Uninvited Dinner Guest

LiMei stands at the counter cutting the vegetables she turns her head when she hears a knock at the door, “Come on in, I’m in kitchen.”  Still chopping the onion without turning around she says, “Did you get the fire going?”

    She can feel a man’s arms as he reach from behind trapping her when he places his hands on the counter. His hot breath is in her ear when he says in a low voice, “No.”

    LiMei tenses up twisting her body around,“Leng Shuai what are you doing here! Get your arms off me! Where is Delun?” She tries to escape and he takes her into his embrace lifting her chin, “I see you have recovered enough to fool around with your boyfriend’s brother.” LiMei wants to spit in his face but she pushes him back, “Why are you here? Where is Delun?”

    “I saw him going downstairs when I arrived I have no idea where he went.”

    LiMei gives him a dirty look then hurries to the front door, Delun isn’t there, he wouldn’t leave without saying anything. She leans over the railing and sees him talking to Du Chang, rushing down the stairs she pulls Delun’s arm, “What are you guys doing?”

    “LiMei, you were in the bathroom when I came into your apartment looking for a lighter. You must not have heard me when I called to you. I was leaning on the railing to wait for you when I saw your friend downstairs so I walked down to ask him. We went to find a lighter at his grandfather’s house.”

    She looks over at Du Chang holding the cider, “Okay let’s go up but my old boss stopped by so ignore him I will get rid of him.”

    “…” They both look at LiMei her cheeks are red and she has an angry expression on her face she must not like her old boss.

    The three of them go up the stairs, “Could you guys get the fire started? Here, let me take the cider from you Chang.”

    “Sure. Hey LiMei Grandma wants to know if you are warm enough in your apartment it can get drafty she has some extra quilts for you. She said you should move your bed over away from the window and Grandpa will be up tomorrow to check your heater.”

    “ I will get them tomorrow from her be sure and tell her thank you when you go back downstairs later.”

    Delun has the firewood ready in the fireplace after he lights it, he tosses the lighter,“Du Chang start the grill I am going to help LiMei with the food.”

    “Call me Chang.” He catches the lighter, this guy must be Dr. Qiao’s younger brother he looks just like him.

    Delun is about to open the door when he hears LiMei raising her voice, “What did you come here for anyway! I have my friends over for dinner, I know I owe you I was going to call you tomorrow.”

    Leng Shuai has a devilish grin on his face as he waves the bag with the wig in it, “I thought you desperately needed this.”

    She grabs it from him looking inside, he actually replaced her wig. It looks exactly like the brown one Jason tossed away. She gives him a complicated look, was he being nice to her? Before she can respond Qiao Delun walks inside without knocking, “LiMei I can start cooking now.” He ignores Leng Shuai on the couch as he takes her small hand in a possessive manner, “ I need you to help me find the spices I need.”

    LiMei knows Leng Shuai is up to something coming by unexpectedly she is in no mood for him tonight. Turning around she says, “Thank you for bringing that by I will call you in the morning to find out what you need to me to do for you to finish out partnership.”

    He flinches at her dismissive words and that brat Qiao’s attitude. He is Leng Shuai no one treats him as air! The temperature in the room drops as he opens his mouth to speak, “Miss Feng, I rushed over here without having dinner.”

    LiMei responds with a faint smile,“ Ahh…then you should hurry and go.”

    His black eyes narrow and his face darkens as he stands up taking his phone out of his pocket,in a serious voice he asks.“Is Chief Jing available the incident on my plane I need..”

    LiMei is  holding a green pepper in her hand as she rushes over to where he is standing, “It would be my pleasure if you could join us for dinner.” She tries to take his phone but he holds it above his head while grinning, “I will stay for dinner since you insist.” She wants to smack that smile off his face {Insist? Who is insisting?}

    “Afterwards I need you to accompany me to a meeting at the Black Lotus Club. Oh and Miss Feng remember I don’t like green pepper in my food. I’m thirsty.”

    “ Pffft! I will get you some water.”

    “Do you have any wine?”

    LiMei glares at him pursing her lips together, she can’t take the chance he will make good his threat,“I don’t think I do.” He can see a wine bottle sitting on the counter towards the back.

  Pointing towards the kitchen,“Isn’t that a bottle of wine on the kitchen counter towards the back?”

    LiMei has been saving that bottle of wine Rui gave it to her when they were at the resort when she mentioned she liked it. Damn that obnoxious man! Why did she say she needed the wig? Wasn’t his assistant supposed to bring it to her apartment?’ Shit! “Oh I forgot I had that bottle you wouldn’t like it… but really I don’t think it is up to your lofty standards. It is a very cheap wine from the market down the street.”

    “I’m easy to please.”

LiMei shoots daggers at him with her eyes.{Easy to please you are the biggest pain in the ass I have ever met! Even bigger than the stupid tyrant Chen Jianyu!}

    He lounges on her small couch his domineering presence in the small space is suffocating. His long legs take up half the walking space and he is stretching them out like he owns the place.

    “Errr…” She storms back to the kitchen well what is the use of saving the wine anyway, it will only remind her of sitting in the garden with Rui that day. Opening the wine she gets out a couple glasses, “Delun would you like some wine?”

    Leng Shuai can hear her pampering tone as she asks Qiao Delun he finds it very annoying to listen to hear being affectionate to another man.

    “No thanks, I will have some cider though.” Delun doesn’t want to interfere but he is watching from the kitchen. LiMei’s apartment is very small he could hear what they were saying, her boss wants her to accompany him to the Black Lotus Club? That Club attracts dangerous people, who is this man?

    Delun leans down in a low voice he asks her, “ What business does that man have in Pushong City? I thought you worked for CEO Chen?”

    She pours two glasses of wine she is going to have some also, “I do work for Hushang Group but I owe him some work.” She gives Leng Shuai a sidelong look, he certainly is making himself at home ordering her around.

    Delun begins to stir fry the vegetables, “Don’t go with him to the Black Lotus Club it can be a dangerous place.” He is about to say more when Du Chang bursts through the door, “LiMei the grill..” he stops talking when he notices Leng Shuai on the couch, “Who is he?”

    Leng Shuai glares at Du Chang… Qiao Rui’s younger brother and a pretty high school boy?

    LiMei is walking over to the couch with the glass of wine, his name is “Leng Shuai.”

   He can’t hide his look of disappointment, “Is he staying for dinner too?” His mood sinks further he thought it would be just him and LiMei now besides Dr. Qiao’s brother it is another old man.

    Under her breath she mutters, “Unfortunately”

    “…” Leng Shuai can hear her clearly, he knits his brows together, he really wants to take her over his knee and spank her right now for her impudent behavior. 

     She is treating these two pretty boys better than him, doesn’t she know how many women would love for him to eat dinner with them. He is sitting in this pathetic little cramped apartment and she is not even happy to see him. Ungrateful little girl! 

    He hastily takes a gulp of the wine…cheap wine?!? This is a French wine called Chateaux Rouge it costs 100,0000 yuan a bottle. The girl is truly an idiot thinking he wouldn’t know a fine wine when he drinks it. Qiao Rui must have bought it for her and she didn’t want him to have it, suddenly it even tastes better if that is possible.

     LiMei tries very hard to compose herself her anger at his appearance and drinking her special wine is about to explode, “Chang let’s go start the meat.” Before she leaves the kitchen she whispers to Delun, “Ignore him. Nothing he says is good.”

    As she and Du Chang walk past Leng Shuai she says, “Don’t bother my friend while he is cooking.”


    Leng Shuai can smell a delicious aroma wafting over from the kitchen it reminds him of an exclusive restaurant in Paris. He walks into the kitchen watching Qiao Delun, “Your skills are good, where did you study?”

 His voice is calm not allowing Leng Shuai to intimidate him with his cold aura,“Paris.” He doesn’t like this guy he gives off a dangerous vibe. “Are you a member of the Leng family from Hirachi City?”

    Leng Shuai doesn’t want to reveal himself as the CEO of Leng Corporation if this brat tells Feng LiMei it will reveal he has been lying to her this whole time about his identity.

For now  he is having too much fun teasing the little bunny,  when the time is right he will reveal he is the CEO of Leng Corporation “I’m merely a member of the second branch, I’m a pilot for a small cargo company.”

    Qiao Delun doesn’t believe him, he has the domineering demeanor of a powerful man what is he hiding? Also, not anyone can enter the Black Lotus Club.

    Leng Shuai pours himself another glass of wine, “Are you Feng LiMei’s boyfriend?”

    Qiao Delun gives him a strange look, is that a question a boss should ask? The kitchen is cramped with the two tall men standing in it he ignores the question, “Could you go sit down I need to finish the rice and you are in my way.”

    Leng Shuai is about to retort when LiMei comes into the apartment, “Leng Shuai didn’t I tell you not to bother Delun? He is standing in her way she wants to see if the side dishes are ready. She gives him a little push. “Move..go outside and wait for dinner I will bring it out.”

    He laughs at her bossy tone, “I thought I might help.” He picks up his glass of wine and heads towards the door. Now isn’t the time to bully her, when they go to the Club he will pay her back for her insolence.

     “Yeah right.” She glares at his back about to say something rude but decides the food smells great she won’t let him ruin her good mood.

    He walks out to the patio LiMei told Chang to finish grilling the meat she and Delun would bring out the side dishes, Chang is flipping the skewers of steak annoyed as Leng Shuai approaches he says, “Hey old man hand me that plate.”

    Old man? Leng Shuai grimaces, “You should show some respect you little brat I am Feng LiMei’s boss.” He sits down after he hands him the plate.

    Chang stands up puffing out his chest, “Who are you calling a little brat?” He steps forward towards Leng Shuai about to start a fight.

    LiMei comes through the door to see Chang’s face is bright red and he is clenching his hands at his side. “Chang is the meat done?” He immediately controls his temper he is her boss he almost forgot and lost his temper. She might get mad at him,  he steps back away from Leng Shuai, “Yeah.”

     What is going on stupid Leng Shuai barely walked out and they are having some sort of confrontation? 

     She thinks the best idea is to not pay any attention to them but she sends a sidelong glance to Leng Shuai showing her displeasure. You are the adult here aren’t you?

    “Chang the meat looks delicious you grilled it perfectly. here”, she hands him some bowls, “I will be right back with the other dishes.” She smiles up at him affectionately and brushes some ash from his shirt. LiMei doesn’t  notice the dark expression on Leng Shuai’s face. His blood is beginning to boil,  why won’t she show him that smile that lights up her face making her eyes sparkle.

    Delun and LiMei bring the rest of the plates out and she arranges them on the table. The atmosphere is a little tense as they sit around the table due to Leng Shuai’s presence his aura is suffocating. Finally LiMei breaks the silence, “Delun is this the noodle dish I had at the resort you made?”

    “Yes I created it myself that day you were in the kitchen with me, I call it ‘Spicy Mei Noodles.’ LiMei spits out the bite of food she just ate and starts coughing, he pats her on the back, with a gentle tone “Slow down you will choke.” He hands her the glass of water in front of her, “Drink this.” She reaches past his hand and grabs her glass of wine downing it.

    “…”Leng Shuai and Du Chang stare at the two of them what is going on between them? Leng Shuai comments, “I think the noodles are a little too spicy for most people to handle, but I think they are quite delicious.” His lips curl up in a faint smile,looking at LiMei with undisguised provocation, “LiMei we need to go soon the meeting is at nine o’clock.

   LiMei continues to eat without looking up from her noodles, her mouth full of food she casually replies,“You go on ahead I will finish eating then change, Delun you can drop me off can’t you?” Dammit! No way is she riding in a car with that stupid idiot.

    Delun is about to agree when Leng Shuai pulls her up from her seat, “Go change I will wait.” When Delun sees his large hand gripping her slender arm he stands up pulling LiMei towards him. “Even if she works for you Mr. Leng it is inappropriate for you to treat her disrespectfully. LiMei after we are finished with dinner I will take you. Why don’t you go on ahead Mr. Leng.”

    LiMei is startled by the imposing aura that suddenly surrounded Qiao Delun. She has never seen this side of him he reminds her of his brother Rui. She doesn’t want to ruffle Leng Shuai’s feathers he does have incriminating evidence to use if she disobeys him. What should she do?

    There is intense pressure coming from Leng Shuai he looks like he is going to rip Delun’s arm off that is around my shoulders, his body has a killing intent radiating from it, but I can’t ignore Delun’s good intentions. She steps in between them her voice is calm as she smiles looking into Leng Shuai’s dark eyes, “Leng Shuai it is true I work for you but if the meeting is at nine I can finish having dinner with my friends and meet you there on time.  It was unexpected you needed me to work tonight and I made plans with my friends. If you had informed me earlier I would have arranged out dinner for another night. “

    Leng Shuai is surprised Qiao Delun appeared harmless until he touched Feng LiMei which ignited his obvious jealousy. What is the little bunny up to with the two brothers and the hot headed high school kid.

    “ If you are late…” He waves his cell phone towards her smirking.

     “Rest assured I won’t be late.” Whew… I wasn’t sure where that was headed, since when did Delun become so formidable to stand up against someone like Leng Shuai. {I need to find a way to destroy that evidence I’m tired of him holding it over my head.}

     Leng Shuai gulps the rest of his wine while glaring at Qiao Delun who still has his arm around LiMei protectively. “Miss Feng I will let you slide this time but there will be no second time.”

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