Stay in Bed

Rui finishes his meal then takes a bottle of water out of the refrigerator thinking she might be thirsty.  He goes upstairs then knocks on the door to the guest room LiMei doesn’t answer he knocks again louder, “Miss Feng I brought you some water and want to check on you.”

     He had planned on examining her earlier but wasn’t able to because she was getting into the bath. Recalling the scene in the bathroom he shakes his head telling himself to stop thinking about her he is married to that bitch for now. Also the girl was out of her mind and had no awareness as to who she was throwing herself onto earlier.

     “Miss Feng?” Listening for her response he can’t  hear any movement inside the room, the antidote must be working and she is sleeping. He opens the door quietly as not to awaken her, Rui sees the empty bed. She can’t still be in the bath could she? Walking over to the bathroom he rushes in seeing her head is almost in the water. Shit! He should have stayed with her she passed out in the bath the water is ice cold! He checks her breathing it is normal, breathing a sigh of relief he gently lifts her out of the bathtub “Miss Feng, wake up!”

     LiMei doesn’t respond to the sound of his voice, he grabs a towel to dry her off telling himself to remember she is a patient and Woo Xixin’s little cousin.

    Carrying her frail body  to a chair he puts LiMei on his lap as the water drips onto his clothes. Carefully drying her with the towel he stares at her body noticing the small tattoo on her hip. He runs his fingers over it does this have some meaning? It feels as though he has seen this tattoo before but where? He can’t think where that was, maybe a patient in the past?  looking at the delicate jade like body in his arms he wonders why would a young girl have such a fierce looking tattoo? It doesn’t match with her innocent and pure face, it is the only mark on her flawless skin.

     Staring at the dagger dripping blood through the crescent moon tattoo it raises more questions in his mind, he has many questions about her situation  it is obvious though from her condition when he found her earlier in the stairwell she is involved with a dangerous man.

    Rui continues to dry her with the soft towel he is unable to control his body’s reaction to her naked body lying across his thighs. Dammit! He has seen Chen Huan’s models naked when he examined them with better bodies than this young girl and has never had an erection from touching them.

    What the fuck! He looks at her pink lips that are slightly parted tempting him to put his lips onto them. Continuing to dry her body he touches the several claw marks, she even has some on her beautiful neck deciding after he dries her completely he will apply some of his rare herbal medicine.

     LiMei still hasn’t awakened which Rui considers a good thing if she began moving around on his lap he might not be able to control his desires.

     Laying her naked body on the bed he puts the over sized pajama top on her while he buttons it up suddenly he has a sharp pain in his head, images of her are flashing in his mind as if he has seen her wearing his pajamas before. She has a mesmerizing smile looking at him stretching her slender arms reaching out saying, “Rui…Rui…”

     He holds his head what is going on? He has never seen this girl before she was in the hospital bed after she was poisoned. She doesn’t even know his name. Rubbing his temples the images have disappeared leaving him with a feeling of deja vu. It is true he has been under a great deal of pressure and not sleeping well,  maybe the events of tonight are clouding his brain.

     Rui gets off the bed leaving to change his soaking wet clothes then he will apply the medicine for Feng LiMei. He walks into the bathroom taking some headache medicine out of the cabinet.

     It seems for the last few days he has been having headaches it must be the strain of the board meeting coming up and having to marry Wang Rebecca. The thought of her manipulating him into marriage makes him want to strangle her but he will deal with her after he obtains the position of CEO. He knows there is more to why she wanted to marry him than just the collaboration between Qiao Corporation and Wang Electronics.

    After he takes off his clothes he gets into the shower letting the hot water run over his lean muscular body. He looks down at his lower half switching the water temperature to cold, what a fucking day! Washing his hair he thinks about Feng LiMei’s irresponsible behavior  he needs to alert Xixin about what happened to his little cousin tonight.

     Normally he wouldn’t care about her situation when he first saw her in the hospital he was indifferent but now he has an interest in her well being. That little girl s definitely over her head involving herself with a scum man, seriously if another man had come across her in the state she was in tonight she would have been raped maybe even killed.

     When he considers he had trouble not giving into temptation he knows any man at the Black Lotus Club would take advantage of a beautiful naive girl like Feng LiMei. This thought makes his blood boil, he needs Xixin to send her back to her parents before she gets into any more trouble in Pushong City.

    Finishing his shower he changes into casual clothes to go check on her it wouldn’t be appropriate to be wearing pajamas. He brushes his hair and dries it then walks down the hallway to the guest room.

     LiMei is having a nightmare about Kuang Bo dragging her out of the Black Lotus Club taking her to his brother Kuang Fu. He pushes her down onto the cold floor making her kneel in front of him, “Qin Daiyu or is it Feng LiMei..haha..haha you little slut what am I going to do with you?” He pulls her by the hair making her look up into his terrifying eyes. “Did you really think you could get away?” He slaps her face with his rough hand, blood is dripping from her mouth but she doesn’t respond. “I have decided you are too much trouble but I am willing to keep you from now on I will use your body to pay back the debt your father owes me.”

    In the dream she looks up at Kuang Bo pleading with him with her eyes to save her. “Sorry Daiyu you screwed up my plans with Leng Shuai, taking his side over me you are as good as dead to me.”

     Kuang Fu drags her up and puts her on his lap ripping her blood stained white dress off while several men watch salivating at the scene waiting for her to be raped by Kuang Fu. She is restless on the bed mumbling when Rui enters the room he quickly comes in sitting on the bed, “Feng LiMei?” he touches her forehead she is feverish again, her eyes are still closed as she pushes his hand away, “Don’t touch me you bastard! I will kill you!” He can see she must be having a nightmare, is it because he was kissing her she hates him?

    He takes his hand away in a pampering tone he says,”Calm down I’m sorry if I scared you.” He watches her face change she appears to relax. “I need to apply medicine for you I will only touch where you are injured. Don’t be afraid.”

    LiMei hears his voice it isn’t Kuang Fu who is it? She can’t seem to open her eyes, but the gentle voice yanked her out of her nightmare. She rolls over clutching the pillow tightly with her small hands tears are forming in her eyes.

     Rui walks into the bathroom taking a cloth placing it under the faucet running cold water on it. She must be dreaming of the man who she was with who else would it be? He sits on the edge then turns her towards him, such a beautiful and innocent face.

     He wipes her forehead and runs the cloth down her flushed cheeks cooling her off, as he is touching her neck he moves her hair out of the way, so soft he impulsively twirls it in his fingers enjoying the sensation.

     LiMei stirs from the cooling cloth on her face she has a hint of a smile and mutters, “It’s you…” She puts her small hand on his whispering“ I’m happy we can at least be together in my dreams. Don’t leave me again..”

    She tightens her grip on his hand. Rui is staring at her face her expression now is one of happiness her lips are curled up exposing cute little dimples on her cheeks. He feels his heart sink as she says these words she obviously has someone she cares deeply about who could it be? The man from tonight would she sacrifice herself for be with him.

     His mind is in a confused state why is he feeling jealous right now? He doesn’t have any connection to this little thing, he is holding back his urge to kiss those alluring lips that are teasing him. He takes the ointment and smooths it on her wounds, it is powerful by tomorrow any sign of injury will gone, the poison must have caused the Snow Lotus Root Oil to be ineffective. This priceless rare herbal salve is for his personal use in case there was a time he is faced with dealing with the Underworld again.

    The only time he has used it was on that man brought to him from the Black Sky Organization critically injured five years ago. If he hadn’t just processed it in his mountain clinic a week before the man’s arrival he surely would have died. I haven’t thought of that since the day in his clinic with a girl, who was she? Why can’t I remember her face, she must have been one of Woo Xixin’s patients who reminded him of the girl in the white fur coat who was crying over the bloodied man on the ground. Damn today keeps getting stranger.

     As he starts to get up LiMei’s eyes open hazy from the deep sleep she was in a few moments ago. She woke up when he was applying the salve but didn’t want him to know she was enjoying his touch, impulsively she grabs his sleeve thinking about him leaving, “Don’t go…stay with me for awhile.”

    Rui glances down at her with a complicated look on his face, she must be thinking of the man in her dream. Her eyes are open but she doesn’t look alert to her surroundings.

   “You are dreaming, get some rest.”

    “ I’m not.. but I’m afraid the nightmare was so real, please stay with me.” Her beautiful green eyes are misty it would be hard for any man to refuse her right now let alone him he has been fantasizing about holding her in his arms again kissing those sweet lips.

    “I don’t think that would be a good idea Miss Feng.”

    LiMei’s voice is shaky,“The antidote worked I won’t touch you I’m sorry for earlier. I don’t want to be alone.” LiMei wants him to hold her in his arms one more time being near him she can’t stand the idea of separating again although she knows it is inevitable. They can’t be together.

    He is finding it hard to say no but he can’t lead her on it would be unfair, in an uncompromising tone he tells LiMei, “I told you before Miss Feng I am a married man this situation is already inappropriate but I felt I had no choice but to bring you here because of Woo Xixin.”

     LiMei pouts staring at him with an aggrieved look then turns her head then burying her face in the pillow embarrassed she asked him shamelessly to sleep with her. She decides as soon as it is light she will call a taxi to leave. I would have been better off going back to my apartment this is unbearable.

    Rui’s lips curl up she looks like a cute little kitten, “Sleep well I will call Woo Xixin in the morning to pick you up.” He shakes his head he almost agreed to sleep in the bed with her that could have proved disasterous.

    After he leaves LiMei sits up and grabs the bottle of water looking at the door. Maybe some of the aphrodisiac isn’t through her system yet because she can’t stop thinking about Rui’s touch. Laughing she thinks or I am just crazy in love with him. She sees the clock it is two o’clock in the morning she doesn’t want to go back to sleep that nightmare with the Kuang brothers was too frightening!

     To think that bastard Leng Shuai has dealings with the Black Sky Orgainzation or rather he has something they want. I wonder who Leng Shuai works for anyway he must be formidable to outwit the Black Sky. If she hadn’t left when she did she doesn’t want to think of the consequences, why is Kuang Bo in Pushong City of all places? She needs to get the white jade necklace from Leng Shuai and leave this city. She has done enough for him he should give it back.

   Looking around for her purse she wants to play her game to get her mind off everything. Hmmm..she knows she had it in the car. Did Rui bring it in from the car and leave it downstairs or maybe it is still in the car.

    She walks out of the room down the stairs, it isn’t on the table in the living room, she walks into the kitchen, no, it must be in the garage. LiMei isn’t sure where the garage is located as she comes out of the kitchen Delun is walking out of his room to play video games in the living room. Shocked at the sight of her in his brother’s pajama top, “ Feng LiMei ? What the hell?”

    Rushing over to him her eyes widen, “Shh!” pulling him along she drags him to the kitchen. “Be quiet!”

    “What are you doing here? Did my brother remember are together with him?” His heart sinks as he asks.

“ Keep your voice down! doesn’t know me other than a patient of his from the hospital.”

    Delun it is a long story I don’t want to go into with you right now but that stupid Leng Shuai…there was a problem at the Club and when I was leaving I ran into Rui, he thinks I am Woo Xixin’s cousin’s daughter so he brought me here.”

    “Why didn’t he take you home. Why did he bring you here and why are you wearing that? “He points at Rui’s pajama top.

    “Listen it is not what you think my dress was ruined..damn it’s too much to explain.. I will tell you it all to you tomorrow but for right now pretend you don’t know me. Where is the garage?”


   “Yeah I think I left my purse in the car.”

    He takes her hand, “Come with me which car was it?”

    LiMei scratches her head trying to remember the ride is pretty much a blur he tossed her in the car then carried her out of it she didn’t really look.“It was black..”

    “…” He opens the door to the garage there are six cars and they are all black.

    Delun takes the keys out of a cabinet, “He had a driver so it wasn’t his Porsche, I had the Maybach it is between these four over here.”

    LiMei isn’t wearing any slippers and the floor of the garage is very cold she starts hopping around. Delun looks at her feet, “Why aren’t you wearing the slippers you had last time you were here?”

   “Just hurry. I think it was that one?”

   “The Bentley?”


   He opens the car and checks in the backseat, “Not here.”

   “Okay that one.” She points at car next to it.

    Delun smiles she has no idea which car it is, he lifts her up placing her on the counter towards the front of the garage by the door. “Just sit here I will look.” He shakes his head thinking she is cute with the confused look on her face as she scrunches up her nose. There is only one car left it is another BMW, he bends over looking on the floor it wasn’t on the seat, he sees it peeking out from under the front seat, “Found it!”

    He takes three long strides and waves the small black purse at her holding it above LiMei’s head teasing her, she stands up on the counter laughing reaching out to grab it from his hand. 

“Give it to me!”

“What are going to give me?”

“You..stop playing!”

She stretches forward to reach it as she does she loses her balance, “Ahhh.” falling forward she is sure she will crack her head open on the concrete floor of the garage She closes her eyes waiting for the impact but falls into a familiar embrace. Rui wondered where she wandered off to and heard their laughter because the garage door was ajar, he had barely opened the door a moment ago stepping inside as she fell.

    Delun and LiMei both look at him he is glaring at Delun, he coldy asks, “What are you two doing?”

    LiMei is speechless as Rui embracing her tightly she can feel his aura is darkening, Delun quickly recovers, “Your guest was looking for the garage to get her purse from the car.” He shows Rui the purse. “I was in the kitchen and brought her here to look in the the car for it.” Rui looks down at her in the pajama top that is slipping down her shoulder and her tiny white bare feet. His eyes narrow as he growls,“Delun you can go back to your room now.”

    “But I was going to play my new video game in the living room.” He can see Rui is pissed “Yeah I can play tomorrow.” He gives LiMei a look she doesn’t meet his gaze.

    Delun hands LiMei her purse, in a timid voice she says,“Thank you Qiao Delun.” Looking up at Rui he has a frightening look on his face why is he so angry?

   “Ahh you can put me down.”

    Rui tightens his grip, LiMei can smell his fresh scent from his shower gel. She reflexively leans into his embrace. her closeness is making him restless. He doesn’t say anything he kicks the door open then carries her out of the garage. This little thing is brainless right after being drugged she is laughing, playing with his little brother, smiling calling his name. She should be sleeping so the antidote can completely flow through her system not flirting with Delun! Now she is curling up in my arms like a little kitten provoking my desires. No wonder she gets herself in trouble she is asking to be eaten up!

    LiMei shivers Rui is angry…very angry. He can feel her body shivering not realizing it is because of his actions, his voice is full of contempt,“Miss Feng do you want to catch a cold right after all you have been through? Your body has been drugged and the antidote hasn’t had a chance to fully take effect. Why are you walking around the house half dressed with no shoes on are you a complete idiot!” He is jealous as he walked into the garage he could hear her giggling as he approached, was she going to throw herself at Delun too.

    They go up the stairs LiMei is lightly holding onto his sweater she is afraid to say anything right now. He walks to his room laying her on the luxurious bed, LiMei wonders why he didn’t take her to the guest room.

     Rui leans over her with a domineering air,“You will sleep here tonight so I can make sure you don’t get up and wander around the house.” Noticing her tiny feet are ice cold as he lays her down sitting next to her he uses his internal energy to warm her feet as he massages them. LiMei is enjoying having him tenderly massaging her feet until he opens his mouth. “Miss Feng you should learn to take better care of yourself in the future. I am going to recommend to Woo Xixin you return to your family’s home obviously you aren’t capable of living in a big city like Pushong City by yourself.”

   He places a warm quilt over her body. “Get some sleep.” Rui walks over to a cupboard getting out a pillow and cover placing it on the couch for himself.

“…” LiMei was secretly smiling at his tender care massaging her feet until he said those words, does he think she is a child? Ridiculous! If stupid Leng Shuai hadn’t made her come to the Black Lotus Club she would have been home playing a video game not out in a dangerous club! 

     She clenches her fist, Leng Shuai I am going to pay you back tenfold for this grievance! I even drank the drugged wine someone prepared especially for you! Then again I wouldn’t have wanted you to force yourself on Kang Jin. Rui glances over at her as he fixes the couch, she is still sitting up making faces, what is she thinking about?

    “Miss Feng could you turn off the light on the nightstand and lay down.” If he keeps looking at her in his pajama top that is exposing too much he will lose control. If he didn’t know better he would think she is trying to be seductive sitting on the bed her long hair messy and her using her fingers to comb it back off her face. His loose pajama the top sliding down hercreamy white shoulder.  Obviously she is naive her kisses were clumsy showing her inexperience.

    Also, if she wanted to really have me lose control in the car when she placed her hand on my hardness  she would have done more than rest her tiny hand there. She didn’t even seem to realize when she was squirming around in my lap what was going on or what to do to relieve her desires. I  am 100 per cent sure Feng LiMei is still a virgin. Which is all the more reason I can’t let her unwittingly seduce me with that alluring face and body of hers. {If LiMei knew what he was thinking she would be humiliated.}

    “Huh?” She has a distracted look on her delicate face.

“The light… turn it off and go to sleep. Now!”

“Okay in a minute I need to use the bathroom.”

    She kicks off the quilt hurrying into the bathroom carrying her phone, she is going to give that idiot Leng Shuai a piece of her mind right now!

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