Waiting For Antidote Part 1

The private plane carrying LiMei and Rui lands at Pushong Airport, Rui immediately calls his hospital to send an ambulance to meet them, informing the pilot the ambulance will arrive in approximately fifteen minutes.

    Looking at LiMei’s pale face he calls Dr. Woo, “Xixin is the antidote ready for Feng LiMei?”his voice indicating he is extremely worried about her right now.

     “Rui relax, you need to control your emotions, remember you are a doctor. If you let your emotions get the better of you it won’t help Feng LiMei, concentrate on keeping her stable and comfortable. The technicians {you frightened half to death with your threats} are working on it, you know the process involves allowing the rare herbs to freeze after they are ground together, then thawed gradually adding the venom of a Red Velvet Viper. ”

     His tone is matter of fact he doesn’t want to reveal the lab tech called him over because he had ruined the first attempt. A million dollars worth of rare Vileim Noxus destroyed from trying to rush the antidote! He was busy with a patient and the lab technician after receiving a call from Qiao Rui attempted the complicated process without supervision.

    Woo Xixin shakes his head, Qiao Rui is an excellent doctor but he is too volatile when he lets his emotional state unravel. Knowing how much this girl means to him if anything happens to the antidote to save her he might lose it and kill someone!

    “Rui she still has 48 hours until the poison seizes her heart, your acupuncture stopped it from surging through her veins to her heart muscle. I suggest in two hours repeat the process, this will keep her stabilized. The antidote will be ready by tomorrow morning at the latest.

    “Tomorrow morning! Dammit Xixin by my calculations it should be ready tonight!” He glances over at LiMei sweat is forming on her brow again. “I have to go her fever is peaking. Those morons in my lab better not screw this up for all the money they are paid. If the antidote isn’t prepared properly..”.his voice trails off leaving Woo Xixin hanging on the phone.

    Rui takes a cool cloth gently runs it over LiMei’s face, he can hear the sound of the ambulance’s siren. He carefully takes the IV from her arm then picks her delicate body into his arms holding her tightly as he descends the steps from the plane.

    One of the paramedics recognizes him as Qiao Rui, no one said it was his patient. He attempts to take her from Rui and is pushed to the side by him.

     The paramedic notices Dr. Qiao appears agitated as he reaches out grazing her sleeve Glaring at the ambulance driver who almost touched Limei he growls“I will ride with the patient to the hospital, inform them to prepare a room on the VIP floor.”

    Dumbfounded watching the ice cold Dr. Qiao tenderly holding a young girl in this arms they both nod and get into the front of the ambulance.

    As they walk to the front of the ambulance the stocky paramedic whispers to the driver, “Did you see Dr. Qiao kiss her forehead as they came down the steps whispering something to her then?” The driver says in a low voice, “Shut up. We didn’t see anything..got it.”

     The driver considers the scene he just witnessed, rumors are all over the hospital about Dr. Qiao’s engagement to Wang Rebecca and that young girl in the back of the ambulance is definitely not Wang Rebecca. As they drive off he can see through the window dividing them Qiao Rui is holding the girl’s small hand and his expression isn’t good.

     Who is this young girl maybe his little sister or cousin? He puts on the siren and the traffic slows down for them to pass out onto the highway. The stocky paramedic likes to gossip and turns to the driver,” Isn’t Dr. Qiao supposed to be on vacation on Shingu Island?”

     “That’s what the nurses were gossiping about yesterday.”

    “I wonder what is wrong with the girl in the back she looks like she is in a coma. Did you see how feverish she looks?”

    The driver looks back, Dr. Qiao is running his finger over the girl’s lips, it is a romantic gesture the girl can’t be a relative. “ Shit who knows these rich guys could have ten women the wife doesn’t know about!” He is a little jealous looking at the beautiful girl in the back, he can’t even get a date. “Stop gossiping Ling if he hears you it won’t be good. I heard he fires anyone he doesn’t like on the spot.”

     He tightens his hands on the wheel driving faster. Fucking rich bastards! He weaves through traffic arriving at the emergency room. “Ling go tell them Dr. Qiao is here with a patient.”

     Ling hurries from the ambulance and the driver opens the back door to see Dr. Qiao kissing the comatose girl. He quickly averts his eyes,acting as though he didn’t see anything. “Dr. Qiao they are ready for you.’

    Rui gets down from the ambulance, the driver pulls the stretcher out with LiMei on it, up close he is stunned, he has never seen such an angelic looking face up close. Her long black eyelashes, those pouty pink lips her creamy white skin is flushed from the fever. The driver stands there for a moment staring at her mesmerized she must be a celebrity, why hasn’t he seen her before.. Rui has started walking he turns around angrily he shouts, “Hurry up what are you waiting for there?”

  He lies seeing Rui’s agitation,“Sorry Doctor the brake was stuck.” He rushes forward with the stretcher his heart pounding Dr. Qiao looks frightening when he is angry. As they enter the emergency room a nurse rushes over, “Dr. Qiao they have prepared room number 843 for you. She looks at the ambulance driver, “I will wheel her up to her room.” He let’s go of the stretcher, good I want to get far away from Dr. Qiao right now his aura is oppressive.

     Rui glares at her as the stretcher jerks forward LiMei’s body swaying. “Get away from her! You can’t even push a stretcher?”, he gently picks LiMei off the stretcher then carries her towards the elevator both the nurse and the ambulance driver stare at his back.

     The nurse’s face is beet red she wanted to accompany him and get closer to him that is why she rushed over to take the stretcher. Wang Rebecca is paying her a lot of money to spy on Qiao Rui for her, she tries to compose herself, “Who is that girl with Dr. Qiao?”

     “I have no idea.” He isn’t going to tell her what he witnessed or it will be all over the hospital. If Dr. Qiao hears the rumor he will know who started it. “I have to move the ambulance.”

     She stands there for a moment until the elevator opens. When she walks back to the desk she tells the other nurse. “Dr. Qiao requested I go to the 8th floor to check the patient’s vitals.” She scurries away before the old nurse can say anything.

    Watching her leave the old nurse wonders what she is up to they have more nurses on the 8th floor than anywhere else in the hospital. The phone rings and she answers, “Emergency room.”

    Leng Shuai had called ahead requesting one of his associates to monitor the hospital for LiMei’s arrival he is standing outside on his cell he saw the ambulance arrive with a girl on a stretcher matching Feng LiMei’s description. “Has my sister arrived by ambulance yet.?

     The old nurse thinks how the hell would I know who your sister is, “Sir I need her name.”

     “Feng LiMei.”

     Isn’t that the name of the patient Dr. Qiao just brought in a moment ago. The old nurse considers it knowing VIPs don’t like their identities leaked should I say yes or I don’t know. “I’m sorry sir I can’t give any information over the phone if you come into the hospital and show your identification we can inform you whether she has been admitted or not.”

     Su Ryan is almost positive that girl on the stretcher is Feng LiMei but if he informs Leng Shuai and he is wrong.. He sees the two ambulance drivers having a cigarette by the side of the building, he causally walks over by them, “Do you have a lighter?”

    Ling looks at the man he is dressed in an expensive looking black suit he must be one of the VIP’s bodyguards come out for a smoke. “Here.” He hands him his lighter.

    “Thanks man, I need a smoke after my boss got admitted and I rushed over here.”

     Ling and the driver continue their conversation ignoring him.

    He decides on a plan, “The old bitch at the front desk won’t tell me her room number because I forgot my identification when I rushed out of the penthouse.” Staring at the two of them while he blows a smoke ring. They are still ignoring him, shit.

     “Hey if one of you guys could get her room number for me I’m willing to pay.” He clenches the cigarette between his teeth and pulls out his wallet full of bills.

    “Not interested.” The driver has seen paparazzi pull this trick many times. If they give out information on any VIP they will lose their jobs and not work in any hospital in Pushong City again.

    “Seriously man I will lose my job if the little slut wakes up and I’m not there protecting her.”

    Ling is thinking , she just arrived and is in a coma that sounds like the girl they just brought in with Dr. Qiao. “We will lose our jobs if we tell you.”

    Su Ryan thinks about it, “How about this I will give one thousand USD if you walk up to counter and say she left something in ambulance, you need her room number to return it. I will be far enough away she doesn’t suspect anything listening. “

     Ling and the old driver look at each other that is a shitload of money. Ling speaks up, “I will do it but there are cameras in there don’t approach me again, if you can’t hear tough luck.”

    “Agreed.” he hands Ling the thousand dollars.

     The driver grabs Ling’s arm, “Are you stupid man! If you get caught don’t come looking for me to bail you out of this jam.” He has worked with Ling for several years they are drinking buddies. “Dr. Qiao isn’t someone to mess with and he brought the patient in personally.”

    Ling pushes his hand off of him, “A thousand dollars I can’t pass it up, I owe the Serpentine Syndicate for gambling last month, then I will still have two hundred left over.” He turns to Su Ryan,  “Wait a couple minutes then stand by the door.”

    Ling approaches the counter, “Miss Huan did you change your hairstyle you look more beautiful than usual today.”

    The old nurse blushes, “Ling what do you want this time?” He flirts with her when he needs some information.

    “Today nothing for me i’m doing a patient a favor, she dropped something in the ambulance and I wanted to return it.” He dangles a key in front of the old nurse. “I will say I want to get another look at her if I could. She is a natural beauty unlike most of the women who come here for plastic surgery.”

    The old nurse likes Ling he is funny and stops by her desk when he is bored, he reminds her of her grandson. “Ling I will tell you but you drop off the key to the 8th floor desk if they say you can return it personally fine but leave me out of it.”

     “Well what is her room number I will give it to her bodyguard outside her door, maybe I can convince him to let me have a quick look at my dream girl.”

    “Ling why don’t you get your head out of the clouds and find a nice girl to settle down. I have seen the day nurse named Suzi looking at you.”

    He grabs her hand smiling he flirts with her, “Miss Huan she is cute but I only have eyes for you.” He has a mischievous look in his eyes.

    She shakes her head full of gray hair, looking around no one can hear her, “Ling your ‘dream girl’ is in room 843.”

     Ling smiles, “I will bring you some red bean paste buns for your break, then I will return the key.”

     He laughs as he walks away, that was the easiest money he ever made. Walking down the hallway to the right he sees the bodyguard having a cigarette outside the door of the hospital.

    How the hell could the bodyguard hear from there, well not his problem. Reaching into his pocket he feels the money, after work he will pay that midget he owes money then buy some noodles.

     The driver sees Su Ryan pick up his phone, how could he hear from outside the door, he must have strong martial arts skill. He puts out his cigarette on the sidewalk stomping on it with his shoe, looking at his watch his shift is over in ten minutes. He walks through the employee entrance down the hall to the time clock, Ling I hope you don’t regret getting him the room number.

     Su Ryan casually walks through the lobby to the elevator he needs to confirm it is Feng Limei before he calls CEO Leng. When he gets to the eighth floor he is surprised there is a door that needs a swipe card to enter, dammit he should have researched the hospital.

     This floor must be for VIPs who don’t want the public to know they are in the hospital, he can see several doors guarded by bodyguards. He goes back to the elevator he will need to procure a disguise and swipe card first. CEO Leng is still in the air so he has time to gather the information before he lands in Pushong City.

    Inside LiMei’s room Rui has placed her on the bed, brushing her hair back and laying her head tenderly onto the pillow. Her sweater and pants are damp from sweating, he wants to change her clothes but knows she wouldn’t want him to do it himself. After wiping her face he calls for a nurse to come into the room when she enters he doesn’t recognize her as the same nurse he scolded downstairs, she breathes a sigh of relief.

    “Yes Dr. Qiao?”

    “Change her out of these clothes, be careful avoiding her wounds give her a sponge bath then put a hospital gown on her. I will be waiting outside.”

    Rui is wondering if he should keep LiMei in the comatose state until the antidote arrives or awaken her. She hasn’t eaten and her body looks frail, he would like to feed her some nutritious porridge later. He dials Dr. Woo, “Xixin how is the antidote coming?”

    “It will be thawed in about four hours then we can mix it with the venom neutralizing it making it highly effective to counteract the poison in Miss Feng.”

    “What do you think about me waking her up in a couple hours using the method you taught me?”

    “Rui it could speed up the poison entering her veins, you have it suppressed now why chance it?”

    “She hasn’t eaten and I’m afraid in her weakened state, I was considering the possibility, the antidote might be too strong for her body’s frail condition.”

    “As long as she has a drip going she will be fine, see you are worrying too much because of your personal involvement with Miss Feng. You are looking at her body as a man not as a doctor. “

    Rui understands what Dr. Woo is saying to him he can’t stand to see her lying there helpless in a coma.

    “Xixin you are right, keep me informed on the progress and my mind will be at ease if you make the antidote yourself.”

    “I planned on it, for now keep her stable and remember I told you to use the silver needles in another hour to continue impeding the flow of poison.”

    The nurse has removed LiMei’s clothes and is giving her a sponge bath, admiring the softness of her skin, the wounds still look horrendous. The girl has a light fragrance on her that is refreshing even as a woman she is attracted to her innocent and pure look. As she wipes her body the nurse can’t help staring at the tattoo on LiMei’s hip, she shivers it really is so dark against the girl’s snow white skin.

    Is this the girl that Wang Rebecca is worried about taking Dr. Qiao from her? She certainly is beautiful but she looks like she is in high school. When she finishes she lifts LiMei up and puts the hospital gown on her then lays her down. She steps away from the bed wondering why she is in a coma there is no chart in here yet. Well she will alert Wang Rebecca but the girl is too young Dr. Qiao is probably related to her in some way. As she exits the room she tells Rui the patient is changed and she put on a new drip.

    Rui enters the room LiMei is under the quilt and still has the same peaceful look on her face as earlier, he thinks for a moment she looks like Sleeping Beauty so beautiful. He is exhausted from the strain of bringing her here, now it is just waiting until the antidote arrives.

     Rui goes out to the nurses station, “I will be staying in Miss Feng’s room monitoring her condition I don’t want anyone entering the room without my permission. No one!”

     “Yes Dr. Qiao.” The nurse looks at him he looks exhausted she has never seen him appear disheveled. His eyes are glazed as he tells her the instructions and his forehead is furrowed. Who is this patient to him? He is supposed to be on vacation with Wang Rebecca from what she had heard.

    Rui goes back to LiMei’s  room and pours himself a glass of water staring at LiMei her wounds are dried now and all that remains are red marks across her neck and chest. He looks in his bag and takes out the healing lotion sitting on the edge of the bed he applies the lotion with his finger.

     How could that bastard Leng Shuai let his dog attack LiMei. If he hadn’t stumbled upon the situation in Shingu Island she would not have much of a chance of survival. When he finishes he checks the drip then sits on the bed again removing his shoes, then he lays next to her on the bed.

    He whispers to her, “LiMei you can never leave me.” He puts his strong arm around her thin waist, she has lost too much weight since he saw her last. She needs to live with him so he can make sure she eats right and takes care of herself.

    Her scent wafts into his nose intoxicating him, he leans over kissing her lips although she can’t respond he needs to taste her sweet lips, he has been going crazy the last few days since she left him.

    The thought of her being with Leng Shuai torments him his eyes are glazed over with jealousy he tightens his grip around her waist under the quilt lifting her sweater so he can feel her soft skin again. His hand roams up to her chest knowing this is wrong he can’t stop himself, his hand touches her right breast covering it with his hot hand.

    He kisses her lips prying her mouth open so he can fully taste her. His body is getting hot and his heart is beating erratically as he leans on top of her body kissing her. Suddenly Rui comes to his senses, he rolls off of her trying to control his emotions that are running wild.

    Rui lays there with his hands behind his head staring at the ceiling, maybe he could secretly marry her then when he becomes the CEO reveal their marriage. Would she agree to that? He looks at his watch a few more hours until the antidote arrives.

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