The Bullet

Leng Shuai is taken into an examining room placed on the bed. A middle aged nurse with short gray hair comes into the room to clean his head wound. Jason asks the doctor, “How long do you think he will be unconscious?”

    “I can’t say until we do a CAT scan to see what is going on with him. Did you say he was in an accident?”

    “Yes a collision.”

    “It might be a concussion from hitting his head, the laceration isn’t deep it will only need a few stitches.” The doctor lifts Leng Shuai’s eyelids to look at his pupils. “His breathing is normal, oxygen levels are normal and his eyes are responding to the light I don’t think it is serious.”

    Jason stares at Leng Shuai lying on the bed he feels guilty he wasn’t able to protect him properly. He never thought that bastard Yun Shi would be audacious enough to snatch the Boss from the auction with so many people in the room.

    Well the least he can do is find out what happened to the Golden Dragon for the CEO. “Su Ryan I am going to step outside get me if the Boss wakes up.”

    Su Ryan nods then sits in a chair guarding Leng Shuai.

    Jason calls Han Weisheng, “Any luck locating the Golden Dragon or the Sacred Stone?”

    “None. I set up road blocks around the Black Lotus Club but nothing has turned up. Yun Shi isn’t stupid he won’t attempt to leave the country with them while they are hot.”

   “What about the cameras in the Club?”

    “Someone shorted them out at 1:30 when we found Xiaobo in the security room all the monitoring equipment was destroyed.

   Xiaobo is livid that his security was infiltrated to such an extent by Yun Shi. He used the same security company he always uses but unfortunately he wasn’t aware the company’s owner owed a large debt to the Falcon’s Head Syndicate.

    When his man interrogated  Liu Yong this came to light, the pathetic bastard is being held downtown now but I don’t think he will be of any help. Yun Shi certainly was thorough the only glitch being that you prevented him from abducting Leng Shuai.

    Two of the auction company employees were found murdered in the dressing room off to the side of the stage the other woman is missing we don’t have any information as to her whereabouts.”

    That’s right Feng LiMei! Didn’t Su Ryan say she was in the car with Leng Shuai what happened to her when the cars collided on Lingyun Street. 

    Fuck he already ordered Shen Yi to destroy the traffic cam tapes! Maybe he looked at them first. He dials his number, “Hey when you destroyed the traffic cam tapes of Lingyun St. did you watch them first?”

    “ No I just erased from midnight until an hour ago so it looked like a malfunction caused by the severe weather conditions. I did it remotely by hacking into the system so I didn’t watch any of the footage.”

   “Is there anyway to retrieve it?”

    “Fuck no the footage is wiped. I made it look like the storm shorted out the electrical  system.”

   Jason  returns to Leng Shuai’s room, “ Ryan did you see a young girl at the scene of the accident?”

  “No. Shit that’s right there was the little girl who got into the car with the Boss and Yun Shi. He scratches his head. “Where the fuck did she go no one was there when Xing cleaned up the scene and that was not more than twenty minutes after we left.”

   Jason nervously considers how to find Feng LiMei  Leng Shuai definitely cares about that girl.“She is wearing a bracelet with a locator chip.”

    Su Ryan looks a Leng Shuai unconscious on the bed,“I have a feeling if we don’t find her when the Boss wakes up we will be in a shitload of trouble. Can you access her location?”

    “On the Boss’ phone.” Jason picks up Leng Shuai’s jacket that is on the chair pulling out his phone. He takes Leng Shuai’s finger pressing it on the phone to unlock it.

    “…” Su Ryan stares at Jason if the CEO finds out he will be in trouble for looking at his personal cell phone. “Do you see her location?”

    “No, the locator chip isn’t sending a signal, it isn’t working.”  He pushes up his gold rimmed glasses. ” How could she take off the bracelet it has a fingerprint lock.

    “What should we do now?”

    Leng Shuai  hears muffled voices he wakes up holding his head, “About what?”

    “Hey Boss you are awake, don’t get up the doctor is going to stitch your head.” He quickly puts Leng Shuai’s phone back into his coat pocket.

    “Give me a bottle of water. What were you two whispering about?”

    “Nothing important. We didn’t want to wake you up.”

    Leng Shuai takes the water from Su Ryan, “What happened?” The last thing he remembers is being dragged out of the car semi conscious by Yun Shi.

    “There was a standoff at the site of the accident Yun Shi got away.”

   “Where is Feng LiMei?”

   Jason looks at Su Ryan..What the fuck he doesn’t ask about Yun Shi’s whereabouts or the Golden Dragon he is asking about the chick. He knows not to lie to him it will come out anyway since he wants to see her now. “Feng LiMei? I don’t know I didn’t see her after she was on stage with the Golden Dragon.” This is the truth Su Ryan told him she was in the car with the Boss and Yun Shi.

   “She was in the car with me.”

   “I never saw Feng LiMei Boss.”

   “Hand me my phone it is in the jacket pocket.”

   Jason hands him the phone. Leng Shuai goes to the app there is no flashing red dot like there should be showing her location. No signal at all! Dammit! How could it one can remove the bracelet besides Jason.

   “You didn’t check the car? Did you send someone to clean the scene and remove the evidence, call them if she isn’t found within the next hour you don’t need to show your faces in front of me again.”

    Su Ryan and Jason both stare at Leng Shuai isn’t he overreacting, but he looks extremely angry and he never makes idle threats. 

    They both walk out the door how are they going to find her if she isn’t at her apartment. Jason calls Shen Boyin “When you cleaned the scene did you see anyone in the area? A young girl?”

   “No we didn’t see anyone but Harry said there was a trail of blood leading to an alley by the crash. He went to check it out but no one was in the alley, there was a puddle of blood by a dumpster.”

    Holy shit what if she got hit by a bullet during the gunfire and they left her in the car. If she is dead he and Su Ryan won’t live very much longer either. “Thanks go back by there and make sure there isn’t anyone in the alley look in the dumpster, behind it anywhere someone could hide there.”

   “Will do but who are we looking for?”

   “Just call me if you find anyone. “

   Su Ryan wants to know what is going on, “Jason what was that about.”

    ” Let’s go I will tell you when we get to the elevator.” Once they are in the elevator Jason says, “Harry  found blood on the opposite side of the cars from where we were all standing. A trail of blood that led into the alley. Shen  Boyin went to investigate but didn’t find anyone just a puddle of blood.”

   “Do you think the blood was from  the  chick?”

    “Who else would it be everyone else was accounted for… Yun Shi left with his men and the only injury was the Boss whose head was bleeding. We were all on the right side of the vehicle, no one was on the left.

    If she got hit by a bullet she would have gone to the left away from the confrontation don’t you think. Even if she waited in the car until we all left the only shelter was the buildings and alley on the left side of the street. “

   “ Jason this is fucking bad! Did you notice the Boss asked about her before the Golden Dragon or Yun Shi.”

    “We need to find that little chick and hope she isn’t dead. The Boss isn’t being rational about her disappearing it wasn’t our fault we didn’t notice she wasn’t there our only concern was him.”

    “No taxis would come that time of night and if she was shot who would she call?”

    They both say in unison, “Qiao Rui!”

    Jason and Su Ryan rush towards the exit of the hospital, Su Ryan comments,“But didn’t he just get married? He would be taking a chance to help his old girlfriend. ”

   “It is our only lead call his hospital to find out if she was admitted there.”

   Su Ryan takes his empty pack of cigarettes crumpling it into a ball tossing it onto the wet sidewalk.“I have a better idea I met this guy who works there I got him a part time job doing security work he owes me a favor.”

   “Call him.”

    Rui examines LiMei her vitals are normal, it is time to take out the bullet. First she will need x rays of her arm for him to study. He takes out his phone,  “Send a nurse to take the patient in room 4356 for x rays, is the operating room ready?”

   “Yes the operating room is ready Dr. Qiao, I will send a nurse right away.”

    When she gets off the phone she tells the young nurse standing by the desk, “Go to room 4356 the patient needs expedited x rays, you will need to wait for the films then deliver them directly to Dr. Qiao so he can operate.”

    “Yes ma’am.” She hurries down the hallway with a stretcher looking for the room.

    Nurse Fu is about to leave her shift is over when she hears Dr. Qiao’s name. She immediately walks back to the nurse’s station, “Dr. Qiao is here this time of the night?”

    “Yes, apparently his brother’s girlfriend is injured.”

    “What happened to her?’

    “How would I know  and Nurse Fu why are you still here isn’t your shift over now?”  She doesn’t want to gossip with this woman she asks too many questions.

   Nurse Fu glares at her, “I was just curious you don’t have to snap at me!” She hasn’t had any information for Wang Rebecca lately and she could use the money. “Does DouDou need help she is new to this floor, I could help her before I clock out.”

   “Nurse Ding will be just fine, you should clock out now.”

    “I think I forgot my badge in the washroom, I need to go get it.” She had taken the badge off when her shift was over but she wants to see who the woman is even if it is Qiao Delun’s girlfriend she could embellish the story for Wang Rebecca.

   Nurse Huang watches her back as she leaves there is something about that woman she doesn’t like, always snooping around the rooms.

   Wondering how she can get some information Nurse Fu walks towards the washroom lingering down the hallway. Duo Duo will need to wheel the patient past her to get to the x ray room.

    Nurse Ding knocks on the door of LiMei’s room. She can barely contain her excitement to be near Dr, Qiao he is so dreamy and handsome! When no one answers she opens the door pushing in the stretcher her eyes widen witnessing her idol Qiao Rui looking at the girl on the bed his eyes full of love as he kisses her lightly on the forehead.

    Didn’t old Nurse Huang say she is his brother’s girlfriend when Dr. Qiao carried her past the nurse’s station?

   Rui was removing the oxygen mask from LiMei’s face after he did he couldn’t resist leaning down softly kissing her forehead.

   He is satisfied the treatment for the hypothermia worked her skin is warm to the touch, he has a faint smile as he tenderly brushes the hair off her face with his slender finger tucking the loose tendrils behind her ear. She is breathtakingly beautiful, her long black eyelashes fluttering as she sleeps and her pink mouth slightly open. 

   Hearing the door open he looks over at the door as the nurse enters instructing her, “They have the orders in x ray, when they are finished bring the patient back to the room to be prepped for surgery. Remind the radiologist to send the film up immediately.”

   “Yes Dr. Qiao.”

   “Actually I will accompany the patient with you to x ray and wait for the film.”

    “…” Nurse Ding is surprised since when does the doctor go with the patient to x ray particularly Dr. Qiao the head of the hospital. Who is this girl?

    Rui removes the warming blankets and carefully lifts LiMei onto the stretcher. “Delun wait here.”

   Delun wants to protect Rui from any gossip, Rui is really being more emotional than he has ever seen him, the nurse must be shocked.

      I can’t let rumors spread about him right before the board meeting. He has a reputation as a cold and emotionless man and his eyes are full of affection looking at Feng LiMei “ Bro maybe I should accompany my girlfriend.” He could see the incredulous expression on the young nurse’s face staring at Rui.

   Rui’s expression darkens as he thinks, Dammit Delun quit calling Feng LiMei your girlfriend! “You will be in the way.” He looks at her name badge, “Nurse Ding let’s go.”

   Delun decides he needs to make sure Rui doesn’t show his feelings for Feng LiMei in front of anyone else. He can handle this little nurse so she doesn’t gossip.“I will come also.”


    Rui wheels the stretcher out while Nurse Ding and Delun walk beside him, she is thinking shouldn’t she wheel the stretcher? She glances up at Rui’s profile he is incredibly handsome he could be a celebrity so tall, his body is perfect.

   Too bad he is married to that shrew Wang Rebecca what does he see in that witch. Every time she comes to the hospital she is rude and arrogant. Glancing towards Delun she notices he is equally as handsome only has more of a boyish quality, admiring these two handsome men she is glad she picked up the night shift.

   Down the hallway Nurse Fu has been waiting for Duo Duo she comes around the corner when she hears the stretcher rolling down. Not expecting to see Qiao Rui and another man she doesn’t know what to say she was going to stop DuoDuo casually. “Dr. Qiao, Nurse Ding hello.”

   Rui doesn’t like this nurse he has seen her lurking around his office,“Get out of our way we are in a hurry.”

   Embarrassed by his tone Nurse Fu’s smile quickly fades he is such an arrogant bastard! She glances down at the stretcher but doesn’t have time to get a good look the other man is blocking her view. Speechless she continues walking down the hallway, Nurse Ding gulps she heard Dr. Qiao can be very rude but he seemed nice in the room. They continue down to x ray, Rui takes a moment to talk to the radiologist leaving LiMei with the x ray technician

  “Nurse Ding he said it will be about fifteen minutes do you mind getting us a couple cups of tea from the machine?” He smiles handing her some money.

  “Of course not Dr. Qiao I will be right back.” Her heart is pounding from brushing her hand across his fingers when he handed her the money, oh my God he smiled at me..and his voice is so low and fucking sexy. She runs out of the room down to the machine at the end of the hallway to get the tea.

   “Now that she is gone, stop calling Feng LiMei your girlfriend I don’t like it.”

   “Rui fucking get it together bro! The board meeting is two days away you are about to realize your mother’s dream of you becoming the CEO of the company she helped develop with that bastard of a father of ours.

      Once you have the CEO position secured you can dump that scheming bitch and do whatever you want. It was smart to never file the marriage, I don’t know why the Chairman insisted on you marrying her in the first place. but you know any scandal will alienate the board.”

   “ Delun I am so fucking sick of catering to that old man. Yeah.. shit… I admit it I like Feng LiMei I don’t know why I am obsessed. I mean fuck is there love at first sight I am beginning to think so. I can’t get her out of my head.”

    Before Delun can say anything else Nurse Ding rushes into the room with the two teas. Handing one to Rui, ”Dr. Qiao, and..”

   “My name is Qiao Delun I am Dr. Qiao’s brother.” She blushes as she hands him the tea he smiles thinking this little nurse’s shy look is very cute.

    DuoDuo moves away from them staring through the glass partition watching the x ray technician taking the pictures of LiMei. She can see LiMei’s face as the technician turns her on her side facing the glass where she is standing. The girl certainly is beautiful no wonder Qiao Delun likes her.

    Seeing his reflection in the glass she thinks Dr. Qiao’s brother has a gentle aura surrounding him that girl is very lucky to have a boyfriend like him. 

    But then again if she is his girlfriend why was Dr. Qiao kissing her forehead, well it wasn’t like he was kissing her lips but his eyes had a soft shine as he gazed at her face. Is his brother covering for him because he is married to that witch?

    The x ray technician finishes and the radiologist is analyzing the pictures after a few minutes he walks to the area where they are, “Dr. Qiao here are the results.” Rui sets his tea on the table and walks over to look at the films.

    Rui’s face has a worried look Delun rushes over to him, “What is it Rui?”

    Nurse Ding can hear the concern in his voice she walks a little closer to hear what they are discussing.

    “Delun you and Nurse Ding go up to the room and wait I will wheel Feng LiMei up in a few minutes. Nurse Ding  have Nurse Huang inform my team to meet in the operating room in twenty minutes. Have her call Dr. Lee to assist.”

    “Yes Dr. Qiao.” That was the first time they mentioned the patient’s name. Isn’t that the girl the rumors were flying about a month ago before he got married? She is definitely not Qiao Delun’s girlfriend she is Dr. Qiao’s ex girlfriend! Oh my! Well, it is none of my business I will pretend I don’t know anything. I didn’t hear the name Feng LiMei… I know nothing! Very good…

     Delun walks up next to her to see her face is flushed red, “I will walk with you back up to the room.” He can tell she is uncomfortable from her nervous reaction she must realize who Feng LiMei is to Rui.

    Trying not to act flustered she composes herself as she turns and smiles, “Sure.”

    Rui looks over the x rays, this surgery will be trickier than he anticipated where the bullet is lodged is partially through the humerus and resting only a micrometer away from the brachial artery.

      If the artery is pierced when the bullet is removed she will have a traumatic injury to the main artery in her arm and it will need to be surgically repaired, maybe even requiring a vein graft. He isn’t a vascular surgeon he will need Dr. Lee to step in if needed. Unfortunately another possible complication could be if the surrounding nerves are damaged when the bullet is removed that could affect the ability to move the arm. Fuck!

    He has a serious expression as he gazes over at LiMei laying on the table. “Thank you John, these are very good angles to show the injury.”

    “Thank you Dr. Qiao.”

    Rui  lifts LiMei he decides he will carry her instead of putting her on the stretcher, he wants to feel her soft body pressed to his chest and breathe in her unique fragrance. He whispers, “Little beauty I won’t let anything happen to you during surgery I promise.”

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