry floor,“I’m not in a hurry.” Leng Shuai’s hands feel warm touching her thin waist, I have seen her eat how can she be so light? 

    “Has Qiao Rui been starving you?”

    “…” So annoying!

   “I need to clean my heels and this mess I don’t want you to have more of my pay docked for loitering.” She steps away from him with a quizzical look on her face scratching her head, “ I wonder where they keep the mop?”

      She is too cute. “Go tell your supervisor to send someone to clean the floor.”

    “Leng Shuai are you stupid! How am I going to explain being behind this screen over in a corner.”

    “Why are you?”

    “None of your business.”

    He can’t resist the urge to tease her he leans down whispering in her ear,“Could it be because Qiao Rui is at the bar with a beautiful ballerina?”

   LiMei’s body stiffens then she wrinkles her forehead… Ballerina?  Shrugging her shoulders disguising the pain in her heart she replies, “No I haven’t seen him… why would I care anyway?”

   He can tell by her hurt expression she saw Qiao Rui and very much cares. “That is good you don’t care I overheard them being very intimate.”

   “Looks like I’m not the only eaves…” Stopping herself mid sentence she smiles, “Shouldn’t you be protecting your Boss? Maybe he will dock your pay.”

   “…” Leng Shuai grins at the variety of expressions that have crossed her beautiful face. “He hasn’t arrived yet I will help you find the cleaning supply room.”

   “No need. I saw it when I was looking for the banquet room.” LiMei peers around the embroidered silk screen when she doesn’t see Chu Nancy she breathes a sigh of relief confidently walking to the back of the banquet room. Ignoring Leng Shuai following she quickly heads to the exit to get the mop.

   Leng Shuai follows her out into the hallway LiMei turns around frowning,“Why are you following me?”

   “No reason.”

   LiMei thinks she has never met a man who has such thick skin, “You should just go back to the banquet.”

   “Boring.” It definitely is more fun being with the little kitten. When he was bending down he inhaled her light fragrance that was intoxicating. What would it be like to nibble on that little ear of hers and taste those delicate pink lips? Maybe I should see tonight.

   LiMei opens the door to the supply room ignoring him  she picks up a mop and a bucket. Leng Shuai bursts out laughing, “Don’t you think you will call a lot of attention to yourself wheeling in that huge bucket and mop? Just get a cloth and a trash bag for the broken glass you don’t need to mop the whole floor.”

   What he says makes sense, “Yeah you are right.” LiMei reaches up to try and get the trash bags on the third shelf she can’t quite grab them. Leng Shuai behind her stretches his arm up easily pulling two plastic bags down. 

   “Thank you.”

   After she picks up a spray bottle of cleaner and a couple cloths she twists the doorknob, what the hell! why is the door stuck? She tries harder to turn the knob as Leng Shuai lazily puts his hand on hers, She glares at him, “What are you doing?”

   “I’m going to open the door for you.” He smiles as she squeezes her hand from under his, “It is stuck.”

   “What?” He tries to turn the doorknob when the door won’t open he mutters,“What the fuck.”

   LiMei glares at him with her hands on her slender hips, “Do you think the man you were threatening locked us in here?”

   He has an amused tone as his eyes narrow lifting her chin staring into her wide eyes, “I thought you weren’t listening to our conversation.”

   “…” Dammit this stupid tyrant doesn’t miss anything! He loves to bully me!  “Do you have your cell phone? Call someone!”

   Inside the banquet room Rui tells Elena he needs to meet someone as he finishes his drink. She is sure the poison has entered his body from the way his pupils are dilated so she graciously says, “I hope you will come to the ballet tomorrow.” 

   “En.” Rui doesn’t bother to tell her he won’t be in Pushong City. After he sets his glass down he wanders through the people irritated he hasn’t been able to find LiMei. He stops a woman with a tray of drinks, “Where can I find a server named Feng LiMei?”


   “Feng LiMei.”

   “I don’t know her.”

   Rui takes out some money from his wallet handing it to her.”She is from room service working here tonight.”

   She thinks for a minute quickly stuffing the money into her dress, “The new girl…right..I saw her leaving through the back door with a very tall man.”

   Rui’s face darkens and his eyes have a dangerous glint as he grabs her arm, “What did you say!”

   The woman can feel his murderous aura, “I…I saw her walk out and a man was following behind her.”

   He lets go of her arm then storms towards the door where she was pointing, LiMei where are you? Who is the bastard ? I will fucking kill him if he touches you! Rui’s blood is boiling as he looks down the hallway, where could she be?

   Halfway down the hallway he sees there are only a couple doors and an elevator. Did she go down to the kitchen.

   LiMei annoyed assuming the man who was arguing with Leng Shuai locked them inside for revenge bangs on the door in exasperation. “I don’t have my phone call someone to get us out of here.”

   Small beads of sweat are starting to form on her forehead, she has claustrophobia since Kuang Fu punished her when she first came to the Black Sky Organization. She was a fragile girl when she was sent there and was unable to keep up with the other recruits training in the woods by the compound. 

     Caught in a trap she plummeted down into a narrow hole, hitting her head on the descent, dizzy and full of cuts from jagged rocks with no strength to climb out of the deep hole. She screamed into the night for someone to save her crying until she was exhausted thinking she would die in the trap. Kuang Fu left her there  through the cold night until Kuang Bo came to throw a rope down the muddy hole to pull her out in the morning.

   Hungry and weak her slender arms clutched onto the rope but she was too fragile to pull herself out. Kuang Fu had instructed his brother not to go down into the trap to rescue her if she couldn’t complete the simple task of climbing up the rope she could rot in there. Looking down at the delicate girl he cursed his brother for his cruel treatment of Daiyu so Kuang Bo attached a rope to a nearby tree then jumped inside the hole. 

     He held onto her frail body pulling them both up the rope. He carefully gave her sips of water and applied ointment to her wounds before they returned to the compound. He knew if Kuang Fu discovered he disobeyed him he would be severely punished.

   LiMei’s face pales feeling as though she can’t breathe, “Leng Shuai call someone to get us out of here!”

   Leng Shuai wants to tease her some more, “My phone has no battery.”

   Pacing around trying to adjust her internal energy and calm her mind she glares at him, “How can you have no battery? What if your boss needed to call you?”

   “I was busy and didn’t notice.”

   Frustrated LiMei pounds on the door, “Hey someone open the door! We are locked in here!”

   Leng Shuai smiles listening to her aggrieved tone,“I don’t know if anyone will hear you this hallway seems deserted.”

   Tightening her fists at her side she replies,“Someone will need to come down this hallway to the elevator to replenish the buffet from the kitchen downstairs.”

   Leng Shuai calmly leans his long body on a metal shelf, the banquet just started that could be an hour or more.

   LiMei moves away from the door having a panic attack as she feels the walls are closing in on her, “Kick the door I would but I am wearing heels.” She tries to adjust her breathing ordering him, “DO IT!”

   “…” Leng Shuai sees LiMei doesn’t look well she has sweat on her forehead and her beautiful face is pale, is she claustrophobic? He decides he won’t tease her anymore and is about to take out his phone out of his pocket when he hears Qiao Rui’s voice outside the door, “LiMei are you in there?”

   LiMei becomes more panicked hearing his voice than at being locked in the room. Her eyes widen and she grabs Leng Shuai’s arm, in a low voice pleading, “HIDE!”

   He looks down at her complicated expression,“What?”

   She pulls his arm dragging him around to the back behind some cartons stacked on the floor, “Here…stay here and don’t make a sound. If you do I…you can ask me any favor you want..”

   Leng Shuai’s deep eyes have a mischievous gleam as he lifts her chin, “Any favor?”

   “Yes..yes whatever… just don’t let Rui see you! Stay here.”

   Leng Shuai remains in the back of the room the little kitten is going to regret those words. So she does still care about Qiao Rui even after seeing him with another woman. 

   She hurries back to the door, “Rui..Get someone to open the door, I got locked in here.”

   Rui wonders how she got stuck in the cleaning supply room who would I ask for a key? Fuck it! “LiMei stand back from the door.”

   “Okay.” LiMei steps back she notices Leng Shuai looking over the boxes, she waves her hands frantically motioning for him to get down.

   Suddenly with a loud bang the door flies open, LiMei runs over to Rui grabbing him around the waist. Rui gazes down at the petite girl clinging onto him with short black hair with brown eyes, what the hell?

   LiMei looks up at him her voice trembling, “I thought I would be stuck in here, I’m so glad you found me! ” She doesn’t have a chance to say anything else because he kisses her lips possessively, maybe it was a coincidence a man left the same direction she did no one is in the room here with her.

   LiMei puts her jade like arms around his neck kissing him back, when she comes to her senses she remembers Leng Shuai is hiding in the back of the room.  Smiling grabbing onto his hand she says,“Let’s go out in the hallway.”

   Rui holds her small hand and they leave the storage room, the door is barely hanging on by one hinge. LiMei looks at the door that must have been an explosive kick to knock the door leaving it barely attached.

   “Why were you in the cleaning supply room?” He glanced back inside of the room and doesn’t see a man maybe it was a coincidence a man left the same direction she did. They walk down the hallway towards the banquet room.

    “There was a spill on the banquet room floor so I went to get a mop.”

   He pushes her up against the wall leaning over her kissing her earlobe he whispers,“ Baby,why are wearing a wig and brown contacts?” She looks like a delicate doll, the red dress clings to her slender body, with the short black wig accentuates her flawless features framing her small face. He pictures her walking through the banquet room surrounded by other men he presses her slender body against the wall as he lifts her chin, “No more serving drinks tonight you are coming with me.”

   “Rui I can’t! I promised the kitchen manager!”

   “Well he doesn’t take very good care of his employees! How did you get locked in that supply room? What if I hadn’t come looking for you?”

   LiMei’s  heart melts listening to his worried tone, “You…you were looking for me?”

   She is such a dummy why else would I be in the service hallway? “Of course, when I didn’t see you I asked a server and she said you went through the back door, a man was following you.”

    LiMei gulps and her palm becomes moist, someone saw Leng Shuai following me? “I didn’t see any man. This hallway is for staff only maybe it was a kitchen worker going down for more food.”

   That’s good because I don’t know what I would do if I saw you alone with another man.  “If you insist on finishing working at the banquet you have to stay where I can see you otherwise I will worry. What if a man was stalking you then locked you in the supply room to come back later.”

LiMei has a faint smile Rui certainly has an imagination. I’m fairly sure it was the man the stupid tyrant threatened. I need to stay far away from that idiot, trouble follows me when he is around. “Anyway, thank you for saving me, I don’t like enclosed places.”

    He hugs her tightly his eyes full of love with a doting tone he tenderly says, “LiMei I will always be there for you.” Bending down he gently kisses her soft pink lip he pries open her mouth tasting her sweetness. Thinking of LiMei trapped in that room with another man lights a fire in his heart, I will marry you and keep you away from any other men.

   They walk into the banquet room as Leng Shuai exits the storage room, Qiao Rui must have strong martial arts to knock the door down with one kick. He angrily recalls when he was defeated by him in LiMei’s room at Seaside Hospital. Then the arrogant bastard had the audacity to fuck with my business forcing me to return to Hirachi City to rectify the situation. Qiao Rui I will destroy you, he lifts his swordlike eyebrow and his face darkens, I have decided to take the little kitten away from you soon she will be mine.

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