Leng Shuai leans against the wall  staring out the window with bloodshot eyes picturing Feng LiMei with a gunshot wound and alone in the freezing rain.

    The little girl was shivering in the warm car wearing those thin clothes he can’t imagine how cold she must have been in the rain. He pounds his fist into the wall, Yun Shi you die today!

      I let you live two years ago only because Marnie loved you and maybe I still had some brotherly feelings for you even after your betrayal. 

     He picks up his phone calling Su Ryan, “Any word on Feng LiMei’s condition?”

    “No Boss she is still in surgery.” He hasn’t seen anyone come from that hallway he is still sitting waiting for Jason. He might be able to get more information from the cute little nurse she is sitting behind the desk and he can feel her eyes on him. When he looks her way she immediately blushes and pretends to be working on the computer while twirling the little curl hanging down by her ear.

    “How long did they say the surgery will last?” I want to go to the hospital but that would be too conspicuous, it might put her in more danger. I need to get rid of Yun Shi immediately.

    Su Ryan is dying for a cigarette thinking I barely found out she was being operated on before the time was up to contact you! Should I estimate? “The nurse said it should take about an hour and half.”

    “That sounds like a long time for a simple gunshot wound to the arm.”

    Su Ryan can feel sweat beads forming on his forehead, “That is what the nurse said.” He doesn’t like to lie to the Boss he is very perceptive to any change in someone’s voice.

    “ Did you locate Yun Shi? Call the men to come to the new Leng Enterprises building.You stay at the hospital, tell Jason to meet there also.”

   “ Shen Boyin has his location. I will have him assemble the men we have in Pushong City, did you need the men from Catang also?” What is the boss calling the men to do, shouldn’t he be resting in the hospital? Fuck! How can I stay in this corridor if Jason leaves, what is my reason?

   “Make sure he is under surveillance and doesn’t go anywhere. It would take too long for the men to arrive from Catang City, I only want the elite unit.” 

     Leng Shuai’s eyes narrow as he mutters looking out the window “I’m coming for you bastard!” He angrily strides out of the hospital room motioning to Shen Tang who is sitting outside the door. “Let’s go.”

    Shen Tang scrambles to stand up at Leng Shuai’s sudden appearance he assumed he would be sleeping.“Boss don’t you need to stay for observation?”

    Leng Shuai furrows his brow glaring at him, “ I don’t think I need your questions right now. Call Yi to pull the fucking car around.”

    He nods and takes out his phone, “The Boss is ready to leave meet us at the front entrance.”

   Leng Shuai is distracted thinking about how cute Feng LiMei looked when she put the blindfold on herself and readily hopped into the backseat with him and Yun Shi. Such a trusting little idiot!

    He understands why Jason made the decision to intercept the car by such a drastic measure but how did they overlook Feng LiMei in the backseat? She must have been terrified when the gunfire started and then to think she was hit by a bullet his heart tightens up. Well, I will avenge you very soon.

    Leng Shuai’s face has a terrifying expression as he clutches his fists to his side, Yun Shi you crossed my bottom line one too many times.

   At Yun Shi’s rented villa on the outskirts of Pushong City, “Shi where have you been all night?” A beautiful young woman in black silk lingerie comes down the spiral staircase. She can barely disguise the look of jealousy on her face. Was he with another woman?

   “It’s early go back to bed.”

    “I couldn’t sleep without you next to me Babe.” She wraps her slender white arms around his neck.

   When she leans in to kiss him he pulls her arms off him backing up avoiding her lips. He hasn’t been able to forget the words Leng Shuai said about Marnie… ‘ask your wife.’ What would Xing know about that day she was abroad studying.

    Xing pouts kissing him on his cheek as he throws her off leaving a red lipstick mark, “Come to bed.” She wraps her long bare leg around his thigh trying to tempt him ignoring his cold attitude towards her amorous advances.

   Yun Shi’s voice is tinged with disdain as he wipes his cheek,“I have work to do, pack a bag and go to your Uncle’s villa for a couple days.”   He can’t shake his suspicians.

     Until I can investigate further I don’t want to be around her, Shuai sounded cryptic with a smug look on his face like I was a fool. If she deceived me she will pay the price.

   Yun Xing’s ego is stinging  from his rejection,  in a rebellious tone she screams at him,“I don’t want to go there!”

   “Get dressed my bodyguard will drive you.”

    “I’m not going!” She has been anxiously waiting in Pushong City to spend time with him since he returned from Angola.

    He holds onto her arm his grip is tight, “Now!” Looking into her eyes with a murderous glint, if he finds out she or any of the Zangwas had anything to do with Marni’s death…

   “Shi honey that hurt!” She is rubbing her arm looking up at him her dark eyes are blazing,“What is it? Why don’t you want me? Do you have a slut in Pushong City?  Is that who you were with last night?”  She won’t let him go after all she did to trap him. No one else can have him!

    Yun Shi walks away without answering his wife calmly instructing his guard, “Jameson, drive Mrs. Yun to the Zangwa family.

   “Yes Boss.” Brock Jameson winces Mrs. Yun’s shrill voice is ear piercing. How does a man like Yun Shi put up with her whining?

    Yun Xing storms upstairs to get dressed. Why does he treat me like this! I have loved him since we were in high school. I thought after that bitch of a sister died he would be all mine but he still has other women. Whoever the little whore is he was with last night I will find out and have her face ruined!

   Yun Shi goes into the study,    “ Let me see the Sacred Stone.” A man who is standing by the bookcase reaches into a hollowed out book retrieving the Sacred Stone then brings it over to him. Yun Shi laughs, “That stupid tribe will give up the mining rights for this little piece of shitty rock. Superstitions really are hard to understand. “Leave me.”

    He sits on the couch stretching out his long legs then reaches in his pocket for a pill, without the rejuvenating pills Zinghi gave him to help his body recover after all the sirgeries  he would collapse by now. It was worth the price if he continues the way he has been progressing he should be a hundred per cent in six months.

      If he hadn’t heard about the Sacred Stone he wouldn’t have come out of seclusion. Then to find out Leng Shuai would be there it was like an unexpected bonus.

    Sighing he closes his eyes, his body still isn’t fully healed from the fall from the cliff two years ago. If it is true the Zangwas had something to do with what happened he will annihilate the entire clan including his lovely little wife.

    Yun Xing  comes down the staircase with one piece of luggage, she needles him, “You know the banquet is on Friday night for Leng Enterprises, Daddy is expecting us to go.” She knows how he never liked going to parties before he was injured and he hasn’t been out of seclusion for long.

    Yun Shi sits up in a cold tone he says, “Don’t worry I plan on attending. I will pick you up at your Uncle’s villa, I’m going out of town tomorrow I will be back for the party.”

   She thinks he is going to the party for her sake so she doesn’t lose face with her Uncle, since he readily agreed.  Yun Xing runs over and throws her arms around his neck and kisses him. “Shi why are you being like this to me? I have been waiting so long for us to be together again. I thought you would spend the night here with me.”

    He has a complicated expression as he stares at her face, he married her because of what happened at the time but he never thought she might have been behind it. Was he just blinded by hate and confused? He needs to find the answers. “Go.”

    “Get her luggage Jameson. After you drop her off complete the task I told you about earlier.”

   “Yes Boss.”

   Yun Xing snarls at Brock Jameson, “Is that all you can say? Yes Boss..Yes Boss… be careful with my suitcase.” She stomps down the foyer in her 10cm heels. “Well get the door you big lump.”

   “…” He really can’t stand this woman.

   Yun Shi picks up the phone calling Henri Armand, “Can you meet me at the villa?”

    “No.” Kuang Bo’s anger hasn’t subsided he had planned on shedding the persona of Henri Armand by being ‘killed’ at the auction. He already met with his lawyer and financial advisor about the distribution of his wealth to his new identity and Qin Daiyu. He planned on leaving her his couture business so she would move to Paris and have substantial income.

   His plan was after dealing with his brother Fu he was going to arrange to meet Qin Daiyu. Seeing her at the auction reinforced his desire to help her become independent and wealthy. When she smiled at him as she showed the Golden Dragon it took all he could not to tell her who he really is, but that revelation needs to come with an explanation so she isn’t afraid.

    Yun Shi can feel the killing intent through the phone, “There was a sudden development I had to change the plan quickly. I will still help you with your ‘death’.”

   “I don’t want your excuses this plan was set to go. What the fuck do you want, I have shit to do I need to finalize my arrangements for my Milan show next week.”

   “I need your help with the item. You still want your substantial cut right?”

    Kuang Bo really hates the fact he needs to work with this indolent bastard you would think he still is Leng Shuai’s right hand man. But, although he doesn’t have the power he used to have he still heads the Falcon’s Head Syndicate. Also I will make billions on the diamond mine over the next few years if it all works out. “Yeah I can still smuggle it to Zimbawe, have you spoken with the tribe’s representative.”

    “Hell no, I’m not going to alert anyone I have the fucking piece of shit rock. I know once they see it they won’t care how I acquired it, if I tell them now it could get complicated.”

    “I need a day to make the arrangements. I will contact you.”

    “Are you attending the Leng Enterprise banquet on Friday?”


    “No reason.”

    “I haven’t decided if it is worth my time.”

    “You should I think you will find it interesting.”

    “You are fucking going? I thought you hated the Leng Family.”

    “I do that is why I am going.”

   “They invited you?”

    “My wife’s uncle.”

    “Who is that?”

    “Zangwa Chen.”

    “Your wife is a Zangwa?”

“You could say so she is Zangwa Han’s illegitimate daughter.”

   “I thought  Zangwa Han only had one daughter… what was her name…Marnie? Didn’t she die a couple years ago. What a shame I remember meeting her at one of my fashion shows I think she was more beautiful than all the models there. Very sweet disposition as I recall she was studying fashion design and was interviewing me for her school paper. If her sister is anything like her you are a lucky man.

    Yun Shi clenches the phone in his hand, “ I never met my wife’s sister.”{He doesn’t need Kuang Bo to know of his relationship with Marnie.}

    “I have another call, I will get back to you with the arrangements.”

    When Kuang Bo gets off the phone he has an evil look on his face, well Yun Shi because we are partners I couldn’t express my anger at you for ruining my plans but subtly reminding you of your first love Zangwa Marnie gave me great pleasure.

    Yun Shi stares off into space recalling how Marnie’s eyes sparkled when she laughed, no one could compare to her she was breathtakingly beautiful. Lucky to be married to her sister what a joke they are nothing alike! 

     Marnie was an angel when she would hold his hand it made the world seem bright taking away the darkness in his heart. He owed the Zangwas a favor that is why he married Zangwa Xing after Marnie’s death. She is a bedwarmer he has no real affection for her in his heart. it has remained empty since she died.

    Across town Leng Shuai takes a shower putting on casual black clothes and a black leather jacket. After leaving the hotel he instructs  his driver to take him to the unopened Leng Enterprises building on River Parkway. Once there he goes to his office on the 30th floor he puts on a bulletproof vest . When he walks into the conference room there are ten muscular men dress all in black, Not seeing Jason he remarks “Where is Jason?”

    One of the men answers, “He is on his way.”

   He looks at his watch then picks up his phone calling Jason, “When wilofyou be at  LE?”

   “Ten minutes away.”

    “Any news about the operation before you left the hospital?”

   “No but I think that is to be expected Su Ryan is there monitoring the situation if there are any developments he will let you know immediately.”

  “There better not be any complications with the surgery or you two will pay for your incompetent actions. The only way Feng LiMei could have been hit with a bullet is from our men, where she was sitting in the car and the direction of the trail of blood makes it clear.”

    Jason knows not to try to make excuses the boss isn’t stupid obviously the shots fired towards the driver of Yun Shi’s car caused her injury. One bullet went astray hitting the little chick.“Dr. Qiao is the best surgeon on this side of the country he won’t let anything happen to Feng LiMei especially since she is his ex girlfriend. {I don’t know if I should bring this up but it shows he has a vested interest}

    This statement sets Leng Shuai off reminding him once again she was injured because he didn’t protect her and that arrogant bastard Qiao Rui is the one to save her.Running his fingers through his hair he thinks I don’t know who I hate more, myself or Qiao Rui!

   Leng Shuai has a cold demonic aura as he faces his elite team gathered in the conference room of his new building in downtown Pushong City, he growls,“I don’t want anyone left alive at Yun Shi’s villa. Do you understand? No one!”

   When they heard Leng Shuai talking to Jason they realized it is because of the girl not the Golden Dragon, since when does the Boss seek revenge for a fucking  woman?

    The men look at each other in disbelief the Boss has never ordered a massacre before and it is broad daylight. The ominous aura surrounding the boss is not to be ignored no one is going to say a word. The Boss must be using this incident and his retaaliation to send a message to the Underworld he isn’t to be fucked with in Pushong City.

    There is a knock at the door, Leng Shuai motions to one of the men to answer it. Jason walks into the room staring at the scene. The CEO is wearing a bulletproof vest, he can’t be planning on going also can he?

    If anyone were to find out he might as well as announce he is a member of the Underworld as well as the distinguished CEO of Leng Enterprises.

   “Boss you are coming?” Jason can’t hide the apprehension in his voice.

    “Do you think I will sit here after I have been disrespected to this degree?” His aura is sucking the air out of the room several of the men begin coughing.

    Jason isn’t sure if he should attempt to deter Leng Shaui from going but he has to try to talk sense into him. He looks crazed…could it be just because of the little girl getting shot?

   “Boss you have a head injury shouldn’t you rest? We can take care of the situation.”

    “I am going to personally kill Yun Shi I should have done it two years ago.” His mind is full of images of Feng LiMei her dimples when she smiles… when he teased her to get a reaction her angry expression trying to be fierce but looking like a provoked kitten pawing at him with her tiny claws … the look of determination when she said he needed to take her home. He should have insisted she wait for Jason outside the Black Lotus Club.

   Yun Shi because of you Feng LiMei got hurt don’t expect any mercy this time around!

    The more he thinks about what happened the angrier he gets, if his fucking bitch of a wife is there she should die too. Yun Shi is too stupid not to see the role she played in Marnie’s death.

    He puts on his jacket and a black baseball cap heading to the elevator. When they reach the underground parking he gets into the back seat of a black SUV he pulls out his gun staring at it with an intense gaze.

    It has been two years since I got my hands dirty… guess it is time to finish what started the day Marnie died.

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