Take me Home

LiMei cradles the Golden Dragon into her chest as she flies into the side room. Damn… Leng Shuai looked really angry! She looks around what is going on… the room is empty, where did all those men go and Tai? Where is Blondie and the man named Mr. Tang? She didn’t see her walk past  onto the stage.

     Clutching the Golden Dragon in her hand LiMei isn’t sure what she should do with it.She needs to make a decision … Just set it on the table and leave? Or should I take it, but I can’t take the whole case it won’t fit in my purse. I will consider my options while I change clothes.

     LiMei opens the curtain to the makeshift dressing room then gasps at the grisly sight,  “Oh my God!” Blondie and an old white haired man are dead.

    Blondie had her neck slit and blood is everywhere, crimson red covering her sequined dress and running down her legs, she was thrown on top of the old man who is sprawled across the floor.

      Looks like he was stabbed in the chest. LiMei saw Blondie not even  twenty minutes ago her body is still warm to the touch. His body is fairly cold he must have been killed awhile ago then tossed in here when they killed the blond woman.

     LiMei looks at the Golden Dragon, this old man must be Mr. Tang he probably has the key to the glass case on him.  When she was in the Black Sky she saw many dead bodies but the sight still makes her feel queasy. 

     She flinches then reaches into Mr.Tang’s pants pocket, no key. If she steals the Golden Dragon she can leave Pushong City. The Old Man in Bashu City probably can sell it for me on the Black Market. {Sorry Father Lam, I need to escape this town I will donate some of the money to the orphanage.}

     Gritting her teeth listening to hear if any of the men come back she moves Blondie’s leg over that is laying across the old man’s hip so she can reach into his other pocket.

     Fumbling around she pulls out a set of keys, shit there are ten keys on the ring. Studying the keys and the lock she narrows it down to three possible choices. The first doesn’t fit so she tries another one, no luck. She stares at the third choice and kisses the key then tries it in the lock. Bingo!

     After she opens the case she pulls out the Golden Dragon, it really seems to be staring at her with its sparkling red eyes, she shivers as she shoves it into her purse.

    Now to quickly change no way can she escape in this dress that is dragging on the floor. She takes out the silver needle that is holding the dress up then quickly unzips it.

    LiMei’s heart is pounding it feels as though it will pop out of her chest at any moment. 

     Calm down Daiyu you have been in worse situations! 

     Her hands are shaking as she is standing next to the two dead people she doesn’t want to be the third one in the pile, even knowing Yun Qianyu might not save her at this point. Doubtful they would give me a chance to say two words before they killed me.

     Pulling on her skirt she then puts on her blouse she listens there is no movement in the room outside the dressing room.

    What if they discover I stole the Golden Dragon? Maybe I should hide it when I get out of this room then come back for it tomorrow.     

     Put the glass case on the table, any one of those men could have taken it. Hmmm..Well Daiyu it is best to get the hell out of here now something is going down soon that is for sure Yun Shi is definitely planning on stealing the Sacred Stone.

     She peeks out the curtain no men are there, I will dash for the door I noticed a ladies room by the elevator I will hide it there.

     LiMei takes a deep breath and hurries out of the dressing room nervously setting the glass case on the table, sweat is forming on her forehead, if they come back I’m as good as dead.

     Turning the handle she sprints down the hallway to the ladies room once inside she leans up against the door thinking at least I got out of the room now I just need to get out of this Club.

     Entering one of the stalls she removes the back of the toilet and sets the Golden Dragon inside the water tank  whispering, “I will be back for you handsome.” Replacing the back of the toilet she sits on the seat thinking about how she can leave.

     Everyone in the auction room is wondering why the Sacred Stone hasn’t been brought out yet except Leng Shuai who is wondering where the hell Feng LiMei went after she left the stage. 

     He knits his brows as he looks at the red dot on his phone showing her location. It appears she was in the side room by the stage then was running down the hallway. Why is she running? Trying to escape me huh? We will see about that! He is considering looking for LiMei but then his lips curl up… with the locator in your bracelet you can’t hide from me little girl.

    The auctioneer is wondering also what is going on he has never worked such a strange auction with unprofessional staff.

    He pushes up his glasses and is about to go check when a very tall woman wearing a red satin cheongsam comes onto stage holding the Sacred Stone. 

     She smiles holding it up for the audience to admire. The auctioneer stares at the woman who is she wasn’t the blonde woman supposed to bring out the Sacred Stone?

     The auctioneer motions to her to walk down to show the audience the Sacred Stone she smiles and nods. When she gets to where Leng Shuai is sitting she leans over whispering in his ear, “Get up and come with me or die now.” He has a gun pressed into Leng Shuai’s chest hidden by the Sacred Stone case.

     Leng Shuai narrows his eyes, “Yun Shi, long time no see.”

     Jason has his hand on his gun in his pocket and Han Weisheng turns to see what is going on. Leng Shuai motions for them not to interfere. 

     He gets up from his seat with Yun Shi holding the gun in his back. He exits the aisle in a low voice he says, “Do you think these men will let you leave here with the Sacred Stone?”

      “The Sacred Stone is an added perk I came for you old friend.” The men in the audience are discussing why Leng Shuai is talking to the woman with the Sacred Stone, she is a beauty but it is against the rules to leave your seat during the showing of the treasures.

      Amir sees the woman and Leng Shuai exiting the aisle, perfect that will make it easier to shoot Han Weisheng in the head with the empty seat next to him. Amir Malouf has been waiting for this moment when everyone’s attention is on the stage to kill Han Weisheng.

     Now with the added distraction of Leng Shuai and the woman he confidently strides up to the side of the aisle where Han Weisheng is sitting. This will be a piece of cake! 

     Yun Shi pushes Leng Shuai forward towards the side door when they can’t be seen this is the signal for his right hand man  Stu to begin their part of the plan.

     The men on the side quickly put on gas masks as they release the gas by tossing down circular pods,  everyone in the audience begins coughing unable to see in front of their face. 

     Suddenly the men standing fall to the ground paralyzed and the men still in their chairs slump over unable to move as they are trying to grab their guns out.

     Amir was reaching into his pants pulling out his gun when the room suddenly filled with the smoke.

     He can’t see and his eyes are watering as he coughs, who the fuck is messing up his plans tonight? He will kill them after he kills Han Weisheng.

    He tries to focus on the area where Han Weisheng is sitting but can’t see, he moves to the side stabbing one of the mercenaries pulling his gas mask off putting it on no way is he going to screw up this job. 

     The mercenary next to the fallen man aims his gun at Amir’s head before he can pull the trigger Amir grabs his arm the bullet hits the ceiling.

      He pushes the man back shooting him in the stomach with his gun. The man wails in pain holding his stomach with blood spraying out of the wound.

     Brock jumps over from his position pouncing on Amir from the back quickly ripping the gas mask off his face, Amir whips around but before he can make a move he has inhaled too much of the gas falling to the floor his gun bouncing across under a chair. 

     Brock saw his comrade die and is about to shoot Amir Malouf to avenge him when his friend next to him pulls him over, “Don’t do it, that is Amir Malouf, his men will hunt you down.”

     “I don’t give a fuck he just killed Manny.”

     “You moron control your temper, the Boss doesn’t want any high profile deaths, let’s go! He got what he wanted.”

     Han Weisheng and Jason are passed out in their seats although they quickly covered their nose and mouth with their handkerchiefs the gas penetrated the cloth easily. 

     Fortunately before Han Weisheng succumbed to the gas he pushed the button on his phone to alert his subordinate of a problem in the auction room.

     Yun Shi pushes Leng Shuai into the side room then he tosses the Sacred Stone case to one of his men that came back to the room with them. “Find the key, you should have got it from old man Tang before you killed him, hurry up.”

     “Yes Boss.”

     Leng Shuai is glancing around the room for the Golden Dragon he doesn’t see it, maybe Yun Shi had it carried away already. He will play along until he can find it.

     “You make a pretty good looking woman, your makeup is very professional…is this a hobby of yours?”

     “Shut the fuck up!”

     Leng Shuai has a devilish grin as he taunts him, “ They did a good job reconstructing your face who did it, Xinghi?”

     Yun Shi ignores him talking to his man, “Did you get the key?”

     “No, hey Boss you know the chick who brought out the Golden Dragon?” He walks out of the dressing room holding up the dress LiMei had been wearing, “She must have come back to change and saw the bodies in there. 

     The little bitch can identify us I saw her staring at you when Brock brought her into the room.”

     Leng Shuai flinches when he hears the comment from the mercenary, stupid little girl does she want to die! He waits to see Yun Shi’s reaction.

     “Look around she couldn’t have left with all the men stationed in the Club.”

     Leng Shuai tries to divert Yun Shi’s attention, “Shouldn’t you be more worried about leaving the Club yourself. I’m sure by now Xiaobo knows what happened.”

     “He is tied up in the control room knocked out, did you ever know me to do anything without thorough planning?”

     “Well two years ago your planning was… how should I put it..lacking.”

     Yun Shi puts the gun to Leng Shuai’s forehead, “ Bastard, unless you want to die right now you shouldn’t remind me how I trusted my blood brother to protect me.”

     He motions to the other man, “I’m leaving, fuck the key bring the whole case. I will meet you at the specified location. Find out from Brock who the slut is then get rid of her.”

     Leng Shuai has flames stirring in his obsidian eyes, that fucker Brock is part of Yun Shi’s Falcon Head Syndicate?

    How was Xiaobo was so stupid to allow Yun Shi’s men to infiltrate his guards! 

   Where could Feng LiMei be in the Club I need to find her and protect her. It will create a more tenuous situation if Yun Shi gets a hold of her, and finds out she is important to me.

     Yun Shi pushes Leng Shuai forward, “You don’t know how sweet revenge will be for me when I take the Black Jade Amulet from you and become the new Master on New Year’s.”

      Luckily Yun Shi apparently is unaware it isn’t in my possession. Yun Shi might have the Golden Dragon but not know the Black Jade Amulet is hidden inside of it.

     I definitely need to find it maybe I was lax in thinking Yun Shi was only here for the Sacred Stone. It is true the worth of the Sacred Stone pales in comparison to possessing the Black Jade Amulet and becoming the new  recognized Master.

     LiMei has been sitting in the stall debating if she should leave or spend the night in the restroom. Who would come look for her here, but she does need to work in the morning.

     She twirls a piece of her hair as she bites her lip trying to decide. I should leave. She walks to the bathroom door peeking out no one is in the hallway, I should take the stairs instead of the elevator.

     Cautiously she silently moves down the hallway towards the stairs she hears voices coming the opposite direction, she quickly gets into the stairwell closing the door. LiMei stands inside listening with her ear on the door, it sounds like two men, is one of them Leng Shuai?

     “Shuai I have wondered ever since that day who tipped you off to our plan?”

     “You don’t know?”

     “I have an idea but I would like you to confirm my suspicion.”

     “She is dead nothing will bring her back, why still care?”

     “Unlike you I have a heart.”

     “I’m not the person to ask. Ask your wife.”

     “You bastard, she had nothing to do with what happened!’

      “Did you ever wonder why Marni was there that day?”

      The elevator opens they get into it LiMei can no longer hear their conversation. What was that all about who is the man with Leng Shuai… that was a strange conversation. Who is Marni?

     LiMei walks up the stairs slowly if they are leaving I don’t want to run into Leng Shuai he is probably mad after I ignored him. 

    She touches the ‘fake’ pink diamond bracelet he is a weird guy, why would he want me to test out this bracelet for him and keep pestering me.

     When Yun Shi and Leng Shuai get to the main floor of the Club there are several bodies of men hired by the Black Lotus Club sprawled on the floor passed out from the gas Yun Shi’s mercenaries dropped.

     Yun Shi tells him, “When we walk out I’m sure Han Weisheng’s men are outside you better put on a good act, I have a syringe in my hand that if I inject you with the poison you will become a living corpse. You know I can’t just let you die a fast death after what happened.”

     Leng Shuai smiles, “ I would expect nothing less of you. I did train you after all.”

     LiMei has come to the floor and sees Leng Shuai with a tall beautiful dark haired woman. What happened to the man he was talking to earlier?

      I will follow them out and think if I should say anything to him, how am I going to get home this time of night if he doesn’t have Jason or himself give me a ride.

   She stays a little behind them when they reach the door the woman is leaning into Leng Shuai smiling as she kisses his cheek.

    Leng Shuai wants to beat Yun Shi to death after he kisses him but he needs to find the Golden Dragon. He pushes him away with a disgusted look on his handsome face.

     Yun Shi changes his voice to sound like a woman, “Baby, don’t be like that!” Yun Shi runs his finger down Leng Shuai’s cheek.

     Leng Shuai has black lines forming on his forehead as he tightens his fist at his sides. Touch me again and I will vbreak that hand.

     LiMei wants to laugh, he is gay for god’s sake of course he doesn’t want a woman to kiss him… he must be using you for some reason. 

     She  doesn’t want to interrupt them but she wants to go home she doesn’t immediately follow them  watching them as they leave.

     Leng Shuai and Yun Shi have walked through the main door when several men rush towards the door, they look at Leng Shuai. “CEO Leng what is going on at the auction, the Commander didn’t answer his call after he got the alert.”

     Yun Shi is hanging on Leng Shuai’s arm his eyes are warning him.

     “I don’t know I was in my private room. Is there a problem?”

     “I’m not sure thank you.”

     LiMei sees them and ducks behind the hostess desk do they know the Golden Dragon is missing? Thinking about it her face loses all its color, I really need to get out of here! 

     When she no longer sees them she rushes out the door, Leng Shuai and the woman are still standing there.She hurries over to him, “Boss are you leaving without me?”

      Leng Shuai’s face doesn’t change but inside his heart skips a beat, what the hell is she doing! “Can’t you see I’m busy wait out here and Jason will bring you home.”

    “I don’t want to wait out here it is too cold.” She is shivering it is freezing out and it is starting to sprinkle.

       His face doesn’t reveal his worrry,“Go back inside then!” He wants to put his coat around her her pink lips are turning blue from the cold, but that would alert Yun Shi. Why does this girl get herself in trouble all the time does she have no self awareness. 

     “Something must be going on in there I saw some men rushing past me.” 

     Leng Shuai is thinking you know very well something is going on in there you were in a dressing room with two dead bodies! He is beside himself, if he overpowers Yun Shi now he won’t find out where the Golden Dragon is, if he doesn’t Feng LiMei could be in danger. Dammit!

     Yun Shi looks at him he is as tall as Leng Shuai so they are eye to eye, LiMei stares at her she is big woman. 

     Yun Shi smiles, “Shuai sweetie we can take her home then go to my place, here is my driver now.”

     “Really? That’s great!” LiMei is rubbing her slender arms all she is wearing is a thin top and a skirt it is freezing.

     “No I don’t want her to come with us. I might not be able to wait to have you until we get to your place.” He pulls Yun Shi into his embrace, in a barely audible voice in his ear he says, “Let her go or you will never get the amulet.”

     Yun Shi takes off her sash motioning to his man in the passenger seat to put it on LiMei’s eyes, “Honey you don’t mind do you? Shuai can be like a wild beast sometimes.”

    “Cut it out, Jason will be right out.” Leng Shuai is so angry his eyes look like a bottomless abyss.

    “Boss I don’t mind I just want to get home. Here give it to me I will tie it. Let’s get going.” {I want to get as far away from this club as I can right now! Golden Dragon I will be back to pick you up tomorrow.}

    “…” Both Leng Shuai and Yun Shi stare at LiMei putting the sash over her eyes

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