Seduction Fail

Leng Shuai finishes looking over the reports on Feng LiMei and Chen Jianyu. “Jason did you investigate why Wang Rebecca wants information on Feng LiMei?”

     “Apparently she is jealous, Qiao Rui has been seeing Miss Feng.”

    “Qiao Rui..heir to the Qiao Corporation?” he taps his finger on the report.

     “Yes, the white jade necklace Miss Feng gave you as compensation was a gift from him. My source said Wang Rebecca’s investigator is looking for any information that can be used to break them apart.

      They also informed me Qiao Rui’s grandfather, the Chairman, ordered him to go to Miss Wang’s graduation party tomorrow night but he followed Miss Feng to the island refusing to attend.

     He could jeopardize his election next week as the new CEO by disobeying the Chairman. The interesting twist to the story is tonight the news reported their engagement on television saying they are vacationing this weekend together on Shingu Island. 

     According to her statement she canceled the highly anticipated party because his schedule has been hectic and they wanted a romantic weekend together. It looks as though the two families are looking to form an alliance through the marriage.

     The Chairman of Wang Electronics dotes on his grand daughter Rebecca and she desperately wants this marriage. Qiao Corporation will benefit immensely if Qiao Rui marries her they have been looking for an electronics firm to supply telecom equipment for their expanding networks. 

     She is a major shareholder in Wang Electronics so of course they would negotiate the prices increasing the profit margin for the Qiao Corporation. ”

     “Qiao Rui and Wang Rebecca are here together then, does Feng LiMei know?” So he is the Rui whose name she was whispering when I carried her up the mountain. He pictures her pink lips lovingly saying his name.

    “Qiao Rui is staying at the Grand Reef Hotel he arrived late this morning, Wang Rebecca is stranded in Hirachi City due to the weather conditions. 

     Since you abducted..I mean brought Miss Feng here without her phone he has no way to contact her. So I would assume no.” That reminds Jason Han Weisheng called to speak to Feng LiMei. “Boss, this girl isn’t simple I forgot to tell you Han Weisheng called on my phone to speak to her when you were with Kang Jin having drinks.”

     “Feng LiMei knows Commander Han?”

     “I will have to research their relationship.”

     “What is Feng LiMei doing now?”

     “She was in the kitchen talking to Kang Jin.”

     “You can go.”

     Leng Shuai logs out of his computer, he needs to see what they are doing. He walks down to the kitchen no one is there. the living room is empty. Everyone must have gone to their bedrooms for the night for some reason he wants to make sure Kang Jin isn’t with Feng LiMei.

    Knocking on her bedroom door she doesn’t answer. He knocks again louder, no answer. Should he knock on Kang Jin’s door, what would he say? Dammit she better not be with him, frustrated he goes back to his study.

      Why does he care? She is a little seductress he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about her, her fiery temper, the way her eyes sparkled when she smiled at Kang Jin.

     He enjoys teasing her watching the angry expression she gets on her face amuses him. Leng Shuai decides he needs to play with her awhile longer, if Qiao Rui is on the island he certainly will come looking for her when he finds out she left with him. He needs to get him out of the picture, but how?

     He takes his cell out of his pocket dialing Gao KiKi. She is excited when she sees his number, “Shuai, how are you?”

     “Gao Kiki remember what I told you this morning?” Her face pales, he mentioned the parcels of land he owns, she thought it had been forgotten by him it was years ago he helped her brother with his debts.

     “Of course how can I forget, if you hold onto the land the deal to sell it will stall. What do you want if you don’t want to sell it back to us?” She knows he will get straight to the point with his personality.

     “I will agree with a few stipulations, the land goes to Chen Jianyu, you insist Clear Sky Architecural Firm in Hirachi City designs the new resort with an eco friendly design and you seduce Qiao Rui tonight.”

     “What are you saying? I can agree to the first two stipulations but I don’t know Qiao Rui and I am not a prostitute! “

     “Non negotiable.”

     “Are you crazy Leng Shuai? “

     “I will give you fifteen minutes to think about it then the deal is off the table.”

     Gao KiKi’s face turns crimson red ,the man she has always wanted to marry is telling her to sleep with another man! She tightens her hand on her cellphone as she hangs up. Bastard! She has always know he has a cold and unyielding personality but asking her to do this is too cruel.

     Leng Shuai’s lips curl up in a faint smile, she will call back and agree, if this sale goes through she is finally in a position to leave her island roots behind. He leans back in his chair satisfied with his course of action. 

     At the hotel Chen Jianyu and Qiao Rui are sitting at the bar drinking, both of them are depressed thinking about their problems. Chen Jianyu receives a call from his brother, “Have you seen Rui and Wang Rebecca?”

    “What are you talking about Rui is with me I haven’t seen Wang Rebecca.”

    “Have you seen the news?”

     “Huan get to the point I had a long day.”

     “They announced the engagement of Wang Rebecca and Rui on television. It looks like it was orchestrated by the Chairman, the production value and editing was very professional.”

     Chen Jianyu glances over at Rui who is ordering another drink. He thinks Rui has no idea what is going in Pushong City, did Wang Rebecca really follow him here? “Huan I haven’t been able to find Kang Jin, maybe you should have his manager contact him.”

     “That is why I called actually, I had a makeup artist tell Xia Lixue’s manager to call Xia Lixue informing her that my secretary overheard them talking about drugging Kang Jin. She should have called Xia Lixue by now. She isn’t stupid, they can deny it unless she does drug him then her career would be over.”

     “Why didn’t you do that to begin with instead of involving me?”

     “I didn’t think of it until you couldn’t locate him. I hate dealing with these bitches and their schemes.I have a call on the other line I need to go.”

     Fucking Huan! Chen Jianyu hangs up. Should he tell Rui about the engagement news. maybe he knows, he has been slamming down drinks with a dark look on his face. No he doesn’t want to be the one that tells him about it but he is curious, he calls the bartender over,“I will have another Cabernet.”

     Rui is staring into his glass of whiskey swirling it around thinking about LiMei. He doesn’t want to bother Han Weisheng again but he wants to go get LiMei in the morning. Weisheng could easily find the route to that bastard’s house on the mountain, he should have asked him earlier but he wasn’t thinking.

     Chen Jianyu drinks his wine, “Rui, what is going on with you and Wang Rebecca?”

    “Why did you bring up that annoying bitch?” His mood gets darker, he will take care of that situation when he returns to Pushong City.

     Chen Jianyu can tell by his irritated tone Rui isn’t willingly engaged to her. “Nothing.”

    The mention of her name reminds Rui he has the proposal to partner with Chen Jianyu on the resort project in his room upstairs. “Jianyu would you consider partnering with Qiao Corporation on the Shingu Island project.?”

     Chen Jianyu turned down Qiao Xiaotong last week, he wonders why Rui wants to get involved. “Rui, I looked at the proposal Sun Yichen sent over to my office last week, it didn’t benefit Hushang so I declined.”

     “I’m asking you to look over what I consider to be a fair partnership offer, it would benefit me in obtaining votes at my CEO election.  Xiaotong’s proposal was poorly put together, after I saw it I had my team create a new offer. I’m aware even though we are friends that won’t weigh in your decision, but I hope that you will at least look it over based on our friendship.

    I’m being pressured to marry that fucking bitch by the Chairman if I want his backing. If I can show this as a future money making project I know three of the Board members will set aside their loyalty to the Chairman to receive financial gains and cast their votes for me.”

     Chen Jianyu considers it, the project with the Han family in Bashu City was a success because Hushang Group didn’t need to expend extra resources to complete it. The proposal Qiao Xiatong showed him was a piece of shit. He hates that guy also, working with him would have been a living hell. “Rui I will look it over but I can’t guarantee I will accept you as a partner. Also this negotiation hit a big snag this morning, but thinking about it bringing you on board might strengthen my position over the Russians. I will let you know after I read it.”

     “Fair enough.”

     Chen Jianyu picks at the fruit on the bar table thinking about the little idiot assistant.“Rui, what will happen to Feng LiMei if you can’t deliver her medicine?”

     Rui tightens his hand around his drink, “I’m going to find a driver to take me there in the morning.”

     “Leng Shuai is a complete asshole I can’t help wondering how Feng LiMei knows him.” He took her away with such a domineering aura surrounding him. Chen Jianyu pictures the scene in the meeting this morning.

     Rui has black lines on his face he gulps down his whiskey then orders another one. He is about to explode thinking of her with another man. “What do you know about him?”

     Chen Jianyu is about to answer when Gao KiKi approaches them, “Chen Jianyu what a surprise meeting you here.”

     He stands up, “Gao KiKi I thought you said you had dinner plans.”

     “They were cancelled because of the storm, I’m having dinner alone, have you eaten?”

     “Yes, but would you like to join us for a drink while you are waiting for a table? This is Dr. Qiao Rui.”

Gao KiKi’s eyes light up, if she has to seduce him at least he is extremely handsome. “I would like that. nice to meet you Dr. Qiao.” She smiles as Chen Jianyu pulls out a chair for her. She crosses her long legs exposing her thighs as she sits next to Qiao Rui. She attempts to strike up a conversation with him but he ignores her and continues to drink.

     She glances over by the door, there is a friend of hers who is bringing her an island herb a hallucinogenic. If she puts it in his drink she should be able to manipulate him her friend didn’t have time to supply anything else.

     “Excuse me I see a friend I will be right back.”

    Chen Jianyu takes this time to tell Qiao Rui to be attentive to Gao KiKi she is part of the Shingu Group, but she requested not to discuss the project except at the meeting. Rui nods, he isn’t in the mood but if he pisses off Chen Jianyu there goes partnering with him. Chen Jianyu tells him a little about her background while she is gone.

     When she returns she is surprised Qiao Rui begins a conversation with her, “Miss Gao, Jianyu tells me you studied in England.”

     “I did I got my Masters in Finance from Cambridge. Dr. Qiao please call me KiKi.” She sees he is getting drunk, the powdered Wishyu root should work quickly then but how does she get rid of Chen Jianyu. What is Leng Shuai’s purpose in having her do this? Qiao Rui must have offended him in some way.

     Chen Jianyu’s phone rings, he sees it is his father. “Rui, Gao KiKi I need to leave for a few minutes to take this call I will be back.

       Gao KiKi is relieved there is no way she could give him the drug with Chen Jianyu at the table. After he leaves Rui is about to excuse himself he wants to go to sleep. Let Chen Jianyu deal with this woman her perfume is making him feel sick. “Miss Gao I have some paperwork to go over I need to leave. Chen Jianyu should return shortly.”

     “Dr. Qiao do you mind staying until he returns. Let me order you another drink.”

    Rui knows he shouldn’t be rude she has control over the land deal so he agrees. When he is looking towards the door to see if Chen Jianyu is returning she puts the powder in his drink. Sipping her wine slyly watching him drink she says, “I heard them call my name my table is ready, if you need to return to your room I’m going to the restaurant.”

     She leaves the table and instead of going to the restaurant she goes to the front desk. She grew up on the island and knows the desk clerk, she will need a room key. “Hello Ziming because of the storm I’m staying with a friend I forgot to get his room number and room card from him and he won’t be returning until later.”

     Gao KiKi flirts with him for a minute, leaning over the counter in her low cut dress. He hasn’t seen her since she returned from England, she has become even prettier than in High School but still has to follow the hotel’s policy “Gao KiKi we aren’t supposed to give room cards out.” Making sure no one sees her she reaches into her purse pulling out a stack of money then hands it to him, he hesitates for a moment then hands her the room card.

     Rui leaves the bar his head is muddled, he sluggishly walks to the elevator his vision is blurry. When he gets to his room he takes a shower, his body feels strange, did he drink that much? He washes himself the water streaming down his body is making his skin tingle, and his hands feel strange as he washes himself. Shampooing his hair he feels his knees getting weak, he leans up against the tiled wall.

     Gao KiKi opens the door with the room key the drug should be taking effect. As she enters she is nervous she has seduced men before to get advantages when she was in England but this is different. How will this man react, the other men she had knowledge of what they liked, didn’t like. Damn Leng Shuai using her like this what is his end game.

     She hears the shower running she slips out of her clothes revealing her large breasts and toned body. Gao KiKi enters the bathroom there is a thin fog cover but she can see the his shape through the glass. His body is perfect, broad chest, a tight body, as she watches him wash his hair she begins to get excited at the prospect of him taking her in the shower.She hasn’t had a sexual encounter since she returned to Shingu City, she misses the sophisticated men she dated in England. The men here on the island aren’t worthy of her in her mind, this land deal is her ticket back into elite society. 

     Opening the shower door she steps into it, Rui’s mind is hazy, his eyes are glazed over as he looks at the woman standing with her body next to him water running down her breasts, he can feel himself getting hard at the sight. He had been fantasizing about LiMei when Gao KiKi entered the steamy shower. “LiMei..” 

     Gao KiKi doesn’t say anything but starts kissing him pressing her naked body onto his, he grabs her to him holding her tightly in his arms. “LiMei..” Grabbing the back of her head his tongue fiercely enters her mouth, why doesn’t she taste like he remembers.

     He puts his hands on her breasts, Gao KiKi is softly moaning from his hands on her, suddenly he pushes her back she slips falling into the shower wall, “Who the hell are you?” He still feels like he is in a daze but this isn’t right, she isn’t LiMei who is she, his eyes narrow , “I said who the hell are you?”

    Grabbing her by her hair he pulls her out of the shower, throwing her onto the bathroom floor. Gao KiKi is frightened out of her mind. He looks like he wants to kill her she tries to crawl away she needs to grab her clothes and get out of this room he looks insane. 

     He picks her up with one arm dragging her into the bedroom then tosses her on the bed. Standing half naked a towel around his waist with water dripping off his body, he leans over her in a terrifying hoarse voice he growls, “Who sent you?” He is disgusted his mind flashing back to when he was bound to the Underworld to pay his debt and they would send him women to entrap him.

     Gao KiKi is shaking if she says Leng Shuai and he finds out he will terminate the deal resulting in her being stuck on Shingu Island. Looking at Qiao Rui’s glazed eyes it is obvious he doesn’t recognize her as Gao KiKi. She attempts to create a scenario to explain her being here. “You approached me in the bar, inviting  me to your room.”

     Holding onto the bed Rui tries to gather his internal strength he has practiced martial arts for years, but he is hallucinating, the fixtures in the room are moving, he can’t make out her face.

      He is trying to focus, if this is for blackmail he needs to figure something out. Suddenly there is a knock at the door, “Rui let me see the paperwork.”

     Gao KiKi panics how will she explain this to Chen Jianyu. He knocks again Rui tries to focus, he puts his hands on her neck. “Don’t move.” The pressure on her neck takes her breath away, when he releases her she gasps for air, freaking out she tries to grab her clothes off the floor. 

     Before she can get her dress Rui has staggered to the door opening it. Barely able to hold onto the door frame, he spits out, “Get rid of her..she drugged me.”

    Chen Jianyu looks at Qiao Rui standing there sweating in only a towel and Gao KiKi on the floor naked trying to pick up her underwear she is dripping wet. He takes out his phone, “Wang Li get over to Qiao Rui’s room 6721 immediately.” 

     Chen Jianyu is slightly drunk himself and doesn’t know what to make out of the situation. He takes his arm around Qiao Rui’s shoulder helping him over to the bed.

    Gao KiKi isn’t saying anything as she tries to put on her clothes. What can she say he raped her? Yes, that is what she will say it will be her word against Qiao Rui’s. She starts crying, “Chen Jianyu thank God you arrived when you did! He is a beast…” He doesn’t respond treating her as air,  it is obvious she drugged Rui now she is trying to gain sympathy and twist the story.

    Wang Li appears at the door that is still open, “Boss what do you..” He sees a woman on the ground struggling to put on a dress and Qiao Rui sprawled on the bed staring at the ceiling.

     “Take her out of here.” What is going on here?  Rui isn’t the type to indiscriminately bring a woman to his room and Gao KiKi is the type of woman he hates most. 

     Wang Li grabs her arm she has her dress pulled up to her waist her breasts still exposed,  in her hand is her bra. He ignores her disheveled state pushing  her out the door as she picks up her high heels.

     Her heart is pounding Qiao Rui had a murderous glint in his eye when he had his hands on her throat. After they are out of the room Wang Li tells her “I wouldn’t let Qiao Rui see your face again.” Everyone knows his volatile temper she has some nerve drugging him.

     He lets her arm go and she rushes down the hallway struggling to get her dress the rest of the way up to cover her chest. Slipping on her heels while she waits for it she smoothes her tangled wet hair. As the elevator arrives she turns around shivering as she sees Wang Li’s back walking down the hallway, now everything is screwed up! 

    Chen Jianyu picks up his cell, “Wang Li find out at the front desk who gave Gao KiKi a room card for Rui’s room. Get the security tape also from the bar.” She most likely put something into his drink there. The only explanation is she is trying to frame him but why, Xiaotang?

    Rui has passed out on the bed, Chen Jianyu tosses a quilt over him. Well if he can confirm Rui was drugged by Gao KiKi he shouldn’t have any trouble securing the land deal. What a stupid slut she is lucky Rui didn’t kill her with his temper. 

     What would she have to gain, he shakes his head he will wait and see what Wang Li turns up.

     Wang Li approaches the desk clerk, “Hello, I want to thank you for giving a room card to Gao KiKi, he hands him a stack of money. I forgot to give her mine when I went out earlier.

    Ziming sees the stack of money it is even more than Gao KiKi gave him, “Not a problem I have known KiKi since high school.”

     Chen Jianyu hears the water still running in the bathroom he walks in and turns it off. He checks Rui his breathing is good and he isn’t feverish he will send Wang Li to find a doctor when he finishes his investigation.

     Shit! What a fucked up day! Chen Jianyu shakes his head as he leaves Rui’s room well… it is Friday the 13th…

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