Rooftop Garden

After LiMei says her name she can see by his face he doesn’t remember their relationship but the drug is too hard for her to bear she has used up all her strength to fight it now it is surging through her if she doesn’t get relief she will die.

  Why does it have to be him? Her mind is clouded she doesn’t want to hurt him but she needs to cool her body using him  right now. What a miserable situation! I will kill that bastard Leng Shuai when I see him again and the person who planned on drugging him!

     “Ahh..please help me I need to take my clothes off now I’m burning up it is so hot in this car…” LiMei’s tiny fingers are gripping her tight dress struggling to pull it up, it already is to her stomach exposing tiny white lace underwear and her slender waist. 

     The aphrodisiac is circulating through her bloodstream causing her skin to be colored with a seductive red tint as she falls into him, taking his hand and placing it on her back, “The zipper…I can’t reach the zipper.”

    The top of her dress is loosened as she pulls on it to reach the back revealing her breasts barely covered by her bra, revealed also are the injuries that haven’t completely healed from when she was attacked by the dog.

    His breathing is becoming heavy as he stares at her exposed chest. He has to control himself from wanting to run his slender fingers over each of the marks. The contrast between the claw marks still slightly inflamed and her pure white skin is disturbing. 

     What kind of person allows their dog to attack such a frail girl resulting in her poisoning. Does she not value her life? Not a few days later she is drugged and must have been in a dangerous situation to be covered in blood. 

     Rui’s eyes darken he can barely take his eyes off of her alluring body as she moves closer into his chest. His body is heating up at the sight of her creamy white thighs and underwear she is exposing as she wiggles around trying to remove her tight white dress.  

     He straightens her dress to cover her underwear, as he touches her bare skin he thinks she must be in unbearable pain from the drug her skin is extremely hot .

    As LiMei struggles to touch the zipper her other hand comes down resting on his hardness as she tries to balance herself, he quickly takes her hand way his breathing is becoming erratic. “Miss Feng please sit up.” 

     He reluctantly  prys LiMei  off of  him, she then wraps her arms around his neck, “You are are so handsome and sexy, kiss me…” Her flushed face is inches away from his staring at him with misty green eyes that are silently begging him.

   The hot breath emitting from her tempting mouth and a sweet scent coming from her body is assaulting his senses as she presses her pink lips against his inciting the fire within him. 

     He gently removes her arms,  her rapid heartbeat through her dress is matching his heartbeat, both of them are pounding causing him to hesitate. Her long black hair is messy and falling down her shoulders creating a seductive effect. He brushes her hair gently behind her ear. “Miss Feng try to resist it won’t be long until we reach my home.” 

     His voice sounds soothing but only makes LiMei more agitated. She is drugged and with the man she loves. It is stimulating her more as she listens to his gentle voice.

“I will try.” Her low voice is weak tugging at his heart she has no idea how much he would like to satisfy her thirst.

    Rui attempts to compose himself he has seen many beautiful women undressed as a doctor why is the sight of this young girl making him lose his reason and she is XiXin’s little cousin!

    He furrows his brow he is angry at himself at his reaction to her unrestrained movements… Feng LiMei… keep reminding yourself she is the little girl from the hospital! 

    His thoughts are getting very messy from the heat. He is conflicted, why can’t I stop myself from the crazy desire I have rising in me, I want to kiss her and take her underneath me right now.

   Rui tries to calm her down but she continues to cling onto him rubbing her slender body on his thighs as she burrows into his chest. Almost completely in his lap LiMei sticks to him holding tightly, “I need you or I will die..please ..wuuu..wuuu..”

    “You won’t die, I promise the medicine will cool you off as soon as we reach my villa. “

     Did she escape from the hospital without being discharged so she could meet a man at the Black Lotus Club tonight?

    He has a complicated look on his face as he stares at her small hands,  her knuckles are white from her intense grip on him holding onto his body tightly. “Drink some more water.” He puts the bottle to her lips she knocks it away, “ I can’t bear the pain! Unzip my dress, hurry!”

    The driver glances in the rear view mirror didn’t the Young Master marry Wang Rebecca today? What is he doing with this young girl who obviously is drugged? Rui sees his driver looking at the back seat, black lines form on his forehead, “Watch the road, Speed up!”

    Reaching over Rui pressing a button to put up the tinted glass beween the front and back seat so the driver can no longer observe the scene.

    While he is retracting his hand from the side panel LiMei suddenly grabs his hand placing it between her slender thighs lightly moaning as he touches her.Rui feels as though an electric shock is running through him as his hand touches her sensitive area.

      He blurts out the only thing he can think of that might stop her.“Miss Feng I am a married man I can’t do this.” The sound of her soft moaning is making him ready to explode.

    He takes his hand away from between her legs her panties are wet he can’t take much more if she continues to act so wantonly he can’t be responsible for his actions. Angry at his own lack of self control he pushes her away to the other side of the backseat.

    Rui didn’t mean to use much force but without realizing his strength she flew over hitting her head on the window.

    Shocked by his rejection LiMei looks over at him with a hurt expression tears start rolling down her cheeks. The pain seems to have brought her to her senses a little, that’s right he is married to Wang Rebecca of course he doesn’t want me anymore. He doesn’t even know who I am to him…or was. LiMei’s voice is weak and her body is trembling,“Let me out of this car.”

    She doesn’t know if the pain is from hitting her head or him saying those words, her chest is tight as she clutches the door handle. She needs to escape from this car the pain is too severe. While it looks like Rui isn’t looking at her LiMei takes her silver needle out one more time to try to slow her overheated blood down as she is leaning into the door. You are Qin Daiyu… control your breathing… empty your mind…stop throwing yourself at him!

    It’s true Rui is a married man stupid Leng Shuai it is all his fault! Bastard! I need to get away from Rui right now. LiMei rubs her head staring out the window not wanting to look his direction.

   Rui is leaning back in the seat what can he say to make her feel better? Rui’s voice is gentle,“Miss Feng I apologize that was too rough of me, but please let me give you the medicine or you could be in dire straits.

    I am a friend of your father’s cousin Woo XiXin, I treated you in the hospital. 

    You could have further complications because of the antidote you were given after being poisoned. I won’t harm you I will call him to come pick you up immediately after I give you the antidote for the aphrodisiac you were given.” He feels guilty he wants to see if she is alright from banging her head on the window but he is afraid of what he might do if she continues touching him. 

    LiMei is in a little more control of her emotions although it is difficult to restrain herself, with a determined look on her face she says, “I said let me out of the car.”

     Rui’s villa is located outside of the city where they are now there is no way she would be safe if he allowed her to exit the car.

    He stares at her tear stained face, how did a young girl get herself into such a dangerous situation. She is a beautiful girl her face is innocent yet seductive did she get involved with the wrong man? He needs to tell Woo Xixin about the situation maybe he can send her back to her parents.

     “If you look out the window it is rather desolate and there are wild animals in the area. Not to mention you need to take care of the drug in your system I can’t let you out here. How would I explain it to Woo Xixin?

     “Does your head hurt? let me take a look.” He reaches over and she swats his hand away before he touches her head.

    “I’m fine. I can take a taxi back to my apartment I shouldn’t have come with you in the first place.” her voice is low and tinged with regret.

     “None the less I can’t let you out of the car here.”

     “I’m not afraid, pull over at the next street.” LiMei is looking out the window she can call a taxi from the next street she recognizes the entrance to his home is coming up soon.

    She is quivering how humiliating throwing herself at him…she needs to get away. She can hold on until she goes back to her apartment. Why did I go with him..stupid..stupid!

    Rui can see she is being stubborn because he embarrassed her and he tossed her to the side of the backseat but he can’t give in to temptation and do what she wants him to do it is not right. If he took advantage of her he couldn’t even take responsibility, although it is merely a fake marriage he is still married as far as everyone is concerned.

   “We are here, you can call Woo Xixin after I examine you and give you the antidote.” His fists are tight at his side a girl with such a pure and clean face shouldn’t have been reduced to this sorry state.

    I am  going to investigate the situation and at the very least make sure she is protected. It is unlike Woo Xixin to allow any young woman to be taken advantage of like this, was he not supposed to take care of her after she left the hospital. Where are her fucking parents!

    “En.” LiMei realizes she has no choice but to have Rui help her she feels feverish and as though her insides are burning up right now.

    The driver opens the door for them to get out of the car. Rui steps out then gives her his hand to help her out, then notices she has no shoes on her feet.

    He forgot she wasn’t wearing any at the club when he saw her. He picks her up to carry her inside, LiMei pushes his chest,“Put me down I can walk.” being close to him smelling his distinct manly scent is driving her crazy.

    “You have no shoes and the ground is cold and rough.” He carries her to the door then pushes the password so he can enter.

    Rui continues carrying her up the stairs to the guest room placing her on the bed. “Stay here I will get the antidote and my bag. I want to check out your injuries from the poisoning also.”

    LiMei lays back on the bed, this was the room she stayed in when she came to dinner here that night. It seems so long ago, she starts writhing around on the bed her body is restless like it is craving his touch desperately.

     For some reason there seem to be surges of heat in her body then it dies down, she can calm down then it rises again even after she gave herself the accupuncture treatment.

    What the hell kind of drug was that someone was going to use on Leng Shuai? I will tell Rui to slip the pill under the door I need to take my clothes off now I am burning up.

    She takes off her dress and her bra and underwear they are sweaty. She lays on the bed still so hot, what is taking him so long, maybe I should take a bath.

    LiMei walks naked to the bathroom turning on the bath. Her hair is  stuck to her cheek she is brushing it back when she hears a noise, she needs to tell him to put it under the door.

     Hurrying out of the bathroom she slips and is bracing herself to hit the floor when she is caught in two strong arms.

    Rui stands there holding her bare body in his arms, he gulps staring at LiMei pressed into his chest.

    She looks up into his dark eyes that are lustfully devouring her body.

    Flustered LiMei knows he made it clear that he is married and not interested so she wants to push him away when he tightens his grip around her waist.

    Staring down at her with a complicated look on his face LiMei puts her arms around his neck and kisses him unable to resist expecting him to throw her off but she doesn’t care. She wants him so much right now she can’t bear it anymore, so what if he is married and he thinks she is shameless, she will be leaving town soon.

    She deepens her kiss tasting his familiar flavor he kisses her back the feeling is too sweet he can’t stop himself. Their kissing becomes passionate, entangling their tongues as he holds her soft body in his arms. LiMei can barely breathe but won’t let him pull away fiercely holding onto his neck letting the wave of pleasure engulf her.

    Rui can feel her naked body is burning up it wouldn’t be right to continue even though he wants nothing more than to take her right now. He stops kissing her lips and she whimpers, “Don’t stop it has been so long. I have missed you so much.” LiMei feels as if she is losing her mind not caring the consequences, the drug is flaring up in her body again.

     Rui’s eyes narrow dangerously and his body is exuding a dark aura,  she is thinking of someone else? The man she met tonight at the Black Lotus Club?  Rui sobers up from the intoxicating kiss of a moment ago, that’s right she doesn’t even know who she is kissing it is the drug that is making her want me so badly. “Do you know who I am?” He suddenly feels jealous of whoever she is thinking about  as she throws herself on him.

    LiMei looks up at him she can see the raging emotion within his eyes, what should I say ?  I can’t say you are my Rui.. she  whispers “No.” lowering her eyes her fluttering black eyelashes hiding all her emotions that are swirling within.

   Rui knows not to blame her she is a young girl under the influence of a powerful aphrodisiac. What was he thinking? They had some sort of connection? He laughs at himself when does he ever let himself be controlled by his emotions. 

     “The bath is ready.” His voice is low and hoarse as he places her into the water but she won’t let go of his neck, “You need to cool down and take the medicine.”

    He takes a pill out of his pocket and places it in her mouth reaching for a cup by the sink he hands he some water.

    Brushing her hair out of her face he is mesmerized by her flawless features, staring into her green eyes that are hazy from the drug she is too tempting.“Soak for awhile in the bath the medicine should begin to work shortly. I’m going to call Woo Xixin to pick you up” He turns to walk out of the bathroom when LiMei says, “Wait!” Rui turns around, LiMei’s voice is soft , “Thank you.”

    Rui has a strange feeling in his heart why does he want to possess this young girl feel her soft body under him. I’m not someone who loses control over a woman and Feng LiMei is a little girl! I really need to go downstairs and calm down. 

     “When you are finished you can lie down on the bed until Xixin arrives. I put  pajamas  there you can wear while you rest. I will tell Xixin to bring you clothes.” He leaves withiut glancing back to go to the kitchen to see if Delun left any food he was supposed to meet Chen Jianyu at the club for dinner and is very hungry now.

     Looking in the fridge Rui finds some chicken and noodles, he takes his cell phone to call Woo Xixin, there is no answer he looks at his watch it is almost midnight he is probably sleeping. He tries again this time leaving a voice message it is urgent to call him.

    Sitting in the kitchen eating he is thinking about Feng LiMei, first she is poisoned now she is drugged he wonders how a frail looking girl like her gets involved in such trouble. Woo Xixin should send her home to her parents before she gets into more trouble, Pushong City can be a dangerous place for a naive little girl. What if someone else had found her tonight? He doesn’t want to imagine what would have happened to her, the possibility of a strange man taking advantage of her makes him very angry. His phone rings it is Chen Jianyu, he is still pissed thinking of Limei being taken advantage of tonight.“Yes?”

     “I thought you were meeting us at the Black Lotus Club what happened did that bitch Wang Rebecca stop you? You sound pissed.”

     “Jianyu you sound drunk.”



    “So are you coming?”

    “No something came up.”

   “Jianyu was there anything going on at the Club tonight… any trouble?” Now that Jianyu called maybe he can find out why Feng LiMei had blood on her clothes and who might have drugged her drink. She was coming from the third floor and that is where Xiaobo’s private room is located.

   “I heard from Xiaobo the police were here investigating two murders, Xiaobo had to rush out to find out why the police were called over here. You know he hates the police interfering with the club, usually if there is a problem he takes care of it internally.”

   “Two murders?”

    “Yeah but when they went to the room it supposedly happened it was empty no trace of blood or bodies. Someone must have wanted to fuck with Leng Shuai he reserved the room according to Xiaobo. I wish they had caught that bastard doing something illegal I hate that fucker.”

    Rui is glad Chen Jianyu is such a gossip he is getting more information than he expected he would. “Leng Shuai’s room?”

    “Do you know him? What an arrogant piece of shit.”

    “I have heard of him but never met him. So no bodies were found huh?” { Since his memory was erased Rui has no idea he had a fight with him over LiMei before he brought her back from Shingu Island.}

    “No why are you so interested? Since when do you like gossip?”

    “I was on my way to the club when I saw police cars in front. I got an emergency call from the hospital so I went there.”

“ What is going on with you and the bitch? You seemed in a foul mood when you said you would meet us.”

    “Are you free for lunch tomorrow I can fill you in on the details .I also wanted to thank you for cooperating with the Qiao Corporation on the Shingu Island resort project. That will help to become CEO at the board meeting on Friday.”

    “Your proposal was within the parameters of what I could accept for collaboration. I’m too busy tomorrow day but we could meet for dinner at the Crescent Moon Hotel how is that? I am curious about your sudden wedding.”

    “What time?”


    “See you then.”

    Rui eats the food he heated up, Feng LiMei had blood on her could the police have gone to the wrong room at the club to investigate? What is she involved in anyway. He looks at his watch Xixin hasn’t called back, the girl can stay in the guest room he can take her to Xixin in the morning. After he finishes eating he calls Delun, “Where are you?”

    I am with Sheng Siyue at her family’s house I came over here after I met my friend for dinner earlier. Why?”

   “There is a guest in the room you usually stay in so sleep downstairs don’t go up and disturb her while she is sleeping.”

    Delun is a surprised a ‘she’? “Who is in the guest room?”

    “Don’t worry about who she is, she will be leaving in the morning.”

    “Could you bring a set of pajamas to the spare room on the first floor then?”

    “Yes and don’t make noise when you come home.”


    Sheng Siyue had gone to get another bottle of wine, “Who was that Delun?”

    “Rui, he has a guest staying over and wanted me to sleep downstairs.”

    “Didn’t your brother get married today? The bakery is making the wedding cake for their reception on Saturday.”

   “Yeah but I don’t meddle in his affairs so I don’t know anything.”

    “Delun back to what we were discussing, why are you going back to Paris, why don’t you open a restaurant in Pushong City?” She hands him a glass of wine and curls up next to him on the couch.

    He puts his arm around her, “I need to have my degree or Rui won’t invest in it for me. You know my father wants me to work at the resort and take over its management but I want to go out on my own. My only hope to do that is if Rui invests in it.”

    Sheng Siyue nods her head, “Why don’t you let me partner with you?”

    “I think eventually we could work together but initially I want to establish mself on my own. Seriously,at this point I have put in all this time I want to finish the program. I only have this last semester.”

    “I could come to Paris with you while you finish, my sister could run the bakery for me while I am gone.”

    “Siyue I know you are just trying to avoid all the blind dates your parents are sending you on lately.” He starts laughing and pats her head.

    “…”She glares at him, “You wouldn’t believe the last blind date, he spent the entire meal telling me about his expectations for a wife while he was chewing his food… little bits of noodles were spitting out, so gross!” Siyue has only liked Delun since they were young hoping one day he will think of her more than his friend.

    “Siyue I’m sure he wasn’t that bad, you always find faults with every guy you date. Last time I was home I thought you and Lan An’s brother were dating?

    “No it was Zhao Gen but I found out the slag man was dating Chen Hua at the same time, he is quite a playboy.”

    “You should have told me I would have beat him up for you!”

    Siyue has had a few glasses of wine she sits up looking at his handsome face with her brown eyes sparking,“ I have a brilliant idea why don’t you marry me then I don’t have to go on any more blind dates!”

    Delun lips curl up in a teasing voice, “How could I ruin our perfect friendship by dragging you into the Qiao family? You will find the right guy you are very beautiful not the chubby little girl you were when we were young.”

     He starts laughing, she takes the pillow off the couch hitting him, “You! Why do you bring that up?” Delun blocks his face with his arms, “You need to work on that little temper of yours though.” He grabs the pillow then from her hands tossing it to the other side of the couch.

    “I need to go soon I have to get up early to meet Grandfather. So are we still good for Friday night, the banquet for Leng Corporation?”

   “Of course.”

    “I will be leaving then, see you Friday night.” He stands up from the couch walking towards the door.

    Siyue stares at him as he stands up he is everything she would hope for in a man, handsome, kind, funny why won’t he look at her the way other men do?

    She sighs she has waited this long she can wait a few more months then she will find a way to stay by his side. Maybe consult with his brother Rui about her bakery and Delun’s restaurant having a collaboration in the future.

    Siyue sighs wishing he would stay longer she hasn’t seen him but three times since he has been home this time.“I will walk you out.”

    “No need. I know my way out. Get some sleep it’s late.”

    After Delun leaves he tells the driver to take him to Rui’s villa he is curious who the overnight guest cold be, as far as he knows Rui doesn’t have any female friends.

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