The Salon

Henri Armand drinks his wine waiting for Chen Huan to finish his conversation at the next table. Qiao Rui and Daiyu must have left he looks towards the door, if they were coming back to the table they would have returned by now.

    His usually emotionless face has a satisfied smile thinking about the fact he found Qin Daiyu, she goes by the name of Feng LiMei now, interesting. He taps on the table that is why he couldn’t find her in Bashu City she went to the old man for a new identity. She must have been planning her escape from the Black Sky behind his back for quite awhile. 

     What a little actress pretending to follow all of his orders obediently while secretly making her plans. She must have saved the money he gave her for her escape reinventing yourself isn’t cheap.

    But Daiyu little girl you are too careless not disguising your beautiful appearance, if I can find you so can my brother. If he wasn’t occupied dealing with the dissension among the members of the Black Sky Corporation you would have easily been discovered by now.

     Of course Pushong City is far enough way from their base of operations he wouldn’t consider you living in this city. He is deep in thought when Chen Huan returns to the table, “Sorry Henri that old fart spends a great deal of money advertising on my show.” He looks around, “Where did Rui and Feng LiMei go?”

    “I have no idea. Should we go to the bar and wait for Kang Jin? I am anxious to hear his reaction to my new line. Considering his immense popularity right now it should increase our sales, unfortunately I heard from my assistant he isn’t pleased with the quality of the material. Which I find hard to believe the cloth comes from a reputable company.

      Actually it is located not far from here so  thought I might take him to see the operation. I want to see if he is willing to make the trip.”

    Looking at his watch Chen Huan notices it is almost seven he responds, “ Yes,they should be here shortly.”

    Across town at an exclusive Salon run by the famous pair Pascal and Gizelle Meng QiQi spins around after Pascal personally finishes her hair and makeup. Looking in the mirror she can’t help but smile a good makeup artist makes a huge difference.

    He slimmed her cheeks using a contouring technique then made her lips seem more alluring with the red lipstick he used. “Pascal you are amazing!” He nods. {of course I am or why would Kang Jin send a cheap looking girl like you for me to transform with my magic.}

   When she walked into the salon he gasped appalled at her  terrible makeup and clothes. The short flowered dress looked like she picked up at a second hand store a size too small.

      What can even be said about the plastic surgery..urgh..obviously not of high quality. Anyone from the industry would be immediately be able to ascertain she had work done. He sneers, did she go to a discount clinic in Gangnam?

    Pascal  is a beautiful man slender with very feminine features he sways is hips  as he walks over to her side lying as though it is second nature to him,“Sweetie you look gorgeous!” 

     He deals with many of the elite women of Pushong who come to his Salon and many of them are obnoxious but this woman really got on his nerves speaking as if she and Kang Jin are intimate. No way… she has to be lying.

    Whatever the reason Kang Jin is bothering with this woman he shouldn’t care with the amount of money he is being paid to style her for tonight but he can’t help but think,, Jin..Jin..Jin she is too annoying and full of herself for an exquisite man like you!  

     Pascal waves his slender hand for “Miss Meng if you follow Giselle she will take you to be fitted for your dress.”

    A beautiful blonde woman wearing an elegant bright blue dress with matching 10cm heels smiles as she approaches her, She has a French accent that gives her an air of sophistication.“Come this way  Miss Feng, we have several of the latest designs from Chloe Couture for you to select from for this evening.”

    After they leave Pascal packs his brushes into his case shaking his head, Kang Jin is his idol he is disappointed in his choice of women. He has never sent any woman to his Salon before and now he sends this unsightly woman who prattled on talking nonsense the entire time he was doing her makeup. Hmmph!

    Meng QiQi picks out a short low cut red dress.While she is in the dressing room she has trouble getting the back zipper up but she likes the way it enhances her assets. 

     When she walks out of the dressing room Gizelle rolls her eyes, with the woman’s figure she looks like a prostitute her breasts are popping out the top. 

     The sizes were clearly marked this dress is simply too small. It is made for a petite girl not someone with breast implants and large thighs.

    “Gizelle what do you think of this one I really like the way it hugs my body.”

    Gizelle is speechless… hugs your body? You look like a lumpy roll of sausage in it. “Absolutely stunning but I think this one would fit the occasion better.” She hands her a dress that is slightly longer and the bodice will hold in her more than ample chest giving her a more refined look.

    “This dress is the same vibrant red but is more appropriate for a small dinner party.{Although she would love to let her embarrass herself wearing the sausage dress, she was sent her by that adorable Kang Jin. 

 Gizelle heard Meng QiQi bragging to Pascal she is having dinner with Kang Jin and Chen Huan. Such a smelly woman acting as though Pascal’s precious Kang Jin is only a stepping stone to hug a golden thigh.}

    Meng QiQi scrunches up her face in an unattractive expression as she whines, “But this one fits me so well.” She turns looking at her behind that the dress appears painted on even revealing a few dimples. She is thinking Chen Huan is a playboy he won’t be able to resist my body in this dress.

    “I suggest you try this on if you still prefer the one you are wearing we can make a few adjustments to it.”

    “Adjustments, what adjustments it fits perfectly.”


    Meng Qiqi can see Gizelle prefers the dress in her hand should she just try it on to make her happy? She should get along with these people she will use this salon in the near future when she snags Chen Huan. Meng QiQi responds with a condescending tone,“Gizelle, since you think so I will try it.”

    After she tries it on she doesn’t know how this woman Gizelle can call herself a stylist, this dress isn’t seductive at all! She hastily takes it off throwing it onto the chair then it falls  the dressing room floor she steps on it as she looks in the mirror. Confident in her earlier choice she exits the dressing room. She points her finger at the short red dress “I will wear that one.”

   Gizelle looks at Meng QiQi’s hands she isn’t holding the other dress did she leave it hung up in the dressing room? How rude. “Fine Miss Meng if you wait in the other room we will continue. James will serve you tea while you wait.”

   The Chloe Couture dress she didn’t bring out is worth over 30,000 dollars. Without paying attention anymore to Meng QiQi she goes into the dressing room discarding her elegant persona she curses her, “That presumptuous slut!” She carefully picks up the dress off the carpet, she loves clothes more than people, except Pascal of course.

    She smooths the wrinkles it will have to be professionally steamed, how can they sell it now as new. Pascal won’t charge Kang Jin either knowing him. She glares at the door of the tea room, that little bitch! Sorry Pascal she insisted on the ‘I’m a cheap whore’ look I tried to dissuade her for your reputation but she wouldn’t listen to me.

    Meng QiQi is happily having her tea feeling like a pampered princess, Kang Jin should be here in a half hour to pick me up, wait until he sees me! Wait until Chen Huan sees me!

   A handsome man in a designer black suit places a tea cup down in front of Meng QiQi. “Thank you James.” He holds back his disdain she is sitting cross legged and her dress is riding up her thighs exposing her underwear. Where did Pascal get this client. She looks like a B actress at best. “If you need anthing else Miss before Gizelle coordinates your outfit please ring the bell.”

    Meng QiQi looks at the silver bell, this is the life! When I am Mrs. Chen I will live the luxurious life I was meant to have! Being waited on by a handsome man.. having beautiful clothes and a personal stylist! 

    She is lost in her daydreams when she hears Gizelle’s voice, “Your shoes and accessories are ready for you, Mr Kang’s assistant called he should be arriving soon.”

   “Okay did he include any jewelry?” He must have he is a rich celebrity the woman accompanying him should be wearing daimonds.

   “…” Gizelle wants to say no so she can see her greedy face drop in anguish but she replies with a smile, “Of course. I have paired a simple necklace and earrings to highlight your beauty. {Gag..I want to vomit right now your greedy expression is so obvious! Well at least I did pick the least expensive jewelry I could from the collection anyway. I want Pascal to charge Kang Jin for the dress she ruined.}

    “You can get dressed in here then when you are finished I will put the necklace and earrings on for you.” She hands her the high heels and dress then walks back out to where Pascal is by his makeup chair.

   “Pascal! Pascal!”

   He is sitting at his desk leaning back in his chair sipping tea, Meng QiQi is their last client of the day, “Why are you calling me?” He was unnerved by dealing with Meng QiQi and is trying to relax.

    “Baby, I don’t want you to be upset when you see the dress she is wearing. She grabbed it off the wrong rack while I had my back turned and insisted on it. I tried to dissuade her as best I could giving her another dress which she ruined by crumpling it up tossing it on the floor.”


   The door jingles as Kang Jin walks into the Salon. His face is covered in mask and his black hat is pulled down. His driver had to ditch three cars that were following them to come here, “Pascal, it has been awhile.”

      Pascal’s face lights up seeing his idol,“Mr. Kang she is almost ready”, he motions to Gizelle to go get Meng QiQi, she looks at him her eyes wide, well it was the smelly woman’s choice.

   She enters the room bringing the jewelry, Meng QiQi was expecting diamonds when she sees the simple gold earrings and necklace her eyes reveal her disappointment. She tries to hide her displeasure, “Very pretty.”

    “I thought anything else like diamonds would steal the attention away from the dress. I would have paired diamonds with the other dress.” 

   She puts the simple jewelery on Meng QiQi actually the simplicity of the gold seems to take a bit of the garishness away from the dress. If someone focused on the delicate chain and intricate design at least Gizelle couldn’t be said to have totally abandoned this waste.

    “I can change bring the other dress!”

   “I can’t it is wrinkled unable to be worn.” her voice is calm and matter of fact but inside she is laughing at Meng QiQi’s reaction.

   “Well I think diamonds would highlight this dress.”

   “Are you dissatisfied with my abilities?”

   Meng QiQi doesn’t want to upset her she will be coming back in the future and Gizelle is the most famous stylist in Pushong City.

    Meng QiQi tightens her fists, dammit why did I carelessly toss the other dress onto the ground. “I trust your judgment, can I just try on the diamond necklace?”

   “…” This woman is too much. “There isn’t time Mr. Kang is here.”

   “Very well then.” Fine she will have plenty of diamonds when she gets Chen Huan into bed.

    They walk out of the room Pascal almost drops his tea cup, is this some sort of joke! What was Gizelle thinking!

   Kang Jin is startled when he sees Meng QiQi, Gizelle is known as the best stylist in Pushong City, Meng QiQi’s dress is.. is..

    Gizelle can see by his stunned expression he is not happy so she quickly puts the blame on Meng QiQi, “Mr. Kang your friend has a unique style insisting on picking out the dress herself. I only offer suggestions to my clients the final decision is always their choice.”

    “Kang Jin don’t you think this dress is amazing?” Meng QiQi spins around. Kang Jin looks at Gizelle’s uncomfortable expression.

      It is true unless he wasn’t here so she had to go along with Meng QiQi’s wishes, placating her so as not to insult a client. He does notice she tried to tone down the look by pairing it with tasteful jewelry.

   “Thank you for your hard work, Miss Meng let’s go.”

   After they leave Pascal has a sigh of relief, Gizelle is good at covering her ass, that dress!

   “So that is what you were trying to tell me?”

   “I hope I never see that woman in our Salon again.” Gizelle pours herself a cup of tea her manicured fingers delicately gripping the cup,”Pascal what do you think your Little Jin sees in that trashy woman?

   Pascal answers her,”Thank God I could see by his eyes he doesn’t care about her. For a moment I was worried he had face blindness!”

   Gizelle starts laughing then sits on his lap, “I only hope she doesn’t say she came to our Salon. Your makeup was beautiful of course but I couldn’t stand the ridicule if anyone thought I was involved in her choice of dress.

    Pascal pinches her cheek, “Mon amour, I will be sure and remind James to not breathe a word reminding him who pays his salary. No one will ever tarnish your reputation as long as you have me.”

    Kang Jin doesn’t really care about what Meng QiQi is wearing if she is satisfied with it that is all that counts. The purpose of taking her with him is to make Feng LiMei happy. With the mask and hat no one can recognize him so there won’t be pictures of them together if he only takes her to the Crescent Moon Hotel.

      There is no way can he be sure they won’t be photographed together at Chen Huan’s restaurant so he will need to cancel. He doesn’t need unwanted gossip, if she had chosen a less revealing dress it wouldn’t be a problem, but she looks like an escort.

    He dials Chen Huan, “Director Chen this is Kang Jin unfortunately I won’t be able to join you and Mr. Armand.”

    Meng QiQi can hear him, why is he canceling meeting Chen Huan for drinks, does she look too beautiful and he wants to keep her for himself?

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