Wear The Bracelet

Jason isn’t gone for long when he comes back, LiMei jumps up, “Where is she? Did you rescue her? Let me look at you they didn’t hurt you and throw you out did they?” She touches his cheek and checks his body.

    Quickly removing the small hands that are resting on his chest he says, “ I am fine Miss Feng I only looked in the doorway to see the situation.”

    He looks over and there is a black cloud surrounding Leng Shuai. He begins to sweat thinking, Sorry Boss! It isn’t my fault she is touching me!

    “So what was going on in there why was she pleading and moaning?”

    “…” Jason really has no words. “Ahh Miss Feng..” He doesn’t get a chance to finish his sentence when Leng Shuai interrupts, “Feng LiMei are you not aware of what goes on between a man and woman in bed?”

    LiMei’s face turns bright red, “Shut up Leng Shuai! The woman..she… sounded unwilling! 

     Just give me a glass of wine and don’t talk to me!” She picks up a couch pillow tossing it at his head.

     Leng Shuai dodges the  pillow he can’t control his laughter looking at her shy appearance, so cute. He pours her a glass of wine, “Here your food should be here soon.”

    LiMei can’t even look at Leng Shuai and Jason she gulps down her glass of wine and takes her phone out to play her game of Demon’s Treasure trying to ignore them. Dammit that is right she has no battery!

    Leng Shuai decides not to tease her anymore her delicate face is still red all the way to the tip of her tiny ears,it must have been embarrassing for her to realize what was going on next door.

    Most likely she has no idea what ‘rough sex’  involves, he gazes affectionately at her innocent expression, she obviously is inexperienced judging by her reaction.

   Jason wants to tell Leng Shuai the woman in the next room is Wang Rebecca and one of the men was taking pictures but he looks over at Feng LiMei maybe he should wait to tell him.

   He decides to text him the information then Feng LiMei won’t have any idea the woman is Wang Rebecca Qiao Rui’s wife.

   Jason texts Leng Shuai [Boss the woman is Wang Rebecca]

   Leng Shuai raises his eyebrow glancing over at LiMei she has tossed her phone down and is leaning back on the couch.[You are sure]


   [Who is she with?] No way would Qiao Rui bring her here.

  [Two men who look Middle Eastern]

  [Two fucking men]

   LiMei glances over it is strange both Leng Shuai and Jason are texting their timing looks like they are texting each other. That’s stupid she laughs to herself why would they do that, she continues to watch them.

   [Yeah and it looked rather heavy. They were both doing her at the same time]


   [That’s not all they were videotaping the sex]

   [Go get the tape ]

  Jason looks over at Leng Shuai nodding, LiMei can’t take her curiousity anymore, “Are you two texting each other because I am here? That is plain weird.”

  Leng Shuai looks at her with a serious expression, “Don’t be ridiculous why would I text Jason if I had something to say I would just say it directly to him.”

    LiMei is sitting right next to him, “I guess so.” He looks down at his phone again, in a flash LiMei snatches it away from him laughing. 

    He is caught off guard and reaches his large hand to grab her but she jumps up running across the room. 

    As he quickly approaches she only has time to glance at it for a brief moment before he is right in front of her grabbing his phone back from her hand.

   Her face turns pale Wang Rebecca, the woman is Wang Rebecca…two men… She didn’t see the videotaping part of the texting. She has a complicated look on her face when she looks up at Leng Shuai.

   She doesn’t say anything just sits back down on the couch, Rui had to give her up to marry such a vile despicable woman.

   Does he have any idea what a dirty person she is, even if it is a business marriage should she be out in public doing such a dirty thing.

   Leng Shuai doesn’t know what to say it is hard to tell from Feng LiMei’s face what she is feeling or if she saw the texts before he grabbed his cell away.

   He motions for Jason to go get the tape. He has no idea who would want to blackmail Wang Rebecca  but it is better for him to have the pictures so when he wants he can use it against the Wangs.

    LiMei takes a moment to compose herself why should she let Leng Shuai know she cares about what Wang Rebecca is doing. “Hey Leng Shuai my phone is dead is there a charger here? Do you think the food will be much longer?’”

    He is pouring himself another glass of wine he is surprised she isn’t asking about the texts. “Should be a few by the entertainment console. I can call down and see about the food.”

   As he picks up his phone about to call when there is a knock at the door, “Dinner.”

  “Come in.”

   A beautiful woman with long legs wearing shorts and a short top comes in with a cart of food she expected more people in the room besides a man and a young girl. They ordered enough food for six people.

     She sets it on the table arranging it, LiMei thinks she is really beautiful, like a celebrity, she nudges leng Shuai, “Hey why don’t you ask that beauty to go with you to the auction, I’m tired.”

   “…” He doesn’t care if Feng LiMei accompanies him to the auction he just wanted to see her for some reason, when she didn’t meet him for dinner he was disappointed. Now he wants to put the diamond bracelet onto her wrist so he knows where she is at all times.

   “Anything else CE..Leng Shuai quickly stops her, “The CEO left earlier put it on his account. You can go add 25% tip for yourself.”

   After the server  leaves she stares back at the closed door isn’t he the CEO of Leng Enterprises ?

   Admiring the assortment of different dishes on the table LiMei asks, “Leng Shuai won’t you get in trouble using your Boss’ card when he isn’t here. This meal looks expensive and you gave her a huge tip. {LiMei is thinking if he tips like that on Friday she can pay next months rent then leave.}

   “I told you I am invaluable to Leng Enterprises,

    “So you are the Boss’ cousin I think Jason said. Wow, you hit the jackpot being a member of that family. Hey where did Jason go anyway the food will get cold.”

    “He is checking out some of the other items being auctioned off for me.”

    She sits at the table putting some crystal dumpling on her plate with some white fried prawns. “Can you pour me another glass of wine? “

    LiMei grimaces she is very upset about the fact the woman in the room next to them is Wang Rebecca. 

     It certainly is a small world if Leng Shuai didn’t make her come to the Black Lotus Club she wouldn’t have found out what a despicable woman Rui had to marry.

    Poor Rui being stuck married to a woman like Wang Rebecca. “Here Leng Shuai these crystal dumplings look delicious.” 

     LiMei puts some on his plate, he doesn’t like dumplings, he ordered them because he knows she likes them.

    LiMei is happily eating sampling all the different dishes she is so hungry. Leng Shuai crosses his legs leaning back in his chair as he watches her eat contentedly without trying the food she put on his plate. Earlier he dined with Han Weisheng and Jason and isn’t the least bit hungry.

    She  notices he isn’t eating, “Here have some dumpling it is very tasty.” She picks one up with her chopstick holding it up to his mouth. 

     He eats the dumpling only because she is feeding him, “Yes very delicious.” He smiles at her she is a beautiful girl especially when she smiles. Qiao Rui only brings her heartache she is better without him and he will make her see that very soon.

     Worried about her he knows she probably saw the text and is pretending she didn’t see he isn’t good at comforting someone. he really has no idea what to say. It must be hard to know your boyfriend left you for such a vile woman.

   Deciding at the very least he can let her stay here and rest, Leng Shuai reaches over with his napkin to wipe her mouth then in a pampering tone tells her, “Feng LiMei if you are tired you can rest here until the auction is over I will have Jason stay with you.”

     Glancing down at his phone he sees a notification Jason tested [situation taken care of have phone]

     [Go check out auction for me then be back at one]

    LiMei’s eyes light up she really doesn’t want to go to the auction she is exhausted both mentally and physically from the long day. 

     Also,there might be people there from the Black Sky, she was thinking about it although Pushong City isn’t somewhere they would typically be the auction might have brought someof their men here.


   “Yes.” I want to see one item then I can come back and take you home. I only have one condition.”

   LiMei rolls her eyes, Here we go. Leng Shuai and his conditions. “What?”

   “I want you to wear this bracelet.”

   “Huh?” What kind of condition is that staring at the bracelet he is holding… are those pink diamonds?’

    He picks up her delicate wrist, she yanks her hand away, “Leng Shuai what kind of joke is this? Why would you give me a pink diamond bracelet? What do you want from me?” Her green eyes are wide and her voice is tinged with suspicion.

.    “I told you before you don’t appeal to me with that underdeveloped body of yours.”

     “…” Just admit you are gay already you don’t have to insult me.

      Leng Shuai lips curl up any other women would be thrilled to receive a beautiful expensive bracelet from him. This is the first gift he has given a woman and she wants to reject it.

    “Ha..ha..it isn’t made of real diamonds it is a new man made simulated diamond, I want you to wear it to see if over a period of time – six months if it loses its sparkle.”

   “Oh I see you want me to test it out for you. I could do that, even though it is fake it is really pretty.” 

     She looks at it in his hand it sparkles and is very authentic looking. “I don’t know anything about diamonds but this really looks like the real thing.”

    He takes her small hand and puts it on her wrist. “You can’t take it off even when you shower or go to sleep this test needs to be accurate so it has a clasp that only Jason can take it off.” 

     Right now he thinks it was an excellent idea having Jason’s fingerprint if he said his own she might be suspicious.

    He wants to laugh out loud she is really a little idiot. “I appreciate it this will count as you doing me a big favor.”

    “So you will give me my white jade necklace back?”

    “No. But you can stay here in the private room until I am finished at the auction.”

   She looks at the bracelet on her wrist it fits perfectly as though it was made for her wrist. “Let’s finish eating while it is still hot. When are you going to the auction?”

   “One o’clock after the break.”

   “It is over at two o’clock?”


    LiMei sees a plate of mini desserts reaches over taking a piece of chocolate crèam cake, after she has one bite she feels completely full. 

     She sits back in the chair rubbing her stomach letting out a satisfied sound now she feels so tired, her eyes are getting heavy.

     Gazing across the table her eyes half closed and full of sadness LiMei wants to know, “Leng Shuai how would you feel if you found out your wife cheated on you not with only one man but two.”

   “That would never happen I wouldn’t have a woman like that, but if i did I would kill her of course. ”

    “…” That is right he is gay.

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