Waiting for Antidote Part 3

Rui stares at his watch it shouldn’t be more than an hour before Dr. Woo arrives with the antidote. He is still very worried about her, looking at her cheeks they still have a faint red tinge to them still but not as crimson as before he applied the acupuncture. 

     He is mentally exhausted thinking about how he can remedy the situation with the Qiao Corporation and find a way to marry LiMei, he lays down next to her again holding her soft warm body close to his chest.

   She appears very frail as if she could break, he runs his fingers over her lips again. LiMei is in a haze is she dreaming why is she laying in Rui’s arms, she can smell the distinct fragrance of his body but she can’t open her eyes to look at him and she is unable to speak. His gentle touch on her body is making her react she feels as though she is on fire as his hand runs across the soft skin.

     Where is she? Has she been drugged? By whom? Who has she angered to that degree? Her thoughts are going wild then she hears Rui’s voice whisper in her ear, “LiMei I want you to be mine only mine”, her mind is confused how can he say these words to her when he is engaged to another woman. 

    Teardrops form in her eyes then trickle down her cheek, why did she fall for a man who is about to be married?

     Rui sees her crying and wipes her tears with his slender fingers, is she in great pain? Hurriedly he takes out his  acupuncture needles then inserts a silver needle into her Wanlu point to alleviate the pain but even after he is finished he sees she is still crying. 

     Most likely she is dreaming and having a nightmare, she is making slight whimpering noises, his heart has a sharp pain as he holds her into his arms. “LiMei I can’t wake you up right now it would be dangerous. Don’t cry, I’m here I will always be here for you.” His voice is full of love, LiMei can’t understand how just hearing him saying those words that she knows aren’t true, can make her heart beat erratically.

     He continues, “Dr. Woo will be here soon with the antidote then I will explain everything to you when you wake up. I only have you in my heart, only you.” 

     While he is holding her the hospital gown slides up exposing the fact she isn’t wearing any underwear. He can see her completely, Rui quickly pulls the gown down over her snow white thighs but he can sense his body is already beginning to react to the sight of her bare and vulnerable place.

     Why the hell didn’t the nurse put her underwear back on when she change her earlier! His heart beating wildly he lays her back down searching for her undergarments where a red sweater and black leggings are folded but there is none.

     He calls the nurse’s station with an irritated tone he growls, “Tell the nurse who attended the patient in 843 to return”, he is having enough trouble controlling his desires without seeing her completely naked under the hospital gown.

    Nurse Fu has already gone back to the emergency room after leaving the room when she gets a call from the 8th floor nurses’ station. “Nurse Fu you need to return to room 843.” She doesn’t mention Dr. Qiao sounded furious on the phone.

     “I will be right up.” She walks over and tells Nurse Huan she is called back upstairs. When she arrives at the room she knocks, “It is Nurse Fu.’


    “Did you need something Dr. Qiao?”

    “Where is Miss Feng’s underwear?”

    “Doctor when I changed her she wasn’t wearing any.” How did the doctor notice, she glances over at Feng LiMei who is still unconscious. The nurse  remains composed with a blank look on her face, he looks really angry.

    Rui clenches his fist by his side the knuckles turning white his mind is a mess thinking about the possibility she was with Leng Shui and he dressed her without at least her underwear on her body.


    He picks up the phone calling Qiao Delun he doesn’t know who else to call at this time of night without causing unnecessary questions to be asked. 

     Qiao Delun is sleeping soundly when his phone keeps ringing, he brushes his hair out of his face and sees it is Rui calling, “Hey bro what the fuck?” He looks at the time as he sits up in the bed.

   “Delun I need you to bring a set of clothes to my hospital for Feng LiMei including underwear, two sets. I will send you her address she leaves a key under the pot in front of the door. The keys to the Maybach are in my desk drawer.”

    “What happened to Feng LiMei?”

    “ I will explain when you get here hurry up.”

    Qiao Delun hangs up then sleepily  enters  the bathroom to wash his face. Damn Rui sounds distraught it is really strange to see the way his cold and aloof brother gets emotional over that girl. He hurries and throws on some clothes after grabbing the keys he heads to the garage.

      When he arrives at the garage he sees the text with the address, where the hell is that neighborhood? He looks at the GPS and enters it as he drives out through the gate.

    When Rui hangs up the phone he tries to calm down, he lovingly gazes at LiMei’s pure and innocent face on the pillow her ink black hair hanging down, her pink lips slightly parted as she breathes.

      He convinces himself she loves him no one else she wouldn’t have anything to do with Leng Shuai she told him she was just doing some work for him. He pours himself a glass of water shaking his head at the thoughts he was having when he saw she had no underwear on her delicate body.

    He needs to control his emotions, after she has the antidote they can be together and he will explain everything to her. Rui moves over to the couch and sits looking out the window at the dark sky, being too close to her right now is not a good idea. 

     Meditating he clears his mind he will need to be calm when he administers the antidote it needs to be given in the correct amount so there are no complications.

    Meanwhile at the lab outside on the tree lined street several black SUVs are waiting for the antidote to be finished so they can grab it for Wang Rebecca. They are patiently waiting for the door of the lab to open, in the first vehicle is a muscular man with his hands lightly placed on the steering wheel.

    The man sitting next to him is smoking a cigarette calmly looking at his phone. He has done work for the Wang family before, this job should be a piece of cake and the reward will be substantial after they complete the mission. He looks at his boss next to him admiring the way he always appears in control of a situation..

     Wang Kai has decided they will ambush the vehicle carrying the antidote as it circles around Hunja Street before it enters the highway. No one should be on guard thinking someone would want the antidote.

     Wang Kai doesn’t want to use force if he doesn’t have to, the driver should be so frightened by the sheer number of men he brought along. His phone rings, “Yeah Babe I’m still at the office this project might take all night”

    “Honey, Daddy won’t make you work all night, I will call him some of your subordinates can finish it.”

    Using a pampering tone he cajoles her,“I can’t use your father’s influence to shirk my duty to the company. Don’t worry I will make it up to you tomorrow night we can go anywhere you want.”

   “I want to go to dinner at the new French Restaurant on Oak Street then take a River Cruise with you.”

    “Anything you want, I need to get back to work.”

    “I love you Kai.” Zhou Dandan’s voice is dripping with sweetness as she clutches the phone thinking how lucky she was to find a handsome and reliable man like Wang Kai. She pauses picturing his sexy body, as heiress to the Zhou Group if Wang Kai wasn’t the Director chosen by her father to oversee their textile division she wouldn’t be able to be engaged to him.

     He is the adopted son of the Wang family so his status isn’t high, but when she first met him at University five years ago she fell in love at first sight.

    When he hangs up Wang Kai chuckles, that little bitch is too clueless, he plans on banging his ‘sister’ Rebecca after doing this job he loves the way she calls him Gege as he makes her scream with pleasure. “Gege…Gege.. she always blushes when he whispers “Little Sister” in her ear.

     He has been having sex with her since they were in high school and he never tires of her body moving under him. Licking his lips he remembers the last night before she left for Shingu City besides having to listen to how Qiao Rui was avoiding her she let him tie her hands to the bed while he tormented her body.

    It sticks in his throat that she wants to marry Qiao Rui but there is no way the relationship between him and Rebecca would be accepted even though they aren’t blood related he grew up in their family since he was ten years old.

    He grips the wheel… fucking shit..well if he thinks about it he just likes her in bed anyway she is a spoiled woman her personality sucks, he should pity Qiao Rui having to deal with her selfish behavior everyday.

   While he is lost in thought Dr. Woo has finished adding the viper venom to the thawed herbs as he is carefully swirling the two together he motions for the lab technician to bring the special case for it. Once it is securely in the padded case he calls Qiao Rui, “It is completed I will bring it over personally to the hospital.

    Rui is relieved, “Thank you Xixin we are in room 843 on the VIP floor come directly to the room.”

    “Leaving now.”

    Dr. Woo takes the container with the antidote and tells the lab technician to lock up after he cleans the area. He exits the building and gets into his BMW the antidote is on the floor of the passenger seat.

     He buckles up and starts down the street. Wang Kai saw him leave with the case and motions his men to follow him. Dr. Woo is experienced in dealing with the Underworld and immediately noticed the four SUVs that are following him, do they want the antidote? What use would it be to them?

     Also the people following him are making it obvious, is this a tactic to intimidate the lab technician bringing the antidote to the hospital. He keeps an eye on them in his rear view mirror, if he is correct they will try to ambush him at the light on Hinja Street right before the highway.

     He decides to try to avoid that confrontation although his martial arts skills are extremely high he is a man of peace, he gave up that life many years ago.

     Taking a sharp turn he heads down 132nd Street he will go to the intersection of Plum Blossom Blvd and cut through to the River Walk Area then get on the highway at 140th Street. Wang Kai is shocked the lab technician is using evasive tactics to avoid them he thought it would be simple to intercept him before the highway.

     Wang Kai drives following the BMW but two of the SUV’s get stuck at a stoplight then they are unaware which direction the BMW and Wang Kai have gone. The one SUV that is able to keep up with Wang Kai is close behind. Wang Kai now can see the driver of the BMW will most likely get on the highway at 140th Street where there is no stoplight to hinder his movement.

    He calls the second car, “Tell the men to head directly to the hospital if it comes to it they will need to ambush him there. I am staying with him and still going to see if I can be less conspicuous possibly run him off the road before he gets to the highway.”

      He realizes he can’t be implicated or the whole plan will blow up and Rebecca will be angry with him. Wang Kai is looking forward to being rewarded both with money and her body for intercepting the antidote.

     Suddenly the BMW in front of him makes a sharp turn down by the river, Wang Kai is caught off guard and swerves into shoulder of the road to avoid going straight into the river.

     Dammit! Whoever is driving that car I want to kill him after I get the antidote, this plan is not working. The wheels of the SUV keep spinning around stuck in the mud from the heavy rainstorm two days ago. Wang Kai begins to sweat if he fails to get this..he dials a number Wang Rebecca gave him a woman answers, “Yes.” Nurse Fu doesn’t recognize his voice and is about to hang up thinking it was Wang Rebecca calling.

    “I got your number from Wang Rebecca a man will be entering the hospital carrying a silver case, he is approximately 185cm tall black hair wearing rimless glasses, a blue windbreaker and black pants. I need you to intercept the case when you have it secure call me back at this number to retrieve it.”

     Nurse Fu breaks out into a sweat the patient could die without that antidote, “Are you crazy!” She realizes her voice is loud she looks around, whew no one is in the lobby right now.

    She steps around a corner, lowering her voice, “Listen I don’t know who you are but I only told her I would give her information about Dr. Qiao I can’t do that! How would I? If the patient doesn’t receive the antidote she will die. I’m a nurse!”

    “Feng LiMei will get the antidote in time Wang Rebecca has her reasons to intercept the antidote.”

    “No I won’t.”

    “Then you will lose your license when your activities are exposed.” Wang Kai bangs his hand on the dashboard, the BMW is gone he should be arriving at the hospital in a half hour he needs this bitch to fucking get the damn case from that technician. “I will give you an additional 150,000 yuan is you get the case.”

    Nurse Fu needs the money desperately so her fiance will marry her soon she is three months pregnant and she will be showing soon. He keeps saying when they have enough money for a house he will marry her, “200,000 and I will do it.”

    Wang Kai agrees what is 200,000 yuan.. nothing to him. When he marries Zhou Dandan he will have access to all her shares in the Zhou Corporation. “Agreed.”

    She doesn’t trust him, “Here is my account number half now and half when I get the case.” She doesn’t want to end up with no money if it doesn’t work out.

    A moment later, “Sent.”

    “Alright, but once I have the case, if I can even get it what do I do with it?”

    He breathes a sigh of relief he hates putting out the extra money himself but can’t fail a task Rebecca gave him she will throw a fit and he is looking forward to sleeping with her when she gets back from Shingu City.

    Zhou Dandan can’t compare to her in bed, he is getting hard thinking about Rebecca’s voluptuous body under him writhing as he slaps her. The taboo of being with each other excites them both, when they are in bed they can’t get enough of each other, if being with Zhou Dandan didn’t elevate his position in society he wouldn’t bother with her. 

  More than one time he has attempted to get Zhou Dandan to be adventurous with him in bed but she is too timid, although she is pretty she has no allure. 

    “Once you get the case put it in your locker, that would be the best place. Don’t worry ultimately Wang Rebecca will give it to Dr. Qiao after he meets her demands. She doesn’t want to harm Feng LiMei just pressure Qiao Rui.” {of course unless she needs to..haha}

   That makes sense she can lock it in there it will be safe, “I will contact you once I have it when are you expecting him to arrive at the hospital?”

   He looks at his watch, “Approximately fifteen minute.”

    “Fifteen minutes how can I prepare?”

    “Now the money is in your account you don’t want to disappoint me.” Nurse Fu shivers although he sounds polite his underlying tone is threatening. She touches her stomach, “I will call you.” 

She hangs up and goes to the front desk, “Nurse Huan I need pain medication for the patient in bed A34, Doctor Chou had a emergency and wants the patient to have it.”

   “You mean the patient brought in with the broken leg and ribs?”


    Nurse Huan goes to the cabinet and hands her the pills “Here you should hurry I heard the man screaming in pain when they wheeled him in on the stretcher.”

    Nurse Fu just said that patient only because she saw Doctor Chou reviewing his chart with a resident.“While I’m here does anyone else need their pain medication delivered I saw Suzi went on break.”

    While Nurse Huan looks towards the emergency room Nurse Fu reaches in and grabs a vial of a strong fast acting sedative. Her hand is shaking as she grabs it putting it in her pocket

    “Yes, it is time for the patient in A35 to have his medication, Thanks, Suzi should be back from break soon. Are you alright you are sweating?”

   “I have been very busy since we are shorthanded”, her hand is in her pocket nervously clutching the vial.

   Nurse Huan thinks that makes sense she got called to the 8th floor twice.

    Nurse Fu takes the pill to the patient in A34 he is moving around the bed in extreme pain, after she gives the pill to him with some water. When she finishes she goes to wait by the elevator there is a corner there she can quietly wait, then once on the elevator with him she can inject the sedative with the needle.

   She is trembling why did she get involved with that stupid woman if she gets caught her baby will be born in prison!

    Wang Kai finally gets the SUV to move out of the muddy area and heads over to the hospital. He contacts his man, “Distract the driver when he arrives let his concentration be on you I have someone on the inside to take care of it.”

    “Yes Boss are you on your way over? We are almost at the hospital, I can see the BMW in front of us.”

    “Hurry then.”

    The man steps on the accelerator then screeches into the driveway in front of the emergency room. Dr. Woo can see them getting out of cars and hurries into the hospital through the lobby.

     Nurse Fu can see the lab technician carrying the antidote, her heart is racing there are several men dressed in black suits swarming towards her who are they do they want the antidote too. Her hands are shaking as the elevator door opens and the technician gets in trying to close the door quickly she slips in with three of the men dressed in black the technician turns to her, “Nurse get out!”

    She is frightened but she has come this far, the technician begins to fight the three men, this is good he won’t have any idea who stabbed him with the needle he will think it is one of the three men. She is praying the man on the phone sent them if not well she is in a world of trouble.

     The technician kicks at them one man falls to the ground, Nurse Fu backs up behind the technician as he is fighting the other two men, he is so strong he is beating all three men if she doesn’t do it now he will exit.

     The elevator is already at the sixth floor. She needs to find an opportunity to inject him, she pulls the needle out of her pocket and injects the sedative into his neck. She screams then pretends to fall down as though one of the men pushed her, it is dangerous for the baby but she has no other choice.

    Dr. Woo falls to the ground unconscious, Nurse Fu thinks this is the best scenario they can take the case and leave her with the technician on the floor of the elevator.

  She stands up“The tenth floor is under construction so no one will be there, then take the stairs back down. Dispose of this needle and vial, I will remain on the floor so I am not implicated in the theft of the antidote. This way I can continue to do my job.”

    The man looks at her then takes the needle obviously she is the person on the inside for their boss. They exit on the tenth floor and take the stairs down to the lobby, then casually walk out the door, at this time of night there are no people in the lobby.

    Nurse Fu pushes the down button then lays on the floor of the elevator. She is very relieved it worked out this way now she can appear like an innocent victim. She clutches her belly hoping when she fell down she didn’t damage the fetus.

    The elevator goes down, on the third floor the door opens revealing Dr. Woo and Nurse Fu sprawled unconscious on the floor of the elevator, a young nurse screams dropping the chart she is holding in her hands.

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