Waiting For Antidote part 2

The nurse leaves LiMei’s room walking to the break room she goes to her locker taking out her cell phone she dials Wang Rebecca. “Miss Wang?”

     Wang Rebecca has just arrived at the Grand Reef Hotel after her delay in Hirachi City. She is dragging her luggage up to the front desk, her shrill voice shows her annoyance,“Who is this?”

    “Miss Wang it is Nurse Fu at Dr. Qiao’s hospital.”

    “What do you want did you find anything out about Qiao Rui?”

    “Umm..yes he brought a comatose patient into the hospital personally.”

    “What! Qiao Rui is in Pushong City?”

    “Yes as I just said..” Wang Rebecca cuts her off, it can’t be true he is here in Shingu City. “Don’t lie to me!”

    “Miss Wang why would I lie, you pay me well. I wanted to tell you she is a beautiful young girl he is taking care of her himself.”

    Wang Rebecca squeezes the handle of her luggage, “Hold on..” She approaches the desk, “I am Qiao Rui’s fiancee what room is he ?”

    The desk clerk has a look of surprise on her face, “Qiao Rui  no longer is a guest at the hotel, he checked out early this morning.”

    “Where is he?”


     “I said where is he?” Her eyes are wide and her voice is shaking as she asks the woman behind the desk.

    “Miss once someone checks out we have no idea where they are.” The woman’s tone is sarcastic as she tells her this information.

     Wang Rebecca storms off and sits on a chair in the lobby. She gets back on the phone,“Continue.”

     “Really that is all I know.”

    “Who is the patient you must know her name.”

    “ I went to the patient’s room to look but there was no information as to her identity, there was no chart in the room.”

     “I’m flying back to Pushong City immediately, keep watching the situation.”

     Wang Rebecca dials her father crying, “Daddy I came all the way to Shingu City and Qiao Rui is in Pushong City he flew back this morning. What if it makes it into the news the engagement announcement is fake!”

     “Calm down Rebecca, I will have the Chairman contact his grandfather to find out what is going on with that arrogant bastard!”

    “I was stuck in Hirachi City I had to take a commuter plane here how am I getting back to Pushong City today!”

    She sobs nothing is going right she was going to come here and give him the aphrodisiac she acquired then he would have no choice but to marry her. Who is the little bitch he is with now, the same girl she saw him with last week?

     This turn of events annoys her father immensely, “I will contact the airport and find out who has a private plane available, check into the hotel and freshen up so if there are any reporters snooping around you look presentable. Don’t talk to anyone and get yourself together. I will contact you when I make the arrangements.”

     He desperately needs this marriage to happen so his company can work in conjunction with Qiao Corporation supplying their telecom equipment. Now this girl sounds like she is falling apart!

     Wang Che gets off the phone then throws a vase across the room barely missing a maid dusting the furniture.. “Get out!” He screams at the frightened woman. The maid runs out of the room down the hall into the kitchen. Wang Che is livid he sent her abroad to study at a prestigious University, spends a fortune on her clothes pampering her for one reason, so she can marry Qiao Rui.

     Wang Che paces around the room how is he going to get that bastard in line, this marriage needs to take place before the next quarter the shareholders in Wang Electronics are getting restless at the lack of expansion. His mistress enters the room as he is about to leave, “What’s wrong?” She can see how furious he is after he hung up the phone she was standing in the doorway waiting to approach him.

    “That damn daughter of mine is useless! Just because the Chairman and I have always spoiled her she has no backbone!”

     His mistress Xia Shiyu suddenly has an idea, “Why don’t you turn your attention to Qiao Xiaotong he is shrewd and ambitious.”

     “Are you stupid also? He is son of the mistress, just because Qiao Muzhe married her after his second wife died everyone knows his status is much lower than Qiao Rui.

      Xia Shiyu clenches her fists at her side maintaining her composure, her illegitimate daughter gets the same second class treatment, it infuriates her.

     She sways her broad hips provocatively as she approaches him leaning her full breasts into his chest, “What about the other son by the second wife, what is his name..Qiao Delun he is favored by the old man. 

     He is the same age as Wang  Yu Fei.. “You merely need to have a marriage bond with the Qiao family does it have to be Rebecca?”

     Xia Shiyu has been his mistress for many years she knows how to persuade him. She reaches her hand down on his pants as she rubs against him,he pushes her away, “Slut I don’t have time for you right now, leave me!” Humiliated she leaves the room stomping her high heels down the hallway as she passes a maid she grumbles, “Have you seen Wang Yu Fei?”

     “No Madam not since she left for school this morning.”

     Xia Shiyu leaves the mansion slamming the door muttering under her breath “Damn impotent old man! My daughter is far prettier than Rebecca she could easily seduce any man!” Saying this out loud she hatches a plan, as she gets into the backseat of her black Bentley she dials a number, “Where are you?”

     Wang Yu Fei is on her way to class, “Mom, what’s wrong? I’m late for class.” She can tell her mother is angry she doesn’t have time to deal with her right now.

     “I’m coming to pick you up I will stop by the Director’s office and get you a leave for the day.”

    “Mom, no!  Zhou Mo is in this class and I have been trying to get close to him since he broke up with his girlfriend. Isn’t that what you told me to do?” Fuck! How did I get such a scheming mother?

     “Do you want me to slap you silly when I see you! Shut up and do as I say!”  Yu Fei is walking along many other students are crowding around her to enter the classroom she smiles moving over to the side in the hallway. 

     Hoping no one heard her shrew of a mother screeching at her she whispers, “Mom don’t scream into the phone someone might hear you.”

    “Listen to me little girl you be at the school gate in a half hour.” Wang Yu Fei ‘s face pales, why isn’t she the legitimate daughter Rebecca she is fawned over and pampered while her mother constantly involves her in her schemes.

     Zhou Mo approaches her, “You will be late.” He smiles down at her as he reaches out to take her books. She pulls her slender arm holding the book back, “I have a personal emergency I have to leave.” 

     Yu Fei rushes down the hallway, dammit he is finally warming up to her! He looked so handsome as he smiled at her, she has had a crush on him since high school. One day she should just kill her mother so she can be free from her clutches, she snickers as she exits the doorway.

     He watches her back as she leaves, usually she is all over him what happened today? She was sweating and pale while she was on the phone. He is concerned about her she looked upset.

      As he walks towards the class his ex girlfriend comes up next to him, “I saw you talking to Wang Yu Fei you know she is the illegitimate daughter of the Wang family don’t you I doubt your father would approve.” Her lips curl up in an evil smile, she still has no idea why he broke up with her.

     “Bitch, mind your own business. “ He smirks, “But if you must know I just want to fuck her you dumb slut.” Walking towards the classroom he chuckles to himself thinking about the startled look on her face. That should satisfy her thinking he doesn’t have feelings for Wang Yu Fei. 

     He doesn’t realize she has run back in behind them while they are talking, she dropped her scarf as she hurried out the door.

     Her face turns bright red and tears form in her eyes as she hears his words, he always has been a perfect gentleman to her. She wipes her face with her sleeve and runs out the door. 

     While she heads down the grounds to the school entrance she can see her mother with her large black sunglasses walking to the car from the Director’s office she is smoothing her designer dress as the driver opens the back door for her.

     Does he think she is like her mother sleeping with anyone! She has heard her father questioning her mother about the relationship between her and the Director now by looking at her messy appearance he is probably right.

     Before she reaches the car the window goes down, “Get in here I have been waiting for you!’

     “Yes mother.”[Waiting for me I clearly saw you just enter the car! }

     “Do you know Qiao Delun? He should be the same age as you, didn’t you go to high school with him?”

    “He was in my class,one of the most popular boys in school. Why?”

    “I need you to get close to him, then find a way to seduce Qiao Rui.”

    “MOM are you crazy!”

    Xia Shiyu slaps her, “What did you say to me?”

     “Nothing… nothing.” She holds her cheek that is stinging holding back her tears. “I heard Qiao Delun is studying to be a chef in Paris, how can I do that.”

    Xia Shiyu wrinkles her brow, how is Yu Fei going to get close to Qiao Rui?

     “What are you studying at University?’

     “…” My own mother knows nothing about me. “Medicine”

     Her mother’s eyes light up, “Perfect, you need to volunteer at Qiao Rui’s hospital! I will have the Director of your University recommend you.”

     Although Yu Fei would like the opportunity to work at such a prestigious hospital she is only an undergraduate she hasn’t begun her specialized training. If she tells her mother she will hit her again. “Whatever you want mother.”

    She looks wistfully out the window back at the University, how is her life such a joke, played by Zhou Mo even her own mother. One day she will be a doctor and have her own life untroubled by these selfish people who want to use her gor their own purposes.

     “Old Lu drive us to the mall.”

     At the mansion Wang Che has arranged a plane for Wang Rebecca he calls her while she is showering. Hearing the phone on the counter she rushes out of the shower slipping, “Dammit!” She dries her hand and picks it up, “Dad?”

     “Yes, I have a plane it will fly you nonstop to Pushong City, when you get into town come straight to the mansion I have a plan.”

     “Thanks Dad, I will make this happen I promise.” Drying her long black hair she relaxes her father is not to be trifled with when he is angry.

     He listens to her tone is confident she sounds as though she has composed herself. “I have spoken to the Chairman he has arranged a dinner between families they will make sure Qiao Rui attends tomorrow night.”

     Should she tell him about the young girl Qiao Rui has in the hospital? No she will figure that out herself. Rebecca calls her spy at the hospital, “Any other news about the girl?”

     “Her name is Feng LiMei and she was poisoned.”

    Rebecca was almost positive it was Feng LiMei but she wanted confirmation. Her investigator was unable to dig up anything relevant on her, she was a typical University student at A University then came to Pushong City for work. 

     How did a girl with that innocuous background get poisoned by someone. Does she have enemies, maybe I could use them. “Poisoned? Is she going to survive?”

     “Dr. Qiao is waiting for an antidote to arrive from his lab.”

     Rebecca suddenly has an idea, she doesn’t want to kill anyone but if her men could intercept the antidote, threatening  only to give it to Qiao Rui if he accepts the marriage she would be willing to do that. Although it is humiliating eventually she could make him fall in love with her.

     “Miss Wang are you listening?”

     “Yes, go on anything else? How did she get poisoned?”

    “I don’t know I only found out from inquiring at the nurse’s station. No one is allowed to enter the room until the antidote arrives.” The nurse is debating if the tattoo means anything should she tell her? She decides to wait it will give her something else to report later.

     “I’m on the way to the airport in Shingu City when I arrive in Pushong city I’m coming to the hospital.oh yes when is the antidote expected to be finished?”

    The nurse looks at her watch, “Two hours from now, they arrived a few hours ago and I heard Dr. Qiao talking on the phone to his lab.”

     “I will transfer your payment immediately, if you have any pertinent information call xxx xxx xxx give the information to the man who answers, don’t ask any questions.”

    “Yes Miss.”

    Wang Rebecca is almost at the airport she looks in her contacts there he is,she dials, “Gege it’s me Rebecca, I have a job for you.” She tells him the location of the lab and the approximate time it should be sent to the hospital.”Half now..half when you have the antidote.”

    She is smiling with a sense of satisfaction as she enters the airplane, everything is under her control. If he cares for the little slut he will give her up to save her life. She pours herself a glass of champagne, Qiao Rui by the time I get home you will be begging me to marry you.

    Qiao Rui is propped up on his elbow gazing at LiMei’s delicate face, he gently runs his slender finger over her eyelashes with a feathery touch. LiMei hasn’t moved since he first saw her in Shingu City at Leng Shuai’s Seaside Hospital. 

     It is time to give her an acupuncture treatment so the poison remains unable to flow through her veins.

     He gets off the bed and removes his silver needles from his bag recalling when he used them to relax when they first met and she let out those kittenish moans.

      He smiles as he moves the hospital gown down a little so he can insert the first silver needle he continues until the procedure is complete.

     Then as the sweat is pouring off her face down her neck he wipes her skin, then he bends and kisses her lips this time she seems to move her lips lightly pressing onto his.. Is she awakening from the coma on her own? 

     The acupuncture should keep her body in a comatose state. He quietly says, “LiMei..LiMei can you hear me?” There is no response but her eyelashes flutter. He distinctly felt her pink lips pressing on his softly when he kissed her a moment ago.

    LiMei feels her body is heavy she can’t open her eyes, what is going on with her body. She can hear Rui’s voice above her but it is as though it is a distant echo in her mind. 

     How did he get here, isn’t she with Leng Shuai at his house. She tries to open her eyes but she is unable to this frightens her, did something happen to her at Leng Shuai’s house. The last thing she remembers is being extremely tired and getting into bed. It was storming outside and she was having trouble going to sleep.

     Rui watches her eyelashes flutter, “LiMei it is Rui can you hear me? Squeeze my hand if you can.” He puts her small hand into his large palm. LiMei wants to but can’t move, he holds her hand tighter leaning over her he brushes her hair back behind her ears.

     He isn’t sure if she can hear him or not but he wants to tell her how he feels. Rui is about to when the door is pushed open and a doctor enters, he is sitting on the bed and glares at him as he stands up, “Didn’t I leave instructions not to be disturbed! Who are you?” He doesn’t recognize this doctor and he personally hired all the doctors at his hospital.

“I’m Dr. Damont, Leng Shuai requested I examine the patient, he acquired permission from the Chairman.” Leng Shuai personally called the Chairman informing him about Qiao Rui’s involvement with Feng LiMei.

     He offered to remove her from Qiao Rui’s life, of course the Chairman readily agreed. He had no idea Rui was seeing a girl, no wonder he didn’t want to marry Wang Rebecca, also he doesn’t want to offend CEO Leng

     Rui  wants to explode interrupting him at this particular moment but controls his volatile temper, who does Leng Shuai think he is dealing with anyway. 

     “Dr. Damont she is under my care I refuse to let you examine her. As far as the Chairman granting you permission to enter my hospital he has no authority to do so. This is my hospital and separate from Qiao Corporation. Do I need to call security or will you leave on your own?”

     Leng Shuai’s man who is posing as the doctor saw what he needed to see to relay her condition to Leng Shuai , “Well there seems to be a misunderstanding, I will be leaving.”

    “Make sure to tell Leng Shuai she isn’t allowed visitors.” The aura surrounding Rui is oppressive the man concludes he must study martial arts also, he should inform the CEO. 

    The man leaves laughing as he walks down the hallway looks like the CEO will have a fight if he wants the girl in the bed. He was amazed at her flawless face but the possessive behaviour of Qiao Rui exhibited was unexpected he didn’t even waver at the mention of the Chairman. 

     He has worked in Pushong City for many years and the Chairman of the Qiao Corporation is formidable.

    When he is walking through the lobby still in his white coat he calls Leng Shuai at the Crescent Moon Hotel, “Boss she is still in a coma, I bribed the nurse the antidote should be delivered in approximately two hours.”

    “Did you see her?” Leng Shuai is anxious to make sure LiMei is going to be alright.

    “Yes I did as you said and posed as a doctor. She looked peaceful but she has some terrible red marks down her neck and on her chestM that’s what Silver did to her?”

    “Shut up!” Leng Shuai feels guilty this happened to LiMe he merely wanted to tease her for the weekend because of her assaulting him. When he arrived at the hotel Jason called, he received the report from the poison expert,  towards the back of Silver’s territory there was a large patch of the Blue Fairy Death plant.

     He had it removed and then rest of the territory checked for possible poisonous plants, according to the expert there were several types of poisonous plants by the cliff’s edge also.

    “Since you have access to the floor go out for awhile then return around when the antidote arrives, keep me posted.”

     “Will do.” He has worked for Leng Shuai for five years and never saw him interested in any woman. He is looking forward to seeing what is special about Feng LiMei to attract the CEO’s attention. 

     He removes the white coat and badge as he gets into his BMW, he decides he will go to the noodle shop on 134th Street then come back to the hospital. 

     As he pulls out of the parking lot he sees the man who got him the room number of Feng LiMei’s room, maybe he can find out more information about Qiao Rui from him.He leans out the window “Hey do you want a ride?” Ling looks over isn’t that he bodyguard from earlier, he walks to the window admiring the car, he must make really good money to drive such an expensive car. “Thanks.”

     Ling  gets into the passenger seat. “I’m going to the noodle shop on 134th Street on the corner, is that out of your way?”

     “I was going to eat there myself as a matter of fact, I like their three spice noodles.”

    “Really that is what I usually order.” Ling is thinking this guy seems cool maybe I could talk to him about the bodyguard business. As he is admiring the car he can’t help but notice the gun sticking out of the compartment between the seats. He has the urge to touch it but pulls his hand back.

      After Leng Shuai unpacks he orders room service he plans on doing some work in the hotel room while waiting for news about Feng LiMei. Early in the morning he will pay a visit to the Chairman of the Qiao Corporation.

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