Save Me

“I’m ready.” LiMei ties the blindfold. Leng Shuai grabs her arm as Yun Shi watches with interest, is there something between these two maybe he shouldn’t kill her right away. Leng Shuai shoves her into the backseat then gets into the car, Yun Shi is the last to get into the black SUV. He motions to the driver to go.

    Su Ryan has been stationed outside the Club waiting for Leng Shuai along with Shen Boyin and Shen Yi. He puts out his cigarette turning to Shen Boyin, “Who do you think the woman is with CEO Leng?”

    “I have no idea but isn’t the little girl next to him the girl that Silver attacked at the CEO’s mountain retreat?? Why is she wearing a blindfold?”

    “We should follow them, I will call the Boss.”

    They get into their Land Rovers and hang back until the SUV turns the corner. The streets are deserted no cars are on the street this time of night so if they follow too close it will be obvious.

    Su Ryan dials Leng Shuai no answer he narrows his eyes that is odd the CEO should at least answer. He never goes with any woman, who could the woman in the red dress be?

    Inside the auction room Han Weisheng’s men arrive quickly reviving him and Jason. Han Weisheng begins coughing, “Did you see Leng Shuai?”

    “He was leaving with a tall dark haired woman when we came into the Club.”

    Han Weisheng pulls up Jason from the floor, his eyes are watering and he is coughing also. Jason’s voice is hoarse as he spits out, “Where is CEO Leng?”

    Jason looks around the auction room the other men are still unconscious some sprawled on the floor some slumped in their chairs. He staggers to the end of the aisle there is no sign of Leng Shuai.

    “Gu Ming said he saw him leaving with a woman and from the description he gave she is the woman who was showing the Sacred Stone.”

    Han Weisheng waves at Gu Ming, “Go see if the Sacred Stone is still here.” He isn’t expecting it will be found. What happened to Xiaobo’s security team?

    Jason tries Leng Shuai’s phone no answer he dials Su Ryan, “Did you see CEO Leng leave the Club?

   “Yeah I am following the SUV he is in right now. It is getting hard to see the rain is really coming down.”

    “Don’t lose him I think he is in danger. Yun Shi was spotted at the auction and it looks like he grabbed the Boss using the woman who was showing the Sacred Stone. I’m leaving now tell me your location and I will join you.”

    Jason turns to Han Weisheng, “Commander I think Yun Shi abducted Leng Shuai can I borrow four of your men?”

    “I will come also.”

    “No need this place will be in chaos when these men awaken I think Xiaobo will need your help to control the situation.”

    Gu Ming comes out from the side room, “Commander no sign of the Sacred Stone.”

   Han Weisheng rubs his temples, “Go Jason, I need to find Xiaobo. Gu Ming send four men to assist him.”

    Jason hurries out of the room to chase after Yun Shi.

   Three rows back Kuang Bo is waking up his head is throbbing, that fucker Yun Shi he never said he was going to grab Leng Shuai!

    I thought he was going to kill him right here and have his man shoot me, when did he change his plan? He touches his chest where the plastic pack of blood is hidden, this ruins my plan completely! I am going to kill that backstabbing asshole!

    He notices Amir Malouf on the ground not far from him he chuckles when he sees he is still knocked out on the floor.

    It looks like he will be big trouble with his client, Yun Shi really fucked up his plan too. He kicks him, “Wake up.” Amir doesn’t move Kuang Bo shakes his head it appears I will have to remain Henri Armand for awhile longer.

   What a fucking joke I should have known that crazy bastard Yun Shi had his own agenda. He strides over to Han Weisheng, “Where is Xiaobo?”

    Han Weisheng has sent one of his men to locate him he doesn’t answer his question, “Mr. Armand you are free to leave, when the other men awaken it might get troublesome.”

    “Thank you.” he has no reason to inquire further obviously Yun Shi stole the Sacred Stone and abducted Leng Shuai. It is best to maintain his image  and leave.

    LiMei is exhausted due to the comfortable  warmth in the car she falls asleep and falls into Leng Shuai. He doesn’t want Yun Shi to know he has any interest in LiMei so he pushes her away from him towards the door.

    He is worried her slender arms felt cold as she leaned into him but if he covers her with his jacket or holds her she will be in more danger.

    Yun Shi watches his face it is as emotionless as always maybe she is simply an employee, but why wouldn’t he push her away outside the Club?

    Su Ryan and Shen Boyin are following behind keeping their distance, Su Ryan calls Jason, “Where are you now?”

    “I am heading down Oak street parallel to the route you are on following Yun Shi’s car. I think our best course of action is to corner the car as it exits onto Hugyun Street before the highway.”

    “That makes sense but do you think it is odd there are no other cars following them for protection?”

    “Yun Shi most likely didn’t want to draw attention to them when they left the Club, his men are probably located by the entrance to the highway. 

     I’m sure he is aware you are following him but he assumes I am still knocked out in the auction room. His men will cut you off then follow his car down the highway.”

    “Makes sense but this rain is getting torrential it could be dangerous for the Boss if we engage with them on the highway.”

    “You are right, I will cut over on Jingun Street I have four men from Han Weisheng’s group with me.”

“Be ready when I pull my car in front of them we should arrive there in ten minutes and you should also.”

    Yun Shi turns to Leng Shuai, “Your men have been following us since we left the Club, call them tell them you are fine and going with me to my apartment.” He snickers as he glances over at LiMei, “Unless you want me to kill the girl.”

    Leng Shuai takes out his phone calling Su Ryan, “Ryan no need to follow I am going for a drink with an old friend.”

    “Who is she?”

    “Ryan you know better than to question me.”

    “But Boss..”

    Leng Shuai hangs up, “Satisfied?”

    Yun Shi sees the two cars turn back the other direction, “Satisfied.”

    Before Su Ryan can call Jason he comes around through the intersection blocking Yun Shi’s car’s path. Jason has already rolled out of the Land Rover  before the impact.

   Yun Shi’s driver slams on his breaks but because of the slick road slams into the Land Rover. 

     The two cars carrying Han Weisheng’s men pull up to the side, the men hop out drawing their weapons shooting at the car exchanging gunfire with the driver and the man  in the passenger seat.

    Leng Shuai is dazed from the crash  he was sitting in the middle of the back seat not wearing a seat belt so upon impact  he hit his head. Yun Shi grabs him shoving him out of the backseat with the gun at his head.

     LiMei is jolted awake from the crash pulling off the blindfold she sees the tall dark haired woman pulling Leng Shuai out of the car.

      Listening to the sound of gunfire she hunches down on the floor of the SUV,  maybe they won’t notice me. She is afraid to even lift her head, she can hear men’s voices but what about the woman that was dragging Leng Shuai?

    She decides they are on the other side of the car and the rain is pouring down maybe they won’t notice her if she slips out of the car and runs away.

    Reaching for the door handle LiMei slowly opens the door she can see there are several stores not far away separated with an alley if she can run to the alley she can hide.

    Taking a deep breath she grabs her purse from the floor then takes off her high heels. Opening the heavy door enough to sneak out her hands are shaking.

      After she slips out of the car she crouches down in the rain deciding if she doesn’t run they will kill her for witnessing this scene. 

     Gathering up all her courage she stands up then runs as fast as she can towards the alley. She is almost there when she is hit by a stray bullet from one of Han Weisheng’s men firing at the driver.

    She continues to run without looking back blood mixed with rain is running down onto the ground from the bullet wound in her arm. 

    The pain is excruciating but she continues halfway down the alley where she hides behind a dumpster.

     Out in the street Yun Shi is behind Leng Shuai holding a gun to his head, “If you don’t want to see his brains splattered on the ground, give me the keys to your car.” Jason could see blood streaming down Leng Shuai’s face as he staggered out of the car next to Yun Shi.

    “You can have a car but leave CEO Leng here.”


    Right then three black SUVs pull up behind Yun Shi. When he didn’t arrive at the highway they knew he ran into trouble so they came to find him. 

    Yun Shi smiles as his men get out of the car carrying automatic weapons. Jason knows if he can wound Yun Shi he will let go of Leng Shuai then his men will pull him into a car and leave.

    Jason is contemplating how to shoot Yun Shi without putting Leng Shuai at risk when Su Ryan pulls up behind Yun Shi’s men.

      Although the CEO said not to follow he had to investigate the situation further. Jason sneers, “Yun Shi let the Boss go and there won’t be a bloodbath, you can pursue this another day. If you don’t we all die tonight.”

    Yun Shi can barely control his anger, he planned this for months while he was laying in the hospital in Cambodia suffering through countless operations.

    He backs up using an unconscious Leng Shuai as a shield, when he gets to the open car door he yells, “Motherf****r!” 

    He pushes Leng Shuai away hopping into the backseat of a SUV and it squeals its tires spinning around heading towards the highway.

      Yun Shi bangs the side of the door with his fist, “Leng Shuai you fucking asshole! How do you get so damn lucky!” If I hadn’t dropped the syringe in the backseat of the car when we slammed into your little bitch’s car I could have at least made your life a living hell.

    Three black cars follow behind Yun Shi’s SUV as it speeds away. Brock Jameson is in the passenger seat of one wondering why Yun Shi was holding Leng Shuai. They have the Sacred Stone shouldn’t they be heading to Africa instead of having a confrontation in the streets of Pushong City?

    Jason picks up Leng Shuai putting him into the back seat of the car then gets into the passenger seat, “Ryan we need to get him to the hospital.”

    LiMei feels like she is going to pass out from the pain and the cold. She takes one of her silver needles and inserts it to stop the stream of blood from flowing out of the wound, then she inserts two more for the pain.

    No longer hearing gunfire she wonders what happened out there in the street but is too weak to get up to see. 

     Sighing she looks in her purse for her phone maybe it has some battery left. The only person she can call is Delun who knows if he will answer it is three o’clock in the morning.

   She dials his number using her left hand, hearing his phone Delun rolls over in bed  when he sees it is Unruly Girl he sits up rubbing his eyes, “Feng LiMei?”

    “Delun..” Her voice is soft and  barely audible, he remembers he dropped her off at the Black Lotus Club earlier. He sounds worried, “Feng LiMei are you alright?”

    “Nooo…can you come get me?” Her voice is weak and it sounds like she is in pain.

    He jumps up out of bed rushing to the closet he grabs some pants, “Where are you?”

    “I don’t know.”

    “What do you mean you don’t know?”

    “I’m in an alley.”

    Delun’s handsome face pales, “LiMei you need to be more specific!”

    “There is a bakery next to me.” LiMei could see the trash sticking out of the dumpster was empty bags of flour and sugar. “I’m so cold.”

    “Any boxes with a name on it… anything identifiable?

    LiMei can barely stand up she stands on her tiptoes looking into the dumpster, do you know a bakery named Auntie’s Cloud Cakes?” 

     She is trembling from the cold, she is trying to use her internal energy to keep warm but with the wind and cold rain it is difficult to concentrate.  Especially without any shoes on her feet the cold is almost unbearable as she stands on the wet concrete.

    “I do! I will be right there!” He throws on a sweater wondering if he should tell Rui, he is a doctor. What if she is hurt?

   Rui is in the kitchen after he realized LiMei left he couldn’t go back to sleep. He tried her phone several times but it went right to voicemail, so he didn’t leave a message.

    I have no right to pursue her being married to that bitch Wang Rebecca. He stirs his hot tea, what a farce a few more days and I might just reveal it to be a fake marriage after I am named CEO of Qiao Corporation. I never confirmed we got the license and it wasn’t actually filed. All the information and pictures were from Wang Rebecca, most of them were photoshopped and from different events. 

    Delun is rushing past the kitchen pulling on a jacket Rui calls out to him, “Delun where do you think you are going this time of night it is storming heavily.”

     Delun is in a panic what if something bad happens to Feng LiMei and he didn’t ask for Rui’s help? He couldn’t forgive himself. “Rui it is Feng LiMei!”

    Rui drops the tea cup in his hand,  his heart skips a beat, “What? Did something happen to her?”

    “I don’t know what is going on she called me to pick her up..” He can’t finish his sentence because Rui interrupts, “I’m going with you! Don’t you fucking dare to leave without me!”

    Rui takes the stairs two at a time hurrying to his bedroom. He pulls on black casual pants and a gray cashmere sweater. Grabbing some tennis shoes he sits on the bed putting on the shoes his hands are trembling, what kind of trouble did that little girl get herself into now! 

     He takes a black leather jacket and flies down the stairs, “Come on, I will drive!” He picks up his doctor bag hoping he won’t need it as they head for the garage.

    “Let’s take the Land Rover the roads might be flooded from the rain.” Rui and Delun speed out of the driveway, “Where is she?”

    “I think she is in an alley behind Auntie’s Cloud Cakes Bakery.”

    Rui tightens his grip on the steering wheel his knuckles turning white, his voice is tinged with anger,“What did you just say?”

    “She called and didn’t know where she was but the trash had the name of the bakery on it. If you think about it that bakery is located in the same area as the Black Lotus Club.”

    “The Black Lotus Club?” She went to meet that man again now she is in an alley in the rain alone at three o’clock in the morning? He will kill whoever this fucking bastard is!

    Wait how does Delun know she went to the Black Lotus Club? “Delun how do you know she was at the Black Lotus Club tonight?”

     Delun does not want to tell his brother he took her there earlier in his car.  He won’t be able to avoid a beating if Rui finds out he took her there. The shit would really hit if he was aware of that. “She said she had to work.”

    “You saw her when she left the house?”


    “Why didn’t you wake me up?”

    “How did I know you were asleep and didn’t know she was leaving?”{I really hope with his temper he doesn’t find out I took her to the Black Lotus Club}

    The rain is pouring down still and the windshield wipers barely help. The road before the highway is flooded there are several cars stuck on the side of the road that people abandoned earlier but Rui speeds through the water in the Land Rover recklessly. “Do you know her employer’s name?” Rui’s aura is very dark and there is an ominous undercurrent in his voice.

    “No she didn’t say.” {God help the man when Rui finds him, obviously he still has feelings for Feng LiMei even though his memory was erased by Dr. Woo}

    LiMei is looking at her phone her battery is almost gone what a night! Leng Shuai you are my bad luck star!

     I no longer hear any noise from the street, the confrontation must be over. Hopefully Leng Shuai got away even though he is annoying tyrant I don’t want anything to happen to him.

    If Delun can’t find me will I just die here from the freezing cold rain? LiMei shivers as her mind wanders.

  LiMei’s thin clothes are soaked and her long hair is dripping wet. Although the acupuncture stopped the blood from flowing out of her wound LiMei can feel the bullet lodged in her arm. What will happen if it isn’t removed soon? She doesn’t want to think about the consequences. 

     How ironic I never was seriously hurt when I worked for the Black Sky now I escaped and am sitting in an alley after being hit by a random bullet.

    Soo cold…Delun please hurry!

   She huddles next to the brick wall shivering, the extended roof of the building is keeping the rain off of her but the wind is swirling down the alley. 

     LiMei’s fair skin is covered in goosebumps and she feels chilled to the bone. Standing up she grabs a large cardboard box from the trash with her left hand she places it  around her trying to prevent the wind from hitting her body. She laughs it is like a little cardboard house.

     Rui pulls down Jingun Street there is a wrecked black Land Rover blocking one lane of the street and a SUV smashed into it. Rui loses the color in his face was Feng LiMei in an accident and the people with her deserted her when she was hurt?

    He pulls over in front of Auntie’s Cloud Bakery. Glass is everywhere, there are bullet holes in the cars in the street. Fucking Shit what happened here!

    As soon as he stops the car he jumps out  with Delun following behind him. Rain is pouring down , Delun opens an umbrella as they search down the alley for LiMei calling her name, “Feng LiMei! Feng LiMei!

    “Rui she said she was by a dumpster.”

    “There is one on the right.”

    They run down to the dumpster to find LiMei soaked from the rain, her thin clothes clinging to her body. She looks pathetic and frail curled up behind a cardboard box her eyes half closed.

    Rui knocks away the cardboard box picking her petite body into his strong arms hugging her into his chest. His heart is beating wildly at the sight of her condition, she has a gunshot wound and could be suffering from hypothermia. She needs to get to the hospital as soon as possible.

    LiMei gazes up at him with hazy green eyes feeling as though she is in a dream, “…you came to save me..”

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