Seaside Private Hospital

“CEO Leng, do you have a cold? You should drink your ginger tea before it cools down.” Xia Lixue is getting nervous as she watches him drinking his bottle of water looking out at the storm.

     “What?” he is wondering how long the storm is going to last, it has been raining for hours, one stretch of the road floods easily, The Land Rover might have trouble crossing the old river bed. Maybe he should take his helicopter when he takes Feng LiMei to the hospital in the morning

     “I was saying you should drink your tea while it is hot.” Xia Lixue is twisting her robe in her hands she is anxious to go to her room with him.

     He turns around, “Feng LiMei is sick it is for her.”

     As he walks towards the counter Xia Lixue panics, damn this could be bad. She stumbles into the counter her hand knocking the cup over spilling the tea everywhere. “Oh no! I tripped on my slipper”, she takes a cloth and begins wiping up the tea.”I’m sorry! Is there more in the pot? If not I will make you more right away!”

     Leng Shuai is really angry, “Xia Lixue!” What is this clumsy woman still doing here, now she spilled the ginger tea for Feng LiMei.

     Using her best acting skills she looks at him with a pitiful expression, her big brown eyes getting misty, most men would melt then feel guilty for raising their voice to her. But he is glaring at her, Xia Lixue’s  eyes widen at the sight, she can feel the oppressive aura surrounding him, he is fuming!

     Trying to salvage the situation apologetically she says,“Go take care of Miss Feng I will brew another pot.”

     He looks at the pot on the stove luckily he made enough in case she needed more tea later. His jaw tightens as he tries not to explode, his voice is stern, “Miss Xia I would appreciate it if you went back to your room. I will have Jason brew another pot of ginger tea while I take this one. Get a good night’s sleep my driver will be taking you back to Shingu City early in the morning.”

     Lowering her head Xia Lixue picks up the tea cup and the cloth that is drenched in the drugged tea. She takes them to the sink and begins washing them. Leng Shuai is surprised she would bother to clean up her mess but he wants her out of his sight. “ Cook will take care of that when she returns in the morning, go.”

     She rinses the teacup there should be no residue left in it, then she tosses the cloth into the waste bin. “If I can assist you in taking care of Miss Feng please let me know.”

    “ I said leave!” Does she not understand Chinese! He walks over to the intercom on the wall, “Jason I need you to come to the kitchen.”

     Xia Lixue hurries down the hallway when she enters her room she falls on the bed, Shit! What a waste of 100,000 yuan! She fans herself with her hand at least Feng LiMei didn’t drink it she doesn’t think she could bear the backlash from Leng Shuai. If she drugged him and he ravished her he could fake a pregnancy he would have to forgive her.

     Jason comes to the kitchen he was in bed when Leng Shuai called him, he is drowsy,“Yes Boss.”

     “I need you to call Cook to return by five o’clock. That stupid bitch Xia Linxue spilled the ginger tea I made for Feng LiMei so I need you to brew another pot while I take this cup to her.”

     “…” The CEO personally made tea for Miss Feng? Does he like her? “I will, should I take it to her room when it is finished?”

     “No, she is sleeping in my bed. Bring it to me there. Have Mrs. Shen  make rice porridge as soon as she arrives in the morning. I haven’t flown the helicopter since I purchased it is ready to go?”

     “I will tell Mrs. Shen to boil the porridge. As far as the helicopter goes when they delivered it the pilot left the keys with Shen Boyin and it is fueled, ready to fly.” Feng LiMei is in his bed? Why does she need to go to hospital. He is too tired to ask if he needs to know Leng Shuai will inform him.

     ” I’m flying Feng LiMei to the Seaside Hospital in Shengu City as soon as it is light. Have Yi drive Kang Jin and Xia Lixue back when they wake up. I will text Kang Jin., as far as Miss Xia , make sure she is aware she should never appear before me again. If she does I won’t be polite. 

     I don’t know what she was planning but her actions in the kitchen were very suspicious. She should count herself lucky I don’t have the time or the inclination to pursue the matter.”

     Leng Shuai picks up the cup of tea and leaves the kitchen, Jason watches his back as he leaves, he has worked for him for eight years and never saw him look concerned about anyone. 

     Even his younger sister Momo when she visits him he ignores her most of the time, he indulges her in whatever she wants to buy but otherwise pays little attention to her. He shakes his head as he fills the pot with water, maybe Feng LiMei will be the person to crack the icy exterior he has maintained since his mother was killed.

     LiMei is asleep in the bed, her feverish dreams take her back to when she was first delivered to Kuang Fu. She kept asking when they were going to release her, at first she thought they had kidnapped her for ransom, but it made no sense her father delivered her to them.  Now she is dreaming of her second day there, Kuang Fu is dragging her to have the Black Sky tattoo put on her body by his brother Kuang Bo.

     Then she is laying on a table her white cotton panties are gently being lowered exposing her hips, a very handsome man with a few strands of black hair  hanging down on  his forehead is standing over her with a strange needle in his hand. 

     She starts crying begging him not to ruin her. He starts laughing , “I’m giving you a tattoo I’m not interested in your underdeveloped body.” He starts pricking her skin with the needle full of ink. Scared she is staring at the ceiling biting her lips they are bleeding. LiMei is begging him to stop, “The needles hurts so much.. stop, I don’t want that ugly thing on my body.” She is trembling clenching her fists at her side trying to bear the stinging pain.

    The handsome young man at the side of the table has a smooth sounding voice telling her no one will be able to see it except him, “Calm down.. stop moving or it really will be ugly if my hand slips.” 

Taking his headphones off he hands them to her,  “Listen to this music it will help you relax.” His voice is gentle, she looks up at his face when he hands them to her, he looks about twenty years old, extremely handsome  but his deep set  brown eyes have a look of despair in them as he continues with the tattoo. 

     For only a short  moment she though she saw a flicker of pity in his eyes, then he became emotionless again. A loud and angry  voice can be heard from the outside, ” Why aren’t you done?    

 The  frightening man who had given her the food yesterday barges in and slaps the young man twice, ” You have an assignment, Stop wasting time on the little slut!”

    “Brother, do you want your new girl to have a beautiful tattoo or an eyesore masquerading as a tattoo. I don’t think your clients would appreciate an ugly marking on your new merchandise you just purchased from Qin Ping.” His sarcastic tone earns him another slap, but the handsome young man doesn’t flinch he smiles and picks up the needle again. 

     “Fucking finish the German is here.”

      Laying on Leng Shuai’s bed dreaming LiMei is sweating, earlier she threw her covers off due to her internal heat rising. When Leng Shuai enters the room he can’t help staring at the young girl on the bed. Her long ink black hair is tangled and stuck to her face, the pink nightgown has risen up her slender thighs stuck to her skin from the thin layer of sweat covering her. She is biting her bottom lip while rubbing her right hip in a seductive manner with her slender fingers, he gulps, her creamy white legs are spread apart revealing too much.

     Setting the teacup down, he pulls her nightgown back down over her knees, taking the cloth out of the bowl of cool water on the nightstand he wipes her forehead then her neck and exposed area of her chest,  avoiding the scratches that are covered with ointment. Using his fingers he puts her hair behind her ear, then lifts her head, “Feng LiMei you need to drink this tea.”

     She doesn’t wake up and he nudges her shoulder, “Wake up.” When she still doesn’t respond he sets the teacup down. Dammit Shizhen said she needs to drink it. He pinches her mouth open and puts the cup to her lips trying to pour it in her mouth. The tea dribbles down her chin, he gently wipes the tea off her chin. This isn’t going to work. He lays her back down, he will have to wait until she wakes up. Her forehead is still hot, he looks at his watch, it is only two o’clock.

     He covers her with the quilt again and walks over to the couch. She should be okay until he takes her to the hospital in a few hours shouldn’t she. He takes his cell out of his robe, Shizhen’s phone rings but no answer. Pacing around the room he is worried, she needs to drink the tea! Walking to the window the storm has let up it is no longer raining, fuck it he is taking her to the hospital now.

     He calls Jason in the kitchen, “Jason put the ginger tea in a thermos, I am taking Feng LiMei to the hospital now.”

     Normally Jason wouldn’t give his opinion but it is too dangerous to fly now, “Boss you can’t go now it would be dangerous flying over the terrain surrounding this house in the dark. You haven’t flown this particular helicopter before.”

     “Do you think I am incompetent.”

     “No! No..I just think if you wait a few more hours go at dawn it will be safer.”

     “Fucking shit Jason she is burning the fuck up! She won’t wake up to drink the tea and she is going to get pneumonia she is drenched from sweating so much!”

     “Calm down Boss what did Dr. Fong say? You called him right?” His boss panicking is freaking him out. Leng Shuai is steady and overcomes problems in a logical way, not with this hysterical type of behavior.

     “I called him earlier and followed his instructions, her fever is still high!”

      “Call him again.”

     “ I did he didn’t answer. Fuck it I’m taking her to the hospital. Bring the thermos to the helipad.” He hangs up and goes to the walk in closet to get dressed. He puts on a casual pair of pants and a black sweater. Tying his shoelaces on his black boots he walks over to the bed, “Feng LiMei I’m sorry.”

     He rushes to the room his sister uses when she visits. Opening her closet he pulls out a warm looking red sweater and pair of black leggings. Hurrying he grabs a light blue puffer jacket,  a knit cap, a pair of socks and tennis shoes.

     Flustered he tosses the clothes on the bed then removes Feng LiMei’s nightgown then he gently wipes the sweat off of her body with a dry towel. He didn’t bring underwear from his sister’s room, Shit! Well, no underwear. the black lace ones are soaking wet on the floor by the couch. 

     He puts the leggings on her one leg at a time when he pulls them up to her waist his hand is on her bare behind, he touches her soft hips he can’t help staring at her as he pulls the pants completely on her.

     He feels guilty touching her but she is still burning up with the fever he has no choice. He sits her up putting on the sweater over her bare chest, his body is on fire looking at her nakedness. Dammit! He puts on the pink socks, fuck the shoes he will carry her to the helicopter. He quickly puts on the knit cap and  jacket.

     He calls Jason, “I got her dressed meet me out there.”

     “…” “You got her dressed? 

     Leng Shuai picks her limp body into his arms then rushes down the hallway. Turning on the outdoor lights as he exits through the garage to a helipad located on the eastern side of his home. Sitting on a helipad is a brand new 15 million dollar luxury helicopter the AugustaWestland AW609. He looks around for Jason he should be here with the keys and the tea.

     Jason comes running through the garage holding the thermos and keys to the helicopter.

     Leng Shuai impatiently says, “What took you so long open the door so I can put her in there’”

     Jason is huffing and puffing he had to go find the keys allright! Who knew you would be flying it in the middle of the night! “Here boss.” Once LiMei is in the helicopter and buckled Jason hands him the key.

     “Boss be careful there is still some thunder and lightening over the city.”

     “Call the hospital and tell them to be ready.” The Seaside Private Hospital has a helipad on the roof for an emergency helicopter, when Leng Shuai helped design the hospital he made sure they included it. The Leng Family owns the private hospital along with the Zhou Family.

     “I will.”

     Jason stands away from the helicopter by the garage as Leng Shuai turns on the motor and the propellers start whirring around. He watches him take off, Boss I think she just caught a cold isn’t this over reacting? 

     He walks back into the garage and calls the Seaside Hospital informing them the helicopter carrying Leng Shuai and a friend of his should be arriving in 15 minutes.

     Back at the Grand Reef Hotel Qiao Rui wakes up on the bed fully clothed and his head is throbbing. He remembers coming to his room and showering then a strange woman appeared.

      Rui knows he was hallucinating at the time but his memory of the incident is fairly clear in his mind. Looking at his watch, two forty five in the morning, that must have been about eleven o’clock?

     Would the drug she used still be in his system? He needs to go have blood drawn and be examined immediately he can only hope the results will show drugs in his system he can figure out the rest after he gets the results. 

Fucking scheming  whore when he finds her she will wish she had never stepped into his room!

     He bangs his hand on the nightstand he needs proof now he didn’t try to rape that woman, from his past experience of being framed he knows he need to protect himself. 

     Rui dials Chen Jianyu’s room he was there also. No answer. Shit! Qiao Rui doesn’t bother to take a shower he changes his clothes and washes his face, Xiaotong if it is you who plotted against me again I will kill you! The timing with election coming up is too coincidental.

     When he arrives at the front desk he asks for a driver to go to the hospital. The woman behind the desk looks up at the handsome man at the counter, his face is pale and his hair is messy. It is lonely working the night shift so she strikes up a conversation with him.“I can call a taxi for you, the rain has stopped and they should be back on the road. Earlier around eleven a woman wanted to leave in a hurry but was unable to find a taxi. She threw a fit. It turns out she was a high school friend of the other desk clerk so he drove her home.”

     Rui doesn’t respond he is in no mood for small talk.

     She is on the phone with the cab company.”Yes, I will tell him.” She smirks the drivers really rip off the tourists no Islander would pay triple to go across town,”They are sending a cab but they wanted me to inform you it is triple rate because of the storm, it left debris on the roads so the driver will need to take a detour.”

     “Fine when will it be here?”

     “Ten minutes.”

     Qiao Rui glances at his watch, “Thank you I will wait over there.”

     She watches him as he walks to the chairs on the side, lately there have been several handsome businessmen staying at the Hotel. Maybe tomorrow night she will go to the hotel bar with her friends to hang out.

     Rui closes his eyes for a minute, why can’t life be simple, he only wants to secure his mother’s legacy by taking his rightful place as CEO of Qiao Corporation and have Feng LiMei by his side. The desk clerk calls to him, “Your cab is here.”

     He walks out the door of the hotel, after the rain the air is fresh and there is a cold wind, he puts his collar up as he approaches the cab. He enters the back seat, “Seaside Private Hospital.”

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