Banquet Part 1

LiMei wants to reassure Rui, she turns to him impulsively taking the initiative to kiss his lips, the unexpected feathery touch of her soft lips makes his heart pound. Returning her kiss by opening her small mouth then entangling their tongues he regrets not being able to convince her not to work tonight. 

     Savoring her sweet tast his tongue licks every corner of her moist mouth, his breathing getting ragged he pulls her into his arms tightly embracing her to his strong chest. His eyes are full of desire as he whispers seductively, “Don’t go LiMei come to my suite with me.” He licks and sucks on her neck sending an electric current through her slender body. 

     “Baby, I can’t wait until later, I want you now.” He puts his large hand on her thin waist pressing her body into his as he contines to hungrily kiss her pink lips.

    Breathless she gathers her wits, “Rui I have to go..” Her body quivers from his kisses, damn why did I commit to do this job tonight I want to go with Rui so bad!

     Reluctantly he accepts the fact he can’t change her mind, in a possessive tone he reminds her of his warning earlier. “LiMei baby remember what I said stay away from Leng Shuai.”

   She puts her head on his chest listening to his rapid heartbeat then lifts her head  staring into his deep black eyes,“I promise I will avoid him… I really need to go in now.” He kisses her again this time his kiss is demanding and fierce leaving her gasping for air. 

     His eyes are blazing with a dangerous fire burning within them, “Don’t talk to any men, unless you want me to carry you out of there.” He lifts her chin looking deep into her sparkling green eyes, his low voice carrying a subtle threat, “Do you understand Baby?”

   Flustered from his oppressive aura LiMei has a serious expression on her beautiful face. She knows how jealous he can be and from his intense gaze she gets the distinct feeling if she gives the wrong response Rui might not let her go into work.  

     LiMei coyly puts her arms around his neck looking into his eyes her voice soft and obedient,”I promise I will only serve the women…only women.” How can I even do that? He is being ridiculous…

    Satisfied with her sincerity he kisses her forehead then brushes some loose tendrils of hair behind her ear,”That is my good girl.” I really wish I could lock her away so only I could see that smile, her cute dimples and the way her eyes sparkle when she laughs. It really pisses me off she is determined to work at this fucking banquet!

   Moving out of his arms that are encircling her tiny waist LiMei quickly walks over to the employee’s entrance of the hotel before Rui changes his mind.

     Rui’s obsidian eyes narrow as the door closes, LiMei I will be watching to make sure you don’t talk to that bastard or any men!  Once Rui arrives in the underground parking garage his phone rings, wondering what news Ming Jian has about Rashid he answers, “Speak.”

   Ming Jian comes directly to the point, “Somehow Rashid got his brother out of the hospital and I haven’t been able to locate them.”

   Rui slams his hand down on the steering wheel growling into the phone he demands, “How the hell did that happen!”

   Ming Jian has worked for Rui for a few years and knows his temper, he was dreading making this call, “I think from what I can figure out someone highly skilled from the Black Sky Organization was able to arrange his escape. Now there is no information on Hamid in the police database it is as though he never existed. The two officers who were guarding Hamid’s hospital room are still unconscious.”

   Rui ponders the situation with Hamid’s injuries he will need medical attention most likely  hospitalization. “They will need to arrange treatment for him,  check the private hospitals run by the Helian Family. They have connections to the Underworld so that would be my best guess as to where he would be transported.”

   “I’m in the process of checking that out.”

   “Keep me informed. Wang Rebecca is at Su Wan’s?”


   “Jian I want this situation resolved before I go to Cambodia in the morning.” I should have just killed the motherf****r in the parking lot for touching LiMei. How incompetent are the police to let him easily escape in his condition.

   “Will do.” Ming Jian can tell by Rui’s tone he is suppressing his killing intent right now. He hangs up then takes a cigarette out of a pack. Dammit my last one! He crumples the empty pack then tosses it into the trashcan outside the hospital. As he lights the cigarette his eyes narrow and he frowns, how were they able to erase all Hamid’s information from a highly secured police computer system?

    Rui sits in his car furious that those assholes aren’t in custody. Rashid do you think I will let you go? Think again!  Who would have the expertise to hack into the system, his handsome face darkens as he dials a number, “Nina, who in the Black Sky is known for his hacking skills?”

   Nina crosses her long legs as she sits at her desk, she smiles when she sees the number, “Sweetie it’s been awhile, not even a hello first?”

   Rui has black lines forming on his forehead, “I don’t have time for pleasantries, if you get me the information I need within an hour I will wire the usual amount to your account.” He informs her of Hamid’s disappearance from police custody and subsequent erasure of his identity and crime from police records. He wants Hamid’s present location and the bastard who helped Rashid.

   She has an idea of who the culprit most likely is if he was from the Black Sky it could only be one person with that capability. But Nina doesn’t want to immediately divulge the information. “Rui honey I will get this intel but in exchange I have a favor to ask of you.”

  Annoyed he looks at his watch, I still need to shower and change so I can get to the party to see what LiMei is doing. He curtly cuts her off , “Nina whatever it is you want the answer is no I am very busy right now. So will you accept the fee and pass me the information or not.” I don’t have the patience right now to deal with you and your petty schemes.

   Her round face turns red from the anger boiling up inside of her right now. Qiao Rui has always been an arogant and cold  bastard she hoped this would be the opportunity she needed to do an information exchange. While in Berlin last year he operated on her ex husband altering his looks so he could disappear, if she could even have a composite sketch she could sell it to the Ghost Blade Syndicate. That scheming bastard played her then left with all the money he had embezzled leaving her to take the heat. Luckily she was able to prove her innocence or she would have been tossed into a watery grave at the time. 

  “I’m expected somewhere, within an hour contact Ming Jian.” Rui hangs up and gets out of his Porsche pulling LiMei’s suitcase from the back.

  “…” I wasn’t finished talking! Nina throws her phone down onto the desk screaming towards the door to her office, “Malcom get your ass in here!”

    At the hotel LiMei quickly goes into the employee’s bathroom looking around to make sure no one sees her present appearance. 

     Quickly taking out her short black wig from her purse, she twirls her long black hair up then puts on the short wig. While she looks in the mirror straightening it she smiles, it has been awhile since I have worn this wig. Oh I forgot to tell Rui I wear a wig and contacts at work. I wonder if he will recognize me? 

     LiMei giggles as she holds the case with her brown contacts. Well it will be fun seeing if he can pick me out of. all the servers haha.. Studying herself in the mirror she is satisfied, then applies some pink lip gloss. Done! Time to go to get my uniform.

   LiMei opens the door to the hotel kitchen she doesn’t recognize any of the people as she enters she was hoping to see Qiqi and Marie. There are several beautiful women dressed in traditional Chinese dresses grouped together talking when they see her enter  the woman in charge rushes over, “Are you Feng LiMei?”


    She points her long slender finger at the clock on the wall,“You are late!”

   LiMei apologizes, “Sorry, if you tell me where to get my uniform I will be ready as quickly as I can.”

    The woman frowns as she looks LiMei up and down they might not even have a dress that small, she motions to a tall young woman, “ Chu Nancy take this new girl to get a dress Hurry back we need to get out on the floor guests are arriving”

   LiMei follows behind Chu Nancy, “Thank you. I thought we were supposed to be here at seven o’clock.”

  “Don’t worry about it Miss Bing stresses out like this before an important banquet she is under a great deal of presure from the Big Boss. We don’t have a changing room so you will need to get dressed in the restroom. Have you worked a banquet here before? I don’t recognize you.”

  “No, I work in room service.” The Big Boss? Chen Jianyu? LiMei wants to chuckle picturing him in the kitchen when he was looking for ‘Kang Mei’ and she was laughing with QiQi.

   “…” Why would they have a lowly room service girl work an important party? “Have you done banquet work before?

   “No so I will need to trouble you to help me.” Dammit she is looking at me like I am a pesky mosquito she wants to swat!

   LiMei follows her down the hallway when they arrive at a back room  Chu Nancy takes a red cheongsam hanging on a row of uniforms  tossing it to her with a disgruntled look, “I’m going back, ask Miss Bing what you need to do she is in charge. But I warn you if you screw up and do anything to ruin our tip at the end…” 

     Chu Nancy rolls her eyes as she stomps down the hallway, this party is going to be attended by all the big families in Pushong City how can they have an inexperienced girl work it? This girl  looks like she is barely out of high school! What is Sun Yichen thinking!

   LiMei watches her leave, seriously isn’t she over reacting? How hard can it be to walk around with a tray of drinks? The hardest part for me tonight will be avoiding that idiot Leng Shuai and not making Rui angry as I pass out cocktails.

     Holding onto the red dress she walks out of the back room as she does she sees the kitchen manager rushing towards the kitchen. She is about to say hello when she sees him talking to Miss Bing the woman in charge of the banquet servers. Instead of intruding on their conversation she lowers her head as she passes them.

   After she changes into the cheongsam LiMei returns to the kitchen, all the people stare at LiMei as she walks into the room. Chu Nancy can’t help but gasp the difference is startling, it is hard to believe the beautiful delicate looking girl in front of them is the same girl who was in the jeans and green hoodie a few minutes ago. Wearing the crimson red cheongsam the petite girl looks like a beautiful doll, her snow white skin against the red silk is breathtaking, her face is flawless with her light makeup enhancing her perfect features.

   LiMei wonders why they are all staring at her when the banquet manager comes into the kitchen, “Listen the guests are arriving I want you each to go to your areas and serve the guests well, the LE representative Zhou Jason said if the Lengs are pleased with your service there will be a 30% bonus added onto the gratuity.”

    Everyone starts smiling and chattering among themselves that would be the biggest tip they have every received. The women leave the kitchen only LiMei is left standing there, “Excuse me Banquet Manager I am new and don’t know where my area is or my duties.”

   He looks at LiMei who is this young girl ? That’s right she must be the special young woman from room service CEO Leng personally requested. I wonder what their relationship is she looks very young. He shakes his head , I don’t have time to worry about her situation I need to finish setting up the food on the buffet tables. “What is your name?”

    “Feng LiMei.”

   The Banquet Manager snaps at LiMei, “Go ask Bing Rong what section you should cover, she should have told you already.”

   LiMei can tell by his abrupt tone he is very annoyed, she doesn’t want to get anyone in trouble, “I’m sorry I was late that is probably why there was an oversight on Miss Bing’s part.”

   He frowns that makes sense Bing Rong  usually has everyone gathered for a meeting first where she gives them instructions. If this new girl was late Bing Rong must have thought she wasn’t coming.

   The Banquet Manager’s tone is sharp, “Don’t expect any preferential treatment just because CEO Leng requested you. I will dock your pay for being tardy. Now hurry up and go find out where you are to work I’m busy.” He glances over at the kitchen line then rushes over, “Hey Louie I told you to make sure the dishes were ready promptly at seven o’clock, why isn’t the Lobster Fettucini finished!”

    “…” LiMei stands frozen processing why the Kitchen Manager asked her to work, that jerk Leng Shuai requested me? What does he plan to do to torture me tonight.

   The Banquet Manager sees she is still standing there with a dazed look on her face, “Little girl either get out there to work or leave!”

   LiMei quickly bows, “Yes Sir,” then hurries out the kitchen door, Damn I should have asked where the banquet room is located. LiMei scrunches up her nose as she looks down the hallway which way is it?

   Upstairs in his suite Leng Shuai and his brother have finished having their drinks. “So Shuai after I give the speech introducing our plans for LE Entertainment in Pushong have you decided if I should also unveil our development plan for the lower riverfront property LE purchased?”

   “No I decided to keep that under wraps for right now. Chen Construction was competing for that land also and when we won the bid I gave instructions for them not to disclose the information to the public. I still need to work out some details with the planning commission and I don’t want them pressured by the Chens.”

 “That makes sense but do you know who purchased the adjacent land you were unable to buy?”

  “No and I am very curious who has the ability not only to outbid us but keep their information private. The only reason I was able to keep our plans under wrap was because I went to school with the lawyer representing the seller, Little Yan.”

   “Is Su Ryan investigating? Not owning that strip of land will derail our plans to a certain point won’t it?”

   “That is why I don’t think the purchase was simple. What good would it be to own that land without the surrounding property.” He walks towards the door, “But tonight is about LE Entertainment, I’m not going to worry about our construction projects in Pushong City at this time. I also want to create an opening to be involved with the Zhou Group and the Li group about their Mega Mall project.”

   They walk out of the suite to the elevator, “Xiaosi don’t forget I don’t want to be conspicuous I want to circulate the crowd to catch snippets of conversations. This way I will have more candid information to form a better assessment of these people.”

    When the elevator reaches the floor where the banquet room in located Leng Shuai tells his brother, “I am going to have a smoke then I will be there, don’t forget what I said.”

   “Shuai, Nuan should be here soon with Momo I didn’t have a chance to fill her in on the plans you should call her.” He chuckles to himself, you can count on me to go along with your plans but the little brat might not be so easy to control. Xiaosi hasn’t recovered yet from babysitting their little sister since she was located.

     Annoyed that his little sister will be coming he takes out his phone to call Nuan, when she answers he asks, “Is Momo with you?”

   “Yes, why?”

   “Make sure she behaves herself and tell her not to approach me at the banquet.”

   “…” Nuan knits her eyebrows glancing at Momo who is texting on her phone, how am I going to keep an eye on this brat? “Shuai, I will do my best but I can’t guarantee she will listen.” She has been running around all over town with that little friend of hers Chen Hua. The only reason she came back to the suite was to get ready to go to this banquet…which she seems oddly excited about.

    Leng Shuai puts out his cigarette, “Hand her your phone.”

    Nuan turns to Momo, “It is your brother he wants to talk to you.”

   Momo grimaces what does Xiaosi want now, her voice has a tinge of annoyance as she stops texting grabbing the phone from Nuan, “What now I’m busy!”

   Leng Shuai’s face darkens, “Brat, what gives you the nerve to have that tone? I don’t think you need to attend tonight.”

   “NO! NO Gege! Nuan didn’t tell me it was you I thought it was one of my friends! I’m sorry please accept my apology.” Her voice is soft and pleading, “I thought it was Chen Hua.” Brother isn’t stupid he won’t believe that but who else could I say I thought it was on the phone. I need to see Kang Jin! Chen Hua said he will definitely be attending tonight.”Please Gege I will behave myself! I promise!”

   “I will allow you to attend on one condition, tomorrow you return to Hirachi City.”

   Momo tightens her grip on the phone pursing her lips as she pouts, why is my family always trying to control me!  Okay, so what.. I will agree now then slip away in the morning. “If that is what you wish Gege I will go home tomorrow.”

   Leng Shuai breathes a sigh of relief I have too much going on here in Pushong City to be responsible for the little brat. “Very well but I don’t want you to approach me at the banquet.”

   “…” like I would want to talk to you..I plan on saying as far away from your frozen face as possible. She quickly adjusts her attitude “Of course a couple of my friends will be attending so I will be with them.”

    “Give the phone back to Nuan.”

    Momo has an angelic smile on her pretty face as she hands Nuan the phone, my acting skills are improving I can’t believe big brother believed me.

   Nuan receives some instructions from Leng Shuai then hangs up as she sees Chen Jianyu approaching the entrance to the banquet room. Since she has been working with him on the Shingu Island project they have become friendly with each other. She walks over and he greets her, “Miss Fan, hello.” He introduces her to Lau An and Nuan says, “This is Leng Momo.”

   Momo has seen him before at a distance when she went with Hua to Hushang Group, she politely smiles, “CEO Chen, Miss Lau very nice to meet you.” Wow up close CEO Chen is almost as handsome as my brothers.

   Chen Jianyu thinks the young girl looks familiar isn’t she the girl with Hua at Hushang Entertainment who plotted against another woman auditioning for Huan’s Variety Show? Her surname is Leng? Interesting, why wouldn’t she audition for Leng Entertainment.

   Lau An is standing next to him and momentarily frowns quickly regaining her composure, she heard the woman from Clear Sky Architects is beautiful. “Miss Fan I love your dress is it from Dior?” Fan Nuan’s dress is simple but stunning, a dark blue strapless dress that shows a hint of cleavage. The dress hugs her body showing off her small waist, the color gradually gets lighter on the flowing skirt that sways as she walks Lau An noticed as they walked towards Chen Jianyu. 

  “No actually my friend Chloe designed this gown especially  for me.”

   Chloe as in Chloe Designs? Lau An now realizes Fan Nuan is not a simple person she thought she was merely an executive, is she from the Fan family in Hirachi City? I need to keep the slut away from Jianyu he finally has been paying attention to me I don’t need him to be distracted. Father said I need to convince him soon to marry me for the sake of the company.

   Momo gets a text Hua saw Kang Jin arriving downstairs when she was getting in the elevator. Excited to see her idol Momo interrupts them as they are talking, her voice is sweet,Nuan my friends are arriving I am going to meet them.” Before Nuan can answer Momo runs down the hallway towards the elevator.

 She texts Hua as she is walking away,[OMG! I am going to wait by the elevator. ]

  [Don’t get too excited he is with a Spanish model named Luz.]

  [Who cares! I heard his date was arranged by my brother for publicity.]

  Chen Hua turns to her friend Sun Li “This should be a fun night, Momo plans on seducing Kang Jin.”

   Sun Li smirks, “I doubt it will be as easy as she thinks, Kang Jin has retained his male god title by being cautious he won’t easily be trapped.”

    “You know Momo ever since Kang Jin treated her like air at the last taping of Fresh Faces when he was the surprise guest she has been plotting to find a way for him to notice her. I would have thought she would have revealed to him by now her surname is Leng, the benefits he could get by dating her wouldn’t be small.”

   “Obviously her family didn’t want her to get involved in the entertainment industry why else would she not sign with Leng Entertainment and audition for your uncle’s company under a different name.”

   While Nuan and Chen Jianyu are talking several couples walk past them into the banquet room.  Lau An watches the two of them engaging in conversation without even attempting to include her,  it looks like Fan Nuan might be interested in Jianyu. She interrupts them touching Chen Jianyu’s hand  in an intimate manner as she smiles at Fan Nuan, “Shall we go in?”   

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