Who Is The Man

Jason gets on his phone as they pull off from the scene, “Go to Jingyun Street at the intersection of Hishan Street I don’t want any evidence that CEO Leng was involved in an incident there.”

   “Will do.”

   Jason turns towards the back seat to see if Leng Shuai has awakened then asks Su Ryan,“How much longer until we reach the hospital?”

    “We should be there within ten minutes. Jason, who was the woman holding onto CEO Leng with the gun?”

    “Ha..that was no woman that was Yun Shi.”

    “Fucking Yun Shi! I never would have recognized him!”

    “Yeah well he had extensive plastic surgery after he fell from the cliff in Cambodia two years ago. Seriously who would have thought he would disguise himself as a woman”

   “I thought he died two years ago.”

   “So did everyone else.”  Jason peers out the window the visibility is low due to the rain but a well lit red Emergency Room sign can be seen up ahead on the right. “Is that the hospital?”

  “That is the Zhao’s Private HospitaI I alerted the Director we can take him through the VIP entrance in the back directly to be examined.”


    Su Ryan drives to the rear where two muscular male nurses are waiting inside the door.  When the black SUV  pulls up the nurses rush out to put Leng Shuai on a stretcher then wheel him down the hallway to an elevator. “Dr. Jiang is waiting in the examining room.”

    Leng Shuai remains unconscious as they enter the elevator.

    Meanwhile Rui gently carries LiMei who has passed out in his arms to the Land Rover parked in front of Auntie’s Cloud Cakes Bakery. 

     Delun opens the door to the backseat then Rui places LiMei in a sitting position being careful not to touch her arm that is hanging limply down. “Delun you drive.”

    He tosses the keys to his brother, then gets into the back seat next to LiMei with a worried look on his face as he examines her body. The thin  clothes she is wearing are completely soaked from the rain and see through as they cling to her slim frame.

    How much blood did she lose from the gunshot wound  before they arrived her skin color is deathly pale. He touches her icy cold skin… from her body temperature and blue lips she is going into hypothermia. She needs to have her wet clothes taken off of her immediately and her shivering  body warmed.

    Delun gets into the driver seat, his voice is tense it is hard to see out of the windshield. He turns up the speed of the wipers, “What is the fastest way to your hospital from here?”

    Rui is calling his hospital, he motions to Delun he is on the phone. “Just a minute keep going straight.”

    When the nurse answers on the fourth floor he tells her he is bringing in a patient and wants Operating Room Two ready to go and prepare a room for a patient in the second stage of hypothermia in fifteen minutes.

    He will need to bring her body temperature up then she can be prepped for surgery. She will need a warm drip then to be covered  with warm heated blankets. Also she will need to have airway rewarming to stabilize her body before the operation to remove the bullet.

    “Take Jingyun down to Elm St. then turn left until you reach the turn to the River Walkway follow down by the river to 134th St. take a right it is about six blocks down on the left. Turn up the heater full blast and direct the vents to the back. Delun don’t look I need to take Feng LiMei’s wet clothes off to place a temporary bandage on her arm. I will put my sweater on her, she can’t stay in these wet clothes her body is freezing from the rain.”

    Rui takes off his jacket wishing he had worn a warmer coat to wrap around her but they aren’t too far from the hospital. He removes his gray cashmere sweater leaving him wearing only a white tee shirt. 

     He looks in his doctor bag quickly finding some antiseptic and dabs lightly on her wound. Once it is clean he wraps her slender arm with white gauze to keep the entry wound clean when he puts the sweater on her body. 

     Analyzing the gunshot wound on her thin arm, the bullet must have been fired at a distance it appears it passed through tearing the biceps brachii muscle then lodged in her humerus bone. If it had been at a closer distance the bullet would have passed directly through her slender arm.

    Concentrating on the best course of action he decides first, she will need to have her body temperature brought up to normal then the operation to remove the bullet. He can feel his chest tightening up as he looks at her frail unconscious body that is trembling from the exposure to the cold rain.

    Once the wound is bandaged he tenderly removes her wet sleeveless blouse, he frowns it is the middle of Autumn why is she wearing such a thin silky top.

    Jealousy rising in him thinking of her walking around the Black Lotus Club in this revealing camisole. After he removes the top he slips off her skirt, it is the same beige skirt she was wearing when she was with him earlier in the day but it looks like she rolled up the waist to reveal her creamy white thighs. 

     After the skirt is off he takes a moment to debate if he should remove her bra and panties. He touches them they are also soaked from the rain. “Delun don’t you even think about peeking back here or I will gouge your eyes out!”

    “Bro I’m watching the road!”  Delun thinks Rui’s possessive tone is worrisome… are his memories of his relationship with Feng LiMei returning?

    Rui reaches around to her back with one hand as he supports her with his other hand unhooking her bra. Then he carefully slides the straps down her arms so as not to touch her wound. 

    As he does it is the first time he notices the pink diamond bracelet on her delicate wrist. Feng LiMei wasn’t wearing that earlier did the man give it to her tonight. The exquisite pink diamonds are sparkling and of the highest quality it must have cost millions of dollars. 

     He has a complicated expression as he glances up at her pure and innocent face as she sleeps  Her skin color is very pale and her lips have a bluish tint from her lowered body temperature. 

     Anger is steadily rising in him does she disregard her safety for money? 

    He slides her white lace panties down revealing a tempting sight, he gulps as he can’t help but stare lustfully at her beautiful jade like naked body. Suddenly his face darkens and his eyes have a murderous glint in them wondering if the man gave her this expensive bracelet as payment for her body. Who is this fucking bastard she is involved with to the extent she got shot while she was with him.

     There is a killing intent coming off Rui’s body as he considers how he is going to crush the man when he learns his identity. The despicable asshole left her injured at the scene while he escaped. If she wasn’t able to call Delun she could have died lying in that dirty alley huddled behind that cardboard box.

   Rui tries to calm himself he can’t get angry right now he needs to get her dry and put the on the sweater. 

     Once she is out of danger I will get the answers to these questions and have her sever ties with this dangerous man. If she needs money I have plenty.

   Taking a small white towel from his bag he wipes her long black hair that is dripping water from the rain then gently dries her body. When he is finished her puts his soft cashmere sweater on LiMei, it is huge on her so it does a good job of covering most of her slender body.

    Delun suddenly slams on the brakes, with quick reflexes Rui holds onto LiMei so she doesn’t lurch forward. “What the hell Delun!”

    “Sorry Rui there is a roadblock up ahead. I barely could see the cars stopped ahead of me because of the rain.”

   “Take the umbrella, walk up and see what the delay is, tell them I am a doctor who needs to get to the hospital. Don’t mention Feng LiMei’s injury.”

    “Okay.” Delun jumps out of the car then runs up to where there are several men checking the car in the front of the line. 

     He speaks to the man in charge for a few minutes then returns to the car. Rui at the moment is worried more about LiMei’s body temperature than the bullet wound. He puts her on his lap hugging her tightly to his body rubbing his hand under the sweater to transfer his internal heat onto her skin. 

     Caressing her cold body with his hands he is trying to supress his reaction to touching her soft skin the feeling is intoxicating having her in his arms.

      He can’t deny for some reason he is undeniably attracted to this girl he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about her, when he awoke and she was gone he felt extremely upset. If she had stayed in his bed she wouldn’t have been shot. 

    “What’s going on?”

     “Someone stole a precious artifact from the auction at the Black Lotus Club and they are checking all cars in the area.     

     “Did they say how long it will take?”

   “We are next to be checked so it won’t be long.”

    “Delun don’t mention anything about Feng LiMei or the Black Lotus Club if they ask we were home I got an emergency call.”

    “I won’t.”

    One of Han Weisheng’s men approaches the car, Delun rolls down the window, “Yes?”

   “We need to check your vehicle can you step outside?”

    When he saw the man approaching their car Rui laid LiMei down on the seat with his black jacket tossed over her body so she isn’t visible in the dark interior of the car.

   He rolls down his window, “I’m Dr. Rui Qiao a friend of Han Weisheng’s you can check with him I don’t have time I have a sick patient I need to get to my hospital immediately.”

    The man doesn’t want to offend if this person really is a doctor with an emergency and a friend of the Commander. He picks up his phone dialing Han Weisheng, “Commander we are at the roadblock by the River Parkway do you know a Dr. Qiao he said he knows you and is in a hurry.”

    “Give him the phone.” He is a cautious man he wants to make sure it is Qiao Rui.

    “Dr. Qiao?”

    “Yes Weisheng how is Tingfeng?”

    “He is back to normal thanks to you. Sorry to inconvenience you. They will allow you to pass, I had to clarify it was you give the phone back to my man.”

   “Of course I understand.” He hands back the phone.

   Han Weishing instructs him to let them pass without an inspection, “I see okay.”

   He walks back up to the driver’s window, “Turn out towards the right they will wave you through.”

   Delun can feel sweat beads forming on his forehead if they are delayed it might be dangerous for Feng LiMei in her condition. How can Rui be so calm all the time! He pulls over to the right passing through the roadblock his hands holding the steering wheel tightly due to his apprehension.

   Rui continues to try to warm LiMei’s cold body with his hands while restraining his manly urges. 

     Touching her soft body feels so right he has never felt this type of desire for a woman before he met Feng Limei. It is strange how he feels a connection to this young girl he wants to keep her safe and protect her but she keeps running away from him.

    Earlier he was surprised she had left his bed without a word to him. Running his hot hands up her cold body and holding her close it is taking all his willpower not to take advantage of the situation. 

     Rui  can feel she isn’t trembling as much as when they first found her but her delicate face is still deathly pale. “Delun there is the entrance  pull in quickly.”

   When they arrive at the VIP entrance Rui picks up LiMei into his arms rushing inside to the elevator. Delun is right behind him. “Rui I don’t know if I should mention this but maybe I should carry Feng LiMei out of the elevator you are a married man and the vote is Friday.”

    Delun knows how important becoming CEO of the Qiao Corporation is to Rui. “We can say she is my girlfriend. You don’t want a scandal two days before the board meeting.”

   Rui knows what he is saying is true but he doesn’t want to hand Feng LiMei over to his brother even for a minute. No other man should hold her in their arms.. only him.

    “Seriously Rui don’t jeopardize the vote now Feng LiMei doesn’t seem like a person who would want  you to throw it away for her.” Delun knows LiMei wants Rui to achieve his goal that is why she left him in the first place now fate has brought them together again.

    Delun doesn’t want to provoke Rui but Wang Rebecca that scheming bitch probably has a spy or two.“We are almost at the floor hand her to me.”

   Rui glares at him he doesn’t want to give up holding LiMei, he has an idea, “Delun I need you to pretend you are injured too that would explain me carrying Feng LiMei, hold your back.”


   The door opens Rui’s face is emotionless and cold as usual when he approaches the nurse, “My brother and his girlfriend have been injured.” He chokes on the words as he says my brother’s girlfriend. “Send him to a room to lie down, which room do you have prepared for this patient I called about when we were driving here.”

   The nurse is surprised Dr. Qiao is holding a woman but it makes sense if his brother injured his back. “Dr. Qiao room 4356 has everything prepared for the patient. Nurse Fu will be in to assist you.’

    “No need. Since she is my brother’s girlfriend I will take care of her personally. When the patient is to be prepped for surgery I will send for the nurse.”

   “Yes Dr. Qiao.” After he leaves she pages Nurse Fu, “You aren’t needed in room 4356 go and check on Mr. Yang in room 4790.” Although the situation with the woman Dr. Qiao was carrying seems strange she has worked in the VIP wing long enough to know not indulge her curiousity about the patients here.

    One of the main requirements to work on this floor is an ability to keep your thoughts and observations to yourself. No other hospital pays as well as this one she won’t easily throw this job away just to gossip.

    Rui tenderly lays LiMei on the bed brushing her messy black hair from her tiny face. He is unable to look away from her beautiful face, her long black eyelashes and perfect features, small nose and full lips that make a man want to taste them.

   Asleep she looks like a fairy with her pale skin and slender alluring body, he has never seen such a beautiful girl. How does a delicate beauty get herself into these dangerous situations. It must be the man who gave her the bracelet. Is she in love with him? 

    Well I will need to remove it before surgery I should just take it off her wrist now, I don’t like looking at the pink diamonds another man gave to her. First, I need to get her body temperature up to normal, then after I get her warm I will take it off her wrist

    He walks over by the bathroom taking a hospital gown from the cupboard then sits next to LiMei lifting her thin body removing his sweater putting the gown on her. The drip is ready so he inserts the IV into her arm making sure not to hurt her with the needle.

    Suddenly a throbbing headache occurs as his mind is filled with images of him inserting an IV into a girl’s arm. After he inserts it he is laying in the  hospital bed next to her while he feverishly kisses her pink lips. 

     He tries to ignore the pain,  the warming blankets are ready so he places them on top of her while he shakes his head, damn headaches!

    Once LiMei has the oxygen mask on her face Rui sits next to her on the bed, images of that girl again who he can’t see her face clearly are clouding his mind.

    He affectionately runs his slender finger across her eyebrows lightly moving down her cheek. Her lips are pink instead of the hideous blue color when they first found her shivering behind the cardboard box. Rui softly whispers, “What secrets are you hiding little beauty why do you put yourself in danger?”

    Reluctantly he stands up from the bed looking at his watch she should be ready to go into surgery in less than an hour, luckily the bullet is lodged in her bone. The x ray before surgery will be more conclusive.

   Since it will be a short while until she can have the bullet removed, Rui decides to lay down on the couch and take some headache medicine he will need to be focused in the operating room to remove the bullet.

    Just as he is closing his eyes the door to the room opens, “Rui how is Feng LiMei?” Delun was bored laying over in the other room he told the doctor that came in his back was feeling better and he was going to check on his girlfriend.

   Rui sits up, “Her body’s temperature is returning to normal I will operate to remove the bullet in less than an hour if her body has stabilized.”

    Delun grabs a water bottle then sits in a chair stretching out his long legs, “I was bored in the room so I checked online to see if there is any news about the accident on Lingyun Street and there was nothing reported.

    I was curious maybe we could find out who was involved so I checked with Dong He you remember him don’t you, you and Chen Jianyu went to school with him. His younger brother and I are are good friends..”

   “Get to the point I need to rest before surgery.”

   “Well Dong He works night shift at the police department so I called him to find out what happened. He told me there was no accident on Lingun Street. I asked him to check the traffic cameras for that time frame and he said there was nothing. That is strange isn’t it?”

   “Obviously whoever was involved is a powerful person to avoid any problems they had the scene cleaned up right after it happened. Afterwards  someone tampered with the traffic camera footage.”

    Delun glances over at LiMei asleep on the bed, “Who would a girl like Feng LiMei know that is capable of doing that?”

   “I don’t know but I am going to find out and keep her away from him. Get me a bottle of water.” Delun doesn’t need to know I will find out who is then destroy him for harming Feng LiMei.

    He grabs Rui a bottle of water then tosses it to him afterwards he walks over to LiMei’s bedside, picking up her small hand, Rui immediately walks over taking her hand from him, “She needs to rest until the surgery there is a sedative in the drip.”

   Delun notices the pink diamond bracelet when he picks up her hand, “ That is a beautiful bracelet.”

   Rui looks at the bracelet on her delicate wrist again black lines form on his forehead, “Give me my bag it is by your right side.”

  Delun hands him the bag Rui takes out a pair of scissors.

  “What are you going to do?”

   “She can’t wear jewelry in the operating room and it has a fingerprint clasp.”

   “A fingerprint clasp that must be a very expensive bracelet. Don’t you think you should ask her to remove it before surgery so it isn’t ruined”

   “No.” Rui glares at him then holds the extremely sharp scissors cutting the bracelet by the gold clasp. When he cuts through the clasp a very small chip falls out, Rui picks it up, “What the fuck! The bastard placed a locator chip inside.”

   He tells Delun, “Don’t mention the locator chip to Feng LiMei after surgery I will tell her we needed to remove her bracelet while she was asleep. I doubt she knows it was in the bracelet.”

   “Rui who do you think this man could be, this isn’t simple technology.” Delun has a puzzled expression on his face as he is looking at the locator chip in his brother’s hand, it looks very high tech.

   “I plan on finding out.” He takes the locator chip crushing it between his fingers.

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